They're Not All Bad...Are They?
Opinion; Posted on: 2006-08-12 21:39:04

By Dan Osterton

Whenever I bring up the issue of race with my currently unawakened friends, they always tell me, “Well they’re not all bad, some are a lot like us.” These friends would rather treat non-Whites on a case-by-case basis, partially because White people are genetically predisposed to being nice, but also because it's taboo for Whites to categorize people by race in this current period of history. Of course, it's okay and even encouraged for Blacks, Mestizos, Asians, Jews, and any other group to have their own racially exclusive philosophies, organizations, and even nations, but not Whites. The U.S. and other western governments, churches, schools, and especially the media, drive this point home whenever they get the chance.

All this debate really comes down to is the importance of group identity over individual identity. That distinction is really what makes a White person--or any other person for that matter--a nationalist. We all know that, as groups, the races are very different in more than just appearance, despite what TV tells us. Just look at White flight as an example of how Whites understand these differences. Nevertheless, what many Whites today do, at least publicly, is still insist on judging each non-White individually even if our society ends up suffering horribly as a result.

Because they have met a few Blacks or other non-Whites who have been nice to them, many Whites still don’t support initiatives for separating the races at this time. The mistake they make, of course, is not looking at the nature of racial groups when determining how safe and harmonious our society will be. This should be a societal decision, one based on how groups of people, not individuals, behave. Instead, Whites continue pretending that non-Whites act only as individuals and allow our country to become increasingly subject to their violence and corruption. Multi-racial empires never remain intact for long for these very reasons; why should ours be any different?

Take a look at every area in the world that has a concentration of non-Whites. Without exception, these areas are very dangerous for Whites to be in and are often crime-ridden and corrupt. If you roll the genetic dice enough times, you can see the nature of different races. But in order to do that, you must look at what racial groups are like, not individuals of a particular race. Sure, a handful of non-Whites may break the mould by not being antithetical to our way of life, but should we ignore the vast majority of non-Whites who ARE antithetical to our way of life because there may be a few nonconformists among them?

And I further contend that even those small numbers of non-Whites who don't seem to be very different from us are that way because they are merely a milder form of being racially divergent. My next door neighbors may be wealthy Black and Mestizo families, but they're still different than my family in more than just their wealth. They have no interest in the outdoors, in education, in helping other people out, in making home improvements, or in assisting their communities; they have none of these typical White traits. Instead, they're 'Disney World Blacks’ and ‘Disney World Mexicans': simply some exceptionally lucky members of their respective races who pretend to be like us, because they have similar things, and dress like us- but they’re really different from us.

So when I look over my new, (very tall) privacy fence, should I base my opinion of Blacks or Mestizos on how my neighbors seem to be law-abiding citizens who live in nice looking houses and are not apparently drug addicts or gang bangers? No. That doesn't make any sense. If one mosquito, or one pit bull, or one poisonous snake, or one other dangerous creature went past me without harming me or my family, would I allow other members of their species to roam freely in my yard? Of course not. And non-whites ARE dangerous to White people, not every one of them, but the vast majority of them are. Just look at the Color of Crime report. Or ask my uncle who was brutally mugged and beaten in a mostly-Black section of New York City a few weeks ago. Did it really matter that some Blacks DIDN’T crack his skull open when they jumped him from behind? And by the way, this obvious 'hate crime' precipitated against him did not make it into any newspapers, let alone any courtrooms.

So on what should we base our views of non-Whites? Look at Mexico City, look at Haiti, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Pakistan, or Red China as just a few examples of the reality of racial differences. Would you like to live in those places? How about visit them for a few days? Most sane Whites wouldn't want to, either. And it’s no wonder that non-whites try to innundate our lands, like termites fleeing collapsing houses, trying to escape from their violent relatives and collapsed societies. Think it's just foreign nations where it’s dangerous for Whites to be? Well you're partially right: nations are only made up of people after all, so when my uncle set foot in that area of NYC, he was really entering another nation. That's what happens when non-Whites increasingly outnumber Whites: an area becomes increasingly dangerous to Whites--and to everyone else there, for that matter. So dangerous that when my aunt wanted to go visit my uncle at the hospital near the place where he got mugged, her co-workers warned her to not go alone, because as they said, “If you go there and you’re White- you're DEAD." They’re talking about just one of a rapidly growing number of places like this in America, folks.

And if I had a couple more Black, Mestizo, or even Asian neighbors, my little neighborhood would begin to take on those characteristics too. They would certainly be less hospitable to me as a White minority than the White majority is to them now. Oh sure, when they’re outnumbered, some non-Whites are model citizens, but when they become a majority, things quickly change for the worse for Whites. And even though my current neighbors may be a little more refined than fellow members of their race, their friends and children most likely are not. Again, look at what happens to an area that gains increasing numbers of non-Whites; roll the genetic dice. After enough time, they all become dangerous to Whites. Pretty soon my mostly White area would morph into an area of high crime, gangs, crumbling infrastructure, and government corruption, just like virtually every other area that has a non-White majority, no matter what country it happens to be in. There's a direct relationship between a high concentration of non-Whites and danger to Whites.

So how do we make decisions as a society? Do we let the Mestizo hordes pour over our border, because a small amount are actually here to work and not to deal drugs, avoid taxes, join gangs, spread disease, and ethnically cleanse the places they invade? Do we still allow Blacks to remain in our lands, because we’ve met one or two who seem to be ‘not that bad’ and are apparently not prone to corruption, rape, robbery, and murder like their relatives? Do we let the Jews remain in America, because a few are not in favor of brainwashing us and our children, destroying our race, and hijacking America to wage their Zionist wars?

Unfortunately, the answer for most Whites in the last few decades has been, “yes.” And look what has happened to our society in that time! Nevertheless, many Whites are starting realize how wrong they were. They know now that there’s something wrong with our country and that the government doesn’t give a damn about them. And as things grow worse, they are beginning to realize that race really does matter, no matter what TV and the America's other corrupted institutions say. And as Whites become surrounded by more and more non-Whites, these new, real images drown out the false ones from the media, and they begin to realize that the TV has been lying to them all these years.

All these newly awakening Whites need now is some guidance from those of us who have been awake a little longer about how to make America a better place again.

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