You are requested to copy, mail anonymously, and share this resource at will with your community.
Use it wherever you are ethnically insulted by a business’ hiring practices.
Keep stamped envelopes in your car for mailing, or put this in the store's suggestion box, unsigned.

Dear Sir:

I was ethnically insulted today by your hiring practice which has placed persons not reflecting my ethnic and cultural background in front of me as offensive customer service employees, so I won't be back any time soon to patronize your store. In fact, I will never return there, and this will cost you my business.

My friends and I only patronize establishments who respect us and our family members by exclusively hiring employees who look and act like our relatives and reflect our values and lifestyle, not those you have chosen to present us with such an insult to our personal wants and sensitivities.

It is shameful for you to do this to your customers, and, if you are not aware of it, this is a direct slap at us as a people and at most Americans.

We hope to see through our boycott of your store that you will not get away with it, and we hope to see that it will cost you a lot of money to act this way.

This type of thing requires adult consent to work, and we do not consent to it.

We hope our boycott will grow and will put you into bankruptcy, thus allowing someone else to buy your property, someone unlike you who will respect us in their hiring of employees who look and act like us, because they have respect for us as customers. If we have to drive ten miles not to do business with you, we are prepared to do that.



Anonymous Past Customer Who Won’t Be Back

P.S.: What you have done requires consenting adults, and we do not consent. You will never know who we are, except that we won’t be there to buy anything you have to offer us and this will negatively effect your ability to survive as a store.