Selective Assassination

Make no mistake, selective assassination is just a sanitized way of saying murder… plain and simple. An individual is selected according to his/her value as a target. This individual is then monitored, his/her movements and activities are recorded and analyzed. Great care must be taken during target surveillance not to alert the target, this is much like stalking wild game. Using the data collected, an assassination plan is made with the goal of striking the individual when they are most vulnerable and in the easiest, most effective way possible. A long-range sniper attack may be necessary for well protected targets but other targets could be struck as easily as a close range attack with a silenced pistol or even a knife. Arson, bombs, poison and a myriad of other means can be employed as assassination instruments. Lets first look at some simple guidelines and then run through a few assassination scenarios.


-Strike the target at their most vulnerable point. People are generally less alert at night and in the early morning, therefore a home-invasion attack at night or a strike during the morning commute to the workplace would be most effective.

-The target's routine must be analyzed to find the best opportunity to make a strike. Any point when the target is at rest or distracted will make a good strike zone. Be sure that there is ample concealment for any ambush or sniper points.

-Don't get fancy; a simpler plan is more likely to succeed than a complex one.

-Be sure to have good escape routes and rendezvous points worked out. Leave as little forensic evidence behind as possible.

-Gloves and sterile clothing must be used.

-Weapons which produce less forensic evidence should be considered if possible.

The sniper attack is a good choice for targets which are protected or are alert to the possibility that they may be targeted. There is really no way for a target to be completely protected from a determined sniper without completely disrupting their life. Even the President of the USA is vulnerable, to a certain degree, to this type of attack.

A target which is motionless or walking slowly is easiest to hit from long range. Targets in moving vehicles, jogging or running should be struck from directly in front or behind their path of motion. Choose a good sniper's nest or point of concealment, being sure that there are at least 2 routes of escape. Remain as quiet and motionless as possible while lying in wait. Wear camouflage clothing or a Ghille Suit.

A target may be particularly vulnerable to an night sniper attack through a window into a well-lit residence. A target who is sitting near a window will make easy work for even a mediocre sniper.

It is important for snipers to have a good understanding of how the weapon they will use behaves at different ranges. The following charts provide information for the most commonly used sniper rounds.

Common Sniper Calibers:

5.56x45mm NATO    (.223 Rem)
6.16x51mm         (.243 Win)
6.5x55mm          (6.5mm Swedish)
7mm Rem Mag                                
7.7x56mm R        (.303 British)
7.62x51mm NATO    (.308 Win)               
7.62x54mmR        (7.62 Rimmed)
7.62x63mm         (.30-06 Springfield)
.300 Win Mag
8.60x70mm         (.338 Lapua)             
12.7x99mm         (.50 BMG)


The close range attack is possibly the most risky but also the most effective method of selective assassination. The target is approached or ambushed at a vulnerable point and destroyed, preferably with silenced, or close combat weapons. This method of assassination requires brutal swiftness of action. The operative must not attempt to make this action into a dramatic or theatrical scene. Don't say anything to the target or do anything which would indicate what is about to happen. Resist the urge to punish or torture the target or to explain why the assassination is being conducted. Simply destroy the target, confirm the kill and then escape. A successful assassination with no arrests or suspects is a far more powerful statement than even John Wilkes Booth's shout of "Sic Semper Tyrannus".

Close range attacks are best carried out at stopping points during the target's movement. Entering or exiting vehicles and buildings offers the operative a moment when the target will be distracted with keys, door handles etc. Good target surveillance may demonstrate vulnerabilities in the target's routine which can be exploited by the operative to conduct a quick, low-risk assassination.

A home-invasion attack is a very high-risk procedure. The target may be armed and there is significant risk of law enforcement being alerted to the attack. Any assassination attempt of this type must be thoroughly planned out. Target surveillance and research is absolutely imperative. It will be necessary to understand the layout of the residence, how many people are inside, if the target owns dogs, firearms or alarm systems and when and where the target is likely to sleep.

A lightning quick attack must be conducted. It will almost certainly be necessary for more than one operative to conduct this type of assassination. The residence should be entered by smashing down a door. A battering ram, similar to the ones used by law enforcement, may be required. A ram can be made by welding handles onto a 4"-6" x 20+" steel pipe then filling the pipe with cement. Swing the ram back and strike the door in the area where the lock is. Even a well-constructed door will be popped open with one or two good hits.

The target must then be located and destroyed as quickly as possible. The operatives should wear masks, gloves and sterile clothing. The whole operation should take less than 5 minutes.

Explosives have a long history of use in selective assassination operations. Most unsuccessful attacks of this type fail because the bomb fails to explode or explodes while the target is outside of the effective range of its blast. Avoid the use of letter or package bombs for selective assassination; these are best suited as terror weapons. A bomb which is intended for use as an assassination weapon must be very powerful and should be wire or radio detonated by the operative when the target is in range. This is more risky than leaving a package bomb on the target's doorstep and hoping that the target will be the one who triggers it, but visual confirmation of the target's proximity to the weapon before detonation makes for a much more effective attack.

An arson attack may be chosen as a method of selective assassination. The layout of target's residence must be known as well the target's routine. Once the target is likely to be asleep, flammable liquids or incendiary devices should be used to completely consume the residence with flames and to block all exits. Certain conditions, such as the fire safety of the residence, distance from fire-stations, and the alertness and fitness of the target will affect the chances of success for this type of attack. Optimum conditions for an arson assassination include; and old building, at a great distance from emergency services, which contains plenty of exposed wood, carpeting, curtains etc., a target which has not been threatened beforehand and is not security conscious.

It is essential, in most cases, that there be no doubt that the attack was a homicide and that it was conducted by our movement. No attempt should be made to disguise the assassination as an accident of some type or the work of common criminals. The whole point of this type of action is propaganda effect.

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