Acquiring Funds

In order to sustain a large-scale guerilla campaign, it will be necessary to have access to significant monetary resources. Obtaining funding for our struggle will be a difficult and perilous task. It may be possible in the future to expect contributions from our racial kin but we must first show that we really intend to fight this war. Until that day we will be forced to turn to criminal enterprise in order to fund our attacks.

The methods we use to acquire cash must never result in physical injury to innocent Whites. If we were to get involved in dealing drugs to White children or armed robberies in which some White bank teller or security guard gets killed, we would be little better than the criminal non-Whites which we despise. An analysis of the actions of other separatist movements, such as the IRA or ETA shows us that whatever early ideals these movements had, quickly became submerged when operatives got involved in smuggling drugs or robbing their own people to obtain funding.

We must make every effort to ensure that it is only our enemies who are the victims of our fundraising efforts. In this way our fundraising efforts will also, in a Robin Hood sort of way, be seen as attacks upon our enemies. Like any other action, acquiring funds must be well thought-out and researched. The operative should plan ahead so that acquiring funds is never an act of desperation.

Counterfeiting - This is becoming a more and more difficult crime to do well. It is nearly impossible to produce money or documents, which will pass inspection with modern equipment. However, it is still possible obtain funds in this way as long as only small amounts are passed at a given time. Counterfeiting undermines a nation's currency and causes serious headaches for governments and law enforcement. For these reasons, counterfeiting is treated very seriously by the courts.

Fraud - This covers every imaginable type of scam and forgery. Bank fraud, credit card fraud, check fraud etc. are crimes which are relatively easy to conduct and rarely result in serious sentences for those convicted.

Robbery - Great care must be taken not to victimize innocent Whites in this type of action. Target our enemies for this type of action. Robbery is a serious crime, which will result in long jail terms for those convicted. The lowest risk type of robbery is the home-invasion robbery conducted against drug dealers, wealthy corporate executives and other enemies who are known to have cash on hand. Intelligence gathering is the key to making this type of robbery work.

Smuggling - As stated, drug smuggling must be strictly off-limits. There are, however, plenty of other items which can be smuggled for profit. Firearms, electronics, jewelry, and just about anything which is controlled or taxed by governments can be smuggled for profit. Penalties for smuggling range from a slap on the wrist to very lengthy jail terms depending on what has been smuggled and what jurisdiction is involved.

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