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Free Speech - November 2000 - Volume VI, Number 11

Why Do They Do It?

by Dr. William Pierce

I have an update on what we talked about two weeks ago: that was what happened to a lawsuit a group of aging American veterans of the Second World War filed in a Federal court in California against some of Japan's biggest corporations, who had used the veterans as slave laborers during the time they were prisoners of war of the Japanese. The American veterans were asking the Japanese corporations to pay them compensation for their slave labor.

Well, Madeleine Albright's State Department asked the judge to rule against the veterans and in favor of the Japanese companies which made them do forced labor during the war. This was the same Madeleine Albright who has vigorously supported the claims of Jews who want compensation for the work they did during the same war. But the American veterans aren't Jews, and different rules apply for Jews and non-Jews. And so last month the Federal court did as our Jewish secretary of state asked and threw the veterans' lawsuit against the Japanese corporations out of court. That court ruling was on September 21.

The very next day, on September 22, a group of elderly Poles learned exactly the same lesson the American veterans had learned: if you're not a Jew you're out of luck when it comes to World War Two reparations.

Here's what happened: In August 1998 a group of Swiss banks were pressured by the Jewish media and the threat of boycotts into agreeing to pay $1.25 billion to Jews -- and others -- who claimed to be victims of Nazi persecution during the Second World War. If you remember, I had several radio broadcasts about this extortion racket against the Swiss at the time. Those besides the Jews who were supposed to share in the loot from this racket were Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses -- and Poles. Well, in January 1999 the Jewish organizations who were behind the racket managed to get the Poles kicked off the beneficiary list. That wasn't difficult, because the whole affair was being arranged by a Federal court in Brooklyn, New York, and the judge in charge was a Jew, Edward Korman.

Well, of course, the Poles complained long and loud, but Judge Korman and the Jewish lawyers involved in the settlement with the Swiss banks ignored them. Finally, in October of last year the Poles filed a motion to intervene in the settlement. Judge Korman denied their motion, telling the Poles that if they were allowed to share in the loot, there wouldn't be enough left for the Jews. Really! "If we share it with you, there won't be enough left for us."

"Go file your own lawsuit," Judge Korman told the Poles. The Poles appealed to a higher court, and on September 22 of this year -- three weeks ago -- the appeals court ruled against them too, allowing Judge Korman to proceed with the plan of giving the bulk of the money extracted from the Swiss banks to the Jews and leaving the Poles with nothing: not a cent. I think that's funny. People who collaborate with the Jews and expect the Jews to show them the same consideration deserve to be left out in the cold.

I also have an update on last week's broadcast, when we talked about the breakup of a child pornography ring being run by an organized crime gang in Moscow. I complained that despite the fact that many of the perverts who are customers of this Jewish gang in Russia live in the United States, there was absolutely no news about it published here, and I explained that this was another case of the "respectable" Jews, the establishment Jews, the media Jews, covering for the Talmud-Torah Jews. Well, I've received responses from around the world concerning that situation. People from New Zealand to Denmark have told me that they are vaguely aware of what's going on, but that the mass media in their countries refuse to say anything about it.

The two countries where the breakup of the child-pornography ring in Moscow two weeks ago was give substantial publicity were Italy and Sweden. In fact it was the news coverage in Sweden that first brought the matter to my attention. The big Stockholm newspaper Aftonbladet actually gave pretty good coverage to the news, even getting into the horrifying fact that some of the child-porn films showed little Russian children being raped and tortured to death -- except, of course, the Jewishness of the child-pornography business wasn't mentioned by Aftonbladet.

And nearly everywhere except Sweden and Italy the news was totally blacked out. Even in Denmark, next door to Sweden, the newspapers and television refused to say a word, and Danes were able to learn the news only from the Internet. There is somewhat more awareness of the Jewish slave trade in adult women from eastern Europe, but even people who are aware of this slave trade are afraid to talk about it; they are afraid they will be labeled "anti-Semites" if they do.

I should mention now that if you don't have Internet access, or if you have been unsuccessful in finding the child-porn news reports on the Internet to which I referred last week, you can get them directly from me. I'd much rather you do the research yourself, but if you can't or don't want to, you can send me $25 for my time and trouble, and I'll mail you copies of the Reuters report of September 27, the Associated Press report of September 29, and the Aftonbladet story of September 28.

Well, we soon may have some help in dragging the slavery issue into the light. As you already may be aware, Black organizations for some time have been watching with envy the success of the Jews in extorting "reparations" from the rest of the world for wrongs supposedly done to the Jews long ago. The Blacks have been complaining, "Hey! What about us? When do we get reparations for 400 years of slavery?" For the most part no one paid any attention to these Black complaints -- until recently. Things have been getting nuttier and nuttier in the United States as liberals have pushed their loony theories about equality and White guilt to the limit. Two weeks ago a law was passed -- where else but in California? -- that opens the door to Black claims for reparations for slavery. The new law really only applies to insurance companies which sold policies to slave owners more than 140 years ago, but you can be certain that getting reparations from insurance companies will be only the first step. Once they have their foot in the door, there will be no stopping Blacks in their greedy scramble for more and more and more.

I think it's a wonderful thing. There are approximately 30 million Blacks now in the United States, and virtually all of them are descended from Blacks who were slaves prior to the Civil War. What is fair compensation for them? If I were a Black, I wouldn't settle for less than $25,000. Well, that's nearly a trillion dollars altogether: a tidy sum. If we apply the burden equally to the approximately 45 million White households in the United States, that's nearly $20,000 per household. But you know, that's not a bad price to pay for absolution from White racial guilt, is it? What do you think?

I think that a lot of the White liberals who have been loudest in whining about White racial guilt will suddenly find something else to whine about when presented with their personal $20,000 demand for reparations to the Blacks. I think it will be amusing to watch the expressions on their faces.

Of course, it is unlikely that the situation will develop quite that way; real life usually is a little more complicated. But it is a fact that Gray Davis, the terminally trendy governor of California the most multi-culti state in America, signed into law two weeks ago a bill opening up America's oldest and largest insurance companies for Black reparations claims. Demands already are being made, and many more demands will be made in the future. America's largest insurance company, Aetna, already has begun apologizing for being a White company, hoping to mollify some of the Blacks looking for reparations. And as I said a moment ago, the smell of reparations money soon will have every Black organization in America in a feeding frenzy. And you can bet that Jewish lawyers will be the ones filing the class-action suits against every White institution in sight, while Jewish publicists lead the chorus in yelping and howling for more money. The show will be hilarious and certainly will do wonders for race relations!

I said I think that this will be a wonderful thing for two reasons: First, it's good for everyone to see just where the nuttiness of egalitarianism and multiculturalism is taking us. At this time most of what we hear is the feminine whining of the "oh, why can't we all just learn to love each other and get along together" crowd. Those are the folks who believe that if we could just get some "speech crime" laws to shut up those awful heterosexual White males and some more gun control laws to disarm them, then we could all live together in multicultural bliss forever. I think it will be better when that whining gives way to the snarling of the crowd whose message is "pay up now, Whitey!"

Second, it would be good for the soccer moms and all the other White suburban liberals to have a big bite taken out of their comfort if they're forced to pay reparations to the Blacks. Actually, I would like to see all the White liberals turned out onto the street in mid-winter, shivering and wondering where their next meal is coming from. These are the folks who for decades now have been willing to give up everything but their comfort. As long as they could hang onto their incomes, their material possessions, their comfortable life-styles, their financial security, they were happy to throw away their freedom, their honor, and the future of their people.

It has been said that people willing to give up freedom in return for the promise of more security deserve neither -- and ultimately will have neither. I believe that to be true, and I also believe that it will be good for middle-class White America to have the truth of that statement rubbed in their faces sooner rather than later: sooner, while it still is possible for them to find whatever is left of their manhood and revolt, rather than later, when revolt is no longer feasible.

Of course, I'm not the only one who has thought about that. The people who are destroying America -- the people whose ultimate aim is to destroy us -- have been concerned that even soft, spoiled, unmanly White Americans might react violently if their comfort is threatened. And they have been preparing for that possibility for a long time. They want to be sure that if there ever is a revolt it won't be able to go very far. And the way to assure that is to guarantee that the nation's military and police forces won't join in on the side of the Whites. The same motive is behind their drive to abolish the Second Amendment, of course, but they are much more concerned about keeping America's armed forces out of it.

A much bigger nightmare for them than a few thousand citizens armed with hunting rifles roaming the streets and shooting individual Jews is a helicopter gun ship showing up over Manhattan and taking out the CBS building -- or one of the U.S. Navy's missile cruisers in the eastern Mediterranean sending a few hundred cruise missiles with nuclear warheads toward Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem and converting the whole rat's nest into a huge, self-illuminated, glass parking lot.

As I said, they've been worried about that sort of thing for a long time, and they've been working hard for decades to guarantee that America's armed forces never will be used on behalf of White America. They've already gotten the percentage of Whites in the U.S. Army down to 59 per cent, and 15 per cent of those are women -- which means that only 50 per cent of the Army now consists of White males. They're doing everything they can to push that percentage even lower, by offering all sorts of incentives to non-Whites to join the armed forces. Not only do you not have to be a citizen to be in the U.S. Army these days, they're even advertising in Spanish for illegal aliens to join the Army. Mr. Clinton's director of the Selective Service System, Gil Coronado, advises his fellow Hispanics in Spanish-language recruiting ads that he is in no way concerned with the immigration status of enlistees.

Although America's internal enemies are having great success at darkening the complexion of the enlisted ranks of all of our armed forces, they are making a big fuss now about the relative Whiteness of military officers and the members of the elite combat units: Army Special Forces and Rangers, Navy SEALs, and Air Force Special Operations Command. A lengthy report in the San Diego Union-Tribune last month complained that only 1.3 per cent of the Navy's SEALs are Blacks, for example. In the Army only 4.5 per cent of the Special Forces and Rangers personnel are Blacks. That's really shameful, isn't it? It sounds racist to me.

But don't worry: they're working hard to fix that little problem. Training standards are coming down, minority recruitment efforts are going up, and the campaign to root racists -- White racists, that is -- out of the armed forces is intensifying. In another ten years there won't be a military unit left in America that is likely to turn against our internal enemies or to take the White side in a race war. What the Jews and their allies are guaranteeing is that when the war does come, it will be long, very bloody, and extremely destructive, instead of short and sharp.

One question many people have is, why do they do it? Jews are clever and generally successful; so why do they insist on boring holes in the hull of the boat in which they also are passengers? Why can't they simply enjoy the fruits of their own labors and let other people enjoy theirs? Why do they always engage in activities that result in hatred against them? Why do they try to wreck every Gentile society in which they live as a minority? Why don't they control their own worst elements and avoid the stigma of White slavery and child pornography? Isn't there enough money for them without getting into filthy businesses like that? Why do they always promote destructive ideologies such as Marxism and feminism and egalitarianism and push destructive programs such as affirmative action and multiculturalism? Why do they monopolize the news and entertainment media and try to control the attitudes and opinions of the non-Jewish majority? Why do they promote racial mixing, miscegenation, gun control, and open borders? Why can't they just try to live among us in peace instead of always trying to control and destroy?

Well, you know, I can't give a complete answer to that question on this half-hour program, but I have answered parts of it on earlier programs. Part of the answer is that the Jews do what they do because that is their nature. We ought to understand that when we look at their history and observe the consistency of their behavior over thousands of years. They do what they do today because that's what they've always done. The pattern is inborn.

And part of the answer is that they exploit us and try to destroy us because we're such easy victims. There is not a more gullible race on the planet than we. We're too easily tricked, too easily deceived, too easily lied to. And there is hardly a more individualistic, disunited race than we, hardly a race less able to combine against a common enemy than we. We're easy picking.

I said we're gullible. Look at the game the Jews are playing with us in Palestine right now. It's the same game they've been playing with us for more than 50 years. How many times have you heard the same, old baloney about the so-called "peace process" in the Middle East? Isn't that phrase getting a little shopworn: the "peace process"? The Jews don't want peace; they want more of our money, more of our military equipment, more Arab land, and our backing in their next war against their neighbors. That's what they want, and the "peace process" is just a trick phrase to keep us from understanding the truth of the situation.

You know, there are about 5 million Jews in occupied Palestine. That's about a million Jewish families, and each of those families has been getting two or three thousand dollars every year from us by pretending that they're all hot to get the "peace process" going, if we would just help them pay for it -- again. And we keep giving them money, year after year after year, and they keep murdering Palestinian children because that's what they like to do. And then their toad-like little prime minister, who used to be a professional assassin before he became prime minister, announces that unless the Palestinians, whose children the Jews are murdering, stop the violence -- got that? -- unless the Palestinians stop the violence -- he'll start another war. And both George Bush and Al Gore pledge their unconditional support for him. Wonderful!

I mean, when you've got a Middle Easterner's way of looking at things, when you've got a Levantine view of the world, a sideshow barker's view of the world, and you've got a bunch of rubes like us at your disposal, why shouldn't you exploit us to death? Bleed us! Take everything we've got! Then destroy us before we figure out what happened and ask for our money back. Get rid of us. Destroy our society so that you can build one more to your own Middle Eastern tastes.

Of course, it doesn't have to be this way. Whenever enough of us decide that our honor and our freedom and the freedom of our grandchildren are more important than our comfort and whether or not the liberals and the Jews call us names, we can change things. We can clean up America. We can toss out those who have been deceiving us and exploiting us. If anyone demands reparations from us, we can shut him up and send him back where he came from. And if we ever catch anyone in the White slave or child-porn business, we can string him up on the spot without worrying about being called "anti-Semites." We can have honest news media and White entertainment media.

Really, it's not impossible to have a clean, decent, White society in America again. But it depends on us. It depends on our values, on whether we prefer comfort or freedom. If too many of us remain too afraid of being called "anti-Semites," too afraid of losing our jobs, for standing up for what we believe, then little Russian girls will continue to be raped to death for the amusement of rich American perverts, our armed forces will continue to become darker and less American, and we'll continue to be easy pickings for the rest of the world.

Personally, I don't want that. Personally, I prefer freedom. If you also prefer freedom, then you should be working with me to help other Americans make the right choice.

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