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Free Speech - March 1995 - Volume I, Number 3

Is it All an Accident?

by Kevin Alfred Strom

One of the very few statements that passed the lips of Franklin Roosevelt that was not a lie was this:

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If something happens, you may be sure that someone planned it that way."

Possibly he let slip that bit of truth in an unguarded moment or while impaired by painkillers: we shall probably never know. Certainly his administration, if judged by the standard of causation he described, would have had to answer to a great many things in those terrible years of 1933 to 1945.

But what I am concerned with today on this program is far bigger than just a single president or a single administration. I am concerned about the future of America. I am concerned about the future of the little children who are the descendants of the valiant men and women who founded and built this country, and whose future looks increasingly dim as America becomes more and more like a Third World nation. I am concerned about our heritage of liberty, which is being increasingly abandoned as our leaders move aggressively toward their goal of an all-powerful world government which they call the New World Order.

The reason I quoted the late and unlamented FDR was to point out the absurdity of the view held by a majority of White Americans today, a view which is essentially the opposite of Roosevelt's, and which paralyzes our will to resist the changes which are being imposed upon our beloved country.

The view that political and social effects are, in the main, the direct result of plans carried into action by individuals and groups is the only logical view. So I will term this view the logical theory of history. This logical theory is sometimes disparagingly called the conspiratorial theory of history.

The opposite view, held by most of us, might be termed the accidental theory: The idea that political and social changes are primarily wrought, not by organized and motivated groups of men and women acting in concert, but rather by impersonal so-called forces which no man or woman has ever seen or ever will see; by pure happenstance; and by the errors of well-meaning leaders who purely by mistake--by accident--lead us into tragedy and evil.

Nearly every major city in the United States has undergone a horrifying transformation in the last few decades. Where once women young and old went shopping alone and unafraid, where happy children frolicked in the shadows of great buildings and monuments to our culture, and where the glad and confident sons of the pioneers came to live and to commerce; now blows an evil wind that smells of AIDS and dirty needles, of minority gangs and drive-by shootings, of stinking porno clubs and pervert bathhouses, of a thousand dark and sullen faces staring at you with hate in their eyes from behind the barbed wire and the jagged outlines of what used to be our grand hotels, theatres, and shops. This evil wind blows continually outward, and the destruction spreads, as traditional Americans move to ever more remote suburbs. Those of us who are old enough to remember when America was still America will be forgiven if we shed a tear for our country which now exists only in our memories--and our hopes.

The accidental theory of history tells us that this tragic destruction was an unintended result of the policies of well-meaning idealists who really believed that integrated schools and liberal welfare handouts could turn the ghettoes into Everytown, U.S.A.; who really believed that opening the borders to unlimited Third World immigration would lead to harmony and peace and understanding. Well, it is certainly true that a lot of gullible airheads believed those things because they were fashionable things to believe. But those who are behind the push to remake America in a Third World, non-European mold cannot be called gullible airheads, nor can they be truly called liberal, although they assume that guise much of the time. They never believed that the Black underclass would be lifted up by their programs. They never believed that the millions of Third Worlders who have come here since the borders were opened in 1965 would really become Americans as they claimed. And although they tell us again and again through their controlled newspapers, magazines, and television programs, that diversity is good for America, they never believed that either.

What they do believe in is power. Power for themselves. Worldwide power. The concentration of power into a center so great that no nation could oppose them has been the unwavering goal of America's enemies for the last one hundred years.

The enemies of America do not have a warm concern for minorities or the downtrodden, as they claim. They use humanitarianism and brotherhood as a front. They use all racial and ethnic groups as patsies in their game. It works like this:

Put yourself in the place of America's enemies. Assume your goal is world government, world control. What would be the biggest obstacle in your path? Wouldn't it be the existing governments of the various nations? Well, they might in some cases prove to be an obstacle, but governments, particularly ones run as mass democracies, are easily corrupted by your money and intimidated by the power of the controlled mass media. What would really throw a monkey wrench into your plans would be not a government as such--but a government under the control of patriots with a strong sense of nationhood. Such a government wouldn't let you buy into their mass media, nor would they allow you to come in and start buying property and influence with your money. They wouldn't want any part of your scheme. You would be obliged to oppose such governments, using more compliant nations as tools to subdue them. Thus we have the spectacle of UN and US military action against the fiercely independent and nationalist Arab states; and the shameful international sanctions against the equally independent Afrikaners in South Africa, who are now being forced to accept a Communist ANC dictatorship.

To reach your goal of world government, you would also have to work everywhere possible to undermine patriotism, nationalism, and racial pride--because when people are proud of their racial and cultural heritage, proud of their nation, and when they possess a strong sense of identity as a people, they will very likely be strong opponents of your plan. And what better way to undermine national and racial identity than to engage in a massive program of population transfer? Those of widely differing culture and race should be encouraged or compelled to come here. Bring them by the millions! Don't ever give the people a chance to vote on your population transfer--they might vote against it. Make it illegal to resist the population transfer--call such resistance discrimination. Create the impression in people's minds that those who want to preserve the traditional makeup of their nation are evil racists. Make it illegal to even express opposition to your population transfers, calling such expressions of opposition hate crimes. In a few generations, all the differing peoples and nations will have forgotten their heritage and their traditional ways. They won't even think of themselves as a people anymore--they will have utterly lost their sense of national and racial identity. They will just be a mass of disconnected and powerless individuals. Without the natural cohesion that comes from being of similar genetic and cultural background, they will no longer be able to offer any resistance to your world government plans.

The enemy that America faces today is not some malevolent foreign nation ready to strike at our cities with missiles and bombs. Our enemy is an enemy already within our gates, who has been and is now working steadily to change our nation into a province of a one-world government. I know that what I am telling you runs counter to everything that you have been taught in school, to everything you have read in the newspapers or seen on television. If you are skeptical (and I don't blame you for being skeptical) I ask you to do this: For the next month, indulge me, and pay close attention to every news article in your newspaper and every news item on television, bearing my world government hypothesis always in mind. Notice the code words which are constantly being used, such as international cooperation, community of nations, multinational forces, global economy, etc. All of these concepts, and the actions taken in their names, tend in the same direction: the weakening of our national sovereignty and freedom and an increase in the power of faceless international entities like the United Nations. Notice Clinton's plan to put our military under the command of the UN. Notice the operation in Somalia, where the excuse of humanitarian aid has worn rather thin, and the real goal of installing a government more to the liking of the internationalists is becoming increasingly obvious. (This article was written in late 1993. The invasion of Somalia has, happily, failed to such an extent that its promoters no longer find it worthwhile to kill our sons and spend our money in the apparently hopeless cause of efficiently managing that particularly warlike and drug-soaked variety of negroid. Similar operations continue as of this writing in Haiti and elsewhere.)

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you call it when foreign troops come into a country without the permission of the people in that country? It's a three syllable word and it starts with i.

Notice how the United States never makes a military move without the approval of the UN; and notice how American forces are never used where American interests demand their use, such as for the closure of our southern border to illegal immigration--no, our boys have to die to enforce the dictates and power of the internationalists around the world, while the controlled media dance like dervishes in an effort to convince us that it's our patriotic duty to send our sons to die in the jungle or the sand. Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Panama, Iraq, Somalia--the story is tragically familiar. Since World War II the United States has not declared war, because our current rulers do not believe that we have the right to declare war on an independent basis. We have the high privilege of being policemen for the New World Order, but that's all.

So study the news with my theory in mind, then write me and tell me what you think.

And to those of you who still believe that this program of national suicide has been imposed upon us by chance or by mistake, you have my sincere sympathy and I wish you good luck. You'll need it. The future of America belongs to those with awareness of what is happening, and the will to do something about it.

One of the main ways that America's enemies and those who serve them have gained support is by buying our votes and our acquiescence with our own money. They promise us economic security without effort, they promise us universal health care, they promise us world peace, they promise us anything--and then follow through by paying us back or by buying a service with a little bit of the money they've already taxed away from us, after deducting a substantial commission for themselves. As one of Franklin Roosevelt's lieutenants once admitted, their formula for gaining and increasing their power is tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect.... Their now empirically validated theory is that a nation of dependents is unlikely to bite the hand that feeds it. As the great patriotic writer and researcher Garet Garett put it in his book Ex America:

'By a long lure of planned grass a society of bison may be decoyed to captivity in the Valley of Security. In moments of uneasiness its bulls may be soothed by the voices of the herders saying: You are free at any time to go back to the plains. Remember the grass there? It was poor and many of you were hungry. [But] there is no going back because, first, these gentle herders are rough with the few who try to start a stampede, and secondly, tame grass is sweet poison. From the eating of it the way of life on the plains is soon forgotten. To many whose stomachs were never so full before, even the memory of it is harrowing. If one asks, But will the herders always be good to us? another answers, Nature was sometimes cruel.'

What these schemers who are trying to ruin our country and take it away from us haven't figured on is that there are still millions of independent-minded Americans who aren't fooled by the lies of the corrupt politicians and the controlled media. There are still millions of decent Americans who don't like the direction in which America has been going, but who are searching for the facts as to just how their birthright has been stolen, and by whom. There are still millions of patriotic Americans who will rally to the cause when they are presented with the truth. If I didn't believe that, I certainly wouldn't be taking the risk and spending the time and money to speak to you over the radio right now. You know, if all we had was the controlled media as a source of facts, we'd all have the impression that the American people are asleep, and that there is really no significant opposition to the New World Order conspirators except for a few irresponsible cranks.

But we know better. If you could see the stacks of mail that cross my desk, with letters from all across North America and beyond, letters from men and women of all walks of life, letters thanking us for standing up for our nation and civilization, letters comparing this broadcast to Radio Free Europe during the days of the Iron Curtain, letters from young people reaching out to us to discover the truth about the great heritage of America and of European Civilization, knowledge of which it is now Politically Incorrect to teach in the public schools. If you could see the mailbags leaving our shipping desk, stuffed full of books and tapes and videos, going out around the nation and the world with our message of hope to our people--if you could experience the happy feeling of getting so many orders and information requests that you have to stay up all night trying to take care of them--then you would know what we know here. You would know that the real America is not yet dead. You would know that once our message is heard by our people that millions upon millions of them will join hands with us to save their nation, for they will know in their hearts that we are right.

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