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Free Speech - February 1998 - Volume IV, Number 2

Bill and Monica

by Dr. William Pierce

What would I do without Bill Clinton in the White House to provide me with a non-stop source of material? Unfortunately, this latest escapade of his, involving not just another bimbo romp but also perjury, suborning of perjury, obstruction of justice, and a number of other felonies, may put my source behind bars for the next few years.

When the Lewinsky story first broke and I saw the grim expressions on the faces of the newscasters, I thought, hey, they're worried that their boy is really in trouble this time. Bill Clinton has had the media covering for him so many times, and has gotten away with so many crimes, that he has fallen into the error of thinking he can get away with anything.

I've talked with a number of people about the significance of Clinton's latest problem, and the opinions fall into two categories. First, there are those who don't want to see him go because they figure there's no one else who could do a better job of discrediting the whole, rotten system of which he's a part. The longer Clinton stays in the White House, they figure, the more citizens there will be who become so sick and tired of him that they'll be ready to blow the whole government to hell.

Then there are those who are happy about the prospect of seeing him packed off to prison in the near future. They were beginning to be afraid that he would continue getting away with everything.

I can only speculate about the feelings of the Clintonistas. Of course, they're embarrassed that their boy got caught. But among the people more closely tied to the Democratic Party and its long-term policies than to this particular administration there seems to be relief that they may not have to make excuses for Bill Clinton much longer. Democratic Party officials aren't rooting for an impeachment like some Republicans, but I'm sure that many of them are praying that Bill Clinton gets run over by a large truck the next time he slips out of the White House for one of his late-night rendezvous -- or barring that, quietly resigns from office. Some Democrats probably believe that even starting a war -- a favorite ploy for distracting attention from domestic problems -- will not save them from injury when the Clinton administration goes down.

One group of Democrats who are especially unhappy about this latest Clinton problem are the Jews who were planning to use Clinton as a club to bludgeon Iraq to death. If Clinton is impeached and the Jews have to wait for Al Gore to start their war, there could be a delay of several months. That might give Saddam Hussein time to load up a few of his rockets with biological warfare agents and get them zeroed in on Israel. Let's hope so! On the other hand, there's a danger that Clinton, in his desperation to direct public attention elsewhere, may launch a premature attack on Iraq.

I have mixed feelings on the Clinton problem. I tend to agree in part with those who would like to see him stay in the White House. Al Gore is not nearly as colorful a politician. He may not do as noticeable a job of discrediting the system. So far as I know, he's learned how to keep his fly closed during working hours. But he will be just as obedient to the Jewish media bosses as Clinton has been.

On the other hand, I made a prediction a year ago that Bill Clinton would be led out of the White House in handcuffs and leg-irons before the end of his second term, and it's usually nice to see one's predictions come true. Of course, if Clinton does go to prison we'll have to endure listening to all of the media apologists telling us, "See, the system works after all. It's a good system. We still have the rule of law. Not even the President of the United States can get away with breaking the law," et cetera, ad nauseam.

The fact is, of course, that politicians and bureaucrats break the law all the time and get away with it. They're just not as flagrant and careless about it as Clinton is. And they're better about keeping their flies closed around the office.

On the whole, I'd prefer to see Clinton drummed out of the White House in disgrace. I remember the Watergate scandal 25 years ago which forced Richard Nixon to resign in disgrace. That did wonders for the public's attitude toward the government. It helped many people snap out of their authoritarian trance, in which they tended to regard the government as sacred, to be obeyed without question. Nevertheless, a lot of Americans made excuses for Nixon, because it was clear that everyone in the media had hated him from the beginning, and they had hounded him from office. It would do the American people good to see a President the media always have loved and shielded go down in flames as a result of his own carelessness and lack of self-discipline.

And I have more faith than most people do in Al Gore's ability to continue discrediting the system. The Jews will force him to go ahead with the war against Iraq and with other destructive policies, and he doesn't have the Clinton charisma, the Clinton ability to keep the public charmed while peeing on their shoes.

My primary consideration in all of this is the need to build the public's distrust and dislike for the government, the public's contempt for the government. That's not because I'm against government in general. I'm no anarchist. America needs a good, strong, patriotic government to clean this country up: a government willing and able to seal our borders, to round up and get rid of illegal aliens, to get Israel permanently off our back, to get the mass media out of the hands of the natural enemies of our people, and to deal decisively with the problem of racial minorities, feminists, homosexuals, and the rest.

But we can't have a patriotic government until this one has been destroyed root and branch, until the whole system has been dismantled and all of the people associated with it have been properly disposed of, so that we can rebuild from the basement up. And we can't do that, we can't destroy the present government and get rid of its supporters, as long as a majority of decent people still believe that this government can be saved, can be reformed. We need to cure them of that false notion.

Nothing can be done with most of the people who voted for Clinton, but I'm not concerned about them. I'm concerned about the decent people, the people who despise Clinton but who still naively believe that he is merely an aberration and that the system itself is basically sound. These people need to be illuminated, and I'm inclined to believe that the shock of seeing the President of the United States in handcuffs will do more to turn on a light in their heads than will the water-drip torture of listening to a continuing stream of stories about shady land deals back in Arkansas, campaign contributions from Chinese gangsters, and romps with bimbos on the carpet in the Oval Office for the next three years. We can't afford to wait another three years for the dead-heads to wake up. We need to get the revolution jump-started soon.

Just seeing Clinton go to jail won't do that, of course. That's just the first step. Ultimately we need for White Americans to understand that with the sort of government we have now, it's not possible to have an honest or patriotic President in the White House. The only sort of person who can get near the Presidency under the present system is someone who is fundamentally crooked, someone who is an unpatriotic criminal. He doesn't have to be as flamboyant about his criminality as Clinton is, but certainly no honest man and no patriot can be President so long as the government is subject to the mass media the way this one is. What we have now, in effect, is a government by the Jewish media bosses, and that's what we'll have if Al Gore ends up in the White House too. It's also what we would have had with Bob Dole as President, or Newt Gingrich, or any of the other major-party politicians. Dole and Gingrich are just as hot to annihilate the Iraqis or anyone else who poses a threat to Israel's ambitions in the Middle East as Clinton is.

And, really, what's more dangerous for America: a President who can't keep his pants up or a President willing to take America into wars that do not serve our country's interests?

Can you imagine Al Gore, if Clinton is impeached and convicted, getting rid of Madeleine Albright, William Cohen, Robert Rubin, and all the other Jews Clinton has put in charge of our government and then announcing that from now on Israel will have to shift for itself, that we are lifting the embargo on Iraq and recalling our Navy ships from the area? It's just not conceivable.

Al Gore would do exactly what the media bosses tell him to do, just like he has done throughout his political career. So the only real question for us is: What course of events will result in the decent segment of the public understanding this soonest? I think that seeing it with their own eyes -- at least, seeing that Al Gore jumps through the same hoops that Bill Clinton jumped through -- will be as quick a way as any.

And I think it's good for the Clinton affair to have some very concrete results now, rather than later. Permitting him to wriggle out of the Monica problem like he's wriggled out of so many other problems will simply make the cynics more cynical -- with is worth something -- but it also will reinforce the atmosphere of unreality that pervades American politics. It will reinforce the feeling that everything is inevitable -- everything has been arranged by the powerful, behind-the-scenes fixers -- and that there's nothing decent people can do to change things. Hauling a two-term President off to jail gives decent people everywhere hope that something can be done to fight evil and make a change for the better. It's the next best thing to assassinating a President.

Clinton's real crimes are not perjury, suborning of perjury, and obstruction of justice. In the sort of banana-republic atmosphere we have in Washington these days, we can almost forgive such things. Everybody does it, and Clinton was just unlucky enough to get caught. Clinton's real crimes, the crimes which cannot be forgiven and which should result in his being strung up outside the White House as an example to others who would betray their race, is his collaboration with the Jews throughout his career. Clinton is the very epitome of the rotten, spoiled, whining, self-indulgent college boy who ran with the Jews in the 1960s. He dodged the draft, smoked dope, and assisted the Jews in turning American society upside down, without a thought for the consequences. Every Jewish slogan and cliche came easily to his lips, whether it was a chant for Ho Chi Minh to win in Vietnam or a demand for more Blacks on the campus or for more homosexuals on the faculty.

And since the 1960s he has been the epitome of the amoral politician, of the unprincipled opportunist, of the crooked lawyer and the sleazy operator -- which would have been bad enough in itself had he remained in the land development business or in state politics in Little Rock, but which was made incomparably worse by the fact that the Jews chose him to be one of their catspaws in their continuing destruction of America.

Since he came to Washington, Bill Clinton has been their obedient tool, their willing tool, their enthusiastic tool. He has promoted everything rotten, everything destructive, everything subversive -- especially everything which is harmful to White Americans and everything which strengthens the hand of the Jews. We have never before had a President who pushed so hard for bringing homosexuals into every institution in our society, or a President who did as much to promote feminism. No President before Clinton ever appointed two Jews to the Supreme Court, giving them nearly ten times the representation on that body as they have in the general population. No President before Clinton has ever appointed even half as many Jews to his cabinet. No President before Clinton has appointed a foreign-policy and national-defense team which is entirely Jewish.

It is indeed ironic that it is his sexual relationship with a Jewess which has brought him down. And I suppose we might also see some irony in the fact that it is a conspiracy he made with a Black confidant, Vernon Jordan, which has helped bring him down. And in the fact that it is another Jew, Mickey Cantor, who has been the one to whom Clinton turned for help and advice as the noose tightened on his neck.

Clinton has been so accustomed to having the Jews cover for him and get him out of scrapes -- especially the Jewish media bosses -- that it must be quite a shock to him now to realize that they could abandon him. He was a useful tool while he lasted, but now that he has become an embarrassment, even to them -- and it takes a lot to embarrass them -- they may simply discard him and use another of their tools, such as Al Gore.

The symbolism of Clinton's fall should be important for us. He symbolizes, more than any other public figure, everything that was rotten, decadent, weak, corrupt, and treasonous about the 1960s. It is fitting that his downfall be more traumatic and more disgraceful than that of any other public figure of this era. That is a symbolism that we should cherish, even though the system of which Clinton was a part still waits to be pulled down.

There is one other symbolic aspect to what has happened to Clinton. It is clear that Clinton was one of the most useful tools the Jews have ever had. They really would prefer to continue using him, but he finally may have gotten himself into such a mess that even they cannot save him. That should be encouraging to every patriot, especially those who tend to overestimate the power of the Jews and to underestimate our ability to whip them and to free ourselves from their control.

I'll close with another observation that should be encouraging, and that is about the enormous number of jokes about Clinton which are now circulating. It is really phenomenal. And these jokes on the Internet are coming from people all over the spectrum. To me they indicate a little of the frustration which has been building up in the so-called "silent majority" during the Clinton regime. You've undoubtedly heard a few of these jokes by now, but I'll risk mentioning a few which to me express the general sentiments of the public.

How did Bill and Hillary Clinton meet?
They were dating the same girl in high school.

If Bill and Hillary jumped together off the Washington Monument, who'd land first?
Who cares?

How can you tell when Bill Clinton is telling a lie just by looking at his face?
If his lips are moving, then he's lying.
And of course, a lot of the jokes are what might be called "Bill and Monica" jokes, but most of them really aren't suitable for repeating on a family program. My favorite, though, is Bill trying to wriggle out of the charge that he encouraged Monica to commit perjury. "I never told that girl to lie," he says. "Actually what I told her was, "Lie down."

I guess this sort of thing isn't very funny to the Clinton coalition. I guess the dregs of American society who combined to put Clinton into office are more chagrined than amused by what has happened. But the rest of us should have a good laugh, and then we should make up our minds to do whatever it takes to get rid of the system that allowed such a coalition of losers, perverts, and anti-American traitors to impose a piece of filth like William Jefferson Clinton on our society and on our country.

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