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Free Speech - November 1997 - Volume III, Number 11

In Your Ear, Mr. Clinton

by Dr. William Pierce

Ever since two Israeli terrorists, acting on direct orders from the prime minister of Israel, attempted to murder an Islamic religious leader in Jordan by squirting an especially nasty poison into his ear, I've been waiting to hear what the reaction of the politicians in Washington would be. That was more than two weeks ago, and I'm still waiting.

Imagine what the reaction would have been if Syria's President Assad, say, had sent a team of Arab terrorists into Israel to murder a Jewish religious leader, a prominent rabbi, with an exotic poison they had cooked up in their chemical and biological warfare laboratories, and the terrorists had been caught in the act. There would have been no end to the expressions of pious outrage from Washington's windbags, and Bill and Hillary would have been leading the chorus. The State Department would have announced the immediate breaking off of diplomatic relations with the guilty country. Senator Alphonse D'Amato and the rest of the Jews' Gentile step'n'fetchits in our Senate would have been preaching non-stop for an all-out military crusade against Syria. Mr. Clinton would have conferred with Secretary of Defense Cohen about the best way to knock out Syria's chemical and biological warfare capability with a military strike, and our Navy would have transferred several aircraft carriers to the eastern Mediterranean. The editorial pages of the New York Times would have been filled with the bloodthirsty screeching of Abe Rosenthal day after day, demanding action against Syria. Billy Graham and America's other political churchmen would be telling us all from the pulpit how terrible such an attack on a religious leader was, how the world must not tolerate such anti-religious terrorism, and so on. And even the soberer columnists and commentators would be telling us all about the dangers of permitting a renegade country like Syria to have the capability for making and using exotic chemical and biological warfare agents -- and about the need to make an example of Syria, so that no other country would be tempted to follow in Syria's footsteps. At the very least, after a preemptive military strike on Damascus, chemical and biological warfare specialists from the United Nations would have to be stationed permanently in Syria to ensure that that country never again tried to rebuild its chemical and biological warfare laboratories.

But, as I said, I'm still waiting to hear the first condemnation of Israel's terrorist activity from Washington. I'm still waiting to hear the first warning about the danger to the world in allowing a paranoid, bullying, puffed-up little excuse for a country like Israel to develop chemical and biological warfare capabilities. I'm still waiting to hear any comments about the religious implications of an officially Jewish country setting out to murder Islamic religious leaders in other countries. I'm waiting to hear any expression of disapproval at all. There is only a deafening silence.

Canada, at least, had the decency to recall her ambassador from Tel Aviv. But our government in Washington is so totally under the control of the Jewish minority in this country, the minority which controls our mass media, that it dares not make the faintest squeak of protest.

This sort of government-sponsored assassination is nothing new for Israel. Back in the 1950s the Israelis pioneered the use of letter bombs to kill and maim people they didn't like in other countries. They also have used car bombs to assassinate people -- including innocent bystanders. Sometimes they simply gun their victims down on the street, again with total disregard for the safety of bystanders. Sometimes they shoot the wrong person, but they never apologize for their mistakes. When they want to kill someone clandestinely, they use poisons or infectious agents, and it looks as if the victim died a natural death. The botched assassination of the Islamic leader in Jordan was such a routine operation for Israel's Mossad agents that they simply picked up the special weapon used to squirt poison into the victim's ear at the Israeli embassy in Amman, where it was kept for use as needed.

Yes, That's a routine operation for a government based on a religion which teaches that the lives of non-Jews are worthless and that all enemies of the Jews should be killed. But, the only reason that this particular attempted murder by the government of Israel is of interest to us, the only reason that it should be of special interest to all patriots, is that it is of no interest to our government. Our government, after all, is one that makes a big pretense of caring about such matters as international terrorism and the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons. Our government makes a big thing out of denouncing state-sponsored terrorism -- so long as the state sponsoring the terrorism is not Israel. The non-response of our government to Israel's most recent state-sponsored assassination attempt is a splendid example of the subservience of our government to the Jews.

Do you remember all of the pious statements against terrorism we heard from our government and from the media during the Timothy McVeigh trial? Terrorism is something which must not be tolerated, our government and the media told us. The second Oklahoma City bombing suspect, Terry Nichols, is on trial now, and the government is doing the same sort of preaching about not tolerating terrorism or terrorists. And you also can count on hearing the same sort of anti-terrorist sermonizing from the government during the trial of Ted Kaczynski, the alleged Unabomber.

All of that anti-terrorist posturing is total hypocrisy. The prime minister of Israel is a proven terrorist, a man who ordered the assassination of a religious leader in another country, a man who has ordered other terrorist activities as well. Just a few weeks before his latest murder attempt, he sent another group of terrorists across the border into Lebanon with orders to kill people. Fortunately, that group also was caught before it could complete its murderous mission. And, of course, that murder mission, just like the latest, received zero notice from Washington and almost zero notice from the controlled media in this country. Yet you can be sure that Mr. Netanyahu will be permitted to travel to the United States whenever it pleases him, and that Mr. Clinton will greet him in the White House with a big hug and a smile when he does.

What our government's condoning of terror and assassination by Israel does is pull the moral rug right out from under its stand against terror and assassination by everyone. When the President of the United States bows and scrapes in front of the prime minister of Israel and hugs him and asks him how much more money he needs from American taxpayers to expand his campaign of terror and assassination against his neighbors, how seriously should that President be taken the next time he begins his anti-terrorist posturing against Libya's Moammar Kaddhafi? How seriously should he be taken the next time someone bombs a Federal building in this country, and the President denounces it as an act of cowardice?

What causes political terrorism in the United States is the sort of behavior by the government which causes people to lose their respect for the government, behavior which causes them to have contempt for the government. Just as surely as the Government's massacre of the women and children in David Kroch's church in Waco, Texas, in 1993 caused the bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, President Clinton's condoning of Benjamin Netanyahu's terrorism in 1997 will cause other Federal buildings to be bombed in the future.

If our government were serious about disapproving of terrorism it would break diplomatic relations with Israel immediately, it would halt all aid to Israel, and it would impose a total economic boycott on Israel. It would make an example of Israel, so that no other country would be tempted to engage in state-sponsored terrorism. That's what the U.S. government would do -- if it were serious about disapproving of terrorism. But of course, it isn't serious. And serious people notice things like that. Not Joe and Jill Sixpack, of course. Not the couch potatoes. They never notice anything. they're too busy watching ball games. But we do still have some serious people in America, people who notice things, people who still are able to think for themselves, no matter how Politically Incorrect thinking for oneself may be these days.

The Government's stand on terrorism today reminds me of the Government's stand on drinking in the 1920s. Prohibition went into effect primarily because the fundamentalist Protestant churches disapproved of drinking, and they controlled a great many votes. And, no doubt, there were many sober, decent citizens in addition to the fundamentalists who also were concerned about alcoholism and the social ills caused by excessive drinking. But the government never took Prohibition seriously. It failed to make a serious and determined effort to enforce its own laws against alcohol. The politicians preached and postured against drinking, but as soon as the speeches were over they headed for their favorite speakeasies. It was all hypocrisy, and as a result drinking went on pretty much as before, but there was an enormous increase in police and political corruption and in organized criminal activity. There also was a big increase in public cynicism and in loss of respect for the government, because then as now there were some serious people who noticed the hypocrisy.

In a democracy it is the couch potatoes who rule, simply because there are so many of them, and the media bosses control what the couch potatoes think and the way they vote -- most of the time. But the serious people, even though there are not enough of them to outvote the couch potatoes, do become frustrated, and when they become frustrated enough they take action. Sometimes they blow up Federal buildings. And sometimes they overthrow governments. And when they do overthrow a government, there won't be any ball games for a while, so even the couch potatoes may pay attention long enough to help the serious people hang the politicians and the media bosses -- and That's something that really needs to be done in the United States soon.

And that is something I really look forward to. I ache for it. And I know that many patriots ache for it. it's not that we are especially indignant about the Jews squirting exotic poisons into the ears of Islamic leaders and getting away with it -- although it does give me the creeps to think about the fact that the Jews keep their embassies around the world stocked with all sorts of nasty equipment for disposing of people they Don't like in ways designed to make murder look like death by natural causes. I wonder how many Americans they've murdered. I wonder how many cases there have been where, as soon as it became clear that the Jews were involved, the FBI told the local police to stop investigating. That's a spooky thought.

But the real reason for our growing anger against the government in Washington is not what the Jews do in other countries. it's what our government does -- and does not do -- in this country. Mr. Netanyahu's latest venture in assassination by poison is not what's important: It's Mr. Clinton's reaction That's important. it's the hypocrisy and corruption in Washington that are important to us, not the religious belief of Jews that their god gave them the right to murder anyone they Don't like. And this latest demonstration of hypocrisy and corruption in Washington is only one in a long series of demonstrations, no more shocking than many others and certainly not as bad as some. But what is nice about this latest demonstration is that it is so clear, so unambiguous. And it also is so timely, in that it comes right in the middle of a series of trials of terrorists in this country, right in the middle of a series of government and media denunciations of terrorism. It doesn't give the media bosses or the politicians a chance to use the excuse that that was then and this is now and their policy toward terrorism has changed with time and circumstances.

There is one thing you can say for the Jews. Their religion leads them to do things which are so outrageous and so striking that the crooked politicians among our own people who collaborate with the Jews in order to advance their careers Aren't left much room to make excuses. About all they can do is keep their mouths shut and hope that the couch potatoes Won't notice -- or will forget before the next election.

For example, there is the case of the Jew from Maryland, Samuel Sheinbein, who took a power saw to one of his teenaged neighbors last month and hacked off the young fellow's arms, legs, and head, and then put what was left of him in a plastic bag and left it in someone else's garage. It seems to have been some sort of disagreement over a drug deal that didn't go according to Mr. Sheinbein's liking. When the police began closing in, Sheinbein hopped a plane for Israel, and once there he just thumbed his nose at the police in Maryland. When the police asked that he be sent back to America to stand trial for murder, the government of Israel announced that it has a policy against extraditing Jews. With a smirk on their faces, the Israelis told the Maryland authorities that if they really want to try Sheinbein they could come to Israel and try him in an Israeli court. That offer, of course, was entirely fraudulent. Aside from the enormous practical difficulties for the Maryland authorities, the fact of the matter is that they would find it impossible to convict Sheinbein in an Israeli court.

Israel's policy of not extraditing Jews is based in the Jewish religion, which prohibits Jews from cooperating with Gentile authorities in the prosecution of a Jew for crimes committed against a Gentile. Even providing information about a Jewish criminal to Gentile authorities is a crime punishable by death under Talmudic law.

What this means in practice is that a Jew can commit just about any crime he wants in the United States or Europe -- murder, rape, embezzlement, importing drugs, White slavery, racketeering -- and if he is able to fly to Israel without being arrested, he will be safe. This sort of behavior by any other country would not be tolerated, but Don't expect the U.S. government to put much pressure on Israel about this. Mr. Clinton just wishes the Maryland state authorities would shut up about the case before the public wakes up and begins asking questions.

The real question here is not why does our government put up with this sort of behavior from Israel; we know the answer to that question. The real question is: Why do we Americans put up with a government like the one we have in Washington?

The government can keep passing more repressive laws, tapping more telephones, hiring more jackbooted thugs, but it cannot survive without the trust and respect of the people -- and I Don't mean just the trust and respect of the couch potatoes; I mean the trust and respect of serious people, who notice things and who are able to think for themselves. The government cannot long survive without their trust and respect, and it has just about used up all of that. The next time there is a major bombing of a government building in this country -- and there will be; Mr. Clinton's behavior guarantees that -- and the government puts on its pretense of outrage and begins weeping crocodile tears for the victims and calls the bombers "cowards," there will be a noticeably more cynical reaction from the serious portion of the public. The couch potatoes may still respond the way the government wants them to, but among the serious people there will be more than ever before who will understand that the bombings will continue until we have a government which is genuinely outraged by terrorism, a government which not only genuinely disapproves of terrorism, state-sponsored or otherwise, but which also is actually our government, not the government of the politicians, the media bosses, and the Jews.

We want a government which is honest, a government which means what it says and says what it means, a government we can trust and respect and which the rest of the world also will be obliged to respect. We want a government which represents our interests and which is totally free of Jewish control, of Jewish influence. And one day we will have such a government.

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