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Free Speech - August 1995 - Volume I, Number 8

Letters from American Dissident Voices Listeners

Dear Sirs:

Please send me your Radio Offer #4, the big book for patriots for which I enclose $25, and the tape *Benjamin Freedman Speaks which was aired on WRNO Worldwide on June 10th, for which I enclose $12. I am sending you $50; please consider the extra as a donation.

I've listened to your program for a couple of years now. I tape and save every program I can. I consider *American Dissident Voices the best half hour on radio. You are saying what most everyone else agrees with and knows to be true. However, the folks out there in mainstream America know that they must keep their mouths shut and their heads down. They feel that to voice the truths you present would be suicide. But please understand that you are being heard and that the majority of Americans agree with what you say. The taboos our society has put on any rational discussion of the subject of race are ridiculous. Please forgive the comparison, but no one thinks that all breeds of dogs are equal. Why then would anyone think that all humans are equal? Keep it up and thanks!

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Thank you for your comments, Mr. WS. Common sense, science, and truth are on our side. Big money, establishment media lies, and fear and intimidation are on the other. Similar forces were arrayed against other fighters for the truth. Those who analyzed the fossil record to plumb the secrets of life were once ridiculed, hounded, persecuted and even prosecuted. The same is true of those who once championed the truth that the Sun is the center of the solar system and that the Earth revolves about it. Those who champion the truth about race will be vindicated, too, possibly very soon. They can try to paint us as evil, but ultimately that will fail. Their money will not buy everyone's honor; not every scientist or jurist values gold above truth. More and more men and women of all races will come to see the liberal multiracial experiment for just what it is: a massive failure, based on lies and delusions and motivated by a destructive alien minority's racism that has no place in any society. Thank you for your support. --K.A.S.

Dear Mr. Strom:

Enclosed is a small donation to keep your show on the air. Unfortunately I do not have more to send at the present time, but I will continue to send whatever I can, whenever I can.

One problem facing our people is the spread of diseases from the Third World peoples to us. Influenza, a pandemic which can kill millions of our people, has its usual birthplace in the crowded pig farms of China. The bubonic plague came from Asia. AIDS comes from Africa. Asian, African, Arab, Mexican, and West Indian immigrants -- legal and illegal -- are bringing into our country AIDS, tuberculosis, leprosy, meningitis, etc. We are also getting measles epidemics in this country because certain people fail to get their children vaccinated -- even though it is free, as is everything else they get. In Chicago, doctors now come in vans to give out vaccinations, and the doctors and the vans are shot at.

If our people are going to win this battle, we have to be unified. One of the reasons we have the problems we have is the long history of fratricidal European divisiveness: North vs. South, East vs. West, Celt vs. Latin, Anglo vs. Irish, etc. The English and the Irish fight on and on, while England is being swamped by Blacks and Asians. A small country like Belgium has a historical conflict between Flemings and Walloons; meanwhile, next door in France and Holland, large numbers of Africans and Arabs move in. Russians and Ukrainians battle, but it was another group which imposed Marxism on both Slavic peoples. Germany has had a struggle between the Protestant Prussian North and the Catholic Bavarian South; while these struggles go on, Germany is bombed, dismembered, humiliated, and brainwashed. Italy, a country in desperate need of national unity and a strong central government, also suffers from an insane, fratricidal North vs. South feud, exemplified by the separatist Milanese Lombard League. As the south of Italy has long had a history of right-wing White activism (for instance, the Italian Social Movement) as the North has now, it would seem logical that the peoples of Italy settle their differences and restore a nationalist state for all Italians as existed 70 years ago. But someone has an interest in Italian division, as they have in German division, Belgian division, Slavic division, etc. And as Europe is divided, non-Whites move in...

It is important that the growing White Right movement in this country, as well as in Canada and Europe, not succumb to historical tendencies of inter-ethnic suspicion and hatred. I talk to people about your program and about the issues raised here. Many of the people I talk to are so-called "White ethnics" -- Irish Catholic Americans, Americans of Italian and Italo-Sicilian descent, of Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, or Balkan descent. These peoples are very pro-American, pro-White, and hostile to all the enemies of our people. These people, who live in or around urban areas, are in the front lines of the war for the future of our country. They are an essentially untapped resource for our movement. They are eager to join but they have some hesitation because of an unfortunate historical tendency of the American Right of sometimes not embracing all European peoples.

The time for such nonsense is long since past. All of the aforementioned groups have proved themselves to be good, loyal, White Americans, who have happily assimilated into our Anglo-American culture. As Dr. Pierce said recently, "Let's minimize the diversity, and maximize the solidarity." A combination of these vigorous, militant White groups with our nation's traditional Anglo backbone can be victorious. That is what our enemies fear. Let us make their worst nightmares come true.

W. M.
New York State

Thank you, Mr. W.M. I agree. National origin is not an important criterion for choosing a potential ally or citizen, but genetic origin is. There is a concept called ORION, which ought to be considered by every thoughtful person. It applies to every healthy human society. ORION is an acronym standing for Our Race Is Our Nation. Think about it. --K.A.S.

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