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Free Speech - November 1996 - Volume II, Number 11

Are We the Kurds of the Future?

Whites Are on the Way to Belonging Nowhere

By Kevin Alfred Strom

Let us consider for a moment the Kurds, that nation -- or, in other words, that people -- without a land in the Middle East. The status of the Kurds, who are currently the subjects and pawns of the Iraqis, the Turks, the Iranians, and others, is of vital interest to White people worldwide -- and not for the reasons you might think.

The Kurds speak an Indo-European language, and an examination of their physical features shows in an instant that they carry a significant percentage of European genes, though racial mixture has touched them as it has most Caucasian peoples on the continent of Asia.

What concerns us today is not their racial or linguistic heritage, however. What concerns us about the Kurds is the fact that they are a people without a country.

They are culturally, linguistically, and physically distinct from neighboring peoples. They have their own language; they have an historic territory; and -- most important of all -- they think of themselves as a separate and distinct people. In my view, they certainly deserve self-determination: they deserve their own country.

But the Kurds have no government of their own. Their homeland is ruled by overlapping multicultural states dominated by other peoples. In the part of Kurdistan owned by Turkey, they are essentially powerless against the Turks. In the part of Kurdistan owned by Iraq, they are under the thumb of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. In the part of Kurdistan lying within the borders of Iran, the Iranian state determines their destiny -- and so on.

Do you think that Kurdish people have much influence in the running of the multicultural societies they are forced to share? Do you imagine that Kurdish parents have much say in how their children are educated in Iranian schools? Is it likely that Kurdish points of view are fairly presented -- or presented at all -- in the Iraqi or Turkish media? Do these multicultural states put their armies and air forces at the disposal of the Kurds to protect Kurdish interests?

Of course not! The military forces of several of these multicultural states are noted for their attacks on Kurds who had the temerity to demand freedom and self-determination. In fact, our "ally" Turkey, through which U.S. aid to the Kurds flows, has already leveled over 2,000 Kurdish villages in what is frankly termed a "depopulation program."

I should add parenthetically that the United States and its current criminal managers can take no credit for aiding the Kurds in their struggle. While our deluded warriors burn Iraqi civilians and soldiers into cinders, with the transparent excuse that we are aiding the Kurds, the United States government continues to support and supply the Turkish forces who kill and oppress Kurds with impunity. What the slickster and his handlers are really doing is just two things:

  1. They are playing balance-of-power politics in the Middle East, changing targets from time to time, but always aiming our missiles and bombs at one Moslem state or another to keep all of them weak enough so that they pose no threat to God�s Race in Israel; and
  2. They are cynically exposing our soldiers to death and injury because the Jewish billionaires who own the United States� media have made it popular and fashionable to kill Iraqis, and doing popular things gets you votes from the boobs.
But back to the Kurds themselves.

My point in bringing them up is this: When we look at the Kurds� present, we are looking at Whites� future. We are the Kurds of the future.

In every White nation, and especially the United States, White people are suicidally giving up control of their homelands, the homelands their ancestors died to procure for us.

We are agreeing to the insane concept of "one biped, one vote," while simultaneously importing millions of our natural enemies. We are even inciting them into a frenzied hatred of us.

In the United States, we have rejected the idea implicit in the republic of the founders, the idea that this government was set up to insure the freedom and independence of a particular people, the people of European descent in North America and their posterity. In its place we have accepted the Jewish idea that the purpose of this country is to supply the bellies, bank accounts, and sex urges of the greatest possible number of human beings that can squeeze between the Rio Grande and the 49th parallel.

Such a perversion of the idea of our nation may make a few of us richer temporarily. It may momentarily assuage the feelings of guilt inculcated in White people by the Jewish-controlled media corporations with their billions of dollars. It may somewhat appease the savages within our gates and buy a few more years of illusory peace.

But Nature is impossible to fool, and her laws cannot be broken. If you think you can break Nature�s laws, you will soon find that they can -- and will -- break you.

Nature defines nations, not as legal fictions or geographic expressions, but as living biological entities, as extended families. Nations are people bound together by a common history, culture, destiny, and -- most importantly of all -- by common descent and biological kinship.

When the separate Black nation on American soil was declared to be joined to the White American nation after the Jewish-inspired and Communist-supported "civil rights" revolution, that declaration had no more effect on reality than the declaration of Charles Manson that he was Jesus Christ had on Biblical scholarship.

We continued to have two nations, Black and White, to which have now been added countless other nations imported by our enemies, living under the same government: a government which cannot serve the interests of either people since, by definition, those interests will seldom be identical.

Such a situation serves best that peculiar people whose members always have been a tiny minority in whatever lands they have inhabited and who, perhaps reflexively or instinctively, so often work to undermine homogeneity. They labor assiduously to exchange rule by a vital majority for balance-of-power politics easily influenced by a committed and wealthy minority group.

We have voluntarily submitted our nation to rule by others. While we blabbered the mindless platitudes about "fairness" and "equality" that our enemies put in our mouths, we voluntarily put ourselves in the same situation as the Kurds.

We have become a people without a country. We have become a nation without a government of our own. We have become the Kurds of the future, a people whose destiny is in the hands of our deadliest enemies.

This truth is evidenced in a thousand different ways. We are legally forbidden to favor our own people in hiring, education, and the disbursement of tax money. We are forbidden, on pain of being fired or ostracized, to make public statements in support of the survival of White Americans. We are told not to note that White Americans are being oppressed and vilified. We are told not to call attention to the ways in which the Old White America was superior to the new multiracial feeding and breeding zone which has supplanted it.

Do White Americans have any politicians in Washington explicitly standing up for our interests and concerns? How absurd. Of course not! The criminals currently belonging to the gang calling itself "the Congress of the United States" owe loyalty only to the multiracial system that pays them so handsomely. They would rather have a limb amputated than admit they represent the interests of White people.

Are White Americans able to control the education of their children, ensuring that our traditional values, our unique history, and the stories of our heroes are transmitted to the next generation of our people? To even ask such a question is forbidden in the New World Order. Schools teach our children that "diversity" and cohabitation with non-Whites are moral ideals; that Communist enemies of White America like "Martin Luther" King are heroes; and that not only is there no difference between the races, but that races do not exist. Furthermore, the establishment of schools for White children would most likely be met with the most ferocious legal and media assault imaginable.

Do White Americans control our media of entertainment and information? Except for the Internet, which our enemies do not yet control, all major media in America are dedicated apostles of our national disappearance and our racial extinction. To pretend otherwise would be laughable if it were not fatal. Who are the media preparing us to hate next, after the Iraqis? White separatists in camouflage uniforms, carrying guns and criticizing Jews, are the new heavies in prime-time dramas. This is very revealing of exactly who is running the brainwashing transmitters, and it is a chilling reminder of who may be terminated next in a so-called "surgical strike."

Are the military forces and police agencies of the United States at the disposal of White Americans for the advancement and protection of our people and our interests? What did these armed agencies do to protect the interests of White separatist Randy Weaver? What did these armed forces do when a few European nations had the temerity to stand up for the interests of the European race sixty years ago? What would "our" armed forces have done if Rhodesia and South Africa had stiffened their spines and fought back instead of surrendering to the New World Order? No, these armed forces are no more in our hands than the armed forces of Turkey and Iraq are in the hands of the Kurds.

Unless Whites regain control of our destiny; we are the Kurds of the future. And the future will be here before you know it.

On the hate-crime-hoax front, we have a follow up on a hate-crime hoax reported on this program July 13th. The following item is from the Pensacola, Florida, News-Journal:

Father and Son Get Hefty Sentence for Staging Hate Crimes

MIAMI -- A Jewish father and son will pay for a staged hate crime against a Jewish school with prison time and 500 hours each of scouring graffiti.

Al and Steven Rubin arranged for two teenagers to vandalize school buses and spray paint swastikas around Hillel Community Day School last year.

Steven Rubin, the school�s transportation director, directed repair business to his father, who owned Priority Car Care and who used the slogan "Where our customers and our honesty are the number one priority."

The son also was accused of faking work for his father, including $79 oil changes billed at $4,000.

Al Rubin, 47, was sentenced Monday to three years in prison, five years probation, and 500 hours of graffiti cleaning. His son, Steven, 29, was sentenced to eight years in prison, five years probation, 500 hours of graffiti removal, and writing a letter of apology.

"While we as a country and a community struggle to fight against religious and racial hatred and bigotry, and to protect our children from such narrow-mindedness, Al Rubin and Steven Rubin opened old wounds . . .," Dade County Circuit Judge Leslie Rothenberg said Monday.

Surprised by the heavy sentence, Al Rubin turned to his wife and cried. "Can you believe this," he asked. "Three years. Three years."

David Michael Brown, a mechanic who once worked for Al Rubin, testified he acted as the middleman, paying the vandals $50. Brown took the stand after being placed on probation for three years in a plea bargain.

Steven Rubin was found guilty of nine counts of theft, three counts of burglary, two counts of criminal mischief and burglary conspiracy. Al Rubin was convicted of nine counts of theft.

Both turned down plea offers that would have spared them jail time.

I think I�ll let Steven Rubin have the last word on this subject.

"I am not guilty of the crimes I�m charged for," said Steven Rubin. "Why would I go against my own people for $5,000, $10,000? I�m Jewish."

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