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Free Speech - February 1996 - Volume II, Number 2

The ADL Targets Shortwave Stations

By Nelson Rosit

In an article in the September 1995 issue of Free Speech, "The FCC's Selective Persecution of Dissident Radio," Kevin Strom reported on the harassment of our shortwave carrier, station WRNO, by the Federal Communications Commission. The vehicle for this harassment was an FCC regulation prohibiting shortwave stations from carrying programs aimed solely at a domestic audience. Of course, the assertion that American Dissident Voices is not intended for an international audience and is directed solely at American listeners is completely groundless, but the FCC demanded that WRNO prove that this was the case.

In their letter to WRNO, the FCC claimed that they were responding to complaints made about four programs aired on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Mr. Strom asked rhetorically, "Isn't it strange that out of hundreds of programs about which such questions might be raised, all four programs complained about are ones which criticize the role of organized Jewry in contemporary society? Must be a coincidence, don't you think?"

If anyone had any doubts about the coincidence they should be dispelled by Poisoning The Airwaves: The Extremist Message of Hate on Shortwave Radio, an Anti-Defamation League report put out recently. In this report, which characterizes shortwave as the "CNN for right-wing groups," the ADL laments that this medium "is cheap, reaches a large audience, and, perhaps most importantly, almost no government regulations are imposed on it."

Despite this last claim, the ADL goes on to charge that perhaps Federal regulations are being violated since, "there are several shortwave stations that broadcast extremist programs clearly meant for domestic US audiences." This is the same issue raised by the FCC regarding American Dissident Voices. Thus, it seems likely that the "complaints" that the FCC says it was responding to originated with the ADL or similar groups intent upon intimidating shortwave stations which carry Politically Incorrect programs.

Anyone who has listened to ADV for any length of time knows that we often deal with international issues, issues that concern White people worldwide. We have a stack of correspondence from foreign listeners to prove that we do reach people worldwide, and the ADL, with its vast intelligence network, certainly is aware of this. The truth is, our international reach is what concerns them the most. Narrow racial-nationalist movements are easier to control. However, the prospects of White solidarity worldwide is truly our enemies' worst nightmare.

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