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Free Speech - June 2002 - Volume VIII, Number 6

Philadelphia and Kampala

by Dr. William Pierce

I spend most of my time in rural, nearly all-White West Virginia, but last week I was in Philadelphia. While there, I spent some time late Friday night strolling the sidewalks of a commercial and tourist area in eastern Philadelphia, not far from the waterfront. It was an area full of cafes and bars and trendy clothing shops and tattoo parlors, and the sidewalks were jammed with pedestrians. It was a multiculturalist's dream, with people of every race and culture imaginable pushing past one another.

I had to walk around knots of a dozen or so Blacks blocking the sidewalk in places: real Blacks, so dark they looked as if they had just dropped out of a tree in equatorial Africa. More numerous were the mongrels of every shade: mestizos from Central America, Middle Easterners, mulattos and quadroons and octoroons, and God only knows what else. And there were Whites too: at least, they were genetically White, judging by their features and light skin and hair. But many of them wore hip-hop clothing: backward baseball caps and baggy trousers and rings in their ears. Some of the Whites affected dreadlocks or cornrows. And they seemed right at home in this multicultural stew. I didn't see on any of their faces the revulsion that I felt. And I thought of the fact that this used to be a fine, White city, a European city. This is in a sense America's birthplace: Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and all of that. What happened?

Well, of course, we know what happened. We've been talking every week on this program about various aspects of what happened to change our cities from civilized, White communities to the filthy, multicultural jungles they are today. My companion last Friday night, a long-time resident of the city, told me that Philadelphia is worse than most American cities, and perhaps it is, but I've seen enough of the others to know that they're all headed the same way.

Earlier in the day last Friday, I had read a Reuters dispatch from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, about an incident that had taken place a few days before. Ugandan rebels, members of a fundamentalist Christian sect led by a self-proclaimed "prophet," Joseph Kony, who wants to set up a state based on the Biblical Ten Commandments, had ambushed a funeral procession and taken the 60 mourners captive. The Christian rebels then forced the mourners to cook the corpse they had been carrying and eat it. After the corpse had been boiled in sorghum and eaten, all 60 of the mourners were slaughtered by the rebels.

A grisly story indeed, and one that embarrassed multiculturalists probably would blame on the unsettled conditions in Uganda at the moment. I don't think that this incident can be blamed entirely on unsettled conditions, however, nor do I think it fair to blame it on the fact that the rebels are Christian fundamentalists. In settled times as in unsettled times, Ugandans have had a proclivity for eating each other. In the 1970s, when Idi Amin was president of Uganda, he ruled with an iron hand and did not tolerate unsettled conditions. He also ate choice parts of people who displeased him. And Idi Amin was not a Christian like Joseph Kony, but a Muslim. Neither religion nor politics is the essential element in this little story from Uganda. The essential element is race.

And the fact is that year by year Philadelphia is becoming more like Kampala. And as I said a moment ago, we understand why that is so. If you don't mind though, I'll go ahead and explain it again. A century ago, when Philadelphia still was a White city, a huge wave of Jewish immigration to America from Eastern Europe was taking place. By 1900, there already were a million Jews in the United States, and more were arriving at a rate of 40,000 a year. Almost as soon as they got off the boat, these Jews began elbowing their way into the mass media of news and entertainment, buying up newspapers, theaters, magazines, and book publishing companies. A few years later, they were taking over Hollywood and buying up radio stations, then television stations and TV-production companies. They seemed to have an unerring instinct for what they needed to do in order to destroy the new country in which they had arrived.

We had, of course, plenty of destructive undesirables of our own already here. Even before the Civil War psychopaths such as John Brown murdered their fellow Whites on behalf of Blacks and attempted to "equalize" the races. After the Civil War, we had even more hate-crazed egalitarians attempting to punish Whites -- mostly White Southerners -- for being better than Blacks. Some, like John Brown, justified their murderous egalitarianism on Christian grounds, but after the Civil War and the shameful policies directed against Southerners during the Reconstruction period, there was no large-scale, systematic effort by Whites, Christian or otherwise, to mongrelize and to degrade America. We still had an abundance of crazies and haters around, but without an organizing force behind them they were a potential rather than an actual danger.

Such an organizing force appeared after the Jews had fastened their grip on America's mass media of news and entertainment and brought the lemmings under their influence. In fact, it really wasn't until after the Second World War that the Jews pulled out all the stops and made the destruction of White America their primary goal, enlisting our own worst elements for assistance in that purpose. Before that, they had needed America to beat Europe into submission. If they hadn't been able to use America against Europe during the Second World War, the Jewish problem would have been solved in a final way 60 years ago, at least in Europe.

But after the war, they no longer needed a powerful America, and so they employed every corrosive medium in their arsenal to subvert and to weaken us. They promoted homosexuality, first as an acceptable life-style and then as a fashionable life-style. They pushed feminism and the "liberation" of women: which is to say, they convinced our women that they were being "liberated" by choosing to be lawyers or financial consultants or business executives instead of mothers. They opened our borders to the Third World: which is to say, they used their media control and their bought politicians to scrap our pro-White immigration laws and replace them with laws favoring non-White immigration. They financed and led the so-called "civil rights" movement. They demanded and got the abolition of laws against miscegenation.

And they did all of this in typically Jewish fashion. They didn't try to strong-arm us. They didn't put guns to our heads and demand that we destroy our country, or else. Instead they sniffed out our weaknesses and then used those weaknesses against us, remaining behind the scenes as much as possible. These days, none of the major Jewish media will openly promote the use of illegal drugs, but back in the 1960s and the 1970s it was the Jews who were pushing the use of drugs by Whites, on university campuses and elsewhere. They made the use of so-called "recreational" drugs -- marijuana and cocaine, for example -- fashionable among impressionable young Whites. When I was in school in the 1950s, White kids didn't smoke marijuana. And even today the newer recreational drugs, such as "ecstasy," are promoted almost exclusively by Jews. The world center for the "ecstasy" trade is Israel.

Body-piercing and virtually every other degenerate fashion among young Whites today is promoted by the Jewish media. I don't mean by this that the New York Times openly advocates that young White males should wear earrings or push safety pins through their lips, but the young White males that do this -- the young White males that one sees on the streets of Philadelphia -- have been persuaded that it is fashionable by some Jewish media aimed specifically at them, whether MTV or the slick, degenerate magazines for yuppies that have proliferated in recent decades.

Much more serious and directly destructive has been the Jewish effort to persuade young White women that it is fashionable to have a Black boyfriend, and in this effort the hand of the Jews is even more clearly visible. Not only do we see the increasingly brazen promotions of interracial sex in Hollywood films and in slick magazine advertising, but the promotions for miscegenation are backed up by pseudo-serious support in everything from the New York Times to U.S. Army recruiting posters to guided discussion groups in classrooms.

And so, here's the $64,000 question: Is the spread of the sort of multicultural filth that I saw in Philadelphia last week inevitable? We've seen it get worse decade by decade and year by year. Will it continue getting worse until all of America is nothing but a sewer like Philadelphia and until we all have drowned in the filth? Are the Jews, with their stranglehold on the media, on the politicians, and on the minds of the lemmings, unstoppable?

And the answer is "no." What is happening is not inevitable. It will only continue spreading and becoming worse to the extent that we permit it. The Jews, despite all of their power, both apparent and real, are indeed stoppable. Let me explain.

I have a huge stack of news reports from the Middle East and from Europe on my desk. Here is a typical headline. It's from an Associated Press report datelined this Sunday in Jerusalem: "Israeli Soldiers in West Bank Kill Palestinian Woman, Her Two Children, and a Young Boy." The report goes on to say that the Jews shot the Palestinian woman and children because they looked "suspicious." The shootings came immediately after an Israeli tank maneuvering in the area lost one of its treads. The Jews suspected sabotage, so they opened up on the unfortunate Palestinian woman and children with the tank's. 50-caliber machine gun. To the average reader it looks an awful lot like the Jewish soldiers were angry about the damage to their tank and simply decided to kill any Palestinians they saw. And this is all too typical of the news coming from Palestine these days. I have a hundred other reports in a similar vein.

So what's the reaction to this news? That depends on who's reacting. If you're one of Israel's bought politicians in the U.S. government, then your reaction is along the lines of George Bush or Attorney General John Ashcroft or the head Republican in the Congress, Dick Armey. House Majority Leader Dick Armey believes that it's just fine for Jews to shoot Palestinian women and children whenever they feel like it. He announced last week that he believes that the Jews should ethnically cleanse Israel and the entire West Bank, expelling or killing all non-Jews and claiming the land for Israel. And his fellow political prostitutes agree with him, although most of them are not quite as bold as he is to call for ethnic cleansing. The fact is that they've all been bought, they're all traitors, and they all should be hanged, every one of them. And I'm dead serious when I say that, although I also should say that I am grateful to Congressman Armey for announcing his approval of ethnic cleansing, because that's what will have to be done in this country on a huge scale. And it will be done.

Anyway. I'm not the only thoughtful person who keeps up with the news. There are many thousands of other Americans who read the news reports about Jews venting their anger by shooting Palestinian women and children and then hear our government leaders respond with approval. Whatever the Jews want is all right with these politicians. And thoughtful people understand. They understand how the system works. They see that the lemmings aren't told about the murdered women and children. They know that the government is told but that it doesn't care. They see that the lemmings aren't told about Congressman Armey's approval of expelling all the Palestinians from Palestine so that the Jews can have their land. Almost no mass media reported Armey's statement. Thoughtful people realize that the lemmings wouldn't understand even if they were told. They note that Ariel Sharon, the repulsive mass murderer and war criminal who heads Israel, visited the United States this week and was hugged by Donald Rumsfeld and by George Bush and the other politicians as if he were Santa Claus.

Thoughtful people are forced to admit, after years of evading the truth, that I have been right. Thoughtful people are being forced to admit that the truths that I have been rubbing in their faces for years, which they didn't want to see, are in fact truths. Not all thoughtful people yet, of course, but many more now than a year ago. And let me assure you, more and more of them are admitting it to me. And when thoughtful people have been forced to admit the utter and total corruption and treason and irresponsibility of our government, when they have been forced to admit that the government will do whatever the Jews tell it to do where the Middle East is concerned, they also begin to pay attention when I tell them that what has happened to Philadelphia is also the result of Jewish corruption and subversion. And they begin to understand that if we do not want to sink to the level of Uganda then we must attack the corruption and the subversion at its source.

What's happening now in Palestine has broken the ice. For the past 50 years the Jews have used their "Holocaust" story as a shield to protect themselves from criticism: "You can't blame us for anything we do, because we suffered so much in the concentration camps under those awful Germans. If you say bad things about us, you're no better than those German doctors who performed medical experiments on us or those German concentration camp guards who shoved us into gas chambers."

And for 50 years, the Jews weren't blamed for anything. No matter what they did, they were portrayed as innocent and inoffensive. All of us were afraid of being considered "anti-Semitic." That has changed very recently to a remarkable degree among thoughtful people. We all owe to the Palestinian suicide bombers and other resistance fighters a great debt of gratitude for this. When thoughtful people see Jews behaving like Jews, killing Palestinian women and children just because they're angry, and when they see the media here -- at least, the mass media, the media that influence the lemmings -- ignoring this atrocious behavior, and when they see our government expressing its implicit approval -- and in some cases explicit approval -- not only do they no longer feel an obligation not to criticize Jews, but they also begin seeing the bigger picture of Jewish influence and control and subversion.

And really, it goes far beyond a question of moral outrage at what the Jews are doing in Palestine. It even goes beyond a sense of alarm on the part of patriots about the Jews' corruption of our politicians through their control of the media. People who really don't care whether or not the Jews are massacring Palestinians and who already were pretty cynical about our politicians and their subservience to the Jews are quite concerned about the direction that world events have taken recently. A lot of thoughtful people simply don't want us pushed into a Third World War. They don't even want us pushed into another war that can be confined to the Middle East. They don't want us invading Iraq and in general being used as Israel's bullyboy and butcher in the Middle East. They see this sort of behavior as very, very dangerous and very, very destructive of American interests.

There are even thoughtful people who look into the future and think about things such as America's long-term status as a nation, about our future as a people, and about what will happen to our civilization. I consider myself one of these people, and I believe that I have much more company now than I did as recently as a year ago.

An important aspect of this growing awareness of the Jewish role in things is that it isn't confined to America. It's worldwide. In Europe, it has reached the grass-roots level. It's not just thoughtful people in Europe who are reacting to the Jews and to the politicians now. I'm not suggesting that there is any sort of general awakening among the lemmings. That simply won't happen until the Jewish stranglehold on the mass media is broken. But there are stirrings now by more ordinary people, whether they understand everything or not. The natives in Europe are becoming restless.

And in the Muslim world, restlessness has reached the thermonuclear level. If the present conflict between Jews and Palestinians continues at its present level of intensity for a few more months, governments will fall. And those who are governing know it. They are bracing themselves. They are preparing themselves to switch roles. Instead of their present role -- or their perceived present role -- of lackeys of Jew-controlled America, they will adopt the role of patriots. One sees this quite clearly in the content and tone of the government-controlled media in countries such as Egypt and Syria and Saudi Arabia.

These countries know that they're not strong enough to take on Israel and America. But the men in power also don't want to be lynched as traitors by their own people. For a long time they have had to play a balancing game, trying to remain friendly with the American bully and at the same time keep their own people from becoming too restless. But the balance is shifting now. Respect for America is lower than it ever has been, and fear of their own people is greater. And so the government-controlled media are saying things about the Jews that they haven't said in the past, when they were more concerned about not displeasing America.

In fact, when one reads some of the things being published in Muslim countries about Jews now, one sees more than merely an effort to show the public that the government isn't friendly with Jews: one almost can see a preparation for some sort of final showdown, almost a recognition by the governments involved that a final showdown with the Jews is imminent.

All of this may seem far removed from the mess in Philadelphia, but it really isn't, because the same people responsible for what has happened to Philadelphia are responsible for what's happening in Palestine. Let me outline just the first part of a possible sequence of events. The Palestinian resistance continues, and the Jewish reprisals become even more atrocious. Public unrest in the Muslim countries continues to build. The Pakistani collaborator General Musharraf is assassinated, and the government of Pakistan is taken over by militant Muslims who immediately halt all collaboration with the United States. The leaders of other Muslim governments are terrified that they may suffer Musharraf's fate too, and so they also halt all collaboration with the United States. The Jews, increasingly desperate as they see their situation deteriorating, demand that the United States immediately bomb and invade Iraq. Without the permission of Iraq's neighbors, that can only be done by waging war against those neighbors as well. Thoughtful observers in Europe and in America, concerned now, will be vastly more concerned then. And you can imagine where things might go from there.

Well, all of this is extremely speculative, but it is clear that many things happening in different parts of the world are tied together. We are living in interesting times.

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