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Free Speech - September 1996 - Volume II, Number 9

White Guilt and the "Holocaust"

The "Holocaust" Is One Component in a Psychological War

By Ian P. McKinney

This month I am writing about the "Holocaust." This term, unless referring to an ancient sacrificial rite or the consumption of an object or place by fire, should always be put inside quotation marks.

Nobody denies that the conflict between the Jews and Germans was a central part of World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Jews, many of them non-combatants, died in that conflict along with several million Germans.

However, the "Holocaust" establishment has fashioned the "Holocaust" into a powerful psychological weapon with which to bludgeon White Americans (Americans!). They imply that in some sense we are responsible for the supposed deaths of "six million Jews" and that we must now pay penance, not only to the Jews, but to non-Whites everywhere for the "sins" of our race. This libel must not remain unchallenged. "Holocaust" propaganda is one of the legs upon which stands the edifice of "White guilt." But it is a very shaky leg indeed, and we do ourselves no credit if we can't take the trouble to kick it out.

"Holocaust" promoters justify their activities, in part, by bemoaning the activities of the Revisionist historians who question the standard version of World War II. This justification seems a bit lame when you consider that for well over fifty years America has been inundated by literally thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, movies, and alleged "documentaries" about the "Holocaust," while up until the last few years "Holocaust" Revisionism was, as far as the general public was concerned, almost unknown.

Until quite recently most Americans and Europeans just accepted the Jewish version of World War II history as fact. For example, we all heard the story that the Germans produced soap which was supposedly extracted from the fat taken from the bodies of murdered Jews. Well, this ridiculous nonsense has been debunked so thoroughly now that it has been quietly dropped by the "Holocaust" establishment, although one stills sees it pop up from time to time in the popular media.

Another fraudulent story that circulated in the early days of "Holocaust" promotion was that Jews, instead of being gassed, were "steamed" to death. Then there was yet another fabricated story in which the Germans used electricity to kill Jews using large "electrocution" chambers. Another story was that the Germans killed Jews by driving over them with "heavy motor lorries." (big trucks). It didn't matter that there was absolutely no proof to substantiate these wild claims.

The public would believe almost anything they were told. The Germans had to be evil since we had just sacrificed so many of our boys to destroy them. Our cause just had to be noble, and no dissenting voice was heard. (Of course this was long before the World Wide Web provided a forum for dissenting views. No wonder Jewish groups are now so frantic to establish some control over the Web.) It didn't matter that no one could produce even one bar of soap that was actually made from human fat. It didn't matter that nothing resembling a steam or electrocution chamber could be located anywhere in Europe. It didn't matter that so many of these colorful "eyewitness" accounts turned out to be absurd and impossible lies. Each of these stories was believed by millions of naive people, and each was shamelessly promoted for decades.

So now we're left with one last fantastic "Holocaust" story: the alleged killing of six million Jews using execution gas chambers. But unlike fifty years ago, we now have a number of courageous Revisionists asking questions that are apparently very embarrassing to the "Holocaust" establishment.

First, they are asking just how did the establishment arrive at the magic figure of "six million" in the first place? Just what real proof do they have? And has there ever been any physical evidence to prove that Adolf Hitler ever ordered the gassing of even one Jew, let alone the alleged "six million"? Well, the proof has never been provided.

A few years ago the new government in Poland abandoned some of the claims made by the former Communist regime and quietly revised the figures for deaths at the Auschwitz work camp downward by 2.5 million. This reduction was reported in the New York Times and by the major wire services, though the implications for the sacred "six million" figure were not mentioned.

How many times since then have you heard the old "six million" figure thrown about in the media with absolutely no mention of the admitted correction of the wartime atrocity propaganda by 2.5 million persons?

The exposure of many of the more outlandish "Holocaust" whoppers and the significant reduction in the numbers claimed to have died in German concentration camps have not stopped the figure of "six million" from taking on an almost religious significance. It has become so ingrained in the public's psyche that any effort to bring reality into the situation, it is apparently feared, might start the public thinking forbidden thoughts.

Even more significant are the records captured from the camps in eastern Europe by the advancing Communist armies which were recently made available from the KGB archives. If accepted, these records show that deaths in the camps were far, far less than that now admitted for Auschwitz alone -- on the order of hundreds of thousands, not millions. And certainly only a fraction of these persons were deliberately killed. If these figures were widely publicized the public might start to view all the "Holocaust" hysteria as "much ado about nothing." They might start to see some liars for what they are.

Probably most people really would not care whether the Jewish establishment wants to claim six million, 3.5 million, or 150,000, and certainly if we were talking about anything except the "Holocaust" it would be thought to be very good news indeed to discover that millions of persons, who were previously thought to have died, had actually survived. However we are not talking about any other historical event. The real reason for the fanatical adherence to the "six million" figure has much more to do with politics, power, and money than with history.

Ideally, historical inquiry is an objective endeavor where evidence is weighed and an honest effort is made to determine what actually happened. However, the atmosphere surrounding the "Holocaust" is anything but objective. Things have gone so far that countries like Canada, Germany, and France have actually prosecuted individuals just for questioning the conventional version of the "Holocaust."

Even here in America, where it is not yet illegal to publicly ask the wrong questions, any public figure that does so is subjected to smears, intimidation, and the attempted destruction of his career and reputation by organized Jewry and the very cooperative media whores.

The publicity obtained by Jewish groups when they hunt down some 80-year-old concentration camp guard and try him as a "war criminal" in a kangaroo court is of highly questionable value even from the Jewish point of view. Yet they pursue such individuals with avid intensity. Why are they so single-minded, so fanatical, when most other ethnic groups are able to put aside the memories of the atrocities committed against them. Part of the answer lies in the unique Jewish mentality of "never forgive, never forget." The main reason, however, is the power that the "Holocaust" bestows upon them, a kind of hypnotic power over us.

So let's take a look at the psychological, political, and economic power of the "Holocaust" story.

The story holds that Adolf Hitler was the most evil man to ever live because he executed "six million" innocent Jewish civilians, mainly by poison gas. If anyone expresses a viewpoint that can be interpreted as favorable to the survival of the White race, even if he never mentions World War II or Germany or Hitler, it won't be very long before organized Jewish groups or their liberal allies will pipe up and say, "That's racist; that's what Hitler believed; that idea leads straight to the gas chambers of Auschwitz; you're a nazi; we must oppose all ideas that Hitler espoused, especially the idea of a White nation."

Exposure of some of the lies told by Jews about the "Holocaust" will diminish this bludgeon used on White peoples' heads and may remove some of the chains from the minds of so many of our people.

Here is one example. Nearly everyone has heard the story of the Jewish girl Anne Frank. According to her best-selling book she was hidden in an attic by a Dutch family until the later years of the World War II. Then she was interned at various camps in Eastern Europe and Germany. One thing is clear: Anne Frank was not gassed. She died of typhus while at the Bergen-Belsen camp just before the end of the war. The obvious question is: Why would the Germans waste valuable resources and time to transport a sickly 14-year-old Jewish girl all over Europe if their intention was simply to gas her? With transport and fuel in extremely short supply, especially near the chaotic end of the war, it just doesn't make sense. It should also be noted that Frank's father, also a concentration camp internee, was found at the end of the war recovering from an illness in a German hospital. It should seem ridiculous to anyone that the Germans would be attempting to restore Mr. Frank's health just so they could then put him into a gas chamber, especially when medical facilities were desperately needed for the care of wounded German soldiers.

What do you think would happen if the true figures for Jewish losses became generally known? All of a sudden, "the most evil man in history" becomes a mere piker when compared to the likes of Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, who undoubtedly murdered many dozens of millions under regimes that lasted for decades. And what happens when it is discovered that Hitler never gave any orders for Jews or anyone else to be gassed, but had only planned a relocation, interrupted and complicated by the war, of Jews to the east, after unsuccessful negotiations -- including negotiations with Zionist Jews -- to find a home for them in the Middle East or Madagascar?

The "Holocaust" story is also a prop for the idea that the Jews are eternally persecuted -- but totally innocent -- people who have never harmed anyone else or engaged in any kind of persecution themselves.

This idea is shown to be nonsense by a reading of the Jew's own history as recorded by them in their Torah. There we have numerous cases of the Jews invading, enslaving, or exterminating other tribes, including the women and children, whose only crime was to be in possession of things that the Jews wanted. There are instances in which their God admonished and even punished them for not doing a thorough enough job of exterminating their victims. The Jews' early history is in fact chock full of theft, enslavement, murder, mayhem, and extermination visited upon other peoples.

What is even more hypocritical is that the Jews celebrate their acts of genocide. An example of this is their Purim holiday during which they celebrate their murder of 70,000 Persian men, women, and children.

For nearly fifty years the governments of the West, with few exceptions, have consistently looked the other way with regard to Zionist terrorism against the British, the Palestinian, and American population in Israel.

One of the earliest of these outrages was the bombing of the King David Hotel by the Stern Gang -- led by future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin -- which killed over a hundred British women and children. That was only the beginning.

In 1967 Israel treacherously attacked the USS Liberty, a lightly armed US intelligence ship, killing 34 Americans and wounding scores of others. There can now be no disputing that Israel knew its identity, and that the ship was in international waters and clearly marked as a US Naval vessel. The only thing that prevented all on board from perishing, and the attack being blamed on the Arabs, was that the ship did not sink. Even this was in doubt for some time, which prompted the captain to order that the wounded men be put into life rafts in preparation for abandoning ship. Even with the ship ablaze from Israeli napalm and rocket attacks, listing heavily, and taking on water, Israeli gunboats saw fit to continue the attack by machine-gunning the life rafts. At some point the Israelis realized that the ship had managed to transmit a distress signal and alerted the area command as to who was carrying out the assault, which finally caused Israel to order its planes and gunboats to leave.

The greatest outrage that day was not the perfidy of Israel, however, but the treasonous compliance of the politicians in Washington, who refused to take any action against Israel and hushed-up the whole affair. See Assault on the Liberty by deck officer James Ennes Jr. (This book is available from National Vanguard Books for $22.95 postpaid. The address is at the end of this article.)

Another example of Israel's callous disregard for its supposed "ally" America was the bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983, which killed over 200 US servicemen. According to former Israeli Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky, Israeli intelligence knew of the plan by Arab terrorists to bomb the building in plenty of time to warn the innocent men, but cynically refused to say anything. (See By Way of Deception by Victor Ostrovsky. (This book is also available from National Vanguard Books. It is $15.95 postpaid).

Interspersed with these, the Israelis have committed a multitude of murders and tortures against mostly unarmed Palestinians, and even recently launched an attack on a United Nations refugee camp in Lebanon. Ari Shavit, an Israeli reporter straight out of the trenches, filed the following, translated from Hebrew in Liberation of May 21, 1996, and titled "Cana: 102 Faceless Dead."

We killed 170 people in Lebanon, most of whom were refugees, during the month of April 1996. Many of them were women, old people, and children. We killed 9 civilians, one a 2-year-old girl and one a centenarian, in Sahmour, on April 11th. We killed 11 civilians, including 7 children, in Nabatyeh, on April 18th. In the UN Camp in Cana, we killed 102 people.
Given this history it becomes even more astounding that we hand over at least three billion dollars in direct cash aid, and untold amounts of military technology and intelligence information to Israel annually in addition to the periodic loan guarantees that run into the billions. And all this is on top of the billions that Germany has been giving them for the past fifty years.

And what do Israel's benefactors receive in return for this largess and invaluable grants of technology? For the Germans, an unceasing stream of hate propaganda designed at the very least to demonize by association millions of Germans who were not even born until after World War II. In the case of America, it comes in the form of blackmailing and bribing our politicians into unquestioning support for any bill or appropriation benefiting Israel. We are also "paid back" by the theft of whatever classified information we don't already give them, as in the Jonathan Pollard case. In addition, our constant involvement in tumultuous Middle Eastern political affairs on the side of Israel gains us the hatred of millions of outraged Arabs, as manifested by the recent World Trade Center bombing and other acts of terror.

Lastly, we have the ludicrous "Holocaust"-derived proposition that since Hitler identified the Jews as foreigners, different from the Germans, we must not make any distinctions today on the basis of race. According to the "Holocaust" hucksters any linkage of nationhood and race is evil, and therefore all immigration policies based on ethnicity or race are likewise evil. In essence this "Holocaust" indoctrination has, to a large degree, resulted in psychological paralysis rendering us unable to control Third-World immigration or to deal with the race problem generally.

This paralysis is probably the most pernicious idea presently connected with the "Holocaust," and is exemplified in a twenty-page pamphlet, entitled Holocaust Revisionism, recently produced by the "Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute" (whatever that is) for distribution within the U.S. military, ostensibly to counter the ever increasing doubts concerning the "Holocaust" raised by Revisionists.

The pamphlet was largely written by a Captain Carlos Huerta, an orthodox Jewish chaplain, lately associated with a university in Israel. It states in part:

A successful fighting force is a cohesive one, one where all members have respect for each other's diversity and dignity. Holocaust revisionism has the potential to destroy that respect.
So according to the good rabbi our view of the "Holocaust" is directly linked to our toleration for "diversity." Perhaps he is right on that score! However, we haven't seen much support for "diversity" in Israel! The undeniable fact is that Israel is a quintessential racial state in which the preservation and elevation of the Jewish people is codified into law.

Listen to the following statement that appeared in Canada's Maclean's magazine for June 10, 1996:

'We don't believe in multinational states,' said Israeli Labor Health Minister, Ephraim Sneh. 'It didn't work in Yugoslavia, and history is full of horrifying examples of what happens in multinational states. Separation is the only way to build a reasonable co-existence here.'
So while Jews in America work feverishly to promote "diversity" and "tolerance," their fellow Jews in Israel want nothing to do with it, and know full well that "diversity" in their Jewish state would destroy it, just as it has done in any nation that ever permitted it.

Our purpose is not to promote racial diversity either in Israel or anywhere else, but mainly to point out the stinking double standard of the Jewish establishment. In fact, nearly every idea connected with the "Holocaust" reeks with such hypocrisy.

The "Holocaust" is really about breaking down the racial and cultural barriers of others, while serving as a rallying cry for Jewish nationalism and cohesiveness. We might do well to remember that ethnic groups that suppress their survival instinct are displaced by those that heed it, and the Jews have been refining theirs for 3,000 years.

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