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Free Speech - October 1997 - Volume III, Number 10


by Dr. William Pierce

I've been looking again at some of the photographs which have come back from the recent Mars landing. It's really amazing stuff. I used to work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, where much of this latest Mars mission was planned. Seeing what the folks there have accomplished made me proud to have been associated with the place.

And I've been thinking about some of the contrasts in our society today. In fundamental scientific achievements we've been doing quite well -- perhaps not as well as in the 19th century, but still we've really increased our understanding of the world quite a bit. And in the technological applications of our science we've never done better. From computers to pharmaceuticals to space ships we've made huge progress, progress of which we have every right to be proud. We can do astounding things when we really try.

Now contrast the technological achievements of our society with its political highlights. Contrast the Mars mission with the election of Bill Clinton to the White House -- twice. It's breathtaking, isn't it? Or contrast the abilities and the achievements of the relative handful of people who made our Mars mission possible with the sort of mob mentality we saw in the mass reaction to Princess Diana's death. Diana was a woman without any outstanding qualities at all. She was ordinary to the point of vulgarity. But of course when she was married to the Prince of Wales, and even after they separated, she was the focus of attention of the media fashion-mongers. Undoubtedly it was her ordinariness, combined with the celebrity status bestowed on her by the media, which made so many very ordinary people identify with her. She was what they all dreamed of being: a twit with a vacant smile, lots of money, always dressed in the latest fashion, and invited to all of the most glamorous parties. The response to her death was an example of what I call "the Elvis phenomenon."

Everyone ought to be entitled to choose his own heroes, his own idols, no matter how inane. But this contrast between outstanding intellectual achievement by a few on the one hand and the shocking degree of corruption associated with mass politics and the degree of vulgarity and inanity associated with mass idol worship on the other hand is only one of the really striking contrasts in our society today.

The same educational system which turned out the people who designed the Mars mission is turning out millions of people today who not only haven't a clue about physics, chemistry, or mathematics, but who also haven't a clue about the history of our people -- or even about the proper use of our language. And I'm talking about university graduates. Why bother to take courses in the language of Shakespeare and Milton when one can graduate instead by taking courses in subjects like "California Wines" or "Park Science" or "Black Hair As Culture and History"? Believe it or not, Texas A & M University actually has a "Department of Park Sciences and Rural Sociology." And Stanford University, which used to be a first-class institution before being stricken with a fatal attack of democracy, actually offers a course titled "Black Hair As Culture and History."

Distressing as this vulgarization of our educational system is to me, it is something we can live with, for a while, at least, because it still is possible for a few students to get an excellent education in America -- as the team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory who designed the Mars mission have proved. And I don't believe that anyone should be prevented from taking courses in California wines or "park science" or astrology and pyramid power, if he wants to waste his time on those things. But there are other consequences of mass democracy in America that will kill us very soon.

Two years ago I visited Pasadena, where I had been a physics student at Caltech long ago, before I worked in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The Caltech campus is still a pleasant and civilized place, and students there still have an opportunity to get the best possible education. Democracy has done a lot less damage to Caltech than it has to other schools. But one can drive southwest on the freeway from Pasadena for just a few minutes and find oneself in the truly horrifying Third World jungle that is south-central Los Angeles.

There are similar situations all over the United States. We can build hydrogen bombs, we can send robots to Mars, we can discover the most closely guarded secrets of life or of the atom, but we cannot maintain even a semblance of civilization in our cities. Many of our cities still contain enormously expensive glass-and-steel towers, and all sorts of financial power flows through them, and men in expensive suits, carrying briefcases, eat in their restaurants and ride in taxis, but they are not civilized places. Just look at the swarms of sub-humanity on the sidewalks and in the bus and train stations. If the police presence is removed for a day, the jungle will reassert itself. What a contrast with the Caltech campus in Pasadena!

This problem with our cities isn't just something we haven't quite finished solving yet because we've been too busy with Mars missions and other things. The problem with our cities is something which we created ourselves fairly recently, and it is a problem which we are making worse through our own efforts. We are importing millions more subhumans from the Third World into our cities every year. It's not that we don't know how to solve the problem of our cities, don't have the power to solve the problem, or even that we aren't worried about the problem. Many of us are simply afraid to address this problem in any realistic way. We are afraid to talk about the problem honestly.

We build supercomputers which can simulate the enormously complex phenomena inside a hurricane. We build radiotelescopes which scan our galaxy for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. But we tolerate a system which installs a creature like Bill Clinton in the White House, a system which gives us the corrupt, treasonous, deceitful gang of criminals we have making our laws! This is a system based on the notion that the subhumans swarming in south-central Los Angeles are the political equals of the people at Caltech. The Princess Di fans and the Elvis fans have as much individual power at the ballot box as do the Mars mission designers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and collectively the former swamp the latter into complete insignificance. What a contrast between our science and our politics!

This is one of those things which will kill us. We have a government which promotes an immigration policy, an education policy, a welfare policy, employment policy, and a housing policy all of which hasten the destruction of our civilization. We have a government which is working as hard as it can to increase the percentage of non-Whites in our society, a government which is promoting policies which will make us a minority in America in the coming century. We stick our heads out of our laboratories, libraries, or offices for a moment, and we see this destructive insanity, this lethal insanity, all around us, and we say nothing; we do nothing. We just go back to work planning the next Mars mission.

There's nobody who's a bigger enthusiast for Mars missions than I am. But we really do need to address this problem of what the government and the media are doing to our world. We really do need to worry about the consequences of the Elvis phenomenon, about the consequences of the fact that the growing masses of mindless, trendy couch potatoes have swamped our political system. If we don't do something about it very soon, there won't be many more Mars missions before the jungle takes over even places like the Caltech campus and forever puts an end to our dreams of exploring the universe.

Let's set aside the pretensions of Political Correctness for a moment. Let's clear our heads of all of this baloney about equality, democracy, and diversity. Let's try to understand what handing our world over to subhumans will really mean. It certainly won't mean that we will be seeing more of the slick, polished Blacks of the sort you see in TV commercials. No, we will be seeing more of the sort of creatures you see on the streets of Los Angeles, New York, or Washington. It will be more like what you see in any Third World country. It will mean witchcraft, beastliness, rape, and murder. It will mean a descent back into the jungle.

I have in front of me a news story from Reuters news agency about riots and lynch mobs in West Africa. There's a witchcraft craze sweeping the area which has resulted in hundreds of Blacks being lynched, being beaten or burned to death, in recent weeks because they were suspected of being sorcerers. In the current craze sorcerers are said to be able to cause a man's penis to shrink or even to disappear just with a handshake. Those suspected of being penis thieves, or penis shrinkers, are being murdered in the most gruesome ways on the streets of the capital cities of Senegal, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast. There's been a similar surge in killings of suspected witches and sorcerers in South Africa since that country was turned over to Black rule.

When I think about what is happening demographically in the United States today, I am reminded of what happened in Haiti a little over 200 years ago. Haiti used to be the most prosperous part of the New World. It was the jewel of the Caribbean and the pride of France's colonial empire. Great mansions dotted the countryside, and the social life in Haiti's towns rivaled that in the cities of France. Then the democracy craze hit France, and the madness also infected many of the Frenchmen in Haiti. Liberty, equality, and brotherhood were to be applied even to the Black plantation workers who had been brought to Haiti from Africa. That was the Politically Correct thing, and Political Correctness had deranged just enough of Haiti's French population so that the population as a whole was not able to put up any sort of solid front against the madness. They sat in their clubs, their drawing rooms, and their libraries, sipped their wine, and observed what was happening around them in Haiti as the Blacks were declared "equals" and "brothers." They discussed the situation, but they couldn't quite bring themselves to do anything about it. Then the massacres started, and it was too late. And so all of the Frenchmen, and the women, and the children were slaughtered, most of them in ways too horrible to describe. And the books from their libraries and the paintings, tapestries, and sculptures from their town houses and their plantation manors became trinkets and baubles for the Black plantation workers. The subhumans had Haiti all to themselves, and that's the way it has been ever since.

Now, I'm sure it won't happen exactly that way in the United States. The details certainly will be different. Maybe we won't all be slaughtered in the streets, as in Haiti. Maybe our scientists won't be dragged from their laboratories and burned as sorcerers. Maybe we won't even become a nation of mulattos right away. Maybe for a while it will only be democracy, equality and a gradually darkening population of Elvis worshippers. But the result in the end will be the same: a return to the jungle. And no more Mars missions, ever.

In the past our people were able to dream of new worlds and to apply their minds to understanding this world without letting themselves become infected by any sort of egalitarian lunacy. They could plot the courses of the planets through the sky or design steam engines without losing their grip on reality. They could understand the difference between civilization and savagery. I think it's because they didn't grow up as soft, as permissively, as far away from their roots as we do today. They stayed a little closer to Nature. They hadn't forgotten all of Nature's hard lessons -- including the lesson that when you are faced with a mortal threat you must do something about it. When you recognize a mortal enemy you must kill him before he kills you.

Today we have some people whose minds are as good as those of our best people 200 or 300 years ago. But we've lost some of our ability to face reality and deal with it. We have a lot of people who have let themselves be convinced that the difference between the Caltech campus and south-central Los Angeles is based only on economics and culture, that genes have nothing to do with it, that race has nothing to do with it. We have people who have let themselves be persuaded that our manned exploration of the universe will be done in a Politically Correct way, as it's portrayed in Star Trek, with explorers of every race, sex, and sexual orientation. We're all the same, really, we're all equal.

But we still have some people with a little better grip on reality than that. We still have some people who not only can design rockets and telemetry systems, but who also can understand that we must do something about the jungle which is encroaching on our civilization. We still have people who can understand that we must keep the Elvis phenomenon from encompassing all of us.

Our situation in America today is a bit like that of the Frenchmen in Haiti toward the end of the 18th century. Some of them were determined to be Politically Correct and go with the policy of liberty, equality, and brotherhood. And some of them were determined to keep their grip on reality.

Unfortunately for everyone, Political Correctness prevailed. I wonder if part of the problem back then was that the realists didn't want to be offensive, they didn't want to be rude. Perhaps they hoped that the Politically Correct faction would regain its sanity at the last moment, and there wouldn't be any necessity for rudeness. I believe that that's what accounts for some of the hesitation we see today, for the failure of the sane faction at places like Caltech to speak out.

Because of that belief I'm going to throw politeness and inoffensiveness to the winds. I'm going to be just as rude and crude as I know how, in the hope that some of the people engaged in planning the next Mars mission will snap out of their trance, along with some of the other people who also represent what is creative and progressive in our civilization. The stark truth of the matter is this: Those of us who are still sane, those of us who still have a firm grip on reality, those of us who believe that our civilization ought to be preserved, those of us who believe that we ought to do whatever we can do to keep our race from becoming extinct, have an obligation to do more than just observe what's happening from our laboratories and our offices.

We have the obligation to awaken all the others we can awaken. Then we have an obligation to halt the destructive process which is carrying our people and our civilization toward extinction. We have an obligation to change a government which promotes the policies now being promoted in Washington. We have an obligation to put an end to the use of the mass media for our destruction. We have an obligation to combat the lunatic ideology of egalitarianism which has infected the minds of so many of our people. And we have an obligation, if we are successful in overcoming those who are trying to destroy our civilization -- we have an obligation to raise the next generation of our people to be saner, to have a better grip on reality, than this generation.

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