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Seamus Heaney reads the classic story of Beowulf, related orally as it was meant to be told.
Realmedia versions here: Part1 and Part2. (8 Mb each)
Streaming versions here: Part1 and Part2.

16 Mb
Bored of the Rings A Harvard Lampoon edition of the classic fantasy fiction trilogy.
RTF version here (332 kb)
230 kb
Blood in the Face Before Michael Moore-on went off half-cocked to film Bowling for Columbine, he collaborated on this early-80's documentary film examining various White Nationalist beliefs and individuals in their own words. Viewers will see a lot of familiar faces in the White Power Movement.
Streaming version here.
58.6 Mb
Culture of Critique Kevin MacDonald's scathing examination of the pestilence that organized jewry has wrought upon the Western culture.
HTML version here.
1.9 Mb
Dune Series Eight Dune e-books by famed Sci-fi writer Frank Herbert.
Zipped PDF's.
7.1 Mb
Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds Dr. Robert S. Griffin's authoritative biography of the late Dr. William L. Pierce, founder and chairman of the National Alliance. This book reviews not only the life and times of, and influences upon Dr. Pierce, but also solidly examines the issues central to every White Nationalist in a succinct and precise manner which the PC liberal media never seriously approaches.
Downloadable zip file here. HTML files pulled until further notice b/c too many people blab about them.
2.3 Mb
FL vs. Loeb Before Chester Doles, Christine Greenwood or Matt Hale were drummed up on charges, George Loeb was drawn up on 1st-degree murder charges for defending himself and his wife against a violent negro armed with a brick. After being skewered by a jewish prosecutor, he was unsurprisingly convicted and sentenced to 25-to-life.
Streaming version here.
37 Mb
The Holocaust Industry Norman Finkelstein exposes the blatant fraud and corruption behind the jew racket of financial extortion from swiss banks as part of the scheme of "reparations" from Swiss banks.
RTF version here. (5,394 kb)
554 Kb
Hunter Dr. Pierce's second novel of racialist fiction, Hunter takes you into the life of Oscar Yeager, a one-man revolution who undergoes the final portion of his awakening after he starts acting. In the thrilling finalé, Yager end up confronted with the choice of whether real change will come about through his support of a totalitarian governmental takeover or through direct, outside revolutionary action.
Online edition here.
1.1 Mb
Jewish Supremacism Packed with hundreds of astonishing quotes and references, including many by prominent Jewish figures, this timely and valuable book takes a probing look at the “Jewish question” over the centuries, and details how Jewish supremacists dominate American political life and the US mass media. 3.3 Mb
Kazaa Lite Resurrection Improved reliability on Kazaa without the bad aftertaste of adware and spyware. Version + an updater to version included. 5.5 Mb
LimeWire A different P2P client.
Newer(?) version here.
Lord of the Rings The Hobbit and the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy in one e-book. Includes plenty of full-color scanned maps.
Numerous typos.
13 Mb
The March Up Country Harold Covington may be a complete nut and smear-monger today, but back in the day he was a real pro-White dynamo of political activity and energy. His book is a handy operations manual for the operating WN and a realistic preparation for the coming struggles for a White nation.
RTF version here. (2.3 Mb)
878 kb
Secure Shuttle Transport A secure, full-time encrypted IM client with Latent Messaging, Conference, Voice Chat, Voice Message and File Transfer capabilities built in. Free, just requires registration for an account, and you don't even need to fill in all the personal information on the account in order to get it to work. 2.6 Mb
Stupid When Men Michael Moore, the fat, multi-millionaire jew slob, tells it like it is: It's all the fault of Rich, White Republicans that this nations is going down the tubes. That, and probably not much else. 1.4 Mb
Textbook of the Universe Here I present a theory of consciousness, the universe, meaning, and coincidences. There is a thread that runs through all of them. the glue that binds brains (in consciousness), the universe (unity and symmetry of natural law and forms), and linguistic meaning (lines on a paper we call "words" refer to and bind vast amounts of prior information combined with information about the future together for meaning). A scientific methodology for investigating synchronistic meaningful events is presented as a way of compiling evidence for this overriding factor in the universe working in our daily lives. I give examples from years of careful observations of these effects. This book offers solutions for the "binding problem" of brain science and the larger "binding problem" of the amassed knowledge of life and civilizations over so many years.
12.3 Mb
The Watchdogs A Close Look At Anti-Racist "Watchdog" Groups by Laird Wilcox. 807 kb
WinMX Another P2P client.
Version 3.31
752 kb
They Were White and They Were Slaves The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America
This book is a thoroughly researched challenge to the conventional historiography of colonial and industrial labor, a stunning journey into a hidden epoch, the slave trade in Whites, hundreds of thousands of whom were kidnapped, chained, whipped and worked to death in the American colonies and during the Industrial Revolution. This is a chronicle that has never been fully told, part of a vital heritage that has until now comprised the dustiest shelf in the darkest corner of suppressed history.
Preliminary copy: proofreading still ongoing.
RTF version here (2.4 Mb)
3.3 Mb

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