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BS Meter Bullshit Meter
A small animated gif telling you how much BS is floating around these days. Great for use in threaded forums.

3 kb


Cook A Jew Mein Fuhrer built an oven, just to cook a jew. Song sung to the tune of "Old MacDonald." Mp3
302 Kb
Creamed Gates Bill Gates ends up the recipient of the classic pie-in-the-face shenanigan, much to the hilarity of the rest of the world. Wonder what flavor of pie it was?
Kudos to the (now defunct?) Biotic Bakers Brigade.
724 kb
Ebonics Delta Commercial A radio commercial as rendered in the marvelous multi-culti language of Ebonics. Mp3
1.2 Mb
Ebonics Language Lesson Ever wanted to talk like a niqqer? Then listen up, class! Download our Ebonics Language Primer and start learning this foreign language today! Mp3
1.7 Mb
Fag-O-Meter Another animated gif measuring how gay the current forum thread is.

14 kb

Foreigners Around The World A very irreverent look at various ethnics from around the globe. Particularly amusing are the sections on Africans and Jews. 758 kb
Have a cup Have a nice cup of shut the **** up! Cute image. 42 kb
Hitler Wore Khakis A spoof of the stupid jew-owned gap ads from a few years back, this time showing someone who actually looks better in and spent more time wearing khakis than the entire collection of stupid models. 48 kb
Holo-Jokes If you can't take the heat, get out of the oven! 55 kb
I Am a Nazi Rushbo Limbaugh, the neo-con chickenhawk, sings about what a fat slob he is (amongst many other personal defects) in this hilarious song.
Thanks to Stormer for this.
3.4 Mb
Jacko's Next Surgery With all the talk about Michael's latest bugger boy, this adds appropriate discussion to the issue of where the moonwalker goes from here. 11 kb
James Earl Ray In honor of the memory of MLK, this commemorative stamp set thanks James Earl Ray for "keeping the dream alive." One wonders what "dream" is being referred to here. 24 kb
Look at the Time! It's time to kill yourself. An odd, yet strange picture. 34 kb
Malcom X Call Some joker calls the post office to complain about the new Malcolm X commemorative stamp. Thanks to Terrible Tommy of W.A.R. for this one. wav
1.7 Mb
McD's Ebonics Ad An advertisement for a popular greased-up garbage fast food joint, redone so blacks can understand it now. mp3
909 kb
Nascar Call A pair of jokers call up a White man pretending to be the sponsors of black hair-care products for the forthcoming darkening of ASSCAR. Listen to his reaction and laugh at his blunt responses. 3.3 Mb
Teaching Ebonics A self-playing flash movie visually displaying the Ebonics Language Lesson listed above. Can't tell you who made it, so don't axe me. exe
622 kb
Thread Sucks This thread sucks. For use with crummy forum threads.

28 kb

White Slut Training Academy Some White girls leave high school with more than just a diploma. The more "integrated" ones don't even get that. 16 kb
Zyklon B Ad A very flippant dismissal of the holly-hoax lie and the entire circus of fools that surround it in a never-ending parade of whimpering, whining, hand-wringing, teeth-gnashing, and good old-fashioned jewish money-grubbing extortionist charades. Presented in the form of an advertisement for Zyklon B, the insecticide-turned-"murder agent" used by those evil nazis against those poor, suffering jew saints all those years ago. 320 kb
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