Drop the List!

A practical guide detailing how and why membership organizations are inappropriate in the new millennium.



There are three pressing reasons why membership organizations can and should convert to associate organizations, how they can do so in a quick, efficient manner and how general, daily functions and a chain of command can be continued uninterrupted. Think of this as a hybrid theory, halfway between leaderless resistance and a membership organization, with the benefits and advantages of both. We shall examine the reasons to get away from the membership approach permanently.

  1. A membership list creates a legal culpability between the leadership and the members; background checks or no, if one member commits a crime, however minor or unpolitical, that holds the entire organization liable for a civil or criminal judgment. And crimes which are not political in nature “become” political via prosecutorial fiat. Without a membership list, associates are merely individuals with a few politically incorrect books on their shelves and no formal connection with any organization that may easily be dredged up in court, plus the drawing of clear connections between a nebulous associate organization and an individual who is not engaged in a pattern of corrupt activity becomes much more difficult. Signing your name on any dotted line is as good as sending all of your personal information to the Feds, along with your political beliefs, because that is where it will end up eventually.

  2. A membership list creates an easy avenue into the organization where governmental spies, federal informants, moles, media hacks, snoops, anti's, low-quality individuals, and the mentally unstable are allowed a very easy avenue of access to the core structure of power. The lack of the membership list and it's resultant ranking or elevation by mere status alone (as opposed to organic evolution of responsibility and proof of personal quality by good deeds) means that rejects will still be attracted to the teachings of any such organization, but such defectives will be self-limiting in their effects and otherwise kept away from any core power structure when they finally blow up.

  3. A membership list is the proverbial brass ring which the government loves to get its hands on, it is the sole purpose for moles and infiltrations, and ZOG will go to great lengths to do so, both quasi-legal and blatantly illegal. This is usually easy pickings because most membership orgs are sadly lacking when it comes to common sense internal security and safety practices. Examples: a NA membership coordinator let a traitor he was screwing get access to the entire membership files of 100+ NA members in several states, and the complete information of all these people is now listed publicly on an pro-communist webpage. The FBI went to the garbage dump to collect the old membership list that Dr. William Pierce threw away, but didn't shred or otherwise destroy; the feds got what they wanted due to a lack of simple precautions on the part of the NA. Bryon Calvert had his house searched by the JTTF (run by an ADL jew) over a “possible trademark infringement;” after the feds carted away his computer and files for analysis to sift through until they got what they were looking for, Calvert was given a stern dressing down for his beliefs… and then let go. How many other SWAT-style raids are executed on such flimsy grounds without a resultant arrest? To answer for you: None, which is precisely why it was quite plainly politically motivated, and thus it is all the more reason not to have your name end up on any list whatsoever.

The feds will dig to the deepest depths and invest unlimited resources to get that membership list. Getting the membership list is not an opinion or option, it is instead merely a matter of time, patience, and cost, which ZOG has in spades. Thanks to the initiatives of cross-linking databases for the purposes of "combating terrorism" and similar Big Brother spying schemes being pushed all over the Western world (think: Total Information Awareness) that list will forever go into every database for the police, ATF, DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, InterPol, etc. This governmental dossier assembled on you can and will be tied in with your entire credit history, what school you went to, your criminal record, your marital status, your employer, the names of your spouse and children, etc. Your phone will be tapped, and you may even be followed around. Receipts of every purchase you make, every picture ID ever taken of you will go into that database, your IP address and web surfing habits will be recorded when the government goes to your ISP. Every email you send, every instant message you send, every web site you visit will be recorded down to the second.

Is this what you want? How effective at bringing about change will you be when this happens? How effective can you expect to be if the enemy knows your next move before you do? This is how it is now in the new Amerika and if you don't understand this now, if you don't get it, you will only comprehend when it is too late. There are no martyrs in this age, and no one will care save a few of your comrades around the world if a few "nazis" get erased from the system.

To the leaders of such membership orgs, I ask you: How secure are your membership files? Are they kept in an encrypted state 100% of the time on your hard drive using military-grade encryption tools and software (like PGP, GPG, DriveCrypt, etc.)? Do you always conduct your e-mail communications with regional membership coordinators securely, using publicly-available e-mail encryption programs, taking into account the fact that Carnivore and Echelon can snoop your e-mail and other electronic communications without your knowledge or consent? Are you using secure, encrypted IM systems for coordinating activities and general political chatting (like SST, Gaim, HushMessenger, Trillian, etc.)? When portions of such lists must be transmitted through cyberspace, do you encrypt those messages with PGP so they can only be read by the recipient alone? Is the hard-copy of the list kept in the safety deposit box of an unconnected non-relative in the next town? What general precautions do you have in place to protect such member lists if your office or residence is raided?

If you have answered “No” to any of the above questions, then you have fundamentally failed in your responsibility and duty to protect the privacy and rights of those who support you and you have jeopardized their livelihoods by your negligence and ignorance. Your failure to act or even consider these possibilities means that those brave souls who believe in your message may end up losing their jobs, houses, cars, families, worldly possessions and everything else they hold dear because of your short-sightedness when (not if) the list eventually makes its way into governmental hands. Remember, the enemies of our people also control the government, and they have effectively convinced most of your unaware countrymen that they have little reason to fret or worry if a few “nazi's” such as yourself “get what's coming to them,” one way or another, legally or illegally, civil rights or no. The paperwork you throw around so lightly without a whim or care in the world would really just make their day.

And don't bother letting the excuse of “We aren't doing anything illegal; we're 100% above board” enter into your mind. That may very well be true from your perspective alone, but (a) that line holds no water with our enemies in the jew occupied government, the jewsmedia, or the mainstream anti-culture, and furthermore (b) with 60,000,000 laws, rules, regulations, statutes, ordinances, and case rulings on the books, chances are if someone follows you around long enough, you'll break some law unintentionally, and then it's trial time for you while the entire org is effectively shut down and shut up. Most importantly, (c) you are not the one who determines if your actions are legal or illegal; that is left up to ZOG and the enemies that run it. Do you think they will be fair to you irrespective of your politics and beliefs simply because you have a handful of ephemeral “rights” on your side? Matt Hale, Chester Doles, Christine Greenwood and many others were 100% legal in their activism; how much did a membership list help them prove it?

Quite the contrary, the membership list just made ZOG's job easier when they finally decided to crack down. That's why it has to go and go for good.

Why take these chances? The idea of being a card-carrying member is an old-school 1950's idea whose time has long past, and it needs to go the way of the dinosaur. Why keep drudging it up again, as if that angle of attack hasn't been tried before? Preaching a revolutionary creed demands a revolutionary approach to implementing it, and an application form is anything but revolutionary. The entire structure and style of a membership org is absolutely unsuitable for proposing or bringing about wholesale, top-to-bottom changes to our government, business and culture in what amounts to a revolutionary fashion. They are too easy to infiltrate; too easy to misdirect once infiltrated; too easy to snoop on, gather dirt, and pick apart once a mole in inside; usually too dependent on the leader to subsist once the government has taken him down; and the members are usually too dependent on the leadership structure to adjust and fend for themselves once the leader is gone.

This does not mean member organizations do not have any function to play in the days to come, nor does it mean we can easily resist the depredations our people suffer without any organization at all; it just means that they are giant sitting ducks for ZOG to take shots at. The possible exception to this rule would be a front organization/company which helps that particular cause through funneling money into movement-related efforts, but even that requires layers of bureaucratic paperwork and LLC's in order to shield the relationship, plus insurance against judgments, plus a dedicated and competent legal counsel on retainer.

If your current organization cannot afford the above trappings, then do everybody a big favor until the big funding appears: shred your paperwork, wipe your hard drives and start thinking like a real under-cover revolutionary dropped behind enemy lines. You have nothing to lose and a lot more security to gain by making just one slight, painless change to how operations are conducted.


So, now the list is gone once and for all, how will things get done in the fashion of what we shall call Associate Resistance? To answer, let's talk about what you can still do as an associate org and what you may do additionally once freed from the fetters of bureaucratic paperwork.

In short, nothing major really changes once you move away from a membership-based structure. You gain more benefits and much more security in associate mode than you can ever effectively hope for or enforce with a member org, and you can still get things done just as efficiently.


Rules and general ideas for Associate Resistance:

Rule #1: Buy and use a paper shredder, preferably a cross-cut model. They're cheap, starting only about $20 and practical to use for all your communications, papers, files and receipts. Don't keep anything in your records which may even remotely be used against you, and start by disposing with the member/supporter lists. Burn the shreddings if you have to. If in doubt, shred it out.

Rule #2: Learn how to use and make frequent use of encryption software, like PGP, HushMail, SST and others. Attempt to use such software for the majority of your communications. These programs keep private what needs to be kept private. Remember: you have a personal right not to testify against yourself, but your papers, belongings, books, e-mails, and affects have no rights. The most effective movements minimize the personal liability of their members by reducing or eliminating what can be easily snooped on or seized for use as ad hominem attacks.

Rule #3: Keep your eyes peeled for anyone who advocates blatantly or even marginally illegal acts, especially gun-related issues. Be wary of changes in personality in your members. No matter how long they've been with you, be on the lookout for someone who suggests that you can "kickstart the revolution" by taking the law into your own hands, since this is just what ZOG wants. Better to not get involved in any kind of conspiracy than end up on the receiving end of a federal indictment.

Rule #4: Avoid meddling with guns. More people are in jail for having firearms than using them; with 26,000 laws on the book rights now, it's best to avoid firearms for the time being, so don't do anything stupid to end up with them if you shouldn't have them. Avoid confrontations where physical force, even in self defense, might be necessary. Use common tools or strategically placed household items for self-defense. Learn enough martial arts to protect yourself against personal attacks.

Rule #5: Don't hesitate to perform “Quality Control” within the ranks. You will be known as a “meanie” but it will save your ass in the long run. Make frequent use of lie-detectors, bug sweepers, and background checks on your people, both new and veteran. Remember: Quality over quantity, and you maintain quality by regularly weeding your garden.

Rule #6: Keep your head down. An associate org is at its most revolutionary when you have a good spokesman out on the front lines but keep the majority of supporters out of the limelight except for certain support functions. The entire movement lasts much longer in the gathering storm if it's invisible to the naked eye, and if its members are unknown and cannot be easily traced.

Rule #7: Spread the word. Your job is to take your message and creed to those who may be receptive, so don't lose sight of this. The grand game is won by having mass believers on your side, not by having a swelling rank of members. The marketing and sale of your reading materials espousing your creed are of primary importance, as it is the lifeblood of your movement and mission. Give this a first priority and you shall never be short of adherents. Pick up a book on marketing and/or sales tactics to help you out.

So the remaining question is: When are you going to start thinking like a revolutionary? Acting like a revolutionary? How many people have to get arrested on trumped up charges for you to get it? No more membership organizations at all, period. Drop out now; its time to start taking this seriously and getting revolutionary.

Remember: We are on the upswing right now, the pendulum is starting to swing back in our favor, and the old illusions of "freedom" and "liberty" are rapidly evaporating before the eyes of the working class Whites, along with their paychecks and standard-of-living, all under the uncaring gaze of a government which has forsaken them for the jew World Order. How quickly and completely we succeed in the future depends entirely on how we play our cards right now. Make the wise choice; your race and bloodlines demand nothing less.

Good luck.


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