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Free Speech - February 1996 - Volume II, Number 2

Retribution Is Coming . . . And They Know It

By Dr. William Pierce

Last month I told you about Hans Schmidt, the chairman of the German-American Political Action Committee, who was imprisoned by the German government for something he wrote in a newsletter which was published in the United States. He was charged by the German government with what the controlled news media call a "hate crime": that is, for writing something which is Politically Incorrect. Specifically, Mr. Schmidt had written that the present government of Germany is infested by Jews and is heavily under their influence. Mr. Schmidt was facing the possibility of a five-year prison term in Germany for having written those forbidden words.

I was very angry about that. My anger was not directed so much at the German government, but rather at the government and the media in this country, which had remained silent about Mr. Schmidt's imprisonment, even though he has been an American citizen for 40 years and his so-called "hate crime" was the exercise of his right of free speech in this country. Bill and Hillary Clinton, with all of their phony concern about human rights, had spoken not one word of protest about the imprisonment of Hans Schmidt.

Do you understand what I said? I said phony concern. I said that the Clintons are liars, that they are crooks, that they are hypocrites, that they don't give the slightest damn about any American's rights except their own, but they posture and pose and pretend in front of the TV cameras, because that's good for votes.

Of course, it's not just the Clintons or the Democrats. No one in the Republican Congress spoke up for Hans Schmidt's rights either. No one in the Republican Congress cares about Hans Schmidt's rights -- or your rights, or mine. They are all afraid of the controlled media; they're all afraid of the Jews.

That's what this country has come to.

Well, I am happy to report to you that, despite the American government, despite Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress, Mr. Schmidt is out of prison now and is recuperating at his home in Florida.

You see, the German government had a problem with Hans Schmidt. They arrested him back in August of last year because the Jews demanded it. The Jews told the German government, "Shut that man up; we don't like what he's saying." And the shameful fact is, when the Jews demand something, the politicians jump, whether they're German politicians or American politicians. So the German government arrested Mr. Schmidt last August when he traveled to Germany to visit his 92-year-old mother, and they charged him with a "hate crime," because he had written in his newsletter back in the United States that the German government is unduly under Jewish influence.

But then they had a problem. Although the controlled media had cooperated by suppressing the news of his arrest, the German government was afraid that if they put Mr. Schmidt on trial that might attract attention. Some American newspaper might report on the trial. Some other radio broadcaster besides me might say something about it on the radio. And the American people might sit up and pay attention. They might say, "Hey, how can this be? How can the German government put an American citizen on trial for something he wrote in the United States?"

And people would realize that this sort of thing happens. They would realize that there is no such thing as freedom of speech or freedom of the press in Germany. They would realize that after the Second World War, 50 years ago, the Jews demanded that Germans not be permitted to say or write anything that the Jews didn't approve of, and that laws were passed in Germany to implement those demands.

People would understand that, despite its economic prosperity, Germany isn't a free country, that it is under Jewish control. And they would also realize that the American government hadn't done anything to protect Hans Schmidt's rights as an American citizen. They would realize that the Jews exercise nearly as much control over the U.S. government as over the German government.

So the German government couldn't really afford to put Hans Schmidt on trial. And they couldn't afford to just dismiss the charge against him and turn him loose, because that would remove the teeth from their "hate crime" laws, and Germans might begin thinking that they were free to say or write whatever they wanted. That would never do. The Jews wouldn't tolerate it. They would begin screaming about "anti-Semitism" and "neo-Nazis" and the "Holocaust" again. They would crank out even more hate-propaganda films and television programs against the Germans.

So after five months of imprisonment the German government released Hans Schmidt last month on his own recognizance and told him that he would have to stand trial on the "hate crime" charge. And then Hans Schmidt did exactly what they expected him to do -- and what most reasonable people would do in his situation: he returned immediately to the United States. The German government feigned surprise and issued another warrant for his arrest. Thus, the German government got around its little problem. It avoided having to put Mr. Schmidt on trial and risk calling international attention to the lack of freedom in Germany. And at the same time it left the charge hanging over Mr. Schmidt's head, so that he could not return to Germany -- which is what the German government really wanted to accomplish.

So in Germany today every knowledgeable person -- every journalist and every historian and every government official and everyone else concerned with public affairs -- understands certain things but is forbidden by law to say or write what he understands. If a teacher tells his students what he knows about some forbidden topic, or if a journalist writes forbidden words for his newspaper, then it's five years in the penitentiary for committing a "hate crime."

Well, that's Germany's problem, you may think. Actually, it's very much America's problem too. The reason the German government threw Hans Schmidt into prison for five months for something he wrote in the United States is that the German government is simply a puppet of the international Jewish power structure. The Jews have been trying for years to silence Hans Schmidt in America. They waited until he made a visit to his mother in Germany, and then they struck. They used the German government to intimidate him.

Now they're using the German government in an effort to silence me and others. They're trying to keep me off the Internet, and they're trying to keep this radio program off the air. They've been screaming for new "hate crime" laws in America which would make it illegal for me to talk or write about what they're doing, the same kind of "hate crime" laws they've already imposed on the German people. So far, they've been unsuccessful in America. Not because the politicians here aren't eager to do whatever the Jews tell them to do, but because there are still too many ordinary Americans -- armed Americans -- who won't put up with it. So the Jews are working through the German government again. They've told the German government to get me and other Politically Incorrect people off the Internet.

The German government responded a few weeks ago by testing the waters, using pornography as a pretext. The German government demanded that Internet access providers in the United States which had been providing access to people with pornographic material withdraw that access. The excuse was that Germans were viewing this American pornographic material through their computers in Germany.

Actually, that's a pretty lame excuse, because pornography of the most disgusting sort is freely available in Germany from many sources other than the Internet. But who can defend pornography -- especially child pornography? So the American Internet access providers complied with the German government's demand and cut off access to the pornographers.

Well, it didn't take the German government but a few days after that to make a new demand: Cut off access to everyone who puts Politically Incorrect material on the Internet. Since Germans are not permitted to read any material which deals truthfully with the Second World War or with Jews or with race or with a number of other sensitive topics, and since my organization, the National Alliance, among others, puts documentary material dealing with such topics on the Internet, the German government now claims that Internet access providers in the United States are helping computer users in Germany break the law by giving them access to forbidden facts and ideas. And the German government, prodded from behind by international Jewish groups, is demanding that this access be cut off. Since a German computer user can read anything on the Internet that an American can, and since it is illegal for a German to read anything which is not Politically Correct, the German government is demanding, in effect, that no one, German or American, be permitted to read such material.

Isn't that outrageous? Americans should give up their freedom of thought -- and I and others should give up our freedom of speech -- so that the minds of the German people can continue to be controlled by the German government -- and by the Jews behind that government.

So, what does all of this mean? Should Americans really worry that the German government is trying to tell us what we aren't permitted to read or to say on the Internet? Is that a serious threat to Americans' freedom?

You bet it is! It's serious because it's not just the German government which is trying to control our reading and writing habits. The demands for censoring the Internet first came from Jewish groups. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, headquartered in Los Angeles, has been foremost in screaming for laws against free speech on the Internet. The head rabbi at the Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, has sent threatening letters to Internet access providers, trying to pressure them into denying access to any Politically Incorrect person. Rabbi Cooper doesn't say "Politically Incorrect." Instead he uses the buzzwords "hate," "hate speech," "hate crime." But what he means is "Politically Incorrect." And other powerful Jewish groups -- the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and the Southern Poverty Law Center, for example -- mean the same thing when they talk about "hate." To them "hate" is anything which threatens powerful Jewish interests; "hate" is anything which they fear. And they fear nothing more than the truth. They fear nothing more than the exposure of their own motives and activities. They fear nothing more than free people armed with the truth about what these groups are up to. They know that they can only continue increasing their wealth and power at the expense of everyone else if they can control our thinking.

That's why Rabbi Cooper and the other Jewish leaders are desperate to censor the Internet, are desperate to get programs like American Dissident Voices off the air, are desperate to impose on Americans the same kind of thought-control laws they've imposed on the German people. For them to be safe they must be able to control the thinking not just of Germans, but also of Americans and Englishmen and Frenchmen and Swedes and all the rest of us.

And these Jewish leaders are very, very powerful. They are able to make the German government do their bidding. They are very close to being able to do the same with the American government. Their new strategy, their new argument, is that individual nations like the United States and France and Germany can no longer have their own separate laws and customs. Everything is international these days, they are telling the politicians, and we must adapt our laws to that fact. Since what Americans do affects Germans and other foreigners, we must have new laws to reflect these international interactions. We must scrap the Bill of Rights, because it is old fashioned. It isn't international.

And, believe me, the politicians are listening. The great majority of these politicians, Democrat and Republican, don't care at all -- not at all -- about things like the Constitution and free speech. They just care about getting re-elected. They will pay lip service to the Constitution, they will tell you what champions of free speech they are, so long as they believe that's what will bring in the most votes. But they would just as soon pay lip service to Satanism or to homosexuality or to the same sort of thought-control laws which have been imposed on the Germans, if they thought they could get away with it.

I'll recap what I've just said, because it's very, very important. There are two reasons why Americans must take very seriously the current effort of the German government to censor Americans on the Internet. The first reason is that international Jewish organizations, which are extremely rich and powerful, are behind this effort. The second reason is that the American government, whose duty it is to resist such efforts, is totally corrupt and totally irresponsible.

And, of course, it's not just the Internet which is at risk here. If they succeed in stifling the Internet, the next thing they'll go after is radio broadcasts. After all, Germans can turn on their radios, tune to this program on short-wave, and commit a crime by listening to ideas and facts that are banned in Germany. I'll guarantee you that if the German government succeeds in imposing thought control on the Internet it will then argue that the same considerations of internationalism apply to radio broadcasts, and that radio stations in the United States must be prohibited by law from carrying any Politically Incorrect programs. They would like to make radio in the United States as Politically Correct as television already is. Their aim is to cut off, one by one, every channel of free expression, every means of communicating facts and ideas which are not under tight Jewish control. And that will be the end of freedom for Americans.

We don't have much freedom left now, but what we do have we'd better fight for. We'd better fight every effort to censor the Internet. We'd better fight every effort to outlaw Politically Incorrect radio programs. We'd better fight every effort to impose new "hate crime" laws on us.

Unfortunately, it is not feasible, at this time, for us to oppose with organized physical force those who are trying to take away our freedom. We must use organized force only as a last resort.

There are two ways that we can fight effectively for our freedom at this time, however. One way is to exercise our freedom, to use it, to say what we know to be true, rather than remaining silent for fear that we will off end some advocate of internationalism or censorship. Speak up! Tell everyone about this radio program. Tell everyone about our World Wide Web site on the Internet at:
Share with others the facts and ideas you receive from these sources.

And the second way we can fight is to let the politicians know, in no uncertain terms, that we will not tolerate any more infringements on our liberty. Tell them that we will do whatever it takes to safeguard our freedom. Tell them that we will even resort to force, if we must. And the politicians will listen. They may be crooked, but they're not stupid. They can count. If they know that enough Americans are alert to what's going on and will oppose it, they also will resist Jewish pressure to impose on Americans the kind of thought control which already has been imposed on Germans.

I'll leave you with a final thought today. America's internal enemies may be very powerful. They may control most of our mass media. They may have most of the politicians in their pocket. They already may have corrupted America's institutions terminally. They already may have made bloody civil war and chaos inevitable by opening our borders to the Third World and converting most of our cities to festering centers of anti-American and anti-White turmoil. They already may have killed the America that our forefathers built, and they may have left for us only the possibility of salvaging what we can from the ruins and building a whole new country.

But, despite all these things, they are losing the war, and they know it. That is why they have become so shrill and so insistent in their efforts to silence us. They know that they are losing the war, and they are afraid. If they were confident in their control of the situation, they would not care what a few of us say on the radio or on the Internet.

Everything that they have done has been destructive, and the process of destruction is nearing its end, and they know it. Back in the 1960s they worked to break down our standards, our traditions, our discipline, and our internal cohesion. They worked to corrupt our young people. They introduced alien ideologies, they opened our borders, they encouraged every sort of perversion and every sort of unrest. They changed America from a country in which we were proud and strong into a country which suited them: into a cosmopolitan, multicultural, crime and drug ridden morass. And now the country is dying. And they know it. They know that ultimately they must lose, because everything that they do is unhealthy and destructive and unnatural. But they hope that they can postpone retribution if they can silence us. And their allies, their collaborators, all of the crooked and unnatural people who have benefited temporarily from the destruction, hope the same thing. But I'll tell you this: retribution is coming. They will not avert it. And we will build a new America.

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