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  • Androstendione metabolizes in the liver and increases the blood levels of both androstenedione and testosterone.

  • Androstendione can increase energy, strengthen physical endurance, and enhance sexual function.


  • Androstenedione, a natural steroid hormone, is found in all meat and some plants.

  • Androstenedione is a precursor to DHEA.

  • Metabolized in the liver, androstenedione produces quantities of testosterone for a few hours at a time.

    Taken prior to physical activity (body building, sports, sexual activity, etc.), androstendione will, for short periods of time, produce increased samina and endurance, enhance performance (including sexual), and can indirectly lead to increased strength and faster gains in muscle mass.

    Think of one compound that will let you put on 10 lbs of muscle in three weeks while adding 20 lbs to your bench press as well as turn you into a sexual super stud. Now try and come up with a compound that will do that legally.

    Androstenedione is a steroid hormone found in all animals (meat) as well as some plants (extracts). It is a metabolite of DHEA that serves as a direct precursor (one step removed) in the bio-synthesis of testosterone. In all mammals, androstenedione is produced in the gonads and adrenal glands. This oral form of androstenedione is metabolized in the liver to testosterone in conjunction with a zinc-dependent enzyme.

    Androstenedione, when taken orally, will increase blood levels of both androstenedione and testosterone. In conjunction with this increase, is often an increase in energy, enhanced recovery and growth from exercise, heightened sexual arousal and function, as well as greater sense of well being.

    According to the German Patent for androstenedione, 50 mg given orally to men raised plasma testosterone levels from 140% to 183% of normal. And 100 mg of oral androstenedione raised levels from 211% to 337% of normal. Blood levels start rising about 15 minutes after oral administration of androstenedione and stay elevated for around 3 hours. A peak in blood testosterone levels is seen around 1 to 1.5 hours after ingestion.

    For the time being, androstenedione is perfectly legal for sale as a nutritional supplement. It is found naturally in meats as well as some plants. Like DHEA and pregnenolone, it is a key intermediate in the bio-synthesis of other biologically active steroid hormones. If androstenedione is taken as directed, and that is once a day prior to physical activity, the positive benefits can be had without any significant negative feedback response to your natural testosterone production. This is because the results last only a few hours and that is not enough time for the pituitary gland to respond.

    Because blood levels are raised during exercise, a time when blood flow to muscles is optimized and catabolic conditions prevail, your body's utilization of the testosterone is maximized. Androstenedione can also be taken throughout the day at constant intervals to maintain a consistently higher level of testosterone. This method, although a very effective way to use androstenedione, may increase the probability of decreased natural testosterone production.

    Dan Duchaine, the world famous Steroid Guru, posted on the Elite Fitness Anabolic Discussion Board the following about androstenedione:

    The unanswered question: is there a linear testosterone elevation with increasing dosages, or is the enzyme the limiting factor. I.E. At 100mg (oral), T is raised about 500ng/dl. Simple math predicts that 200mg would cause a 1000ng T increase. Ideally we'd like the biggest episode-like pulse, meaning, if it is a linear elevation, yes all 400mg right before the workout. But if 400mg elevates T only another 100ng, this is not a cost-effective dosing. These giant pulses might be the way to go because even though T declines significantly after 90 minutes, for a few days afterward, T does not fall to previous levels. So the higher the episode-like pulse, the higher residual T elevation.
    Dan later restated the effective dosage in more simple terms:

    Ideal dosing schedule is to use one episode-like dose (once-a-day), before the workout. Research shows that this dosing works better than multi-dosing throughout the day.

    To learn more about ANDROSTENEDIONE in greater detail, check out our information pages on Androstenedione HERE


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