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Free Speech - February 1995 - Volume I, Number 2

FREEDOM: Use It or Lose It

by Dr. William L. Pierce

Perhaps you already know this, but this program is broadcast 22 times a week on 15 different stations in the United States. It's also carried around the world by powerful shortwave transmitters. I don't know exactly how many people are listening now, but I believe that altogether there are more than 100,000 of us listening in.

That's a good feeling, to know that there are so many of us together at this moment, hearing the same words, thinking the same thoughts, sharing the same concerns. We're like a big family, a tribe.

People tell me that here in the United States there is no longer any tribal or even any national sense of identity, that it is not possible to evoke any sort of family feeling from as large a group of people as those of us gathered here today. The American people, they tell me, are too heterogeneous, too divided, too selfish, too jaded, and too confused by the propaganda of the mass media to respond as a united whole, the way they could a hundred years ago, when this was still a White country.

And the people who tell me this are partly correct, of course. It's true that the controllers of the mass media want to divide Americans and make them heterogeneous or "diverse," to use the Politically Correct term so that they can be more easily ruled. It's true that this is exactly what was in the minds of Jewish legislators like Emanuel Celler and his accomplices in the Congress and the media when they opened up this country's borders to massive immigration from Asia, Africa, and Latin America back in 1965. It's what's in the minds of those who still oppose controlling our borders, who still oppose every effort to cut off this non-White flood.

It's true that the propaganda of the controlled mass media encourages the most selfish sort of individualism, a sort of "every man for himself+attitude, for the same reason. The aliens who control the media can only work their will on us if they can prevent us from having any sort of feeling of solidarity, any feeling of racial consciousness. That's why they have promoted every sort of "diversity," as they call it -- homosexuals, non-White racial minorities, feminists, their fellow Jews, of course -- everybody except normal, healthy, decent White men and women.

And this propaganda from the controlled media has confused a lot of people. It has made some of them feel guilty for being normal and healthy. It has made some of them feel that they should tolerate every sort of filth and perversion. It has morally disarmed them and made them hesitate to fight back.

But it certainly hasn't confused all of us. There are 100,000 or so of us here today, listening to this program, who aren't confused or ashamed or guilty. If I'm wrong on that, if there are a few of you who do feel that it's your duty to take a homosexual to lunch, to smile when you pass a racially mixed couple on the sidewalk, and to vote Democratic, then please tune to another station. Tune in something with a little more diversity. Tune in a basketball game or a rap concert, where you'll feel right at home.

As for all the rest of us, let's minimize the diversity for a few minutes. Let's maximize the solidarity. Let's stand proud and straight, and let's stand together, you and I, when we think about who we are and what we have to do.

We really are a big family, a tribe, with many more things which bind us together than separate us. All of us have ancestors who came over here from Europe, ancestors who evolved in Europe, who over a thousand generations developed the unique characteristics which make us Europeans and which distinguish us sharply from Asians, Africans, Middle Easterners, and other non-Europeans. We share the same blood, the same genes, whether our ancestors came from England or Ireland, Germany or Poland, Sweden or Italy. And in broad outlines we share the same history and the same culture.

The same values too. We are people who have a certain understanding of the meaning of personal honor, for example: an understanding which is not shared by other races -- including the race which controls our television and other mass media.

We also have a feeling for personal privacy and for personal dignity and for personal property rights which is unique to us.

Now the egalitarians, the media controllers, the Jews will disagree with us. They like to talk about "human dignity" as if that were a universal trait. But it isn't. Just compare the way we used to live in America 30 or 40 years ago with the way Africans or Mexicans or Asians lived and still live in their own countries.

We don't like being crowded together like ants in an antheap, having our neighbors breathing down our necks, sharing everything in common, and having almost nothing we can call our own. What is natural for us is having a little space of our own around us, having privacy, having our own property, and letting our neighbors have theirs without interference. We don't like having our lives regulated either by mob pressure or by the government. We need the freedom to have our own ideas, make our own ventures, suffer from our own failures and mistakes, and benefit from our own hard work and our own successes. We don't tolerate enforced Political Correctness very well.

It's not that way in Black Africa and never has been that way in any Black land. It's not that way among the swarming masses of Asia. It wasn't that way among the American Indians when our ancestors first arrived here, and it's not that way among the relatives of those Indians in Mexico today. They are all different people -- different from us -- profoundly different. They are entitled to live the way that is natural for them. They can crowd together in their own filth. They can do whatever they want to -- but not at our expense, not in our land.

Remember, I said that we used to live in a way that was natural for us in this country 30 or 40 years ago. That was before we had such a big dose of diversity crammed down our throats by the government and the media. That was when this was still essentially a White country. Even states like California were still essentially White. We could walk down the street at night without being robbed or raped or shot. There were no drugs in the schools. None. There was still enough respect for other people's privacy and property rights that we didn't have to worry about intruders in our homes. We didn't have to worry about everything being stolen that wasn't nailed down. You know, it's still like that in some parts of America -- mostly in small towns and rural areas, which have not been hit by as much "diversity" as the cities. But wherever the government and the controlled media have succeeded in transforming our country into a Third World slum, we have lost our rights, our dignity, and our honor. We have been forced to accommodate ourselves to non-Whites. We have been forced to tolerate all sorts of unacceptable behavior, all sorts of unacceptable intrusions that we never had to tolerate before. We are expected to observe and tolerate every sort of filth and perversion -- homosexuality, racial mixing, jungle music, crime and crowding, and more taxes from us to pay for it. We are expected to tolerate the destruction of our world, to pay for the destruction of our world, and we're not supposed to complain about it, lest we hurt the feelings of the destroyers.

When I say that they're destroying our world, I don't simply mean that they're making life less pleasant for us, that they're bringing ugliness and nastiness into our lives, that they're corrupting our morals and polluting our culture. They're doing all of that, but they're also doing much more. They're destroying the physical basis for our existence. Every tribe, every race, needs space, needs territory for living and growing and breeding. Only in our own territory can we perpetuate our physical existence by breeding only with our own people. Only in our own territory can we keep alive our traditions, our sense of identity, our own culture. When we lose our territory, we will cease to exist as a tribe or a race within a few generations.

We mustn't fall into the trap of looking at the present situation in America and saying to ourselves: "Well, it's still not too bad. I can make a few adjustments and learn to live with it." What we must do instead is look at our present situation, compare it with the situation we had 30 or 40 years ago, and then look to what the situation will be like in another 40 years. That will not be a situation we can live with.

If we don't reclaim our own territory soon, there will be a proliferation of re-education programs like the one the Clintonistas are pushing now to de-Europeanize the teaching of history in the schools. They've designed American History courses in which Martin Luther King gets more coverage than Columbus, George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson combined. We'll see laws making it mandatory for all schools to teach these falsified history courses and rob our children and grandchildren of their sense of racial identity. We'll see a continued flood of non-White immigrants into our country, and an even greater eagerness of the politicians in Washington to cater to these minorities as their numbers increase. We'll see television and the other controlled media continue to push more and more "diversity." And the result of it all will be that our great grandchildren will be mongrels that we wouldn't want to claim as our own.

It really shouldn't be necessary to say these things. They're so obvious that I'm a little embarrassed to be telling you about them as if they were a new discovery. All of human history is a record of the struggle of various groups, tribes, and races to gain and hold territory for themselves and to keep aliens out, in order to insure their own continued existence. Even the most primitive people understand that. It's instinctive. And in the internal history of every people we can see the development of ideas and attitudes and values within certain boundaries. We can see the evolution of a culture with distinctive traits.

What we do not see in history, however, is the cultural chaos, the abandonment of all values, the moral nihilism which is being promoted by the controlled media and the government today. Because once the chaos and nihilism have taken hold, that's the end of the people's history. They go under, and the historical focus shifts to a healthier people.

We knew all of these things, we understood all of these things just a few years ago. We understood that not only were we not obliged to tolerate homosexual behavior, for example: we understood that we should not tolerate it, that we must not tolerate it. This isn't something we were taught in Sunday school: it was in our blood; it was natural for us to abhor homosexual behavior, just as it's natural for us to react with hostility when we see a racially mixed couple.

Yes, these things I've been talking about are obvious. We all know they're true. But still it's necessary for us to say them. We know that there are powerful forces trying to destroy our race and our civilization. We know that these forces have gone a long way toward reaching their goal. We know that they have corrupted many of our own people. We know that there are many people in America today who are related to us by blood, but who have fallen completely under the spell of those whose aim is to destroy us. We know that the people under the spell of our enemies believe that teachers should be forced to teach that homosexuality is a normal, healthy lifestyle. They believe that history should be falsified in the schools in order to avoid hurting the feelings of those races whose history is less rich than our own. They believe that our wanting to live and work with people of our own tribe, our own race, is wicked. "Racism," they call it. They would like to make it illegal. They would like to see more Mexicans in this country, more Blacks, more racially mixed couples, more rap concerts, more crowding and filth and "diversity." They would like to make it illegal for us to meet like this and talk about these things. They have become spiritually enslaved to the controllers of the media, and they would like to enslave us also.

The only way that we can fight these spiritually corrupted people, the only way we can beat them and take our territory back, and our history back, and our culture back, and our values back, and our future back is to say the things we know are true, and to give other people the courage to say them too. We must defy the Hollywood Jews, we must defy the government, we must defy those of our own people who have been corrupted by them.

And we can do it. Three years ago there was no one willing to say publicly what we are saying now. Everyone was letting himself be intimidated into going along with the controlled media and the government. Then we started broadcasting on one radio station -- just one broadcast a week. A year ago we had grown to seven stations. Now we're broadcasting on 15 stations each week. We have been able to grow like that because the people who listened to us on our first station three years ago told other people about us, and they began listening too, and then they told their friends. And our support grew, so that we could add more stations to our network.

And we can keep growing. The 100,000 of us who now gather each week can grow to a million and then to ten million. All we have to do is keep spreading the word to our friends, our neighbors, our relatives, our co-workers, and to strangers too. We can spread the word by telephone, by letter, by spray-painting the time and frequency of this broadcast on fences and walls, by taking out advertising, by handing out leaflets. We can have 100 stations in our network by the end of this year.

And we really must do that. Not just because it'll feel good to have a million of us together each week instead of only 100,000. We have to do it because we need to be able to speak with a big enough voice to prevent the enemies of America, the enemies of our people, from silencing us. There are people in the Clinton government right now talking about the need to begin doing the same sort of job on the First Amendment that they've already done on the Second Amendment. They would like to make it illegal for us to criticize them. They would like to be able to throw anyone in prison who speaks out against their immigration policy, their education policy, their policy of "diversifying" America out of existence.

The same sort of people already have succeeded in doing that in many countries. It is illegal right now to make a broadcast like this one from a Canadian station, for example. Or from a British station. Or a French station. Or a German station. Or a Swiss station. Wherever there are Jews with their hands on a nation's mass media, and politicians who slavishly follow the ideological fashions set by the media, the people lose their freedom to criticize their destroyers. Everywhere the Jews go, their first goal is to get their hands on a nation's mass media, so that they can not only push their own destructive policies, but so that they can prevent anyone from identifying them publicly or criticizing them.

Most of the people in Canada, Britain, France, and the other countries where the Jews have succeeded in silencing any criticism of themselves believe that they are still free. They can still turn on their television receivers and watch a football game whenever they want to. They can still go into a drugstore and buy a fan magazine. They can even announce publicly that they don't like their government. All they've been forbidden to do is say or publish anything which might threaten the position of the Jews. And let's face it: to most people that's not important; certainly not as important as watching a ball game. But we, you and I, understand that that is everything. To lose the freedom to explain to others what the Jews are doing is to lose the ability to protect our own people. It is to lose our grip on the future.

In America we can still identify them. We can still tell people that the man who controls MTV, for example, and is pushing rap and other forms of Black culture to White boys and girls is the Jew billionaire Sumner Redstone. We can still criticize them. We can still tell people that Redstone and the other Jews who control the mass media are poisoning the souls of our young people, are subverting our nation, and have as their goal the utter destruction of our people. It's not illegal yet to say these things, even if many of our people already have let themselves be intimidated into keeping their mouths shut.

Let's exercise our freedom before it's taken away from us. Let's speak out now. Let's tell everyone about this program. Let's do whatever we have to do to grow from 100,000 to ten million. Because, you know, when there are ten million of us gathered here every week, they won't be able to take our freedom away from us and steal our future. We won't let them. We'll be strong enough to stop them.

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