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Free Speech - August 1995 - Volume I, Number 8

White Voodoo

by Ian P. McKinney

A FEW YEARS AGO, while living in southern Louisiana, I needed to obtain an herb that my wife used for making a tea from which she obtained some relief from a digestive disorder. Before we had moved to that state, we had obtained this common herb from a local health food store. However, in this area there were no such stores nearby. Upon investigation we discovered an establishment in a nearby town that advertised herbs which we hoped would be able to fulfill my wife's needs. It had a strange name: The Shining.

As we made our way to the address given in the ad, it became apparent that we were entering a neighborhood inhabited almost exclusively by Blacks. When we arrived at our destination, we saw a small, brightly colored, wooden frame house with a large concrete cauldron at the entrance spewing forth a billowing cloud of smoke. Undaunted, we left our car and proceeded into the establishment. Upon entering, we saw the proprietress, a large Black woman attired in African clothing and various pieces of unusual jewelry. We were curious about this odd store; and since the woman seemed to be busy stocking shelves and doing other chores we decided to have a look around. In an adjacent room was displayed a bizarre assortment of items. Among them were what I would call pre-packaged Voodoo kits, consisting of cloth dolls approximately eight inches long together with a number of large pins. The Voodoo dolls were available in either Black or White, male or female. We realized that these were not play toys or joke gifts, but real Voodoo equipment.

Next to the dolls, there were a dozen or so large candles that had various phases printed on them. One such candle had printed on it: "Law keep away." I surmised that if one were to light this particular candle then it would render one impervious to arrest by law enforcement authorities. That could be useful to people in certain lines of work! Another had the message, "Lover come back," and yet another was emblazoned with "Bring Money," evidently for those in need of some quick cash. There were a number of other candles, each with a different function, but I cannot recall them all. The labels implied that by burning a particular candle, it was possible to either cause or prevent some specific future occurrence.

On a table located on the other side of this room were located what were called "mojo kits." These consisted of small bags containing bits of cloth, feathers, small stones, and other assorted items. I later discovered that these "mojos" were somehow imbued with supernatural power and were intended to be carried on one's person for either warding off evil spirits or to bring the bearer good luck.

As we returned to the main room, we noticed that covering the entire far wall was a set of shelves that held dozens of quart-sized, amber glass bottles containing various brightly colored liquids. Upon each bottle was a label indicating its purpose. As I surveyed the array of bottles I noticed labels stating such things as: "Get a Job," "Illness Go Away," "Find a Lover," and many others that covered the gamut from cures for what ails you to hexes to vex you. I asked the proprietress how this "magic" was used. I learned that each bottle contained what she called a "wash," which was put into effect by pouring the contents into one's bath water and then soaking in the mixture. I neglected to inquire as to whether the desired effect became more pronounced the longer one soaked; neither did I request the specifics concerning any required depth of the bath water or any other technical details. Even though she would not disclose the ingredients that made up the magical "washes," she did inform us that the price was $15 per bottle, cash, and also stated that it was absolutely essential to use the entire bottle in one bathing session. I don't know what would happen if you failed to follow instructions, but it probably wouldn't be pleasant.

At this point the front door opened and in walked one of the establishment's customers, a happy and excited Black man. He immediately approached the woman and proceeded to inform her that he had just come from a job interview in which he had been hired by a local employer. I quickly gathered that he was convinced that this woman somehow had a hand in the recent event. He then produced from his pocket a handful of small pebbles that he referred to as "wishing stones." Evidently, this man believed that the stones had been imbued with a supernatural power by this woman, and that the new job was a product of this power. Now that he was absolutely convinced of the tremendous potential of the stones, he declared that he was immediately going out in an attempt to find an even better job, but first he had to have the stones "recharged" by the woman. She took the stones and disappeared through a doorway at the rear of the shop. A few moments later, she returned and handed the stones back to the man, and assured him that because of the extra power she had put into the stones while in the back room, a better job was now a certainty. He thanked her profusely, handed over her standard fee of $20, and left.

Smelling a scam in operation, we engaged the woman in a conversation on the merits of her supposed "magic." Overall, I thought her to be a bit more intelligent than the average Black, and after talking with her for ten minutes or so came to the conclusion that she really did not believe in all these charms, "mojos," "washes," etc., and was simply taking advantage of the superstitious nature of her fellow Blacks in the neighborhood.

I suspect the average liberal would say that the customers of this Voodoo shop were the most ignorant and superstitious of Blacks and certainly not representative of any significant segment of the Black population. But what would these liberals say if they could see, as I did, the wall near the front door of this establishment? This wall was covered almost from floor to ceiling with the pictures of numerous prominent Blacks from the fields of entertainment, sports, and other areas, posing with the owner of this Voodoo shop. Most of the pictures contained a hand-written glowing endorsement of some particular charm, spell, or "mojo" that had been supplied by the shop underneath of which was the celebrity's autograph.

My summation of the Black Voodoo woman is that she belonged to the group that Dr. Revilo Oliver so aptly called "Witch-doctors living by their wits." Like White "liberal intellectuals" do among White people, she was extracting a living from the superstitions so prevalent among her race.

In our short visit to this "magic" shop, we discovered a world that exists within Black culture that few Whites would believe. One needn't venture onto Black turf to peer into this subculture, though.

One of the things I like to do in my free time is to cruise up and down the radio dial, particularly late at night, looking for the most offbeat and interesting radio programs that I can find. Many of the wildest are directed at the Black community, and are nothing but Voodoo slightly disguised with a transparent veneer of Christianity. Voodoo dolls are for sale by a "minister" who claims the dolls will "hex or unhex" anyone you choose. Dolls, charms, and roots are endlessly hawked on the airwaves, which will take away the evil influence of your enemies who might be "working with someone" -- apparently another witch doctor. One "prophet" asks his listeners for $100 for a "red hot money blessing." Another asks his listeners if they've been finding "stuff" around their homes: dead animals or animal parts, bags of hair or nail clippings, etc. If so, it indicates an enemy working a spell against you, and you need professional help immediately to get "uncrossed." Another features a testimonial from a happy listener who bought a "lucky gold coin to keep in his left shoe" from the "reverend" and now has a good job and drives a Cadillac. A woman calling herself "Sister Truth" promises to "name your enemies" for a donation. Another asks, when you write, for you to enclose your name, date of birth, a broom straw, some dust from your floor wrapped in aluminum foil, and $50 in cash. Another says that you are poor because you can't "hold onto" money because of an evil spirit. He'll exorcise the spirit for a fee, after which he promises money will "stick to you better." I could go on in the same vein for hours.

Some of these outlandish programs are beamed nationwide by stations which refuse to carry *American Dissident Voices. This obviously fraudulent nonsense has been on the air for decades, so it evidently pays its way.

Now to any rational mind, this belief in magic spells, "mojos," candles, and the like seems ludicrous. However to a sizable number of Blacks these things are very real and not to be taken lightly.

I know that not all Blacks believe in such rubbish. The more intelligent ones are probably thoroughly embarrassed by the unreason of their fellows. I know also that there are more and more White people who are taken in by scams not much more sophisticated than these, perpetrated by phony preachers and New Age con artists.

While all of you may want to sit back and laugh, the purpose of telling these true stories is not to make fun of the Blacks and the silly superstitions held by a significant number of them. Instead the preceding was done in order to dramatize the fact that many people can come under the influence of irrational superstitions and fears, and allow them to rule their lives. Certainly we may chuckle at the idea of magic "washes," "mojos," Voodoo dolls, et cetera, but are these superstitions, fetishes, and fears really any more ludicrous, any more contradictory to the rules of science and common sense, any more divergent from what we know really exists than the kind of superstitions believed by millions of unthinking White people today? I refer to superstitions such as "multiculturalism" and it's accompanying dictum "strength through diversity" -- such as "world peace" or "racial harmony through integration." Have the White people who say they believe in such things demonstrated any greater reasoning ability than the superstitious Blacks with their magic charms? Is there anyone who can demonstrate the moral goodness or the practical utility of "diversity"? Can anyone demonstrate that our present policy of essentially uncontrolled non-White immigration is good for America?

Of course not. Racial diversity has never been found to be a positive factor in *any civilization. As a matter of fact, an excellent historical case can be made that it has been a destructive force in nearly every fallen civilization of the past and falling civilization of the present. Egypt, Greece, Rome, and America all became "diverse" in their declining years. Yet today we are told that we must accept the importation of every race and ethnic group into America, and we must tolerantly smile upon every form of sexual perversion imaginable. We are told that to resist such things is the vilest form of bigotry and moral turpitude conceivable. We are told that without "diversity" America will simply not survive. The fact is that America did quite well without such "diversity" for a very long time, and the increasing amount of racial diversity parallels almost exactly the decline in everything that made America great. That is a fact that is simply inescapable to any thinking man or woman. *Thinking is the key word in the previous sentence.

Even without any serious study of the once-great civilizations of long ago, it should be apparent to any White person over the age of 30 or 40 who recalls what life was like in the recent past, before such frauds as "diversity" were implanted in the public's mind, that things are getting worse. In that healthier age, homosexuality was a sickness, not an "alternate lifestyle." The America of thirty years ago was not racked with non-White drug gangs, car-jackings, or open filth and degeneracy of every kind. And our standards of morality had not yet declined to below the level of the hyena's. It is clear that large numbers of White Americans do not like what has happened to our country, but unfortunately too many are still restrained by superstitions and fears.

They haven't yet asked themselves why it is now considered acceptable to hear and tolerantly receive the views of people who want to copulate with animals but it is no longer acceptable to hear the views of people who want White men to marry White women.

It is my hope that by hearing the preceding stories, you can understand how somebody with a vested interest would want to foster certain superstitions. In the case of the Voodoo woman, the obvious interest is the continued success of her magic business. Also, after hearing the story of the Voodoo shop, you may now have some idea of how the enemies of America view the superstitious believers in their hokum. It's a racket that they must guard by all their powers of intimidation, obfuscation, and lying; but it is also a racket in which they themselves, at least at the higher levels, do not actually believe. But they must attack those who speak the truth in order to preserve the fraudulent social policies and public attitudes that are so necessary to their continued wealth and power. Notice how their most strident attacks are reserved for those that oppose the program to turn America into a multi-racial hell-hole. Notice how anyone that attempts in any way to preserve America as a European nation, or, for that matter, anyone who speaks of America as a better place when the population was overwhelmingly White, is automatically smeared as a "hate-monger," "fascist," "extremist" or some variation or combination thereof. Any individual or group that is so labelled by the media is not to be listened to; their views are not even to be considered; they are to be totally expunged from "responsible" debate. They do not want you to apply critical thought to the destructive alien doctrines now ruining America. We are instead only to react, on cue, to the trigger-words that they have inserted into our minds by dint of endless repetition primarily through the medium of television. This very old psychological technique is used to short-circuit our thinking processes. The public have been indoctrinated with the idea that to have any concern for the future of our race, to oppose interracial marriage, for example, or non-White immigration, or anything else that threatens us -- is "racism." And to be accused of "racism" today is believed by many to be worse than being accused of murder.

Not too many years ago, the moral paradigm on these issues was almost the exact opposite of what it is today. Homosexual sodomy and interracial marriage were illegal acts for which you could go to jail. The moral atmosphere which prevailed was based on the long-standing traditions of our people going back thousands of years. Today, *opposition to racial mixture and sodomite perversion are damned near illegal, and if America's enemies have their way, will soon actually be so. The moral atmosphere which now prevails is based on 40 years of Jewish television. The unthinking majority has accepted the new paradigm without thought. Perhaps that is how they accepted the old paradigm, too. But a new elite of thinking and aware Americans is being born. We can see that the new moral order is nothing but a flimsy tissue of lies with no more basis in reality than the Voodoo woman's charms and fetishes.

The enemies of America will spare no effort and will react hysterically towards anyone who threatens their con game, because when White Americans begin to think and to analyze these things, then our enemies' power over us begins to slip away. When enough of us begin to do that and understand that we have been lied to for thirty years and more, then the media masters' power will be gone -- and they know it. Their hysteria is a product of their desperation.

After thirty years of the multiracial experiment in America the lies that our fathers believed are no longer tenable.

That is why our enemies will go to almost any extreme to prevent our message of truth from getting out. That is why, even with their multi-billion dollar television networks, their hundreds of magazines, their national newspapers, and their massive Hollywood movie industry, all combined into a gigantic propaganda apparatus, they are afraid of a few outlets for programs like American Dissident Voices. That is why it is often front page news when a page or two of pro-White literature is discovered in a high school student's locker, or a public figure makes an inadvertently truthful racial remark, or when anyone does anything that might serve as a spark of our awakening. They are afraid these little sparks of awakening will coalesce into a conflagration that they cannot control.

Help me make this program into a 50,000-Watt spark of awakening. Join your hands with ours in this, the greatest cause of our time.

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