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66QnA 66 Questions and Answers on the Holy-hoax. For a more detailed discussion of issues raised in this pamphlet, please visit the ZündelSite here. 49 kb
aDL: America's Greatest Enemy What g-d's chosen do to America while hiding behind the Defamation League.
No place for "hate" variant here, York version here.
245 kb
aDL Fact Sheet A collection of dirty facts on the dirty jew Defamation League, and some of it's immoral, illegal, and outright treasonous actions against the American people. 193 kb
After Apartheid Now South Africa proudly leads the world in rapes, robberies and murders of Whites by non-Whites.
York version here (1.1 Mb).
770 kb
Aid to Israel An anonymous flier showing a grisly picture of what is bought with American tax dollars and military support to jew-land. 98 kb
"Allies" Izzy let American marines die in order to sway American opinion against the Middle East. Choose your friends wisely (and make sure they aren't jews). 592 kb
America Haters No, these haters aren't "nazis" but instead the sweethearts of the media: black muslims. And they're coming to a neighborhood near you. 239 kb
Avoid A.I.D.S. It's this simple: Don't have sex with blacks. Here we point out the dangers of miscegenation given the fact that blacks are less likely than Whites to tell a potential "prospect" that they are HIV-positive, and blacks are more likely than Whites to be sexually irresponsible. 261 kb
Are you a White Man? Are you a White Man or Woman that is tired of multi-culti garbage? Then join the revolution. 62 kb
The Beast as a Saint A s-fold flyer highlighting the truth of the less-illustrious character and background of the decadent man commonly called "Martin Luther King, jr." Great for distributing on the national MLK "holo-day" or inserting into the Saint Michael books at your local library.
Older 3-fold Creativity Movement version here (139kb).
77 kb
Beria Stalin's willing executioner against the Gentiles. Guess what? He was also a jew.
Different version here (342 kb).
318 kb
Biohazard NuShawn Williams: HIV+ biohazard. Had sex with dozens of women and didn't tell them. How many more blacks are in line to be the next NuShawn? 284 kb
Black Histrionics Month Negroes celebrate as they usually do: raping, robbing, rioting, looting, savaging. Die-viersity in action. 732 kb
ChickenHawks jew control in the White House. Nothing like sending in a few goys to do a jew's job of destroying Iraq.
Different version here (843 kb), Gallant Lil' Ally version here (898 kb), variant of the previous here (1.1 Mb).
1.2 Mb
Collective Punishment Let's apply the jewish tradition of collective punishment of arab terrorists against jewish terrorists for a change.
York version here, and Baltimore version here.
219 kb
Coming Soon Black savages will be swarming your neat, American neighborhood soon. What will you do about it? 479 kb
C of CC Guide to MLK

The Conservative Citizen's Guide to the MLK Holiday.
Article originally produced by the Council of Conservative Citizens.

48 kb
Daddy? What did you do during the Revolution?
German version here (704 kb).
413 kb
Dare Flyer for the great book, They Dare to Speak Out, by former Rep. Paul Findley.
Variant here (1.1 Mb).
348 kb
Defend Against Jews Defend the constitution and freedom of speech against jew tyranny. 238 kb

Is it really our strength? A real classic flyer from the NA.
Hopkinton version here, York here, Franklin here.

503 kb
Does This Man Scare You? Bill Clinton's great contributions to America's non-White problems... between blowjobs from Monica. 72 kb
Flyer Compilation A collection of several fliers in multiple languages. If in doubt at any time, press Control+L to leave the full screen.
Please view and comment! Send e-mail to [email protected].
6.6 Mb
End the King Holiday! Marching Lunatic Koon is shown in his true colors: Red! Dr. Ed Fields, editor of the patriotic The Truth at Last newspaper, gives us some insight into King's communist connection (along with photographic proof) in this 2-fold pamphlet suited for mass distribution wherever there are MLK rallies, apologists and books.
Older Creativity Movement version here (227 kb).
108 kb
Fag Flyer Based upon the information provided in the "Fag Facts" e-book, but in a convenient flyer format suitable for distribution in library books and at rallies. 55 kb
Free Chester Doles Information concerning the ZOG persecution of Chester Doles. 62 kb
Hate Crimes Flyer Read about the assorted black-on-White hate crimes that were never (but could have been) prosecuted as hate crimes and were never reported in the media.
Brought to you by Panzerfaust.com.
62 kb
Hey You! Test your level of anti-semanticism.
German version here (629 kb), York version here (130 kb).
120 kb
Human Shields Let's stop being human shields for Izzy.
Baltimore version here, Chicago here, York here.
471 kb
Infamy! The day of the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel.
Baltimore version here, York version here (both 366 kb).
314 kb
Invasion This particular anti-immigration flier from the National Alliance managed to get an upstanding White man fired from his job at a sporting goods outlet, after he distributed it on his own private time. Help take up the White cause and get this spread around to help educate people about the dangers of unfettered mass- and illegal-immigration to America. 27 kb
jews Jaws Don't go near the water. For White people there's only one. 320 kb
jew Media jewing them down the kosher way! jew dominance of the media is a fact, not a myth.
Chicago version here.
628 kb
jewish Propaganda Warn your children about jews and race-mixing.
Variants here (209 kb), and here (629 kb).
735 kb
Joys of Multiculturalism Multi-culti mayhem brought to you by: ZOG's chosen. If you can't beat 'em, goyim.
Franklin variant here (255 kb), Hopkinton version here (718 kb).
288 kb
Leif Eriksson Leif Eriksson discovered America circa 1,000 AD. Where is the European-American History Month?
German version here.
395 kb
"Lost Boy" Rapist How typical: a HIV+ immigrant from Africa rapes White women, thanks to an immigrant program sponsored by pinhead hymn-singers.
Variants here (219 kb) and here (718 kb).
328 kb
Nascar Race A National Alliance flier discussing the race that NASCAR intends to loose from the start.. 61 kb
Meet Your Future Neighbors From the Save Lewiston campaign comes this little gem showing the quality of people America is importing now. 1.6 Mb
Missing: A Future for White Children There will be no future for Whites in a 3rd-world America. Another classic from the NA.
Baltimore version here (371 kb), York here (371 kb), Hopkinton here (749 kb), German version here (501 kb).
503 kb
Mumia Murderer A well-made, large-format 8.5" x 14" flier displaying slain police officer Daniel Faulkner on the front and the facts of the Mumia case on back. 277 kb
No Place for Hate? Okay then, what about the ADL and jewish hate? No place for jew hate.
Franklin variant here (736 kb).
803 kb
Oppressed? Who is really "oppressed"? Let's ship 'em back to Africa, where they can be free of "oppression."
German language version here (839 kb).
1.1 Mb
Pledge of Allegiance To Isn't-real, by the American presi-duh-nt.
Baltimore version here, York here (both 720 kb).
722 kb
Race Traitor Gorge W. Bush playing the part of a beanie-head.
Chicago address here (870 kb), York here (880 kb).
1.3 Mb
Race Mixing The long-term high costs of Race Mixing: pissing away thousands of years of human genetic heritage. 856 kb
Rachel Corrie Brief information about the death of the brave-yet-misguided American human-rights activist who was mowed over by a jew bulldozer as she peacefully demonstrated in front of a home that was about to be extra-judicially demolished (with the family still in it).
Courtesy of www.NoWarForIsrael.com
132 kb
Savages Somalis: Savage people from a savage land. No amount to transportation will ever "civilize" them. 987 kb
Say No! to Extinction A white revolution flyer with a few paragraphs of information concerning the declining reproductive rates of White peoples and the uncertain future they face if nothing is done. 26 k b
Shadow Don't let that jew shadow touch your children. 632 kb
Shakedown No, not jester jackass! The holohoax industry! The greatest sob story ever sold (with a ¢a$t of million$$$). 1.0 Mb
Simple Arithmetic More of a fact sheet than a flier, this document lays out the straight facts on the holo-lie with out all of the jewed math that is usually involved. 14 kb
Smell the Blood America pays for Palestinian pain in the jewish ethno-state.
German language version here (565 kb).
846 kb
Terror-Free Make your neighborhood a terror-free zone (post 9/11). 505 kb
Tiffany Long An innocent 10-year-old White girl. Kidnapped. Tortured. Gang-raped. Bludgeoned to death. By blacks. Another victim of dieversity.
York address here (482 kb).
497 kb
Too White? Too White to be hate crime victims? The Wichita Massacre: The Hate Crime You Never Heard About.
Different version here (459 kb).
455 kb
Truth? She needs the truth. Where will she find it?
Baltimore address here (260 kb).
280 kb
Who Rules America Flyer A condensed version of the NA's potent 8-page Who Rules America report into a double-sided, two-fold pamphlet. The text is very small, necessary to fit it into the 8.5" x 14" paper size, but it will work well enough for right now. 46 kb
Yid-real It'z time to cut them off!
York version here (277 kb).
531 kb
Your Legal Rights Your legal rights to distribute literature as an advocate, including a "bust card," a handy listing of legal advice, and a brief listing of US Supreme Court case laws supporting your right to distribute flyers. Make use of them and enjoy them while they last. 47 kb
Your Share of izzy Aid The cost of jewish foreign aid to "that shitty little country" is $5,700 per every man, woman and child in America. Spread the word! 142 kb
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