Chapter 61: The Suppressed Link - Jews and Communism

The creation of the Soviet Union was to impact upon history for the greater part of the 20th Century - and an understanding of the sub-racial and ideological divisions it caused is crucial to understanding not only the events of that century, but also to understanding the flare up of anti-Jewish sentiment which culminated in the creation of the Third Reich in Germany.

For the Soviet Union's best kept secret was that the Bolshevik elite had one outstanding characteristic: it had an inordinately large number of Jews in its controlling body.


Above left and right: Two extracts from the Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 18, page 717, 1984, Chicago, describing Leon Trotsky's critical role in the creation of the Communist state of the Soviet Union, describing him as the "outstanding leader" of the Russian Communist Revolution. The same article then goes on, above left, to reveal that Trotsky was born Lev Davidovich Bronstein, of a Jewish family from the Ukraine.

Virtually all of the important Bolshevik leaders were Jews: they included the "father of the revolution," Leon Trotsky (whose real name was Lev Bronstein: in an attempt to hide his Jewishness, he adopted the name Trotsky); Lev Kamenev, the early Bolshevik leader who later went on to become a leading member of the Politburo, was born with the surname Rosenfeld; Grigori Zinoviev, head of the Petrograd Soviet, was born with the surname Apfelbaum; and many other famous Communists of the time, such as Karl Radek, Lazar Kaganovich; and Moses Urtisky, (the head of the Cheka) who all changed their names for reasons similar to that of Trotsky. There is also strong evidence to suggest that Lenin himself was of Jewish ancestry through his mother's side of the family.

The Bolshevik's Party's Central Committee chairman, Yakov Sverdlov, was also Jewish - and it was he who gave the order to the Jewish Soviet secret policeman, Yurovsky, to murder the Tsar - Yurovsky personally carried out this order.

Karl Marx  - Descendant of a family of rabbis

As if the Russian Revolution was not enough, the originator of the Communist ideology itself, Karl Marx, was also a Jew, with his family name in reality being Levi.

The large Jewish role in the Russian revolution, combined with the fact that Marx had been born a Jew, was manna from heaven for the European anti-Semitic movement, and the link between Jews and Communism was exploited to the hilt, particularly by Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist (Nazi) movement in Germany during the 1920's.


Above: Right: Karl Marx, whose real family name was Mordechai, originator of the Communist ideology. Above left: An extract from the Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 11, page 459, 1984, Chicago, revealing Karl Marx's Jewish ancestry.

It was not only in Germany that the association of Jews with Communism was made: all over the world Jews became associated with radical political movements, sometimes justifiably so, other times not. Nonetheless, the presence of so many Jews in the creation of the Soviet Union played a massive role in justifying anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe prior to, and with, the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Directly after the First World War, there were another three specifically Jewish Communist revolutions in Europe itself:

the German Jew, Kurt Eisner, led a short lived communist revolution in Munich, Bavaria from November 1918 to February 1919 (at the same time that Adolf Hitler was an unknown soldier in that city - the effect of being a first hand witness to a Jewish led Communist led revolution helped to cement Hitter's anti-Communist and anti-Jewish feelings);

the short lived Sparticus uprising in Berlin (September 1918 to January 1919) led by the German Jews, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg; and

the short lived Communist tyranny in Hungary led by the Jew, Bela Kun (Cohen), from March to August 1919.

Above left: The Jewish Communist leader Karl Liebknecht speaks in Berlin; and alongside, his alter ego, the Jewess Rosa Luxembourg. These two leaders of the early German Communist Party helped to cement the association of Jews and Communism in the German publics' mind.

These incidents all helped to identify Jews with Communism in the public mind: in this light it becomes perfectly explicable why the Nazi Party was able to win support on an anti-Communist and open anti-Jewish platform.

Jews in the Later Soviet Union

Jews retained their leading roles in Soviet society until growing anti-Semitism within the Communist Party itself led to a change in policy. Trotsky was the first major Jewish casualty: he split with Stalin over the issue of international socialism and the need to spread the revolution: he was forced into exile in 1929. He was then assassinated in Mexico City in 1940, allegedly by a Stalinist agent.

By the middle 1930s, Stalin had started purging the Soviet Communist Party of other important Jews. The period immediately following the end of the Second World War and the creation of the state of Israel saw another rise in Soviet anti-Semitism: by 1953, Stalin had started purging all Jews in the Soviet hierarchy who were also Zionists.

The Communists, quite correctly, saw Zionism as Jewish nationalism and contrary to the interests of an international socialist brotherhood. Many leading Russian Jews were also fervent Zionists: and it was this group that was then targeted for persecution, and who became famous throughout the rest of the lifetime of the Soviet Union as the victims of Soviet anti-Semitism.

Zionism, as an expression of Jewish separatism was declared a crime against the Soviet state, and Zionist organizations were forced to close down their operations inside the Soviet Union.

East Germany, as an official Soviet satellite, was forbidden by Moscow to make any reparations payments to the Zionist created state of Israel for the treatment of Jews by the Nazi government.

Not all Russian Jews were Zionists: those who were not, were generally left alone and some did achieve prominent positions within the post Stalin Soviet Union.

Many thousands of Jews did however leave the Soviet Union - estimates putting the total number at over the one million mark, with most settling in Israel or the United States.

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