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Free Speech - May 2001 - Volume VII, Number 5

Riots and Revolution

by Dr. William Pierce

Everyone in America knows about Cincinnati. That is, everyone at least has seen the sanitized images of the Cincinnati race riot that have appeared on television screens across the country. In that regard the Cincinnati riot is different from the Seattle race riot of nearly two months ago. News of the Seattle riot was successfully suppressed by the controlled media outside the Seattle area.

In other ways, however, the riots were very similar. Although the controlled media decided not to try to suppress the news from Cincinnati, it is clear that the sympathies of the media bosses were as much with the Blacks in Cincinnati as they were in Seattle. Here's one small example of that: The 19-year-old Black thug whose shooting by a White policeman was the Blacks' excuse for rioting in Cincinnati had a long arrest record. There were 14 more arrest warrants outstanding for him at the time he was shot. The policeman who shot him, in other words, realized that he was dealing with a habitual criminal, and he responded to what he believed was an attempt by the Black to draw a weapon from his waistband by shooting him.

None of this was mentioned on the television news coverage of events in Cincinnati, of course. The Black who was shot was described by the media as "an unarmed Black youth" -- or, in the case of Cincinnati's Channel 9 television news program, as "an unarmed African American teenager." And here's the clincher: Instead of using one of the readily available police mug shots of the Black, the media managed to dig up a photo of him in a formal suit with a big, innocent smile on his face, presumably taken at some high-school dance -- and that is the photograph shown repeatedly to Americans on their television screens: not the police mug shots of a hardened, 19-year-old Black criminal, but a photograph of smiling, well-dressed, teenaged Black innocence. You can be sure that some Jewish news director got a bonus from a Jewish network boss for digging up that photograph.

At the Black's funeral last Saturday the White governor of Ohio and the White mayor of Cincinnati both appeared among the mourners. That's a symbolic thing. You can be certain that they wouldn't have attended the funeral of some White street thug shot by a Black cop. They attended the funeral, alongside Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam people, Kweisi Mfume of the NAACP, and members of the New Black Panther Party, and they looked appropriately contrite and said nice things about the deceased for one reason only: they were frightened to death that the Blacks would continue rioting.

And why were they afraid of that? They could have stopped the riot dead in its tracks any time they wanted. That is, physically they could have stopped the riot. Even though 43 per cent of the population of Cincinnati is Black, the police could have wound up the riot within half an hour, and the Blacks who survived the gunfire would have been trembling behind closed doors, afraid to show their faces. Militarily it would have been a trivial matter.

But both Mayor Charles Luken and Governor Bob Taft understood that politically they were at the mercy of the Black rioters. They knew which side the Jewish media were on. They knew that if they took strong measures against the rioters they would be crucified by the media. So just as in Seattle the cops, under orders from the politicians, simply let the riot run its course. They arrested 200 or so Blacks they caught looting stores or setting fires when they could do so without danger of any real conflict, but it was more a matter of picking off stragglers than it was any real attempt at riot control. For the most part the police just watched. They watched while Blacks stopped cars with White drivers, pulled the drivers out of their cars, and stomped and beat them mercilessly. They stood by and watched the Blacks beat a White woman "to a pulp." Those words -- "to a pulp" -- aren't mine; they came from the April 12 edition of the Cincinnati Post. The rule governing the cops was: don't provoke the Blacks.

Just as in Seattle, most Whites in Cincinnati behaved like sheep waiting to be led to the slaughter. The ones who were pulled from their cars and beaten practically begged for it. A White driver would see a group of Blacks in his path milling around in the middle of the street with stones and bottles in their hands, and instead of stepping on the gas and scattering the Blacks as he plowed through them, he would stop and roll down his window to ask them to move so that he could get through.

Some Whites behaved even worse than that. A few Politically Correct soccer moms and yuppies were eager to demonstrate that their sympathies lay with the Blacks rather than with the police. One White woman carried flowers to the alley where the Black criminal had been shot by the White policeman, and as she was leaving a Black woman in a parked car threatened her: "This ain't no crosswalk. You walk in front of me, and I'm going to run over you." That's from the April 16 issue of the Cincinnati Post. A group of White yuppies visiting the shooting scene were confronted by a Black Panther, who told them menacingly: "Whites are walking too freely down this street." An impartial deity looking down on such scenes from above to decide which race should inherit the earth certainly would not choose the Whites.

Perhaps we shouldn't expect better behavior from Cincinnati's Whites in view of the example set for them by their so-called "leaders." While Governor Taft and Mayor Luken were inside a Black church shaking hands with various Black militants at the funeral service for the slain Black, Blacks outside were chanting and carrying signs saying "It's Time to Shoot Back." The only responses from the White politicians were weak, ingratiating smiles.

The Blacks know when they have the upper hand, and Black leaders from around the country flocked to Cincinnati to take advantage of the situation and stir things up a bit. One of them was the Reverend Al Sharpton, who came with his "adviser," Jewish lawyer Sanford Rubenstein.

The local news media, by way of contrast, boasted that they were showing "restraint" in their coverage of the riot. What they meant by that is that they were doctoring their news coverage so as not to make the rioters look too bad. TV camera crews, instead of broadcasting live, were taping what they saw, so that editors back at the studio could snip out scenes that might arouse White viewers. In particular, the scenes that were cut were those showing Blacks beating White motorists, especially White women.

The word got around despite this censorship, however. In fact, the knowledge that the news they were seeing had been censored caused White viewers to be more responsive to wild rumors than they otherwise would have been. The radio talk shows provided a forum for many Whites to vent their anger. They talked about buying more guns, about forming vigilante groups and shooting rioters since the police wouldn't do it, and so on, but as usual it was just empty talk by Whites made feckless by a soft, protected lifestyle that any real effort to organize them for dealing forcefully with the Blacks would have sent most of them running for cover.

The city's White businessmen behaved in the way we have come to expect from White businessmen. All that matters to them is profits, and riots are bad for profits. They see appeasement as the way to deal with every Black disturbance or disorder. While a White police spokesman was calling publicly for tough police action against the rioters and more support for the police from the politicians, the politicians were meeting behind his back with the local business tycoons to work out a plan for selling out the Whites and buying off the Blacks. In an interview by the Cincinnati Enquirer and also by a local radio station, Fraternal Order of Police President Keith Fangman expressed the police disappointment with the pusillanimous behavior of the mayor and the city council, and especially with an anti-racial profiling ordinance the city council had passed just two weeks earlier in response to Black and Jewish demands.

Speaking of the low morale of his fellow policemen, Fangman said:

Quite frankly, many of those on the council have inflamed the situation in the past few months with talk about Cincinnati police officers murdering African American males but not telling people the truth about all the officers that have been shot at by these African American males. We're fed up. The only thing to improve morale is for the council to come forward and admit that the racial profiling ordinance was nothing more than a political stunt. We're in the middle of a riot, and I can guarantee you that we are stopping, detaining, and questioning people in the areas where there is unrest. Two weeks ago the council called that racial profiling. Now that the city is burning, the council doesn't know what to say.... We are not going to negotiate with these terrorists, and that's what they are. These are nothing but terrorists out there on the street. If we give one inch to these terrorists in the form of negotiations, then we've got no one to blame but ourselves when we turn into another Detroit or Washington, DC.

Well, of course, negotiation and appeasement and bribery were exactly what the mayor and the politicians on the city council had in mind. While the police were held back from dealing forcefully with the rioters, the politicians and the businessmen were negotiating with Al Sharpton and his Jewish lawyer and the head Black in the local chapter of the Urban League and all the rest. The mayor, Charlie Luken, already has spoken about the need to root out racism as the key to avoiding future riots. Instead of ditching their new racial profiling ordinance, the mayor and the other politicians are talking about ways to enforce it more rigorously. Executives from the Procter & Gamble Company and Toyota Motor Manufacturing of North America and other members of the Cincinnati Business Committee have announced that they will provide additional jobs and economic opportunities for Blacks. They will hire more young Blacks this summer, and they will give more contracts to Black-owned businesses.

And I don't have to tell you whose jobs will be given to those Black rioters this summer. I don't have to tell you who won't be getting the contracts that will be given to Black-owned businesses. One thing which the businessmen and the politicians didn't announce publicly but which I see coming is a behind-the-scenes promise of political and police power to the head Black rabble rousers. The first tidbit to go to a Black will be the job of the current White chief of police. Next in order will be a Black mayor for Cincinnati. And in fact, Cincinnati will go the way of Detroit and Washington, DC, just as the president of the Fraternal Order of Police warned.

Will that be good for business? I don't think so. Certainly not in the long run. But White businessmen these days are almost as shortsighted and irresponsible a lot as White politicians. They feel no sense of responsibility to their race or to the future. They just want quick fixes. And they are as terrified of being thought Politically Incorrect as are the politicians.

So what should those of us with a longer view of the situation do?

I'm getting a lot of letters from hyperactive idiots who are jumping up and down and telling me, "Don't just talk! Do something about the Blacks! Do something about what's happening in Cincinnati!"

I think they want me to go to Cincinnati with a few members of my organization, the National Alliance, and start shooting Blacks, so that they can have the vicarious thrill of watching it on television. Well, let me tell you, if I thought that the time had come for the shooting to start, it wouldn't be Black rioters I'd be gunning for. I'd be gunning first for White politicians and businessmen. Before going after our external enemies, I'd deal with our internal enemies. Only after we'd cleaned out the traitors inside our gates would I aim for those outside. And even then it wouldn't be Black rioters I'd be shooting. I appreciate Black rioters. I'm just sorry the weather in Cincinnati has been so cool and wet and the riot there didn't last longer and take a bigger toll. There's nothing more educational for our people than a good Black riot. I'm hoping for a long, hot summer. This should be a good summer for riots, with the economy heading downhill and the Blacks convinced that White Republicans stole the election from their candidate, Al Gore.

No, in this pre-revolutionary period the Blacks are good for us. The first outsiders we must deal with are the people who control our mass media of news and entertainment and pump their poison and their filth and their lies into our people around the clock. When we have rooted the last of these Semitic poisoners and everyone in their supporting infrastructure out of our society, the rest will be only a mopping-up operation.

Anyway, the time for shooting isn't here yet, and that's too bad, because a great deal more damage will be done to our people and to our civilization between now and then, and the longer the shooting is postponed, the less we'll have for starting over after the smoke has cleared. We really need to focus now on the things that it is time for. And the most important of those things is communicating with our people: first developing the means for communication with them, developing every possible medium which we can use for reaching them, and then using all of those media as effectively as possible. I'm sure we'll never reach the Politically Correct lemmings like the woman who was threatened with being run over when she put flowers on the spot where the Black was shot. She didn't learn a thing from that experience. She went home and cried her eyes out over the unrequited love she has for the Black race. She needs to be reprogrammed by the mass media, but that can't be done as long as the hereditary enemies of our people continue to control the media. Now they are working day and night to create more deranged White women like her. And there's also not much to be done with the Whites who like to let off steam by sounding tough on the radio talk shows or with the hyperactive idiots who urge me to start shooting. Talkers seldom are doers.

But there still are responsible, level-headed White men and women in America capable of thinking for themselves: millions of them, actually. For the most part they keep their mouths shut now because they are isolated and they feel intimidated by the constant pressure to conform, the constant pressure coming from the mass media to be Politically Correct. But they are capable of seeing what's happening around them. They don't have blinders on, like the lemmings do.

My job now and for the immediate future -- our job -- is to reach out to these millions of isolated and intimidated non-lemmings, these millions of responsible and level-headed White men and women, and to help them see more of what is happening around them, to give them more information, to help them digest and assimilate and understand that information, to help them draw responsible conclusions from it. And our job is to lessen and eventually end their sense of isolation by letting them know that they are not alone, that there are millions like them who are not dancing willingly to the tune played by the Jewish pied pipers of the controlled media. And at the same time that we inform these millions, our task is to begin networking them, to help them begin working together, to help them encourage and reinforce each other.

When we have accomplished that to any significant degree we will have gained new capabilities and will be able to do other things, but for now our task is to inform and explain and inspire -- and to connect, unite, organize.

Let's finish today with a thought about our task of combating the influence of the Jewish mass media. The Jews understand one thing about mass propaganda that many people don't understand. In its early stages the task of propaganda is to persuade, to change attitudes and opinions. But after the propaganda has succeeded in doing that -- after it has all of the lemmings dancing to the same tune -- it has a different purpose. Its new purpose is to create a pervasive atmosphere of ideological uniformity in which any non-conforming idea, any fact which does not fit the party line, will stand out and be noticed so that the forces of Political Correctness, the Thought Police, can swarm over it and suppress it. That's the way it worked behind the Iron Curtain during the communist period. The lemmings were conditioned to respond instantly and report to the secret police any dissonant expression, any non-conforming statement or tendency, anything at all that was not perfectly in tune with the pervasive propaganda that saturated their thinking and their perceptions.

And that's the way it's quickly becoming in America today. My organization, the National Alliance, publishes and distributes many printed materials to inform those thinking millions of isolated individuals, to provoke them to think harder and to reach conclusions. Without the pervasive blanket of Jewish propaganda from the mass media, our leaflets and pamphlets and books and other materials -- even the American Dissident Voices broadcasts -- might go unnoticed. There's so much material of all sorts being published, people are bombarded with so much information, that it's difficult to be noticed, to catch the attention of the people one is trying to reach. But the Jews help us by providing a contrasting background of lies against which the truth stands out starkly. Their propaganda keeps the lemmings hypnotized, but it also makes it easier for the non-lemmings to notice anything contradictory to the party line.

In this regard I've mentioned on earlier broadcasts the reaction we always get from the lemmings when we distribute a sticker which says simply, "Earth's Most Endangered Species: the White Race -- Help Preserve It," and gives our address. There shouldn't be anything alarming about that, but it alarms the lemmings every time, because it stands out against the pervasive Jewish propaganda background which tells the lemmings over and over, "Black good, White bad, Black good, White bad." The notion that the White race ought to be preserved is contrary to that Jewish propaganda background and is therefore noticed -- by the millions we are trying to reach as well as by the lemmings.

That is at least a small silver lining in the cloud over America. Help me take advantage of it. Help me reach out to other responsible Americans. Tell your friends about my broadcasts.

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