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Free Speech - March 2000 - Volume VI, Number 3

Elites vs. Masses

by Dr. William Pierce

One of the most profoundly depressing experiences an American can subject himself to these days is watching the various presidential candidates campaigning on his television screen. My god, what a sorry spectacle! Bush and McCain, Gore and Bradley: these are the "leaders" approved for us by the media masters. These are the men they have said it's OK for us to vote for, the ones they have checked out and decided are safe. And every one of these approved candidates is a man who would be marched straight to the gallows and hanged on the first day of any general cleanup of America: every one of them. There is not an honest man or a patriot among them, not one who will stand up to the media bosses or even wants to stand up to them.

In Austria, where one politician who has not been approved by the media bosses somehow slipped through a crack and ended up with enough votes to gain substantial influence in the Austrian government, the Jews are organizing huge demonstrations of immigrants, communists, feminists, homosexuals, democrats, and the usual rabble. Freedom Party leader Jörg Haider has groveled and apologized to the Jews for saying some Politically Incorrect things in the past, but that's not enough for them. He wasn't approved, he wasn't certified kosher, and they want him out.

In America, on the other hand, all of the major-party candidates have been approved. What a depressing thought! Think how much better off the Austrians are than we are! Well, really, that's not much better, because Haider is nothing but a conservative. He may slow Austria's decline for a while, but he certainly won't clean his country up. Over here we have an approved conservative, a kosher conservative, in the person of George W. Bush, Jr., and three approved liberals, in the persons of John McCain, Al Gore, and Bill Bradley. What a choice!

To me the most depressing aspect of this situation is the way in which the American people have adapted to it. Now, it's true that in the last presidential election, in 1996, a majority -- 51 per cent -- of the eligible voters voted, in effect, for "none of the above," by choosing not to vote. I suppose that I ought to consider that a good sign, but, really, when the choice was between Bill Clinton and Viagra poster boy Bob Dole, who throughout his political life was a disgustingly subservient flunky of the Jews, like John McCain is today, you can hardly blame people for not bothering to go to the polls. What I'm afraid of is that the percentage of the electorate voting this year will bounce back up from its low point of 49 per cent in 1996. In other words, most Americans -- or at least, more than half of them -- still take the charade seriously. That's a shame, but not really surprising.

I always take what I see on the television screen with a grain of salt, but despite the spin applied to the news by the media bosses, there's usually some truth in what they show us. When they show us a sampling of public opinion, a series of little sidewalk interviews, they certainly are able to slant the impression they give us of public opinion by choosing in the editing room which interviews to keep and which to discard, but for the most part the people we see being interviewed after the editing is done are real people. Unlike the anchor person or the interviewer, they aren't paid actors. And so we must believe that there really are such idiots in our population: a lot of such idiots, in fact.

I'm using the word "idiot" loosely here, of course. Most interviewees aren't really stupid; they're just lemmings. They say what they believe is expected of them, what they believe other people would say in their place. Which is why these sidewalk interviews are such a useful tool for the media bosses. The lemmings who are watching the interviews on their screens take their cue from the lemmings who are being interviewed, and so any spin put on these interviews has a real effect on public opinion.

That doesn't really provide a complete explanation of the disaster that has befallen us, however. Lemminghood, I believe, is a hereditary condition. That is, one is either born a lemming or not, and not much can be done to change the condition after birth. But there are other elements of our society who aren't lemmings, but who nevertheless have contributed to the disaster. I was talking with a secret-police agent last week, a man I've spoken with on several occasions in the past. He's retiring now, after 32 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and so he shouldn't be under an obligation any longer to avoid saying anything Politically Incorrect. He's an intelligent man and not unlike many others in his line of work, I believe. I asked him again last week a question I've asked him on several previous occasions: How can he justify working for Bill Clinton? Doesn't he at least have some misgivings working for a government headed by Bill Clinton?

Well, I got the same answer I've gotten from him before. He's not working for Bill Clinton, he told me, or for Janet Reno. He's working to uphold the Constitution, he said. He believes in the system we have, he told me. He believes the system still works. And he said that with a straight face, as if he really believed it. And I think that in some sense, at some level, he does believe it. I don't think he's like the lemming, who foolishly and enthusiastically jumps aboard every trend that comes along. He simply avoids coming to inconvenient or uncomfortable conclusions. And there's probably a bit of authoritarianism mixed in there, as is the case with many career cops and military people: a tendency to assume that might is right.

I think that we see the same sort of mentality at work when military officers support Clinton administration policies on homosexuals and on women in combat. In the past they were unanimously opposed to these policies. But then the Jews demanded that homosexuals be accepted in the military and that women be permitted to be on submarine crews, and the political appointees in the Pentagon scrambled to issue new regulations in line with these demands, and the career military people begin readjusting their thinking to bring it into line. I think that they really justify to themselves their changed views on these matters. Not one in a hundred will do the honorable thing and resign in protest. Instead, they will conform their opinions to whatever is demanded of them -- just as the secret policeman I occasionally speak with, and his Constitution-supporting colleagues, will without hesitation violate every Constitutional right I have if orders come down from Washington to arrest me as an "enemy of democracy," or whatever.

You know, it's not too difficult for us to figure out what has happened to us in retrospect. It's not too difficult for us to understand the mechanics of the way in which the people who control the mass media are able to determine public policy by playing on the psychologies of the susceptible elements of the population. What is eerie to me is the way in which the Jews instinctively went for control of the media at a time when no one had the advantage of hindsight. How did they know, in the first quarter of the last century, when motion pictures were in their infancy and television was only a dream in the minds of a few visionary engineers, such as Philo Farnsworth, that the key to the control of the world lay in Hollywood?

When I think about it, I'm inclined to believe that it was part instinct and part luck. Jews always have had a mercantile instinct. It's evolved with them in the course of thousands of years during which trade was their principal activity. And a good line of patter, the ability to get the rubes to line up and buy a ticket to the sideshow, is certainly an asset to the man who wants you to buy something from him. In other words, showmanship and salesmanship are compatible traits, and so the Jews may have been attracted to Hollywood -- and to other media -- primarily as a result of their mercantile tendencies, without a long-range plan for using the media to acquire complete domination of our society. Maybe. But it didn't take them very long to see that potential and then to take advantage of it.

As useful as it may be for us to understand how they managed to get the sack over our heads, the more urgent question now is: what are we going to do about it? How are we going to get the sack off? It's an urgent question, because our time is running out. The Jews are using their present advantage over us in an attempt to make it impossible for us to recover. They're keeping our borders open, flooding America with every sort of wretched refuse from the Third World they can coax into the country. They're pushing miscegenation with all of their media as hard as they can, trying to convince our oh-so-desperate-to-be-fashionable young women that bedding down with a Black or some other non-White is the most fashionable thing they can do -- and unfortunately, they're having a lot of success with this race-wrecking program. And they're absolutely determined to repeal the First and Second Amendments to our Constitution, so that I can't warn you about what's coming, and you can't defend yourself when it gets here.

Now, I receive many suggestions from listeners as to what we should do about all of this. Some people tell me that we need to buy a television network -- and I agree with that, but so far no one with this suggestion has sent me a check for $20 billion to make such a purchase possible. Other listeners have told me that we need to run candidates for public office and take the country back by winning the public offices now being held by the treasonous politicians of the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Actually, I believe that it's quite reasonable to run candidates for public office, to use the democratic process -- and any other process we can use for our purpose -- so long as we go about it realistically. That is, we mustn't fool ourselves into believing that we're actually going to succeed in taking back the country that way. The problem is that as long as most of the public consists of lemmings and television remains in the hands of the Jews, the public will vote for an approved candidate, a candidate who has secretly pledged his loyalty to the enemies of our people and who has been certified kosher. But election campaigns do provide a forum, they provide another means of communicating with the public. And they may be the best means for communicating with the most conventional and conservative sector of the public, with those who are authoritarians but not really lemmings, and who believe that everything must be done in accord with the system.

But we really don't have much time for trying things that may be useful in one way or another but that ultimately won't get the job done. We must do what we can do effectively -- and which ultimately will be successful. So let me spell it out for you: America will not be taken back by people who believe Bill Clinton is an OK guy. It will not be taken back by people who believe that Bill Bradley or John McCain or George Bush or any other TV-approved politician ought to be in the White House instead of Bill Clinton. America will not be taken back by the lemmings. As long as those who are determined to destroy our race are able to control the thinking and behavior of the majority of voters, we must not waste our time and our resources on majority-based schemes. The masses of our people can have a part in taking back America only after the grip of our enemies on their minds has been broken. Until then we must look to the minority of our people able to think for themselves. We must have a plan based on elites, not on the masses.

Many of our people who think of themselves as patriots feel that we have been betrayed by our elites -- and in a sense we have. After the Second World War, when the Jews began pushing their various programs to multiculturalize America -- that is, to break the power of the White majority -- these programs impacted most heavily on the Whites at the bottom of the socioeconomic scale. The White professional and business classes, the Whites with more money and mobility, were better able to protect themselves. When government programs began destroying White neighborhoods and White schools, they could move to safer neighborhoods; they could send their children to private schools. Affirmative action was no threat to them, because Blacks couldn't handle the sort of work they did. The real traitors -- the Kennedys and their ilk -- lived in private compounds with armed guards and felt that they would be able to live well and be safe no matter what happened to everyone else.

And today we still have a high concentration of traitors among the wealthiest Whites. We have the disgusting spectacle of the richest White man in the world trying to buy favor with the Jews and the non-Whites by giving hundreds of millions of dollars to vaccinate Blacks in Africa and pay tuition for Blacks in America. But really, we have few White heroes in any class. The disgusting behavior of Bill Gates is more than matched by the disgusting behavior of the White workers who cheer for Black basketball players and let their daughters run with sub-humans, and by the mindless adoption by White yuppies of every Jew-promoted fashion, no matter how degenerate. And anyway, when I speak of White elites I am not thinking primarily of rich Whites. I am thinking of Whites able to think for themselves, regardless of income. Being rich doesn't automatically bestow the ability to think independently, but being able to think independently does give a person certain advantages in the struggle for survival.

And we should note that the struggle for survival has changed during the past 50 years. The lemmings believe that they are better off than before, because they can buy more shiny gadgets at the mall than they could 50 years ago. To them, this makes up for the prospect of mulatto grandchildren. But many thinking Whites in the professional class are beginning to understand that there are limits to what their money and mobility can get them in a society controlled by Jews. The flood of immigrants from Asia already has impacted on their career prospects the way affirmative action impacted on blue collar Whites a generation ago. Medical schools and graduate schools in America are packed with non-Whites from India and Pakistan and China and Korea and a dozen other countries. These Asians are just as alien as Blacks are, but they are vastly more able. They are able to compete with educated Whites for positions in the professions the way Blacks began competing for factory jobs and service-industry jobs with working-class Whites in the 1960s and 1970s.

What has happened in America in just the last decade has made a big difference for many White professionals, though certainly not for all. Many White professionals -- and would-be professionals, who now are obliged to settle for blue collar work, because there's no room for them in graduate school or medical school or other professional schools -- really have been hit hard. Many are confused by the change. Most haven't figured it out yet, but they are more open to the truth now than they have been at any time in the past. That's why my organization, the National Alliance, is more successful now in recruiting young university faculty members, young engineers, young physicians, young pharmacists, young biochemists, young computer scientists, even young lawyers, than ever before, despite the fact that the economy is keeping most people comfortable.

And, as I indicated a moment ago, it's not just the professionals to whom we must address ourselves. It is the elite minority of our people able to think for themselves, regardless of what they do for a living. The lemmings may not be bothered by the prospect of mulatto grandchildren, and perhaps Bill Gates isn't either, but among the thinking minority plenty of White people are bothered by that prospect.

We have two factors at work here. We have the material factor. We have the realization that life-style and security, that career opportunities, have been damaged by the multiculturalization of America, and that has made some of our independent-minded people receptive to the truth, who a decade ago would have preferred not to think about it. And we have the aesthetic factor, the spiritual factor. We have the realization that life has lost much of its meaning, much of its value, in a darkening world, regardless of material considerations. This realization has opened the minds of many people in the arts. The fact that resistance music is booming as never before is just one consequence of this.

Now, thinking people never will be able to outvote the lemmings. And a howling mob of the dispossessed outside the city gates, acting alone, never will take a strong citadel, but with allies inside to open the gates, the prospects for taking the citadel improve dramatically. We live today in a technocratic society. Money and the media and politics may seem all-powerful at first glance, but all of these elements of power are completely dependent on a technocratic elite, an elite that understands the mechanism that keeps the wheels turning and that has its hands on the levers that control the machine.

Furthermore, the mediacrats depend not only on the engineers and programmers who keep their machinery of illusion running, but also on a creative and artistic minority who create their illusions for them, and not all of these toilers in the illusion factory are Jews.

And so while our television screens are filled with images of the media-approved politicians strutting and smiling and kissing Black babies, we'll continue helping the independent-minded portion of the population understand what's happening. We'll continue building an organization based on that elite minority of the White population. And we'll continue building our media capabilities, our ability for communicating with everyone in the White population willing to listen. I'd be happy to have you join us in this effort.

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