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Free Speech - Febuary 2001 - Volume VII, Number 2

Child Porn, Ecstasy, and Pardons

by Dr. William Pierce

Today we'll take a look at what Bill Clinton did with his last few hours in the White House, but first I'd let to give you an update on some things we talked about in earlier broadcasts. In my broadcast of October 7, 2000, I told you about a child-pornography ring that kidnapped Russian children and then made videos of them being raped, sexually tortured, and killed. Wealthy perverts in the West buy these videos, paying as much as $20,000 for the videos in which a child actually is killed.

The pornographers had a temporary setback in October last year when Italian police raided the homes of some 600 Italian perverts who had been buying these videos. Nine of the importers and distributors of the child pornography in Italy were arrested, and two men in Russia involved in making the videos also were arrested. But there was no news coverage of the arrests, and none of the big shots in the Russian child-porn business were arrested: just two thugs actually involved in kidnapping, raping, and killing the children.

Then a couple of Italian television news reporters working for Italy's largest TV network who had seen some of the videos seized by the Italian police were so outraged by what they saw that they broke the news blackout by broadcasting scenes from some of the videos on a prime-time television news program viewed by 11 million Italians. The Jewish boss of the news department of the government-owned television network, Gad Lerner, immediately fired the reporters who had violated the blackout. And there was absolutely no news at all about these events in the United States, even though many of the customers of this child-porn ring live in the United States.

It was the blackout of the news in America of the arrests in Italy that aroused my interest in this matter. Can you imagine anything more horrible than kidnapping White children, then raping, sexually torturing, and murdering them for the gratification of wealthy perverts who like to watch that sort of thing? Such activity can flourish only in the dark. If you drag it into the open the perverts will run for cover, like cockroaches in a dirty kitchen when the light is turned on suddenly during the night. And without the perverts buying the child-porn videos, there will be no child-porn business. If the perverts are afraid to buy child-porn videos, if they are afraid of being exposed, then Russian children will not be kidnapped, raped, tortured, and killed in front of video cameras, because there will no market for this filth, no money to be had for the Jews who run the business.

I'll go over that again: It's not just that the customers, the perverts who buy the child-porn videos, are as guilty as the pornographers who make the videos -- it's not just that the customers are paying for little White children to be kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered and therefore deserve to be punished at least as much as the people they pay to commit these crimes -- it is also that if one drives away the customers, then one shuts down the business and saves the lives of White children. And the way to drive away the customers is exposure. Therefore, hardly anything more cries out for news coverage than the child-pornography business. And yet when this became especially relevant news because of the raids and arrests in Italy last October, there wasn't a peep about it from the controlled news media in America.

That was no oversight. That was no accident on the part of the media bosses. There are more perverts in the United States buying child pornography than there are in Italy. Why protect them? Ordering, buying, receiving child pornography is not only a horrible and racially destructive thing, it also is illegal. Why don't the controlled news media in America expose this business, expose the people involved, when something happens to make it even more immediately newsworthy?

Well, I answered that question for you in my October 7 broadcast, and I also answered it in later broadcasts. Part of the reason is that most of the people who buy this filth are homosexuals. Most of the Russian children who are raped and tortured for their gratification are little boys -- although some little Russian girls also are victims, because there also are heterosexual pedophiles who buy child pornography. But homosexuals make up the majority of the paying customers, and the rule among the Jewish media bosses is that homosexuals are to be portrayed favorably whenever possible. If they can't be portrayed favorably, then don't portray them at all; kill the news.

A more important reason for keeping quiet about child pornography is that the people at the top of the business -- not the ones who kidnap the children from public parks in Moscow and then rape them in front of the cameras, but the ones who organize the business and collect the profits -- are Jews, and the Jewish media bosses in America know that. That's why people like CBS boss Sumner Redstone and ABC boss Michael Eisner and CNN boss Gerald Levin protect the child pornography business by not exposing it, no matter how newsworthy it is.

I've told you that before, but something happened earlier this year that corroborates what I told you. A man described by Federal authorities as the U.S. West Coast distributor for a child-pornography ring operating in Moscow was arrested at his home in Walnut Creek, California, on January 4. His name is Seth Bekenstein. His brother, Joshua Bekenstein, immediately flew in from the East Coast and posted a $500,000 bond to get his brother out of jail. My guess is that the government will get to keep that bond, because when his trial date comes up Seth will be safely relocated in Israel.

The child-pornography ring in Moscow for which Seth Bekenstein works is the same child-pornography ring whose Italian distributors were arrested last October. It's still in business today because the Jewish media bosses -- Sumner Redstone, Michael Eisner, Gerald Levin, and the rest -- refused to expose it in October. And they're continuing to protect it today. You would think that the arrest of one of the major distributors of child pornography in the United States would merit a little news coverage, wouldn't you? And yet there was almost a total blackout on the news of Seth Bekenstein's arrest on January 4, of his bond hearing on January 12, and of his release from jail. You certainly heard nothing about it before I told you about it a minute ago, unless you live in the Walnut Creek, California, area where Bekenstein was arrested. The reason I know about it is that a listener who lives five miles from Walnut Creek, in Danville, California, sent me a copy of the January 13 issue of his local newspaper, the San Ramon Valley Times, which reported on the arrest and the bond hearing. As far as I am aware, the news appeared nowhere else. It didn't appear in the largest newspaper in that area, the San Francisco Chronicle, for example. For more details you can contact the San Ramon Valley Times reporter who wrote the story. He is Brian Anderson, and his e-mail address is [email protected]

Listen, I don't like to repeat myself, but child pornography is not just a matter of naughty pictures of naked children. It's not illegal just because some sexually uptight Christians who are horrified by the thought of nudity pressured the Congress to pass a law against distributing or purchasing the stuff in the United States. The perverts who buy child pornography are the most depraved degenerates you can imagine in your worst nightmare. They get their sexual satisfaction from seeing little children raped and sexually tortured. Some of them are willing to pay $20,000 to see a small White boy raped to death by adult homosexuals. They finance this sort of activity with their purchases. That's why child pornography is illegal in the United States. It involves paying other people to commit kidnapping, rape, and murder.

The people who buy child pornography need to be exposed. They need to be made to fear for their miserable lives. If I had my way they would all be rounded up and killed. It would make the world a cleaner, healthier place. I also believe that the people who distribute this filth ought to be killed as soon as they are caught, not turned loose so that they can flee to Israel. And I also believe that the media bosses who protect this filthy business by keeping it covered up deserve to be hunted down and killed too. They are all in this together: the perverts, the producers and distributors, and the media Jews who protect them.

There is a pattern in this child-pornography business that we can observe in many other activities. The consumers -- the sick people who buy child pornography -- are presumably mostly Gentiles. The people who procure and distribute the stuff are Jews, as are the people in the media who protect the whole business with their silence.--Consider the distribution of illegal drugs in the United States, for example. The most popular drug fad at the moment among White yuppies is a drug known as "Ecstasy," which is a potent member of the amphetamine family: methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA for short. Other drugs, such as heroin and crack cocaine, are used mostly by non-Whites and by lowlife Whites who socialize with Blacks and other non-Whites. Many Jews are involved in the distribution of heroin and cocaine, but so are other ethnic groups, and the non-Jews outnumber the Jews. The "Ecstasy" trade, however, is totally dominated by Jews.

You wouldn't know this just by watching television news programs or reading the mainstream news periodicals aimed primarily at Gentiles. Among themselves, however, the Jews talk more freely about such things than they do to us. The Forward, formerly the Daily Forward and formerly published in Yiddish as a Jewish-Communist newspaper, is one of the most informative of the specifically Jewish newspapers published in New York. The January 19 issue of the Forward carried a long report on the "Ecstasy" trade by their correspondent Benny Avni. He reports:

". . . Israeli criminals have cornered the market on the drug ecstasy, controlling by some accounts as much as 75 per cent of the American market.

Avni then cites a statement by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration:

In recent years Israeli organized-crime syndicates, some composed of Russian émigrés associated with Russian organized crime syndicates, have forged relationships with Western European traffickers and gained control over a significant share of the European market. The Israeli syndicates are currently the primary source to U.S. distribution groups.

Well, I hardly need to tell you that these so-called "Russian" émigré groups in Israel have no real Russians in them at all. They are all Jews who merely lived in Russia before going to Israel.

The special appeal of "Ecstasy" for Jews is the enormous amount of money to be made from the drug. "Ecstasy" pills are manufactured in Amsterdam and Antwerp in laboratories owned by Jews for as little as fifty cents per pill. In New York and Miami and San Francisco the pills are sold to White yuppies in discos and night clubs for as much as $40 each. And the pills are very small. Using briefcases and suitcases with false bottoms, Jewish couriers smuggle as many as 50,000 pills at a time into the United States. That's a retail value of as much as $2 million for an investment of only $25,000. One Israeli, Sean Erez, who recently was extradited from the Netherlands to the United States on drug smuggling charges, is said by the Drug Enforcement Administration to have smuggled a million "Ecstasy" pills into the United States during a period of a few weeks last year, using Hasidic Jews as his couriers. Hasidic Jews are Jews with beards and sidelocks who wear long black coats and black hats and live mostly in or around New York City. His operation came unraveled when seven of his Hasids were arrested. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other Israelis to take the place of Erez.

In addition to the huge profits, perhaps the Jews who run the "Ecstasy" trade are attracted by the fact that the consumers of their drug are nearly all affluent young Whites, and that prolonged use of the drug causes permanent brain damage. Certainly, the Jews have a predilection for making their money in those economic activities most harmful to us. With a sure instinct they seek out the weaknesses in our society and the sickest individuals in our society, and they do everything they can not only to exploit those weaknesses for their profit but also to exacerbate them. Vice and corruption are what they are most at home with. Thus they have dominated child pornography, the White slave trade, large parts of the trade in illegal drugs, the liquor business, and so on.

Well, I'm not the only one who has been thinking about Jewish criminals recently. That's what Mr. Clinton was doing during his last hours in the White House, as he put together his lists of criminals to receive presidential pardons or have their sentences commuted. Now, Jews comprise approximately 2.5 per cent of the U.S. population. They make up about half of one per cent of the U.S. prison population. That percentage is small not because the Jews don't often break the law, but because they're harder to catch, harder to convict, and harder to send to prison when they are convicted. They tend to avoid street crime and concentrate on so-called "white-collar crime," which is much more difficult to prosecute.

Insurance fraud is one of their specialties: so much so that during the early part of the last century whenever an insured building in New York caught fire, the police investigators always suspected what they called "Jewish lightning." But it wasn't the Jewish owner of the building who poured the gasoline and tossed the match. Some Black who was paid $100 for the arson would actually light the fire, while the Jew was 150 miles away at some resort hotel in the Catskills, surrounded by alibi witnesses. Today fraud of one sort or another is still one of their biggest sources of income, and it has become much more profitable to defraud the government than it used to be to defraud private insurance companies. Generally they are able to afford good lawyers who more often than not will enable them to wriggle out of a tight spot with a favorable plea bargain when they do get caught.

Anyway, the figure I want you to remember for a moment is 0.5 per cent. That is the percentage of the U.S. prison population that is Jewish. The percentage of convicted felons who are Jews is higher -- around one per cent -- because Jews are less often imprisoned even when they are convicted. Well, on the morning of January 20, just a couple of hours before leaving office, Mr. Clinton's list of criminals whose sentences he had commuted or to whom he had given presidential pardons was released. He pardoned 140 people and commuted the sentences of 36.

Now, simply the fact that he waited until the last moment to reveal his list of pardons and commutations ought to raise the suspicion of any perceptive person. Clearly he waited until he was ready to walk out the door because he knew that there would be questions about his choices, and he didn't want to have to answer those questions. By the time the reporters had received his list and studied it, he no longer was President. What he had done could not be undone. It was one last swindling of the American people. Of the 140 felons receiving presidential pardons 17 are Jews. That's 12 per cent: approximately 12 times the percentage of convicted felons who are Jews. Interesting, isn't it?

Even more interesting is the fact that of the 36 persons whose sentences were commuted -- convicted felons who were in prison serving their sentences on January 20 -- nine are Jews. That's 25 per cent of the total. That's 50 times the percentage of Jews currently in prison. That's more than interesting, isn't it? Do you think that was just a fluke? I don't.

Four of these nine Jews -- Benjamin Berger, Jacob Elbaum, David Goldstein, and Kalmen Stern -- are Hasidic Jews who together swindled the government out of tens of millions of dollars with various fraudulent schemes. They are prominent members of the New York Hasidic community of New Square. They set up a fictitious Jewish school, a yeshiva, and then collected tens of millions of dollars from various Federal programs to support the nonexistent school and its imaginary students. That's tens of millions of dollars of our tax money.

Rumor has it that the Jews of New Square made a deal with Hillary Clinton before last November's elections. They would vote for her in her New York Senate race if she would persuade her husband to get their four members out of prison. And that's what happened. The vote in New Square in November was 99.3 per cent for Hillary -- that's 1,359 votes for her against 10 votes for her Republican opponent, Rick Lazio -- and less than three months later all four New Square Jews had their sentences commuted. Amazing coincidence, isn't it? And remember, these Jews were the ultra-Orthodox variety, who more often than not vote Republican. Neighboring Hasidic communities voted overwhelmingly for Lazio, while New Square gave nearly every vote to Hillary. They must have known something we can only suspect.

The most interesting name on Clinton's pardon list was that of convicted securities swindler, Jewish billionaire Marc Rich. Rich and his fellow Jewish securities swindler, Pincus Green, swindled the American public out of hundreds of millions of dollars back in the 1980s. Both were pardoned last month by Clinton. Actually, Rich was involved in much more criminal activity than securities fraud. He is one of those super-rich international Jewish wheeler-dealers, in the Boris Berezovsky-Vladimir Gusinsky category.

As soon as they realized they were about to be arrested, Green and Rich both fled the country. They were convicted in absentia, but they've never served a day in prison for their crimes. That's really a first for Clinton: giving a pardon to someone who is still a fugitive, someone who is still defying the law. Well, there's more to the story. Rich's former wife was dispatched as his ambassador to the Clinton government. She has given more than a million dollars to the Clintons and the Democratic Party.

What all of this looks like to me is that Mr. Clinton stuck it to the American people one more time before leaving office by selling pardons and commutations to the highest bidders. That's certainly what happened in the cases of Rich, Green, Berger, Elbaum, Goldstein, and Stern. But you know, there are some rich Colombian drug lords in prison who didn't receive pardons, and there are some Jews who did receive pardons or commutations who couldn't have paid much for them: Susan Rosenberg, for example, who was a member of a radical communist group that murdered two policemen and a guard in a bungled armored car robbery. She was sentenced to 58 years in prison for that, but now Big-Hearted Bill has turned her loose.

Many people besides me are very suspicious about Mr. Clinton's pardons and commutations, and there has been talk of investigations. Because of the Jewish angle here, however, I won't advise you to hold your breath while waiting for results from these investigations. There's more than just bribery involved here, and it's the sort of thing the media bosses would just as soon you not hear about.

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