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Free Speech - March 1995 - Volume I, Number 3

Just Say No to Jordache

by Kevin Alfred Strom

I am asking you to do something this week, something that isn't very hard and which will cost you hardly anything.

In the February 1995 Omni magazine there is an advertisement for Jordache jeans on page 5, right next to the table of contents. In this ad we see a young and blonde White woman, wearing only a cut-off T-shirt which exposes the lower part of her breasts, and a pair of Jordache jeans which are unzipped and partly pulled off, revealing the upper half of her buttocks. With his hands on her buttocks and pulling off her jeans is a muscular Black male who we see unclothed from the waist up. His face is pressed against her stomach. The girl appears to be either caressing her breasts or about to remove her cut-off T-shirt.

Can you tell me what Jordache is trying to say in this advertisement? It is that interracial sex between young White women and Black males is not only acceptable--it is alluring, it is fashionable, it is hot, it is cutting edge, it is what the trendy girls are doing. Both men and women are susceptible to this kind of advertising, and it is very, very powerful.

The clothing and accessories company called Jordache Enterprises, Incorporated, is owned and was founded by three Israeli immigrants; Joseph, Ralph, and Avi Nakash. They have made hundreds of millions of dollars by subliminally associating the idea of sex with their products, most of them aimed at young women. Their steamy ads of nearly-nude models in suggestive poses are famous, and were so shocking to the public when they first came out over a decade ago that even the controlled media at first refused to run them.

At the beginning, perhaps the most you could have accused them of was tastelessness and contributing to sexual looseness among teenagers. These things are bad enough. But what Jordache Enterprises has done now (and for the record they told me that all their advertising is done in-house) is not acceptable and cannot be explained away. They are out in the open, advocating the genocide of our race. Not only are the Nakash brothers able to get away with this, but their foul insult and degradation of our women and promotion of our virtual murder is prominently displayed in national publications printed by the hundreds of thousands if not millions of copies.

What I want every one of you to do is to resolve here and now that you will never again buy a product carrying the Jordache name. The Jordache name should become the kiss of death for any marketing plan. It should become a name that no manufacturer would ever want on one of his products. I want you to write and telephone Jordache and politely but firmly tell them that you will never again buy one of their products; and I want you to tell them why. Do not threaten them, do not be abusive, do nothing that violates the law or the standards of gentlemanly behavior. But let them know in the strongest possible terms that because of their advertisements which promote racial mixing, Jordache is never going to get your business again.

If you call, I want you to write a follow-up letter to the Chairman of the Board of Jordache explaining your actions and feelings in greater detail. I want you to find any and all Jordache products or advertisements which you may have in your home, cut them into small pieces, and send them back to Jordache with a note that you will never permit the name of Jordache to cross your threshold again. I want you to tell them that not only you but every member of your family and all your friends and business associates are going to do the same thing.

Here is how you can contact Jordache: Jordache Enterprises, Inc.

If we silently acquiesce we are giving our permission. I, for one, do not give my permission for the advocacy of the genocide of my people. Ladies and gentlemen, Jordache and the other corporations and combines owned by aliens in our midst, are nothing without our money. If we refuse to give them our money, they have nothing. Perhaps there are even worse offenders than Jordache, who deserve to feel the sting of a boycott of White Americans. But let us resolve today to at least stop giving these slimy aliens our own money to fund our destruction.

Let us instead concentrate our money where it will really do some good for our people--where it will really do some good for the future in which our children will have to live. They will have to live in the world that we make for them. Are you content, are you satisfied, to let scum like the Nakashes of Jordache be the movers and shakers and architects of the world to come, of your children's tomorrows?

I want and need your help to bring this message of truth to new radio stations around the country. Please help us.

Remember what Edmund Burke said:

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

That is what most of us have been doing for decades--nothing.

Also consider well what the Spanish writer Baltasar Gracian had to say:

"Know what is evil, no matter how worshipped it may be. Let the man of sense not mistake it, even when clothed in brocade, or at times crowned in gold... for slavery does not lose its infamy, however high the master."

Let us see clearly. Let us know and understand. And let us act.

Remember that girl at the gas station in Charles Carroll's article. Remember the light in the eyes of a little child.

Let us do whatever is necessary to support those who will make the world of tomorrow a better world--a world that our children deserve to grow up and live in--a world that they will thank us for creating, instead of cursing us and the day we gave them life.

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