The Goals Of Our Struggle

We can identify four short and long term goals of our revolutionary struggle:

To exacerbate existing racial tensions to the point where a situation of open conflict exists between Whites and non-Whites. We must also encourage violent racial conflict among the various non-White races within our borders. We can place no goal higher because none of the others can be completed without it. Only the violence and life-or-death imperative of an open racial conflict, a Race War, will rouse the majority of our racial kin from their sleep. Only racial conflict at this level will drive home the fact that the idea of a peaceful and prosperous multi-racial state is lunacy and only with the civil breakdown during a violent racial conflict will we gain the opportunity to proceed with the rest of our program. Our strategy must be to make all of the emerging multi-racial states as ungovernable as possible. Life must become quite a bit more miserable before "Joe six-pack" and "Jane tax-payer" will get off the fence. Our goal is to shake that fence so hard that the issues become quite clear to all of our racial kin. We must immediately begin to make it clear to the world that non-Whites are not welcome in our territory and will eventually face forced deportation or death at the hands of our growing movement. Our lands must no longer be seen as safe havens for the excrement of the world but as places of great danger for non-White colonizers.

The use selective assassination, arson attacks, bombings, sabotage and vandalism against non-Whites must be employed with the goal of creating a maximum amount of animosity, outrage and fear within the hearts of our enemies. High profile targets, such as non-White entertainers, sports figures, religious and political leaders must be targeted for selective assassination. Non-Whites must also be attacked anywhere they can be stuck in large numbers, such as in high-rise apartments, subways, shopping malls or packed nightclubs in order to produce maximum causalities. The symbols of the non-White presence on our land; churches, temples, Mosques, businesses and political institutions must be considered valuable targets as well. The idea is to drive them into the streets in outrage, to force them to retaliate. Because our movement is underground and leaderless they will be unable to strike back against us directly so there rage will be leveled against White society in general and law enforcement and authority figures in particular.

It will also be necessary to do our best to exploit the tribal resentments and ethnic hatreds which the various non-White groups within our borders harbor for each other. Some good examples where violence has occurred in western nations involving rival non-White groups include the conflicts between Hindus and Muslims (especially strong between Pakistanis and Indians), Sikhs and Muslims, Somalis and Ethiopians, Blacks and Koreans (U.S.), Blacks and Hispanics (U.S.) Koreans and Chinese, Japanese and most other Asians and of course the Jews and just about everybody else. In order to successfully use these issues to our advantage the operative must research and understand the origins and issues at hand in the various conflicts. I will make no attempt here to try to explain any of these conflicts as that would be far beyond the scope of this work.

To smash Jewish power and influence both in our own respective nations and worldwide. The Jews are now, always have been and always will be the enemies of the White race and jealous murderers of anything beautiful and healthy in this world. Any individual, organization or movement which fights for the future of the White race will be doomed to failure without a clear understanding of this fact. No movement for social reform has any hope of success unless it is specifically and overtly anti-Jewish. It is essential to understand that all of our goals are anti-Jewish in nature.

We must attack Jewish power wherever it exists and at all levels. Our focus must be placed upon high-profile Jewish influence in government, big-business, the mass-media and entertainment. Destruction of high level Jewish targets will have a great propaganda effect and will be a boost to the morale of our fighters. It is of great importance to demonstrate to our movement that it is possible to attack and crush high level Jewish power. Of secondary importance will be low level Jewish targets such as individuals of only local importance, Synagogues, Jewish owned small business and other symbols of Jewish power. Remember that, because of their power and influence, any attack upon a Jewish target will receive national if not international media attention. This is exactly the propaganda effect we need and we will use the media power of the Jews against them in order to achieve it. There is no undeserving Jewish target!

To destroy the legitimacy of current government and to offer legitimate government in its place. We must strike at the heart of the traitorous, Jew-controlled governments which have done their best to murder and pollute our race. The apparatus, infrastructure and property of government must be placed high on our target list. This would include any and all individuals involved in forming policy, the services provided by government and any buildings or other physical property. All of the present day governments of White nations must be discredited and toppled. In most cases even the constitutional documents which give them legitimacy must be rejected.

Individuals in decision making positions in government should be targeted for selective assassination. Those most outspoken in the campaign to rob our children of a future should be placed at the top of the list, however, just about any high ranking official in government will make a deserving target. Only those tiny fraction of government officials who have fought against our destruction should be exempted. Any successes in this campaign will have a positive propaganda effect in favor of our movement.

Striking the symbols and services of government which the average citizen associates with legitimacy and power is part of our campaign to break down the rule of present government. Buildings and monuments symbolic of our present governments or the sick ideologies which they serve must be defaced, vandalized or destroyed. The services we will target include, the military, law enforcement, electrical power generation and delivery, food supplies, fuel supplies, electronic communications, tax collection, postal services, roads, railways, airports, shipping etc. Disruption and denial of these services will both discredit the effectiveness of present government and hinder them in their war against the White race. When conducting attacks against government every effort must be made to avoid casualties among low-level White employees.

To punish those Whites who have committed treasonous acts against their own people. A heavy emphasis must be placed upon those, high profile, individuals in government, the media, entertainment, clergy and academia who have presented lies as truth, promoted race-mixing, drug abuse and degeneracy, encouraged non-White immigration or have schemed to profit from policies which damage the health of our race and rob White children of a future. We can never really hope to taken seriously as a Nation if we are unwilling to punish traitors in the way any healthy Nation would, by death. A campaign of attacks targeting these individuals and their property will have a significant propaganda effect, both discouraging traitorous behavior and, with high profile targets being struck, boosting the morale of our movement.

Other targets will include businesses or institutions which, through their advertising, employment policies, business or political activities, have promoted our racial destruction. This will include nearly all large corporations and big businesses. Of greater importance are institutions which provide foreign aid, arrange for the adoption of non-Whites into our Nations, assist non-White immigrants, do research into diseases that inflict mostly non-Whites, such as AIDS or Malaria, or engage in any other activity which damages the health and security of the White race. The property, capital and those in decision making positions of these businesses and institutions should be targeted with every effort made to ensure that low-ranking White employees are not injured or killed in our attacks.

Of secondary importance will be targets such as low level individuals involved in race-mixing, degeneracy and drug abuse. There is no propaganda effect to be gained by attacking low profile homosexuals, degenerates, drug dealers etc. Only those who have committed crimes against the White race, such as race-mixers, rapists, child molesters etc. should be attacked. Selective assassination, arson or bomb attacks should be used against these low-level targets.


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