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Free Speech - July 1995 - Volume I, Number 7

Will "Stonewall" Replace Father's Day?

by Kevin Alfred Strom

The so-called "Gay Pride" parade that just took place in New York City illustrates perfectly the emptiness and futility of the so-called "Republican Revolution."

Now these annual pervert parades in New York City and various other centers of degeneracy across America are really disgusting affairs. If there are children or sensitive people listening to the radio at this time, I suggest that they leave the room and not listen to what I am about to describe. I will try to describe this parade in a way so that my language will not offend and yet will still convey to you the magnitude of the sickness that was on display. But still there are some who should not hear even my description. Please heed my warning.

You will not see it in the major newspaper and television coverage of the event, for some strange reason or other, but radical elements among both the male and female homosexuals have announced on T-shirts and on buttons and on posters "we recruit." Never forget that.

During these marches, there have been huge posters promoting with explicit photographs to everyone on the street including children the practice of a sick act called "fisting" which involves the insertion of the entire forearm of one participant into the rectum of the other participant. For some inexplicable reason, the major media have not seen fit to report this aspect of these marches.

During the most recent pervert march in New York City, the Washington Post reported, as if it was some kind of real concession to decency on the part of the marchers, that most (although not all) of the marchers obeyed the law regarding nudity and refrained from completely disrobing in public. Although many of the homosexual marchers wore only the tiniest thongs or jock straps, the Post reported that the marchers were "toning down the traditional nudity after warnings from the police."

Homosexual AIDS victim and athlete Greg Louganis was the parade's "grand marshal" this year, and pop singer Cyndi Lauper, whose sexual proclivities are unknown to this writer, rode on a float and sang her song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

According to Catholic League president William Donohue, during last year's march naked homosexuals were making obscene gestures toward St. Patrick's Cathedral and "masturbating in the street."

On one of the floats in this march, men wearing only shorts were realistically simulating unnatural acts in front of children and everyone else on the street.

I am sure that what I have related to you here is not the worst of it -- I am relying on the major wire services for my information, and they can be depended upon to give the homosexuals as favorable coverage as possible. But what has been reported is enough to turn the stomach of any decent man or woman. And it is enough to make us reach for whatever weapon or means we have at our disposal to protect our children from these filthy criminals. Yes, I said criminals, for before our country's enemies took over our media and our government, these filthy perverts' actions would have been grounds for long prison terms in every state in the Union. When America is America again, they will pay for their crimes.

If you expect the Republicans to do anything about these outrages, prepare to be disappointed. New York City now has a Republican mayor and a Republican administration. In this administration sits Police Commissioner William J. Bratton, who described this disgusting spectacle as "a very respectful parade" and "a very respectable parade, one that I think gays and lesbians could feel quite proud of." At the head of this administration sits Republican Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who not only refused to cancel the parade or even change its route so that churchgoers would not have to be subjected to it, but who actually participated in it. If, after that, you still think that the Republican Party will be a vehicle for the restoration of America, then I have a large piece of New York real estate for sale, with a bridge on it, that you really ought to look into.

Giuliani and others of his ilk have such utter contempt for you and you don't even know it. They are counting on your memory being very short. When they dust off Giuliani's nose so it doesn't look so brown and give him a quick paint job as a "conservative" they think you'll believe them, just as you believed them when they did the same thing for Reagan and Bush and all the rest of them.

Let me make a prediction. America's enemies will soon be treating "Stonewall" (a pervert celebration of their riot against the New York City police a number of years ago) as a virtual national holiday. I predict that it will soon eclipse Father's Day, to which it is perhaps not coincidentally adjacent, in areas where it has not done so already.

Apropos of this media adulation of the homosexual deathstyle, I have a note from Mr. and Mrs. D.A.K. of Alexandria, Virginia, who wanted to express their outrage at the media's performance on the week of Father's Day. Not only do the homosexuals schedule their disgusting displays of abnormality during the week of Father's Day, but the media in the Washington, DC, area treated Father's Day as if it did not exist, except as an excuse to bewail the fate of perverts whose fun and games lack that certain something because they have so far been unable to legally adopt children.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you understand the implications of what I have been telling you? Are you awake? We have a media establishment which regards the slightest restriction upon the sick appetites of diseased perverts a s the most horrible of crimes and an abrogation of the sacred human rights of the noble paragons of what are called "alternative lifestyles." Not even the undeniable fact that it is the preferred and actually the defining activities of these sad individuals that are the main means by which the deadly AIDS virus is being spread dissuades the media from their glowing portrayal of these deformed creatures.

And this same media establishment shrieks in horror if we suggest in the politest possible terms that normal White men and women have rights and deserve to survive as a people. They say: "People who suggest such things ought to be jailed, ought to be shunned, ought to be hated." Whom do the media want you to hate? Anyone who stands for what the founding fathers of this nation stood for. Whom do the media want you to love? All who represent as nearly the opposite of traditional America as possible, these perverts being a prime example. What does that tell you about the major media? Are you awake?

Do you see the implications of the fact that a leading figure in what is ostensibly the conservative, traditional party, the mayor of one of our largest cities and our financial capital, embraces these perverts by approving of and participating in their parade? Do you remember ancient Rome? Are you awake?

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