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Free Speech - November 1996 - Volume II, Number 11

The Descent From Civilization to the Third World

By Kevin Alfred Strom

What is it like to live in a Third World nation? If Whites in America and Europe do not realize that our civilization is being stolen, we and our children are going to find out soon. And it may be much sooner than you think. Consider this article to be a warning.

We haven't heard much about the "new South Africa" since the much-ballyhooed takeover by Black Communists. Why arenít the controlled media falling all over themselves to let us know how well things are going since the evil Whites were removed from power, and terrorist bomber and "necklacing" enthusiast Nelson "How to Be a Good Communist" Mandela was installed (with the help of your tax money and mine)?

The reason we haven't heard very much about it is that the news is almost all bad. What was once the most prosperous and civilized nation of Africa is now headed the way of all Black African states -- downhill fast. For you see, South Africa was prosperous and civilized because of the character of its dominant European population. The Whites abdicated; their suicide will probably be consummated in the next decade or two.

As the wealthier Whites leave the country in droves, South Africa is already complaining about the resultant "brain drain." Jobs that need to be done to maintain civilized life are now being done poorly or not at all.

As the economy goes into a tailspin under Black control, the size of the economic pie that the Communist ANC promised to divide up among the savages and barbarians is shrinking, and the extravagant promises made to the ignorant are impossible to keep. Some of the natives are becoming very restless. They are setting the stage for increased confiscation of the wealth and property of the remaining Whites, after which the cycle will be repeated again and again until there is no more wealth to confiscate, and the rotting bodies litter the streets.

As the Black Communists of the ANC take over the police force, corruption becomes the rule of the day. Lawlessness, brute force, and violence are the commonplaces of the streets and highways.

Over the last few months, it has been reported that gangs of Black highjackers dressed as South African national police were terrorizing motorists along major roads in the Orange Free State. Investigators have now admitted what the nasty racists knew all along: the Black highjackers were not just dressed as South African national police, the highjackers were South African national police. That it took months before the truth was officially admitted shows the degree to which the new "anti-apartheid" regime covers up for its own.

Official spokesmen blame the problem on low pay and the "legacy of White racism." More investigations have been promised, of course, but it is doubtful that anything is going to change unless the Whites rise up and retake their nation, a move that the current managers of the United States probably would oppose with military force.

The murder rate in South Africa has increased since the Communist ANC was installed with our help, and is now officially admitted to be five times higher than that of the United States.

No slackers, the resourceful brotherhood commandos of the South African national police are taking advantage of that situation and are now making a few rand extra on the side (again undoubtedly due to low pay and White racism) by selling the body parts of murder victims on the black market. Some of these parts probably make their way to voodoo practitioners, who, I am sure, make big magic with the sawed-off hands and heads and arms. It will take bigger magic than that, though, to save White South Africans and their children from the death that they brought upon themselves by believing in the lie of racial equality.

That is the reality of the descent into the Third World. That is what you are bequeathing to your children when you believe in the lie of racial equality.

* * *

In southern California, writer Ron Culver reports that an officially approved and taxpayer-purchased textbook called Mexican-American Heritag e is being used in the public schools. It teaches our children that seven southwestern U.S. states were taken from Mexico under "questionable circumstances." It teaches our children that these states constitute a land called "Aztlan" and that Aztlan's Mexicans will soon retake Aztlan from their White oppressors.

A student movement based on the two concepts of Aztlan and Communist revolution, called MECHA or Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, has chapters on high school and college campuses all over the United States, funded by your tax and tuition dollars.

The great fortunes and corporations of the United States have been claimed by America's enemies. Our "leaders" betray White Americans in return for a place at the table of the New World Order. It was the Ford Foundation which funded much of the opposition to California's Proposition 187. Proposition 187 was approved by California voters. If it had been allowed to stand, it would have taken a few tax-funded benefits away from the illegal invaders of that state.

The Ford Foundation was the creator of both the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund and the National Council of La Raza (which means literally "the Race"). Allied with the Ford Foundation in these enterprises were the Communist-associated ACLU, the Communist-front National Lawyer's Guild, and a group called United Latin American Citizens. The Ford Foundation spent over $32 million in its efforts to circumvent the wishes of the voters of California.

In her lonely efforts to fight the well-funded invasion lobby, Santa Barbara School Board member Sandee Beckers did us the service of placing the statements of the Chicano invaders in the public record:

On 90% of the public high school, college, and university campuses in the southwestern United States there is a group called MECHA. There are MECHA groups on each of the Santa Barbara high school campuses. The preamble to the MECHA Constitution states that "Chicana/Chicano students of California must . . . politicize our Raza (race) and continue the struggle for self-determination of the Chicana/Chicano people and the liberation of the nation of Aztlan." (Aztlan is considered to be the seven southwestern states in the U.S., including California.)

A few excerpts from the recently board-approved textbook, Mexican American Heritage , for the Chicano Studies classes at all three high schools follows: ". . . Mexican-American intellectuals have argued that if Mexico is to allow the United States to invest in Mexico and send American products freely into the land to the south, then Mexico should, in turn, be allowed to 'freely export' one of its most marketable commodities to the United States: Mexican labor." (p 86)

In the context of the 1849 Treaty of Hidalgo, when Mexico officially gave up rights to California . . ."the facts that the land was taken under such questionable circumstances and that the Mexican people involved were not treated humanely, as required by a legal treaty, should be taken into consideration when discussing the future of AZTLAN." (pp 103-104)

". . . Many of the Mexicans living in the United States today are the so-called 'illegal aliens' who have come to the U.S. seeking jobs, hope for the future, and a better life . . . by the year 2000 . . . Latino populations of AZTLAN will become the majority population of this area. Latinos are now realizing that the power to control AZTLAN may once again be in their hands. Effective voter registration and turnout could make great changes in the political leadership and life here in the U.S. Southwest . . . . It is important to realize (Mexican American) brotherhood with the people of Mexico. . . . We must realize that on both sides of the border we are people native to AZTLAN." (pp 105-108)

Review question #7 on page 115 asks, "How can Chicanos who know both AZTLAN's history and the U.S. system of democracy make changes in AZTLAN? What changes do you think should be made?"

"Students of Mexican descent are totally separated from their own backgrounds when they are thrust into classes where they are taught that the only legitimate language is English and that the language of their parents and ancestors is of no value whatsoever."

". . . bilingual and bicultural education for Mexican American school children of all ages is one of the continuing and most important demands of the Chicano Movement." (pp 254-265)

Call the District office, (805) 963-4331, if you share my concern.

While I thank Sandee Beckers for reading that information into the public record, and I thank Ron Culver for reporting it, I am quite frankly disgusted by their response to this invasion.

Both of them, in summing up the situation, state that their objection is not to Mexican invasion and occupation of the United States per se, but in the unwillingness of the Chicanos to go through the legal motions, to assimilate to the American language and culture, or to give their loyalty to the regime in Washington.

They decry the separatism of the Chicano invaders, and openly wish for them to learn English, salute our flag, and be good workers and consumers just like the blancos. Presumably, if they did those things, Culver and Beckers would be happy to have one of them marry his or her daughter.

I could not disagree more. I do not want the Mexicans here because virtually all of them are of an alien race. Their presence is incompatible with our civilization and with our very survival. It does not matter what language they speak: a Spanish-speaking European is our racial kin even if he knows not a word of English and never will. Furthermore, as long as these invaders are here, their different language and adherence to the culture of "Aztlan" keeps them at least somewhat insulated from our culture and makes intermarriage less likely. It is therefore a good thing.

So, until the happy day that our races are separated, let them have their Spanish-language education and dreams of Aztlan. Whatever keeps us apart is good; whatever brings us together is bad.

Whatever brings us together with the masses of the Third World hastens our descent to their level.

* * *

The descent into the Third World isn't only happening in America.

In Germany, for example, the huge influx of non-Whites has caused much conflict and resentment, especially among poor Whites, who are always the greatest victims of non-White immigration, both economically, due to having to compete with Third World laborers, and physically. Physically because, unlike the rich elites who implement immigration policies, poor White people are always expected to live and work, without complaint, among the non-Whites and their attendant violence and crime.

If the White workers object to this exploitation, it is defined as "racism" and "hate" by the billionaire media moguls and their government.

But even in Germany, where White guilt is even more skillfully inculcated than in the United States, there are some limits on how many non-Whites are allowed to enter the country.

There are some requirements which a non-White immigrant must meet before being allowed to adorn Germany with his odoriferous presence.

Generally, an immigrant must declare that he fears persecution in his homeland, or that he has some special skill needed by Germany, before he is allowed to jump on the gravy train. That these requirements are interpreted very loosely is evidenced by the mulatto babies paraded by White mothers in German streets -- a disgusting sight often seen in the United States as well.

But even these loose restrictions were too much for the Self-Chosen People. Chafing at having to prove or declare anything to anybody, in 1990 the Jews demanded that Jews fleeing the results of Soviet Communism (their creation, by the way) be allowed into Germany in unlimited numbers. And the government of occupied Germany said, "Yes, of course, at once." And all limitations on Jewish immigration were lifted. Of course, Ukrainians fleeing the chaos of the former Soviet Union, or Russians, or Chechnyans, or anybody else, still had to play by the rules. Only Jews were exempt. Some animals are more equal than others.

But in June of this year, Der Spiegel magazine reported that the government was considering placing some limits on the Jewish influx. There was no credible evidence that Jews were being persecuted, and it appeared that most of them merely wanted to enter Germany for economic reasons. I might add that many of these Jews from Russia are criminal underworld types. Jews form the vast majority of the members of the so-called "Russian" Mafia organizations now sprouting up wherever these persecuted angels have planted their colonies.

As soon as the Jewish organizations started screaming persecution, the Germans capitulated. In fact they denied they had ever even considered taking away the special privileges of God's pets. Never mind that making someone obey the same rules as everyone else can hardly be called "persecution."

The state secretary of the German Foreign Ministry, Werner Hoyer, stated that not only were there no plans to place limits of any kind on Jewish immigration, but that the only plans the government had were to "combat abuse of the program by non-Jews." Horrors! Non-Jews taking advantage of a program designed for Jews! What is it with these Russians and Ukrainians who don't know their place? What chutzpah!

Of course, this Jewish immigration can in no way be described as Third World immigration. But the leading architects of the browning of Europe and America have been -- and are -- the leaders of organized Jewry. If you dare to question the racial transformation of your land, you will soon find out who your real enemies are.

* * *

France, too, is descending into a Third World hell. The French government admits they have no way of knowing exactly how many Black Africans have come to France, but it is probably at least one half million -- possibly twice that number.

Establishment news sources have stated that there is an "African nation" within France, and that it is growing fast -- even as the White French population declines. The African population of France is now larger than the population of six African countries. These figures are for Black sub-Saharan Africans only; they do not include another group of invaders, the approximately three to four million Arabs from North Africa now living in France.

These Africans bring with them the values, standards, and culture of their native lands. They live amid shocking filth, disease, and squalor, often twelve to a single small room. Many live as squatters in condemned buildings.

Whole neighborhoods in Paris are now described by the press as seeming "to have been dropped intact from the equatorial coast . . . . White faces are as rare as in Dakar or Abdijan."

When confronted with the sentiments of a growing number of French people who support the patriotic Front National's proposal to repatriate the Blacks, a native of the Ivory Coast married to a race-traitor French woman mused "Expel the Africans? Good luck. I have friends who are tossed out. I see them back a week later."

Today, it isn't only Blacks from former French colonies who come to batten on the French. A Nigerian living in France stated "From Nigeria, from Ghana, from Sierra Leone: They are here."

And, I might add, they are smuggling and distributing drugs, engaging in assault and theft and burglary, and indulging in the rape of French women at unprecedented rates.

French sociologist Michel Fievert said that the image of the Black African in France was once a sympathetic one, but that is quickly changing to a menacing image as the reality of African behavior becomes more widely known. He stated "I'm afraid the friendly image of Little Black Sambo has gone forever."

Wherever Africans have occupied the cities of France, protests and demonstrations are erupting as the Blacks demand their imagined "rights."

Many sick liberals exist in France, of course, who weep with sympathy for the poor Africans who are not immediately given everything that the French people have labored for centuries to achieve for themselves. But the Front National is spearheading a patriotic resurgence, and not all French men and women are disregarding the evidence of their own eyes and acquiescing in their descent into the Third World.

The wire service quotes a Frenchwoman named Pauline, who glared as she saw the spectacle of Africans and their French sympathizers in a noisy demonstration in the Paris suburb of Montrueil. "It is disgusting to see these people occupying the streets of France," she said. "It is disgusting."

* * *

The only way to save our people and nation from descent to the level of the Third World and ultimately from extinction is to build a racial consciousness founded on a love for our own kind and on the relentless use of our mental faculties to ascertain (with unsentimental accuracy) what is actually occurring in the real world.

We of the National Alliance are doing our utmost to build that racial consciousness. Please support our efforts.

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