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Free Speech - July 1995 - Volume I, Number 7

Know Your Enemy:
The Fable of the Bees

by Charles L. Carroll, Jr.

In a quiet wood there hangs a bee-hive from a branch of a tree. Some malicious troublemakers decide to amuse themselves by hiding some distance from the hive and throwing rocks at it. When the hive is struck by a rock, the bees come swarming out to defend their home. After flying about, looking for their attackers and not being able to find them, they eventually return to their nest. Another rock strikes the bee-hive. Once again, they swarm out to meet the foe, and once again they are unable to determine from where the attack came. Again, they settle back down to their hive. Ultimately, after enough rocks have been thrown, with the defenders still unable to identify the enemy, the hive will be destroyed. It will be hanging in tatters, utterly useless as a home for the bees. If the attackers are so inclined, the honey that the bees have produced can now be theirs.

Let's compare our little story to present day politics. The political system is so corrupt in this country that even the most ignorant and apathetic realize, at least at a gut level, that something is seriously wrong. Everyone can see that the productive workers pulling the rest of us along are becoming fewer and fewer, and the non-working drones are getting more numerous all the time. We all know that looming ahead is the day when those in the cart will be too numerous for those pulling it, yet no one dares speak of what will happen on that ominous day.

Everyone can see that our jobs and factories are moving overseas. We all know that the American dream of a better life for each generation is now gone with the wind. It is commonplace knowledge that in modern America the words politician and criminal have become synonyms. Yet no one seems to be able to do anything about it. The "democratic process" has been reduced to pulling a lever for Smiling Liar Number One or Smiling Liar Number Two. And as our cities turn into miniature Rwandas of gang and tribal warfare, in our fear we give up our precious rights and hand over more and more dictatorial police powers to these smiling liars to "protect us from crime." Why do we refuse to see that these powers may one day be used against us? Why do we not see the forces behind the smiling liars?

We are like the bees in their hive in the woods. Our society is being destroyed, but we cannot identify our true enemy.

Our enemy is he who prevents us from seeing our real plight. Our enemy is no rock-thrower hiding around the corner, but he has concealed himself from us just as skillfully. Just as the mind of the bee is incapable of conceiving an unseen enemy, so we are incapable of conceiving an enemy who controls our minds.

Our enemy is he who has managed to insert his electrodes into our optic nerve, so that we can only see what he wants us to see; and naturally he does not want us to see him as our enemy. The keys to discovering the identity of America's hidden enemy are several, and one of them is this: America's enemy controls the flow of information into our brains. He does this through near-monopoly control of our television and our other mass media of information and entertainment.

You've sensed for years that the media were biased, but you haven't known why they were biased. Haven't you ever wondered why the major media are always pushing America to the left? -- why they aggressively pushed for the changes in our immigration laws which have made Third World hellholes out of many of our major cities? -- why they are now pushing aggressively for the entire disgusting homosexual agenda? -- why they are doing everything in their power to disarm us? -- why they are lying to us day after day, year after year, decade after decade? Why?

The answer is this: the major media in the United States are not controlled by Americans. They are controlled by a group which considers itself a distinct people, with interests and values and goals quite different from those of ordinary Americans. This small, cohesive group has an agenda for America, an agenda which includes, among other things, the submersion of our country into a world government which they like to call the New World Order. The accomplishment of this goal necessitates the elimination of all feelings of patriotism to the America of our fathers, the America of the European colonists who founded and built America. This is the real reason for the media's promotion of multiculturalism. A country composed of many different races and cultures has no central core of shared blood, heritage, values, and dreams and so will not be able to resist the imposition of the new order. If there is resistance, it will be fragmentary and diffuse, pulling and pushing in several different directions at once. It will easy to suppress such resistance.

A second key to identifying America's enemies is to realize that for many decades America's enemies have been ruling us. Americans have been told again and again that our enemies were in far-off foreign lands, and we have been foolishly led by the nose (by our real enemies) to kill and be killed in deserts and jungles where there never was and never could have been any threat to America. But America's enemy was right here all along, within our borders, building his strength, gradually using his increasing power to change the direction in which our nation is going.

How long has America been going in the wrong direction -- away from the order, beauty, honor, freedom, justice, achievement, and excellence of our European civilization -- and toward the ugliness, crime, ignorance, degeneracy, perversion, disease and degradation of a mongrelized slave pen?

How long? Any answer less than thirty years indicates that you need to think again. The correct answer is far longer than that. If our rulers were merely stupid, then one might reasonably expect them to at least occasionally make a mistake in our favor. But when the record is so uniformly one-sided, when the sellout of our birthright is so complete, when we see a half-century of consistently destructive activities directed at the wealth, power, traditions, and genetic survival of traditional White Americans, then we may be forgiven if we conclude that those who rule us are not stupid after all. They are very intelligent indeed. And they are our enemies.

A third key to identifying America's enemy is this. To determine the real rulers in any society, you need only ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize? In America today, there is one group which you may criticize only on pain of losing your job or social position. If you criticize this group, you have committed a crime from which there is no forgiveness, no appeal. You will be vilified and attacked witho ut mercy, and great pressures will be brought to bear to silence you. Even those who pose as "politically incorrect" conservatives, like Rush Limbaugh or G. Gordon Liddy, never dare to criticize this group. To publicly identify this group as our nation's hidden enemy is so politically incorrect that for all practical purposes it is forbidden.

In some other nations of the so-called Free World, such as Germany, Canada, and Britain, laws have actually been passed criminalizing such statements of fact, and those who foolishly thought they had the freedom to speak the truth found themselves in jail. Even now, our hidden enemy is pushing for the imposition of such laws, which are called "hate crime laws," here in the United States. The time in which I may be able to legally offer you this information is perilously short.

On many of these American Dissident Voices programs I do mention America's enemy by name, but today I will forbear. Every time I name America's enemy on the air, I receive subtle and sometimes not so subtle threats and tremendous pressure is brought upon our fine station owners and managers to take us off the air. Today I hope that I have told you enough of the truth to pique your curiosity. Today I pray that my logic and passion have convinced you of my knowledge and my sincerity, and that you will care enough to write to us to find out what it is that America's enemies don't want you to know.

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