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Free Speech - May 1995 - Volume I, Number 5

Terror Breeds Terror:
Oklahoma City in Perspective

by Dr. William L. Pierce

WHEN THE FEDERAL building in Oklahoma City was blown up a few days ago, I was shocked. I didn't know who had done the bombing, of course, but I had a very strong feeling that it was no coincidence that it came on the second anniversary of the Clinton massacre at Waco. I felt an intuition close to certainty that the bombing had not been an attack by foreigners aimed at America but instead was an attack by Americans aimed specifically at Clinton and his kind.

I listened to the expressions of pious outrage by Bill Clinton and Janet Reno and the other government gangsters on television that evening, and I thought, "You hypocrites! What do you expect? You are the real terrorists. When a government engages in terrorism against its own citizens, it should not be surprised when some of those citizens strike back and engage in terrorism against the government. You are the ones responsible for this bombing, for the deaths of these children."

Terrorism is a nasty business. Most of its victims are innocent people. Some of the office workers who died in the Federal Building in Oklahoma City may have been as much against the Clinton government as were those who set off the bomb. But terrorism is a form of warfare, and in war most of the victims are noncombatants. Certainly, none of us can condone the killing of children, but in fact it is the Clinton government which has led the way in the killing of children. About as many children died in the Waco massacre alone as in the Oklahoma City bombing. It really infuriates me to see creatures like Bill Clinton and Janet Reno shedding crocodile tears over slaughtered children. These two are using the bodies of the dead children as a shield for themselves. How many tears did they shed over the children they burned to death in Waco? The hatred one hears in their voices when they talk about the Oklahoma City bombers is not because children were killed; it is because they know that the bombing was aimed at them, at Bill Clinton and company.

Americans haven't had a real war fought on their own soil for 130 years. We haven't experienced any significant domestic terrorism since Bill Clinton and his pro-Viet Cong buddies were burning ROTC buildings and bombing draft offices back during the Vietnam war, and that was relatively tame stuff. I think things are about to change.

The U.S. government has been trashing other people's countries for a long time now and getting away with it. The U.S. government has been sponsoring Israeli terrorism in the Middle East for nearly 50 years, financing and condoning the assassinations and bombings of Arabs by Jews year after year, with remarkable forbearance on the part of the Arabs. The bombing of the World Trade Center in New York by Muslims was a very small reprisal for all of that.

After the U.S. government smashed Iraq four years ago in order to make the Middle East safe for Greater Israel, slaughtering thousands of Iraqi children in the process, there was much government talk about the danger of Iraqi terrorism, but nothing ever came of it. But now something new is about to happen, I believe. A growing number of Americans have such a hatred of the government in Washington that some of them will commit desperate and foolish acts like the Oklahoma City bombing. A growing number will turn to terrorism as their only weapon against a terrorist government. And I suspect that we'll see some real terrorism -- planned, organized terrorism -- before too long. I suspect that a growing number of exasperated, fed-up Americans will begin engaging in terrorism on a scale that the world has never seen before.

As I said a moment ago, my first suspicion was that the Oklahoma City bombing might have been done by persons sympathetic to the victims of the government's Waco massacre. Things have reached the point in America, however, that this bombing could have been done by any of a very large number of angry, desperate people. The FBI has a list of potential terrorists that it checks whenever something like this happens, but in recent years that list has grown so large that it's become practically useless. This may come as a surprise to some citizens, but, believe me, there are many, many Americans who have come to consider the U.S. government their worst enemy. And among those Americans there are some who feel a sense of responsibility to do something about that enemy.

Let's get specific. If you watch a lot of television, you're easily misled into believing that the attitudes and sentiments you see on your screen are those of all Americans. They aren't. They are the attitudes and sentiments of those segments of the population which believe that things have never been better in America and that we have a wonderful government. Foremost among these are the media people themselves -- not just the Jewish media bosses, but all of those who have their snouts in the media trough, including the commentators. And, of course, there are the politicians and the bureaucrats. And the homosexuals and the career women. And the minorities. The Clinton constituency. They just love all of the artificial equality and all of the special privileges which have been bestowed on them. They can't imagine why anyone would want to go back to the bad, old days when this was a White country, and men were men, and women were women, and the freaks stayed in the closet, and everyone worked for his living.

Watching television you'd never know it, but there are some normal people with healthy instincts left in America. And not just heterosexual White males. There are still White women left in this country who believe that being a mother and a homemaker is not a fate worse than death: women who don't want more laws requiring that they be hired as prison guards or furniture movers or making it a "hate crime" to hold a door open for them, but who do want a clean, healthy, White world for their children to grow up in.

Certainly, not all of these normal, healthy White men and women are potential terrorists. But a very substantial portion of them are intensely hostile to the government. That portion can only grow during the next few years. It's not just the Waco massacre or the bombing of Baghdad or this country's criminal policy in the Middle East which makes so many Americans hate their government. It's what the government has done to America.

It's the government's deliberate flooding of our country with non-Whites from the Third World, and the refusal to halt the massive illegal immigration across our border with Mexico and the Caribbean.

It's the government's catering to the worst elements in the population, buying their votes with welfare programs paid for by our hard work.

It's the government's theft of our freedom -- with ever more oppressive taxes, with ever more restrictive rules and regulations of one sort or another, with efforts to take away our right to protect ourselves and our families.

It's the more and more obviously corrupt and degenerate politicians who are holding the highest offices in the government: crooks and liars of the sort typified by Bill Clinton.

It's the government's treasonous abdication of the responsibility entrusted to it, its shortsighted quest for votes, its willingness always to be led by the Jewish media rather than by a concern for the good of the country.

It's the government's deliberate turning away from the people who built America and its cynical promotion of "multiculturalism," with the consequent ruin of our schools, the degradation of our popular culture, and the conversion of our cities into crime-infested hell holes. The government and the controlled media are responsible for the spiritual poisoning of our young people: young Whites singing rap ditties and behaving like Blacks.

To yuppies in New York and Washington, none of these things may seem very important. For people who have never had an unfashionable thought in their heads, for people who turn to their television for all of their opinions and attitudes, it may be hard to understand why anyone would be upset about what the government has done to America. But, believe me, there are plenty of people who are very upset.

People used to complain about the government's destructive policies, and they used to write their Congressmen and hope that what was happening was only a temporary aberration. But after decades of writing their Congressmen and watching things become worse and worse, they're just plain mad as hell. The privileged classes I named a minute ago -- the Jews and the politicians and the homosexuals and the minorities and the female executives -- who believe that this is the best of all possible worlds, have no idea how angry, how furious, normal Americans are. And, as I said, they're only going to get madder as time goes on. The ones who aren't mad are the ones who've simply become alienated. They have given up all hope for restoring any sort of sanity or decency to the country and are just looking out for themselves.

When people are pushed as far as they are willing to go, and when they believe that they have nothing left to lose, then they will resort to terrorism. There will be more and more such people in the future. Even if they have no well thought-out plan, even if they belong to no organization and have no real ideology, even if they only are striking out as angry, frustrated individuals, their numbers and their deeds will grow. Such disorganized terrorism, motivated by anger rather than by a plan, will never bring down the government. About all it can accomplish is the weakening of the self-confidence of the government's supporters and the encouragement of the government's enemies. A long enough and intense enough period of terrorism can discourage many people from making long-term career plans and can lead to more of a short-term mind-set in the general population, a "let's get through life one day at a time" outlook. But by itself it can't really accomplish anything positive.

It's really too bad that innocent people will die -- especially innocent children. It's too bad that people will be maimed and injured. It's too bad that people will be made fearful. If people could act in a rational way, all of that could be avoided. But they never do. When a civilization is dying, when the soul of a people is being poisoned, all sorts of irrational behavior takes place. The government does bizarre and destructive things. Individual citizens do bizarre and destructive things. And bloodshed and suffering are inevitable. It will become worse. There is nothing the government can do to stop it -- certainly not a government headed by the likes of Bill Clinton. So what ought people like us to do: people who approve of neither government terrorism, such as the Waco massacre or the bombing of Baghdad, nor private terrorism, such as the Oklahoma City bombing? Should we just sit on our hands and watch the government terrorists and the private terrorists fight it out?

That, unfortunately, is what most of us have been doing until now. We've watched it all on television, but we haven't done anything about it. I believe that it's time for a few of us to begin shouldering a little responsibility for what's going on in the world around us. After all, it's our civilization they're destroying.

Here's what I believe that we can and should do. We should help the more perceptive members of the public to see terrorism in its context, rather than merely as a series of individual acts. Back during the Vietnam war, when Bill Clinton's buddies were bombing ROTC buildings and draft board offices, and when they used a fertilizer bomb of the same sort used in Oklahoma City to blow up a research center at the University of Wisconsin, the context was clear. The terrorism was a protest against U.S. involvement in the war. The whole public understood that.

We need to help people understand that a good bit, if not all, of the private terrorism we'll be seeing in the future will be a protest against the government's destruction of America. And most of the government terrorism will be an effort to frighten the government's critics into silence and inactivity. More and more, the government will lash out at dissidents, at anyone who is not Politically Correct. And the two sides will feed on each other: the more repressive and terroristic the government becomes, the more individuals there'll be who'll engage in terrorism to get back at the government. And the more individual terrorism there is against the government, the more terroristic the government will become in turn. And the rest of us will be caught between them. More important than helping people understand the cause of private terrorism is helping them to understand the role of the government in terrorism. The problem is that when the government commits a terrorist act, it's not called terrorism. It's always called something else. That confuses people. I'll bet that before the Oklahoma City bombing ninety per cent of the general public couldn't have told you what happened in Waco, Texas, two years ago. And most of those who did remember the Waco massacre remembered it the way the controlled media described it: as a justified police raid on a group of dangerous extremists.

"Extremists": that's one of those buzz words the controlled media and the governmemt use when they want to prejudice the public against someone. The public needs to be told that the people killed at Waco were just members of a fundamentalist Christian church that didn't like the government, but they were no threat to anybody. The government had no business interfering in their lives. The people who ordered the raid on the Branch Davidian church which killed nearly a hundred innocent people, mostly women and children, were Bill Clinton and Janet Reno. They did it simply because the Davidians were different. Their religion was odd. They weren't part of the mainstream. They weren't fashionable.

And Bill Clinton and Janet Reno are still sitting in their offices in Washington, condemning other terrorists, telling everyone that they won't tolerate terrorism. And as long as people like them are allowed to hold pubic office and to get away with mass murder, we'll have a growing problem of terrorism to worry about. People need to understand that.

We'll never have peace in America until the general public understands the government's role in provoking and committing terrorism and is ready to call the government to account for it. I don't know who set off the bomb in Oklahoma city or exactly what their motive was, but I have a suspicion that if Bill Clinton and Janet Reno had been put on trial for murdering all those children in Waco two years ago, there wouldn't have been an Oklahoma City bombing a week ago. Violence breeds violence. I wish there were a way we could stop it, but I think that about all we can do now is understand it and try to help other people understand it too. The bond of trust between the U.S. government and its citizens has been broken, and it's far too late to mend it. The rift between normal, healthy Americans and the Clinton constituency will continue to grow. Let's try to keep as many of those normal Americans as we can looking at the big picture and not letting themselves be confused by the controlled media.

The Clinton constituency, the privileged classes who support government terrorism against the rest of us, will be pushing hard for more government repression. They'll be pushing for scrapping what's left of the First Amendment and passing laws against any form of Politically Incorrect expression. They believe that if they can control what normal Americans read and hear and think, they can control what we do. Even before the Oklahoma City bombing, Jewish groups such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Southern Poverty Law Center and the B'nai B'rith were lobbying for laws to keep Politically Incorrect ideas off the "information superhighway," off the Internet. Now they'll use each new incident of terrorism as an excuse for censorship, for repression, for controlling what people are permitted to say and hear and read and write. They'll say, "If there had been more laws against `extremists,' against people who don't like the government, against people who don't think the way we tell them to think, this wouldn't have happened." They'll try to stampede a timid, frightened, confused public into allowing the government to take away even more of their rights in return for the false promise of more security.

Our task is to halt that stampede by helping people understand who America's real enemies are, by helping them understand the underlying causes of terrorism, and by encouraging them to stand together in a united front against government terrorism. We must begin laying the groundwork for an America in which there is no terrorism.

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