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Free Speech - April 2001 - Volume VII, Number 4

Countering the Poison

by Dr. William Pierce

Today let's talk more about a very disturbing phenomenon that we've discussed several times in the past few weeks, namely a conditioned inability of White people -- or at least, a substantial percentage of White people -- to defend themselves against non-Whites. When I first told you about the rapes and murders of those Whites in Wichita, Kansas, by two Blacks -- rapes and murders the news of which was blacked out almost completely by the media outside of Wichita -- I commented that the most shocking thing about this atrocity was the total lack of resistance by the White victims, their complete failure even to attempt to defend themselves against two Blacks armed only with one relatively anemic pistol. The White men just stood and watched the Blacks rape and abuse their women, and then they all knelt obediently in the snow when the Blacks told them to and let themselves be shot in the back of the head, one at a time.

For the past two weeks we've been talking about the Mardi Gras race riot in Seattle, where small groups of Blacks viciously attacked individual White men and women in an overwhelmingly White crowd. While the Blacks punched young White women to the ground and then kicked them senseless, and while they ripped the clothes off other White women and pawed and probed them, nearby White men just stared without attempting to intervene.

Now I want to read to you a letter that I received this week from a listener of my American Dissident Voices broadcast. He relates an experience that he had in New Jersey:

A Black mugger, in broad daylight, attempted to rob a young, White businessman at knife point as the latter was making a withdrawal from an automatic teller machine. Rather than submit quietly, as so many of our young, European males do these days, the strapping young White man, a six-foot, five-inch giant named Paul, unleashed a devastating knockout punch to the mugger's face. The Black mugger, a muscular six feet, three inches or so himself, fell to the pavement like a ton of bricks.

The White hero, however, received a nasty knife gash in his forearm as he was throwing his punch. He was bleeding profusely all over his white shirt and his suit. Nevertheless, Paul calmly took out his cell phone and called 911 to report the attempted robbery and his own wound.

As Paul was waiting for help to arrive, the Black thug began to regain consciousness and slowly raised his head off the sidewalk. Big Paul then stomped on the mugger's head to make sure he stayed down and out. Upon seeing this, a White female, one of the group of eight to ten witnesses who had gathered, shrieked in horror and scolded our White hero for stomping on the Black criminal's head! A wimpish White male yuppie then leaned anxiously over the downed Black to see whether or not he was still breathing!

I was utterly dumbfounded. Here was a White victim-turned-hero, covered in blood, and yet some of the Whites who witnessed this event were more concerned about whether or not the poor, knife-wielding Black animal had suffered a serious concussion. I and some others attended to the bleeding Paul, but it was a bizarre scene. Paul's cut was nasty but not life-threatening. I assume that the knife-wielding Black got off with a slap on the wrist in court that was far less painful than Paul's gash.

The inexplicable behavior of some of the White witnesses left a lasting impression on me. It wasn't until I read some of your material that I fully understood the true source of the disgustingly wimpish behavior I witnessed that day. If more White Americans were made of the same stuff as Paul, Western civilization would be back on the right track in 30 days, don't you think?"

Well, yes, if more White Americans reacted to non-White aggression the way Paul did, we would be in much better shape. And you know, White Americans, even those who weren't six feet, five inches tall, used to behave the way Paul did. A century ago almost any able-bodied White male would have behaved the way Paul did. And it would have been inconceivable that two White witnesses would have behaved the way the White female and the White male yuppie did in the incident described in the letter I just read to you. Really inconceivable!

So what has happened to us? Have we been softened up by too much Christianity, too much turn-the-other-cheek preaching? Well, I don't think so. At least, I don't think that is the primary cause of our present malady. Certainly Christians are in the forefront of the wimp brigades these days, but the country as a whole is less Christian now than it was a century ago. A higher percentage of our ancestors were convinced Christians than in the general White population today, but not even the worst of the Bible-thumpers among the pioneers who settled this country had let themselves be emasculated by their religion. Though they may have carried a Bible in one hand as they headed west and claimed the land for themselves and their posterity, they carried a rifle in the other hand. They were self-respecting Christians.

Has it been too much easy living, too much luxury and comfort, that has made cowards of most of us and has turned some of us into partisans of our enemies? Well, I think that's a part of the answer, but certainly not the whole answer. More than once, when speaking with people who already agree -- in theory -- with me on the racial issue and on the Jewish issue I have had the experience of seeing them recoil in horror when I talk about what ultimately needs to be done to clean up our society. When I talk about cleaning out the stables -- when I talk about an inevitable civil war -- they are horrified. I realize, of course, that we are in no position at this time to punish traitors and clean up our government. But even to contemplate a final solution for getting rid of the filth in the government and in the media horrifies my listeners. They will only consider solutions that don't involve violence or bloodshed: only nice, peaceful, non-violent solutions that don't hurt anyone's feelings. When I talk about the eventual need for ethnic cleansing on a massive scale to undo the damage done by non-White immigration and miscegenation during the past century, again they are horrified. "Oh, we can't do that," they say: "That's genocide!"

And I do think that this excessive squeamishness, which comes from living a soft and sheltered life, is to some degree responsible for paralyzing the will of our people. Maybe there's some Christianity mixed in there too, which makes so many of our people unwilling to do what must be done to protect our race, our society, our civilization. But whether it's Christianity or softness, the unwillingness to take effective action when needed is very real. In the Seattle Mardi Gras riot, for example, the Whites in the crowd certainly weren't going to stop the Blacks from rampaging by appealing to the Blacks' commitment to a multicultural society. They weren't going to stop them by laying a hand gently on their shoulders and saying to them, "No, brother, no. You mustn't abuse people this way."

The only way to stop those Blacks would have been for a group of White men -- and it would have needed only four or five sturdy White men -- to arm themselves with baseball bats, fence posts, tire irons, pocket knives, or whatever other emergency weapons were at hand, and then to attack one gang of rampaging Blacks at a time and take them out -- disable them -- not by reasoning with them or by threatening them but by the decisive use of violence. That, of course, would have meant cracking Black skulls and drawing blood -- and risking injury to themselves. And most White men aren't up to that these days. They really haven't been raised right.

It is the sheerest foolishness to imagine that America is a powerful nation because a 100-pound girl in a U.S. Army uniform can push a button in some command center and launch a missile that will destroy a city somewhere on the other side of the world. Americans have lost their manhood -- or they are well on the way to losing it -- and that is why we will not be able to defend ourselves from our internal enemies, who are the real threat to our existence.

It is essential, of course, for us to have missiles capable of taking out Peking or Tel Aviv. It is essential for us to have a high-tech military capability so that we can kill thousands or even millions of enemies for each one of our own casualties. That's necessary because we foolishly have helped the non-White races of the planet reduce their death rates, industrialize themselves, and multiply until they greatly outnumber us, and we have helped the Jews develop Israel into a deadly arsenal of nuclear, chemical, and biological terror weapons. We need a high-tech military force to deal with this external threat. But what will destroy America is the enemy within, and against that enemy nuclear-tipped missiles and our other long-range weapons are useless. The enemy that will destroy us consists of the growing hordes of non-Whites already inside our borders and the White traitors in Washington and in every statehouse and every city hall and every newspaper office and every courthouse in the country who invited those hordes in and who now pamper and indulge them. That is the enemy that will destroy us, and to fight that enemy manhood is necessary.

Well, there's one more reason why White Americans stand around with their hands in their pockets, gaping helplessly while gangs of Blacks attack other White men and sexually abuse White women. It's the reason, I am sure, why that White woman in New Jersey was much more concerned about the welfare of the Black robber on the pavement than the welfare of the White man he had attacked with a knife. And, although I can't be sure, I strongly suspect it's also the most important reason why those White men in Wichita allowed the two Blacks to rape and abuse their women and then let themselves be killed without putting up a fight.

This most important reason for our inability or unwillingness to defend ourselves, our women, our nation, our civilization from the enemy within is that we have been psychologically conditioned all our lives -- deliberately conditioned -- not to defend ourselves against this enemy in our midst. What is the worst thing you can call a lemming, the thing that will make the average lemming turn pale with fright as he vehemently denies your charge? What label is guaranteed to make any politician or bureaucrat or Army officer or chief of police grovel and apologize and run for cover? That is the label of "racist," of course.

It's a label that was virtually never used 50 years ago, in the days when American society was supposedly racist through and through. Even 30 years ago White Americans could talk about race in an open and honest way, without fear. Even university professors, who these days are not noted for either courage or intellectual honesty, could talk about racial matters 30 years ago. I was a university professor, and I discussed with my colleagues the inevitable decline in academic standards which would accompany the government's efforts to force universities to accept unqualified Black students and unqualified Black faculty members. In those days, even though some professors were flaming liberals, we could at least discuss racial matters. But within the past 30 years the iron curtain of Political Correctness has descended, not just on our university campuses, but on our whole society.

How did it happen? It happened because we were deliberately brainwashed, deliberately conditioned psychologically by clever propagandists. Television was the principal propaganda medium -- and still is. The most popular television shows, which nearly every American viewed -- shows such as All in the Family and M*A*S*H -- were clever propaganda, designed deliberately to make "racism" a feared label and to put a whole range of other ideas and attitudes beyond the pale of acceptability, while at the same time making acceptable certain types of behavior which previously were abhorrent to most Americans.

All in the Family's Archie Bunker was used to make White Americans with traditional ideas about race and sexuality seem ridiculous, to seem ignorant and small-minded. M*A*S*H, starring the leftist actor Alan Alda, was used to make Whites with traditional attitudes seem like vicious bigots, despised by all decent people. Tens of millions of White Americans watched these programs on black-and-white television screens week after week. I was one of those White Americans. The programs were genuinely funny, genuinely entertaining. And they were genuinely poisonous to the easily manipulated lemmings who made up the vast majority of the viewers.

And I hardly need to tell you that this brainwashing effort aimed against the White American majority was designed and implemented almost entirely by the tiny Jewish minority in our midst, who by the 1960s had gained virtually total control of the mass media of news and entertainment. They staffed the media at every level and pumped their poison into virtually every living room in America. All in the Family was the creation of Norman Lear. M*A*S*H was the creation first, as a Hollywood film, of Robert Altman and later, as a TV series, of Larry Gelbart. Lear, Altman, and Gelbart were all Jews, and so was virtually every other propagandist working behind the scenes of the media. Behind every media campaign of lies and deceit, behind every piece of poisonous propaganda, behind every piece of subversive filth being poured into American living rooms and American schoolrooms was a gaggle of scheming, hate-filled Jews bent on destroying our civilization and our race.

Well, All in the Family and M*A*S*H were just two examples of the media brainwashing blitz that shifted into high gear in the 1960s and is still accelerating. There were dozens of other TV series, some subtle and some not so subtle; there was the slanted network television news; there were Hollywood films and radio programs and popular magazines. And there were other propaganda themes besides racial equality and the promotion of homosexuality. There was the "Holocaust," all about how the poor, persecuted Jews had suffered so terribly at the hands of the Germans -- through no fault of their own, of course -- and were deserving of all sorts of compensation and special consideration and exemption from blame.

There was the drive to "equalize" men and women in military service, in the workplace, and in every other way. This drive to equalize the sexes was not carried on just through political lobbying and demonstrations. Television entertainment played a major role by masculinizing the portrayal of women and feminizing the portrayal of men and by portraying as a bigot and a hater, as an object of contempt and ridicule, anyone who didn't want to go along.

There was the drive for so-called "children's rights," the drive for unlimited permissiveness and against parental "repression" of children -- and in fact, against any form of discipline or restraint. This drive was perhaps most visible in the efforts of radical youth-movement Jews such as Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin with their "kill your parents" slogan in the 1960s and 1970s, but it was Jewish television that promoted more subtly and also more effectively the attitudes that parental authority was old-fashioned and out of style and that self-discipline, responsibility, and good work habits were only for dull, narrow-minded people, that the modern attitude was, "if it feels good, do it."

This Jewish propaganda blitz, this brainwashing campaign aimed at demoralizing White America, has been and still is a multi-front campaign. Its most important front may have been the racial front, and its next most important front may have been the sexual front, but every aspect of our society -- every institution -- that may have provided us with a sense of pride or solidarity has been and still is under attack. The aim has been not just to make Blacks equal to or a little better than Whites, to make women equal to or a little more powerful than men, to give children as much authority as parents; the aim has been to equalize, to democratize, to homogenize everything. Anything from the old order -- anything from the White, patriarchal, hierarchical order -- that stands out is to be attacked and pulled down: equalized, democratized, homogenized.

An interesting example of this is the recent drive to undermine the prestige and blur the identity of the Army's elite Rangers, with their distinctive black berets and their extraordinarily martial and masculine esprit de corps. Anything that is elite is hated and disparaged by the partisans of the new world order -- and especially something like the Rangers, long a hotbed of masculine, patriarchal, inegalitarian attitudes. Rather than making a direct, frontal attack on the Rangers, the Army's politicians and bureaucrats decided as a first step to take away the Rangers' distinctive appearance. They decreed that henceforth every member of the Army, including every Black female clerk and every mestizo cook, would wear a black beret, just like those worn by the Rangers. It would be a unifying move, the Army bureaucracy smirked.

The next step undoubtedly would be to require the Rangers to lower their standards and to have a quota for Black females and mestizos. The Rangers have been sharply criticized, along with the Army's Special Forces and the Navy's Seals, for being too White and too male. It's past time for all of these elite groups to be equalized and feminized.

The Rangers, I am pleased to note, did not cave in quietly to the attempt to equalize them with the rest of the Army. They raised hell about it and won a good bit of support from many other people, including some influential people. The Army politicians refused to back down on their decision to give black berets to everybody, but under pressure they grudgingly gave permission, just a few days ago, for the Rangers to switch to tan berets, thus maintaining -- for a while -- their distinctiveness.

Aside from the Rangers, unfortunately, there aren't many segments of our society who have had the pride and self-respect to stand up to the equalizers. Most have gone along quietly. Many have gone along enthusiastically, hoping to curry favor with the equalizers.

So what do we do? How do we go about restoring our manhood? Unfortunately, for America as a whole it's not as simple as it would have been for the Whites in that Mardi Gras crowd in Seattle. It's not just a matter of a few of us grabbing fence posts and splitting Black skulls. The first thing we must do is stop the flow of Jewish lies and Jewish poison and Jewish filth into every American living room and every American classroom. That is an enormous task, an extremely difficult task. We are taking now one small, first step toward the accomplishment of that task by countering the lies and the poison with these American Dissident Voices broadcasts. Only a small fraction of our people hears these broadcasts now. We need to reach many more of our people before we can take the next step. You can help us reach that next step sooner by telling your friends and neighbors and co-workers about these broadcasts. Please do it!

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