"Out of the closet" Racialists, Cells and the Lone Wolf

There are two paths to choose from for those of us who take up the struggle. The first option is what I term the "out of the closet" activist. These individuals fight to the best of their abilities to spread the message of White survival and rebirth to as many of our racial kin as possible. These White activists use printed material, newspapers, radio, television and most notably the Internet to this end. These courageous individuals walk a dangerous line because the more effective they are the more attention they draw to themselves from law enforcement and from various other enemy organizations.

Just about every major city in the western world has a "Hate Crimes Unit" or a similar apparatus which works as a liaison between Jewish interests and the police. These agencies work to identify and build dossiers on White activists who are at work in the area. Their ultimate aim is to infiltrate any White activist group in order to:

- Gather incriminating evidence against its members

- Discover connections to other groups for further investigation

- Undermine, discredit and destroy these groups

Undercover agents of these units will attend meetings and rallies held by racial activists and information such as names and descriptions of individual members will be obtained. The Hate Crimes Unit will also collect literature, posters and other materials distributed by activists. These materials will be analyzed for fingerprint evidence in order to begin to identify the members of the group. These fingerprints will be added to the files which law enforcement keeps on those involved in racial activism.

The next step in the work of the Hate Crimes Unit is to infiltrate the group in order to gather evidence of the commission of any crimes or any conspiracy to commit crimes by the group. This work is usually done by a lone agent but the use of two or even more infiltrators is not unheard of.

If no evidence of criminality is at first obtained the infiltrator will begin to try to push the group to commit a serious or violent crime of some sort or to provide him or her with the means to commit some violent crime and to help plan it. If members of the group are foolish enough to trust the infiltrator they will soon find themselves in jail. This type of activity by law enforcement is well documented. The "Forth Reich Skinheads" case in Los Angeles, the infiltration of "Combat 18" in England and the Grant Bristoe affair involving the "Heritage Front" in Canada are good examples of the use of an "agent-provocateur" to destroy White Nationalist movements and to imprison White men and women.

How is this process of law enforcement infiltration and sabotage to be prevented? It can be summed up with one simple rule… No one who is an open activist, known to the media and to police, should ever even entertain the idea of involving themselves in armed struggle. A real separation must exist between those who wage a war of words and those who let actions speak for them. Whenever the open White activist is approached about the idea of armed struggle, he must explain that it is his own personal choice to reject violence but that he also does not condemn those who take up armed struggle in defense of their people. In this way we can neutralize law enforcement use of infiltrators against us.

Just as the "out of the closet" White Nationalist must be strictly non-violent, those who choose violent struggle must keep their identities and beliefs secret from all except those directly involved in the movement. This will be a difficult task, made increasingly difficult the more people are involved. For this reason we must employ an organizational structure of small "cells". Each of these cells will have only a few members and will be capable of taking action independently of the others. Only long time acquaintances, with history of trustworthiness, should make up a cell. A handful of dedicated soldiers (no more than 4 or 5) can create an impenetrable, cohesive and effective weapon against the tyranny we face. A single, highly motivated, individual or "Lone Wolf" can also take action on his own. This one-person cell will obviously be impenetrable to law enforcement, however the Lone Wolf may by limited in the scale of attacks he can mount. It is precisely this type of cell structured resistance movement which the traitorous, power-whores who sit in the seat of government fear most. They have no idea how to deal with this type of movement, it has no hierarchical power structure so it cannot be toppled and its cells are too small and too may to infiltrate.

Every person who enters this movement must understand that we are a nation in exile, waiting to assume power in the vacuum which will be created by the fall of Western civilization.

Citizens of this nation in exile are obligated to be:


Aware - The citizenry must educate themselves to a reasonable level on all the issues of concern to White survival. Our enemies must never be able to ask "Why?" without response.

Armed - The citizenry must posses weapons suitable for guerilla warfare and understand and how to use them with reasonable proficiency. In some circumstances this will be difficult but it is absolutely imperative that the citizenry of our nation be capable of seizing power when the time comes.

Prepared - The citizenry must be both physically and psychologically fit for the coming conflict. It is essential that the citizenry train themselves, like soldiers, and be physically able to fight, perform heavy work and resist exhaustion. Also, like soldiers, it is essential for the citizenry to purge any feelings of sympathy toward our enemies or guilt over the actions which we must take. Feeling of this nature are a symptom of the greatest evil possible in nature's design …weakness.

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