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Free Speech - September 1995 - Volume I, Number 9

Are You a Part of the Problem?

by Dan Leonik and Kevin Alfred Strom

At the crossroads of Piety and Rampart Streets in New Orleans this week, a strange ceremony is taking place. Piety Street near Rampart is one of the most crime-ridden neighborhoods in this crime-ridden city. Murders are commonplace here; assaults and burglaries are omnipresent. Prostitutes and drug dealers ply their trades openly and without fear of the law in broad daylight. It is a dangerous place.

The ceremony which is taking place here is a religious one, and it is intended to drive away the criminals and the killers; to drive them away with spiritual force, since government force is apparently powerless to do so. A crowd congregates to watch the ceremony, as a group of community members prepare for what appears to be a completely sincere effort to use the forces of the spirit world to accomplish what the law cannot.

The leader of the ceremony is a Voodoo priestess. She mixes gunpowder and dirt from a graveyard and uses the mixture to draw an occult symbol on the street. She says it is a doorway through which a Voodoo demon called Ogoun La Flambeau will pass and frighten away the cocaine dealers, the pimps, and the killers. She lights the gunpowder with a burning stick. The Voodoo drums beat harder and harder, drowning out the ever-present background of sirens and screams.

The strange thing is -- the strange thing is -- that, even in this heavily "integrated" neighborhood, most of the participants in this Voodoo ceremony are White. The leader of the ceremony -- the Voodoo priestess -- is, according to her own words, neither Black nor White. She is a Jewish woman named Sallie Glassman, the owner of a local Voodoo emporium called the "Island of Salvation."

It is all so eerily symbolic. Even in their desperation, even in a situation somewhat worse than most of us will have to deal with for years to come in our darkening America, what did these White Americans turn to to solve their problems? The patently false religion of those who embody their problems. And who led them in this direction? A member of the tribe which has labored for over a century to lead us down that dark path. Those White Americans, in their foolishness, in their gullibility, in their acquiescence, and for some of them in their malice, are a part of the problem. Which will you be -- part of the solution or part of the problem?

One of the most powerful tools in shaping and molding of men's minds is the teaching of history. When the purpose of history is to ennoble the student, the teacher will stress the positive elements of the history of the student's nation. When the educators want to shame the student or swerve his loyalty away from his own people, they will emphasize the negative aspects.

In the days of the old America, the White America, when courage, honor, devotion, duty and loyalty meant something, our students were taught to respect our nation's past. They learned of Washington, of Jefferson, the Alamo, Custer's Last Stand, the sacrifices and heroism it took to transform a wilderness occupied only by nomadic savages into the most advanced civilization ever seen on this planet and, so far as we know, in the entire universe. They learned of the continuity of our people's heritage from Elizabethan England and Renaissance Italy to the great thinkers and mathematicians of ancient Greece. Our history teachers gave us a nobler vision of who we were, who we are, and who we could be. Americans taught Americans to be proud of the fact that we were and still are a race of conquerors as proud and as fearless as there ever was.

And we were the envy of the world. One need only browse the many books and films produced in that happier time to see where most of the inspiration comes from: the exploration, settling, and winning of a continent. Though many Americans are afraid to say so publicly for fear of retribution from the rulers of the new, multiracial America, most of us preferred the old, White America and would dearly love to return to it. In a thousand ways we express this sometimes unconscious desire: nostalgic commercials, greeting cards, architecture, music, interior decoration, clothes, magazines, automobiles. Never before have White Americans been so fascinated by the past. One of the most popular themes on Christmas cards is the scene of a city park, often New York's Central Park, in the gaslight era of the late 19th century, with happy, pink-cheeked children skating with their parents on a frozen pond. Why is that scene so pleasant, so attractive? Why do such designs sell by the millions every year? Would they sell so well if the skaters included Jamaicans or Hmong tribesmen? If the cards depicted New York's Central Park as it actually exists today, would the cards sell at all? Think about it.

Americans have until recently been a forward-looking, progressive people, unbound by the fossilized class system of the Old World. Why now the hearkening back to the pre-1965 past? Americans are afraid to say so, but deep in their hearts they would like nothing better than living in an all-White America. It is our duty to help our people get over their fear and express their true feelings openly. And those of you in Canada and Europe and in every land where our race still exists have the same duty too.

If you wish to degrade and shame a people; to rob them of their heritage and history; to turn them inside out with guilt and self-doubt -- then you would twist the teaching of history to suit those purposes. Suddenly Manifest Destiny is a criminal, imperialist goal, the exploration and settling of an almost-empty continent a racist act of genocide, and the defense of the Alamo to the last man an act of greed and cowardice. Just look at the results of this poison on the soul of our once-great White people: our major cities are Third World prisons of crime and terror where our women and children dare not tread; our children, disillusioned and soulless, are twitching and fornicating and getting high to the beat of African chants of anti-White hate; many of our elderly are poor and sullen, unable to move from once-grand neighborhoods where the savages are now openly raping and killing on the streets in broad daylight. And we have been so filled with White guilt that most of us dare not oppose these things.

Of course, negative history is not the only reason for America's sickness, but for our people to have pride in themselves and to stand up to the tidal wave of degeneracy that is now engulfing Western Civilization we need the sense of identity that the current educational establishment purposely refuses to provide.

That savages were rounded up and put on reservations is no cause for shame -- except for the Red man. The "Dances with Wolves" Hollywood image just doesn't ring true in most cases. Whenever the American Indians weren't go bbling up each other's internal organs for some religious ceremony, they were robbing and enslaving each other. Their women were treated like dirt, and the aboriginal state of the whole tribe's existence was -- by our standards -- deplorable. With the advent of the White man, they merely saw new targets of opportunity. Some early settlements were massacred to the last man. After the King's army retaliated the Indians either fled or died in battle. It wasn't a case of right or wrong. It was a case of us or them. I wonder how many liberal Indian-worshippers of today would wish to live for even one year, one month, or even one day as an aborigine.

When we as Americans are taught self-hate like the mainstream media/educators do in their slander of our history, we should rise up and put an end to it. Let me ask you again: are you a part of the solution or a part of the problem? If you are doing nothing to protest this destruction of our children's psyches, then you are indeed part of the problem.

I wonder how tolerant the Indians would be if alien interests went into their communities and constantly harped on what rats their ancestors were? What would the Indian reaction be if they started teaching them that their ancestors were no good and then forced them to pay with school taxes for such an "education"?

What would the reaction be if Japanese students were taught that their heritage was worthless and that they should give the islands back to the aboriginal tribesmen? Or better yet, what if we told the Japanese that they must make room for twenty or thirty million Africans and Mexicans in the cause of "justice," and that their news media must be all handed over to Eastern European Jews? What if we told them that to keep their island nation Japanese was the greatest sin imaginable and that to be "good" they had to immediately begin importing foreign races as fast as possible and support them indefinitely with their taxes? You can see how absurd it sounds, but that is exactly what we have allowed to happen here.

Imagine for one minute if there were a billion White people in their own nation! Imagine our society structured so that students learned to be proud of their forefathers. Imagine them learning that the White race which founded ancient Rome achieved wonders and conquests that other races couldn't even dream about; that the winning of the American West was one of the most heroic and triumphant sagas in the history of the world; that the Germans of the 1930s and 1940s were our brothers and were heroes who fought valiantly and almost alone against the forces that created Communism, to save our Western Civilization from perishing. We could give our children what they do not have now: pride in their past and hope for their future. What wonders of science and the arts might they achieve, freed from the psychic bonds of self-hate and enforced "diversity," and freed also from the conflicts, hatreds, and dissipation of life-energies that exist in every multiracial society.

What a world they could build! Are you a part of that solution or a part of the problem?

Let me read you a news item that came across the wire the other day:

Farrakhan Urges Blacks Not To Work On Oct. 16th
Louis Farrakhan is urging all Blacks to stay away from work on October 16th in order to show how much America needs them. He said, "We are asking professional football players not to play football... and entertainers to stop entertaining White folks on that day... Since America seems to be saying she doesn't want us, we want her to see how she looks all White." Farrakhan urges Black men to join in a march on that day which he hopes will draw more than a million men. Farrakhan added "Our desire is not to strike fear in the hearts of White people...we are hoping that an intelligent and sober group of Black men will impact this country."

You may find it strange that I would say so, but I think that Louis Farrakhan is a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. Jewish television and kosher conservatives think he's not "nice." Perhaps he isn't nice. They say he's "divisive." I say -- exactly, exactly! That is exactly what we need. Europeans and Africans need to be divided. Not, I would hope, by violent methods, but divided they must be for the good of both peoples. The fact that Farrakhan recognizes this truth is far more important than his criticisms of Whites and others or his somewhat bizarre belief system.

Every race must have its own living space, its own territory, its own country if it intends to survive. Achieving that goal is infinitely more important than Farrakhan's or anyone else's opinions about another race. When they have their own nation, their opinions can be freely held and expressed, and so can ours, and no one need police our thoughts and speech. Nothing could be better for our people than to learn to do everything for thems elves, even if it meant giving up the exploitation of cheap non-White labor, even if it meant paying a living wage to White workers, even if it meant the DuPonts and the Rockefellers having a few fewer shekels in the bank. I think that nothing but good can come from a general strike of Blacks in the United States, and I only hope it is so successful that it continues until the happy day of self-determination for both our peoples.

My friend, are you a part of the solution or a part of the problem? It is easy to be a part of the problem. Just pretend to believe what everyone else is pretending to believe. It's not "cool" to recognize racial differen ces. So be "cool." Just go along with each new pronouncement from Washington, New York or Hollywood. Do the fashionable thing, man. Hate the people that the media masters want you to hate. Never question why your sons are being sent off to kill or be killed. Go to the Vietnamese massage parlor on the edge of town and "celebrate diversity." Try homosexuality. Why not? Have a good time in the evil funhouse. Vote for tweedledum Republican or tweedledee Democrat. That's the easy way. Or at least it seems easy until you look into the eyes of an innocent, trusting White child. Then being part of the problem doesn't seem so easy. It becomes very hard indeed. Suddenly the loss of your job or the worthless "respectability" of the establishment seem unimportant in comparison. We still just barely have freedom of speech in this country. Let us use it today or we will lose it tomorrow.

For most of us to become part of the solution, we must make contact with other patriots who are already organizing and working to save our people. When you write to me, you are making such contact. When you write, you will gain access to a new world of information and knowledge that our people's enemies have hidden from you.

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