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Free Speech - November 1995 - Volume I, Number 11

Dear Mom

by Brian Smith

"No man has come to true greatness who has not felt in some degree that his life belongs to his race." -- Phillips Brooks

Introductory Note

THE OTHER DAY I received a letter -- not a letter addressed to me, but a copy of a letter which was sent by National Alliance member Brian Smith of Boise, Idaho, to his mother, in which he tries to explain to her what he believes and why he believes it. The letter is very moving, and it cuts to the heart of the matter when it comes to the failure of the World War II generation to keep what their fathers bequeathed to them. Allow me to share it with you now. -- K.A.S.

Dear Mom --

You tell me that what I believe is wrong and that all we need in this country is a religious revival. But let me tell you what I believe in. I believe the destruction of our country is not caused by a lack of Christianity but due to the corruption of the White people who made the country. Let me explain what I mean.

Mom, Whites are a special people, much different than Blacks and other races. For example, Whites have a special gift for making civilization run smoothly and peacefully and orderly. Whites also have a special gift for inventing things, a gift which some other races don't have. Whites, before integration, had the most peaceful countries, the most peaceful neighborhoods, the most peaceful cities in the world. And thousands of miles away, on the African continent, Blacks were running around killing each other as they still do today and as they will forever because that's their nature.

Even though you don't like to think of yourself as White, you *are* White. You are descended from Italian and English blood. You are an American but you are a White. You were born in the United States: that is your country of origin. But you are a White: that is your race. Your race is not *American.* Because of race, you have more in common, believe it or not, with a person from Iceland than you do with a Black who lives in America. That is how important and determinative race is. Race is far more defining, far more important than nationality. For example, if you were an American Black, instead of an American White, you would likely not be as intelligent, nor would you even think or feel in the same way.

No, the destruction of the country is not due to a lack of religion or the wrong religion, because even before the acceptance of our current religion, Whites possessed their genius for civilization. Whites would have created their beautiful and advanced societies no matter what their religion was because their talent, as is all talent, is genetic. Today, the mainline churches and a lot of the smaller ones are actually destroying the White race: they promote race-mixing and most everyone in the pews goes along with it.

I would hate to see the White race destroyed. Its destruction is mainly because of the Jews. Once again, let me explain. The Jews created, with the help of White traitors, all the legislation to allow unlimited Third World immigration to enter and destroy the country. Also, the Jews led the crusade for racial integration. Next, the Jews have power in the form of nearly endless money (which one way or another comes from our pockets) and the Jews own the media: virtually all movies, all sitcoms, all commercials, with very few exceptions, must meet with Jewish approval or they don't get on the air. The Jew's power to control the White through his media is absolutely tremendous. And the Jews use this great power to brainwash Whites to think that racemixing is a good idea, that it is the "right thing to do." Look at the Disney movie *Pocohontas* for example, which glorifies the interracial union of a White and an Indian. The movie also disparages the White race as morally inferior. And look at MTV. And the cinema. And *Sesame Street*. The media's messages encouraging White interracial mating and deprecating White history are everywhere, on every channel, all day, all night.

Look at how much harm the Jew does! And why do they do it? Do they really hate us that much? Why would they want to destroy the White race?

Believe it or not, the main reason why the Jews use their power to mix the White race is because the Jews feel threatened by the intelligent and culturally-brilliant White. Also, the Jew has grudges against the White race from past history. The Jew also believes he is destined to own and rule the whole world as a "master race." Just read the Old Testament for yourself. It talks, for example, about how the Jews will someday own the entire world and "all the gold of the gentiles." It talks about slaughtering Gentiles, too, Mom. Even little boys and girls in the cradle. Read it. Then observe and recall Jewish behavior which you have experienced first hand. But you shouldn't end your investigation there.

Read the writings of men like Napoleon, and the early Popes, and Martin Luther and Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, and modern Americans like Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford, who wrote down their observations of the Jews. Read how for the last few centuries -- and that is a long time -- the Jews have always acted in the same way, no matter which century, no matter which country. They always did the very same things. They always corrupted commerce and tried to subvert the culture of every country they entered. They were always the main purveyors of prostitution. They especially tortured the peasants and invariably tried to strangle them in debt. The "Jewish problem" has been going on for hundreds of years, Mom. They do this because they have always been a parasitic people. They feel threatened by any racially conscious people, and they do what they can to erase any sense of racial consciousness in their hosts.

It doesn't matter if I'm wrong by saying the Jews are doing everything on purpose and with malice. Even if the Jews are doing everything by accident, or if they can't help it, it doesn't matter. The fact is, they *are* doing it. The fact is, they are destroying the White race. The fact is, the Jews are the destroyers of White children. Instead of letting our children grow up and go to school in White neighborhoods, the Jews want them bussed into black neighborhoods where every year they are maimed and killed and raped and robbed and sometimes tortured. If the Jews get their way, soon they're won't even *be* any White neighborhoods except for the very rich. And the Jews want our children to learn, and be encouraged to participate in, homosexuality. They want our children to be taught that homosexuality is a normal, healthy lifestyle. And the Jews want our children to be taught that there are no differences between male and female and that there are no differences between Blacks and Whites. That's what the Jew is doing, Mom. He tells these gargantuan lies about "equality" which he doesn't even believe in himself. That was the premise of communism, Mom: that there are no differences, that everyone is "equal."

Mom, the purpose of these lies about "equality" is to destroy awareness of any uniqueness or differences so the races can be easily mixed. The mixing of races will create, many Jews hope, a big brown race or a chaos of brown races which in either case can be easily ruled by the extremely racially conscious Jews. Once the Jew has succeeded in mixing the races and destroying our race, then the Jews' world domination will be complete. And the progress of humanity will be finished, forever.

I'm not trying to argue against your religion, Mom, but religion is not the answer to these problems. Christianity won't and can't prevent this country from declining. Things will get worse and worse and nothing will be able to stop it, except returning this country back to its rightful owners: Whites. Christianity won't do it: Mexico has millions of Christians and the country is still a Third World pig-sty. And don't say that is because of Catholicism. Catholicism dominated Europe for centuries and Whites still enjoyed great civilization and advancement. If the problem in Mexico is Catholicism and not race, then Europe under Catholicism would have been a pig-sty too, like Mexico. But it wasn't. Europe under Catholicism was a continent of tremendous culture and advancement. No, the problem in Mexico is not Catholicism, the problem in Mexico is inferior human material. Even if Mexico was controlled by Protestantism or Southern Baptist Churches, the country would still be a pig-sty because Mexicans don't have the genetic material to sustain White civilization. Except for a tiny White elite, they are of profoundly different and, by our standards, inferior, blood.

The answer is obvious, Mom. The source for the rise and fall of civilization is in the blood. Race, and not religion, is the key to history.

It's unfortunate that you can't yet face this truth. I wish you would because then we could agree on this most important of questions. But even without your agreement, enough people are starting to wake up that there is hope for the future. Don't you see, when the White race is destroyed, that will mean the end of higher life, forever? The greatest, most talented will be extinct: No more Mozarts or Beethovens, no more Edisons or Wright Brothers or any of our geniuses. No more beautiful little White children. *No more*, Mom. Gone forever, like the dinosaurs.

Do you really think that it doesn't really matter if the races are mixed? I can't believe that. That is indifference to genocide. Do you think God would want to the most talented people he ever created destroyed? I don't think so.

Stop being indifferent to the destruction of your people. You are White. You have been taught to think of yourself as an "American" but that is an incomplete description. More significantly, you are a White American. It doesn't matter what country you're from, what controls human destiny is what race you are. Stop saying "it doesn't matter what race you are." You know how much it matters. It makes the difference between living in a peaceful neighborhood with smiling children, safe and sound, and living in a jungle like Liberty City or any other Black neighborhood. In other words, *race makes the difference between heaven and hell*. I've heard you and Dad complain about places like Liberty City. Especially Dad. But despite your complaints, your ignorance about race is what allows that situation to exist in the first place. Remember, when our society was virtually all-White things were very different. When the society was White, our streets were safe. Mom, I know that you know what I say is true. And more and more people are starting to wake up and face reality, mainly because their heads are finally being shoved down into it.

Don't you realize that in a society of different races no one can ever have peace? Don't you see that without homogeneity our society writhes in agony? it can never be functional. It is like trying to have a family with people of different origins and languages. They can't even understand each other, much less relate to each other in the way a normal family does. A bunch of babbling people going in fifteen different directions at once is not a true family. It is more like an insane asylum. And what the Jews are trying to make America into is not a nation. A true nation is like a big family, what you might call a "social family."

Do you think not having a social family damages White people? Well, what do you think? What happens to those who grow up without a family? Are they not tremendously harmed by that? Yes, they are harmed. And Whites are being harmed the same way. They are trying to grow up in a country without any sense of who they really are, without the strength they need from nationhood. And they are being constantly attacked by obnoxious outsiders who tell them that it is "evil" for them to want to be with their own kind. In many cases these outsiders have influence over our politicians and have made it illegal for Whites to live and work among their own kind. That's genocide, Mom.

Look at life for White people in this multicultural society. The White people are lost with no sense of belonging and no identity. They are trying to survive in a society which is decaying into a complete zoo. White morality can't exist with other people living among us, disrupting our natural community. White people now are alienated and disconnected because their social family has been totally destroyed. They are trying to work and raise families and hold marriages together and maintain sanity in a society without a foundation: an almost impossible task. They look around and see aliens babbling in different languages, aliens which now have more rights than they do. Look how these Whites, particularly young working Whites who can't afford to move to the nicer mostly-White areas, look how they live in terror from never-ending minority crime. This is not a community. This is not a functional country. This is hell, pure and simple. But to the Jew, this is a paradise.

Yes, you'll see White people committing suicide more often. You'll see crime increase, if anything because minorities will be breeding faster. The insanity caused by multiculturalism will turn more and more minorities into sociopaths, who in turn will kill more and more White people. The psychological damage to Whites caused by multiculturalism will increase and there will be crimes of insanity and hopelessness committed by alienated Whites. Strange, unspeakable crimes and acts that will be considered "unexplainable" -- serial killings and things of that nature. A people just can't be healthy or sane without having their own country to live in, because that's just the way people work. And that's what Whites need to be healthy again: they need their own country, where their lives aren't continually disrupted by obnoxious aliens and psychopathic gorillas and by the business schemes of the degenerate Jew, who wallows in degeneracy and profits from just about every vice.

Mom, do you think I should agree with those people in the pews and go along with what is happening? Should I just do nothing while my race -- your race -- is slowly and deliberately being annihilated?

Do you think I am misled in all this? Have I been brainwashed? Mom, think about what you know of me. Am I not one the most intelligent and rational people you know? Am I not one of the most serious and thorough people you know when it comes to verifying my facts? Brainwashing is a systematic method for altering men's attitudes by people who have the power to implement it. But no one forced me read books about the history of the Jews or about race. To the contrary, I *was* forced to read books in school saying the opposite, books saying that the Jews are a harmless, benevolent, and victimized people; books saying that mixing the races is good for everybody. To brainwash, you have to possess power through media saturation or physical coercion.

These are powers my organization, the National Alliance, doesn't have. Therefore, I couldn't have been brainwashed.

But how about Napoleon and Benjamin Franklin and Martin Luther and Voltaire and Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh? Were they all brainwashed? No these individuals were not brainwashed and I am not brainwashed. If my reading just a few historical books was able to brainwash me, then certainly the media and the schools with all of their books and movies, with all of their power and 24 hour a day repetition, would have easily been able to convince me of their multicultural view. No, I don't hold my views because of brainwashing, I hold my views *in spite* of the real brainwashing I have received.

At one time, Mom, within the memory of your generation, the races lived in their own spaces. And we enjoyed more peace, more prosperity, more true progress than I have ever seen in my young lifetime. And we enjoyed community. White people enjoyed a true sense of belonging, and a pride in who we were as a people and where we came from. And Whites were healthy and felt whole because they were living as Nature intended them to live. The men and women knew who they were and enjoyed their natural roles, far from being ashamed of them. They didn't have some Jewess "feminist" on television telling them some ludicrous lie that men and women are "equal." And the homosexuals stayed in the closet instead of parading on the streets and attempting to recruit and corrupt children with their perverted and disgusting practices. If my organization has its way, then Whites will be given back their identity and their health. Whites will become a functional people again, living and working and raising families and advancing in their own space again. We'll be living in accord with Nature's laws again. And I think we'll agree that Nature's laws are God's laws, Mom.

Well, that is what I believe. We don't ever have to talk about it again if you don't want to. But I hope you will try to understand the terrible things that have happened to our wonderful people, and why your son wants to change things for the better.


This article was based on the American Dissident Voices program of 14th October, 1995. It was adapted from a real letter from National Alliance member Brian Smith to his mother. A cassette recording of this broadcast is available for $12 postpaid.

A cassette recording of this broadcast is available for $12.95 including postage from:
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