Threats, Harassment and Vandalism

The White Resistance fighter should not underestimate the psychological impact of a sustained campaign of death threats and vandalism against non-Whites, Jews or traitors. Telephone, mail or electronic threats against individuals are the most effective and least likely to be investigated or solved by law enforcement. Vandalism to non-White owned businesses, government or private institutions which are involved in promoting degeneracy or working to bloat the Turd-World population with foreign aid, Synagogues, Mosques, Temples and other deserving targets will incite rage or inspire fear in our enemies. The purpose of threats and intimidation is to force the target to alter his/her behavior, go out of business, move away, or increase spending for security, or to somehow retaliate. Only a sustained campaign of threats or vandalism can accomplish this. It should be possible for a resistance cell or a lone-wolf to conduct several campaigns of this nature simultaneously.

- Telephone and Email threats should be made from pay-phones or public access computers, never from the operative's residence. When using a pay-phone, wear gloves and a simple disguise as present technology allows phone calls to be quickly traced and eyewitnesses and video cameras are everywhere.

- Mail threats should be mailed from mailboxes located far from the operative's residence or workplace. Use a different box each time. Treat the delivery of a mail threat as you would a letter-bomb.

- Death threats are most effective when directed at an individual. Use surveillance to discover some facts about the target and use these to increase the intimidation effect. A photo of the target, taken during surveillance and delivered along with the death threat, will convince the target that the threat should be taken seriously.

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