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Free Speech - April 1996 - Volume II, Number 4

Listeners' Letters

Edited by Nelson Rosit

Dear Mr. Strom:
I have long wanted to pen you a few lines to pay homage to your brilliant and absolutely indispensable, American Dissident Voices, a broadcast I am able, unfortunately, to receive only infrequently, but one which, when it does get through, never fails to uplift and exhilarate me! Thank you very much for all your work and sacrifice, dedication and struggle in continually getting these fabulous programs on the air.

I learned only lately of your monthly newsletter Free Speech and missed out on receiving the first many issues. To rectify this please find enclosed a money order for the back issues I've missed. I will be remitting a further sum in a couple of weeks for a subscription. I will happily donate a little extra, as I can imagine no better direction in which to put any monies I can spare than to American Dissident Voices.

Thank you deeply for your efforts and attention in this matter.
J.N., Winlaw, BC, Canada

Editor's Reply: Thank you for your kind words, Mr. N. Your order is being processed. Unfortunately, issues of Free Speech from January 1995 through May 1995, August 1995, and October 1995 are sold out and no longer available. Other back issues are available for $4 each.

Dear American Dissident Voices:
I've been listening to American Dissident Voices since December 1995 on WRNO shortwave. I have enjoyed the program from the first time I heard it. Keep speaking the truth. I am a Black man, and I agree with you that Blacks should hold one another more accountable for their actions.

I plan to order tapes of past broadcasts, so please send me a National Vanguard Books catalog.

I've enclosed two newspaper articles. One is from the Washington Post of April 6, 1996. The other is from the Washington Times of April 7, 1996. Both articles discuss Marlon Brando's criticism of the Jews who run Hollywood. This issue deserves your attention.
R.E., Washington, DC

Editor's Reply: Mr. E., thanks for your letter. Your catalog is on its way. We have indeed noted Mr. Brando's remarks. See the article "Men of Valor" in this issue.

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Hillsboro, WV 24946

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