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Free Speech - March 1995 - Volume I, Number 3

The Fate of Northernkind

by Charles L. Carroll, Jr.

Last week I stopped to fill my fuel tank at a self-service gas station. As I waited for my tank to fill, I noticed a young redhead who was also filling her tank. Her alabaster skin, sprinkling of freckles, green eyes and upturned nose were good indications that her hair color was natural. That made her a rare individual. Each generation, natural blondes and natural redheads are becoming fewer in number. Not all White people are blondes or redheads -- I'm not, for example -- but they represent something special about our race and our heritage, and are among the most envied people on earth. To prove my point, just think of all the hair dye bought and used by women to make themselves more attractive. How many brunettes dye their hair blonde or red? There is something instinctive about this tropism toward fairness. The basic instincts which have helped to shape our species operate on a sub-rational level. We may not be consciously aware of this special attraction, but it exists.

All of these thoughts brought to mind a book that I have been reading, Ascent of the Mind by William H. Calvin. It's a scholarly interpretation of the effects of the ice ages on the intellectual development of our race. The human brain has increased in size by a factor of four in the last 2.5 million years. This rapid rate of development is almost unheard of in nature. Dr. Calvin makes an excellent argument that this increase in cranial size is due primarily to the ice ages. The ice ages occurred in cycles. We experience spring, summer, fall and winter every year. The ice ages cycled every 100,000 years with smaller ice ages every 10,000 years. When the two cycles coincided, the glaciers covered most of the European continent, the cradle of our people. Life was extremely difficult for early European man during those periods. Only the most fit--and the most intelligent--survived those harsh times. The weak and the mentally incompetent perished in the limitless ice and snow. The ability to plan ahead demanded self-denial in the summer in order to ensure survival during the long, bleak winters. Those who could work together for the common good also increased their odds for survival. This, in time, developed into a social order that is as much instinctual as it is learned. Another thing that happened was that our appearance changed. As our brains got larger, our jaws receded and our forehead became nearly vertical instead of sloping. Our skin became nearly white, and our hair and eyes became lighter. Whiteness in Nature, of course, is the great signifier of the North, of the creatures which developed in the harshness of the ice and snow. We carry this mark of the North. We instinctively associate these qualities of appearance with nobility, character, and intelligence--and our instincts are right.

In between the ice ages, times were good, the glaciers receded, food was plentiful, and mankind flourished. These boom times lasted hundreds of generations. European man increased in both number and diversity. New variations of Caucasians came into being. During the next ice age a great winnowing process took place. The new variations not worthy of survival became extinct, while improved variations increased. This cycle of events was repeated every 10,000 years for the past 2.5 million years. We, the descendants of those European peoples, are the result of that natural selection process. The young redhead at the gas station was truly a beautiful work of Nature and, if you will, Nature's God.

By this time, the young lady had finished filling her tank. She opened her passenger door and retrieved her baby from its car seat. Only now was I able to see her toddler as she carried it in to pay for the gas. After my previous thoughts, I was unprepared for what I saw. Emotions washed over me: shock, anger, disgust, and sorrow! The baby she carried had brown skin and black, kinky hair.

It wasn't the first time that I had seen a White girl with a dark baby. Unfortunately, these days, it is a common sight. All too common! What made this time especially disturbing to me was the fact that I had, only seconds before, been thinking about how this beautiful young woman represented one of Nature's greatest achievements.

We now know that the African continent did not suffer through the ice ages as Europe did. Therefore, the indigenous peoples of Africa did not experience the same development. Survival in Africa depended on a different set of criteria. It was not necessary to use forethought or long-term planning to survive, so those traits were never well-developed. It was beneficial to make the most of any unexpected opportunity, hence the trait for impulsive acts. The African continent has always had swift predators, hence the traits for speed and agility. Disease, much more common in the steaming tropics than in the cold north, made life short, hence the high rate of reproduction. The Black race still has these traits today. The gene for sickle cell anemia, another trait developed in Africa, actually is a survival advantage where malaria is common. The author of Ascent of the Mind, however, never mentioned what should have been an obvious conclusion. The fact that Blacks evolved in a radically different environment and are therefore a radically different kind of human is a Politically Incorrect conclusion. Does accepting this truth mean that we should hate Blacks? No, but not accepting this truth and acting as though the races are equal will lead to the death and extinction of our people.

The psychological differences between Blacks and Whites are as pronounced as the differences in skin color. Intellectually, the differences are easily measured. The average White has an IQ of 100, while the average Black has an IQ of only 85. A higher IQ simply was not necessary for survival in Africa. More importantly, the percentage of the very intelligent, those people who are our natural leaders, thinkers, and inventors, those upon whom the future of our society depends, is hundreds of times greater among Whites than among Blacks. Racial mixing can easily wipe out the class of people who create and sustain civilization in just a few generations. It has happened before.

What about the young redhead? Was what she had done as wrong as I thought it was? Television, movies and even our tax-supported educational institutions promote racial mixing. As a college instructor, I am well aware of the social pressure on young White people. Black males are only following their natural animal instincts when they try to mate with as many females as possible. Young White girls, especially blondes and redheads, are their most desired prey. When a Black male flatters a White female, and she has not been sufficiently indoctrinated into racial mixing, she will reject his sexual advances. Most Black males have learned that if all else fails, to ask, What's the matter, are you prejudiced? They have found that young, educated White girls want to be fashionable. It is not fashionable to be prejudiced. Her TV, her teachers, her newspapers, her magazines, her music and maybe even her pastor teach her that to be prejudiced is just possibly the worst thing she could ever be. Probably that is what happened to the young redhead.

The dark-skinned, flat-nosed, kinky-haired baby represented a backward step for the European race, a backward step of hundreds of thousands of years, a backward step into a chasm with no bottom save the endless darkness of death. It may have been the redhead's life, it may have been her body, and it may have been her baby--but it was my race that she was destroying. She had betrayed every ancestor who had struggled for survival against overwhelming odds so that their children and their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren, through all the ages could advance and prosper. Instead of further advancement, she had chosen to become an evolutionary dead end. I fear that she and other unthinking White females like her may be responsible for the extinction of our race and the end--the literal end for all time--of everything we hold dear and sacred in this world.

Preventing that from happening is what this program is all about. That is why we are here every week, taking the chances that every one of you who bothers to think about it knows we are taking. That is why everyone associated with National Vanguard Books and the National Alliance has given up something, some of us quite a bit, to do everything we can to bring the truth to our people.

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