DURING my trial I asked the only witness brought against me, Inspector Kitchener, "Are you a Detective-Inspector?"

Kitchener: "Yes."

Leese: "Are there any cases of child-murder nowadays which cannot be solved?"

Kitchener: "Yes."

Leese: "Has it ever occurred to you that some of them may be cases of Ritual Murder by Jews?"

The Judge: "If it had, he would have acted without evidence, and he has no right to."

In the belief that it is the business of the detective first to investigate and then to collect evidence, and then to act upon that evidence, I give here some facts on recent happenings which seem to me to open up the necessary field for investigation. They are, the Chorlton murder, the Lindbergh baby case, and a queer business in the Argentine.

1928. Chorlton, Manchester.
A school-boy named O'Donnell was murdered on 1st or 2nd December, just before the Jewish feast of Chanucah, which commemorates the recovery of Jerusalem by the Maccabees.

The throat had been cut; the body was drained of blood; it was found on some waste ground and it was remarkable that there was no blood on the boy's clothes and hands. There was a pool of blood seven yards from the body. The wound was pronounced by experts as not being self-inflicted. A police witness said the body seemed to have been dragged along the grass; the Coroner suggested that someone had washed the boy's hands.

The police were completely baffled; it was certain that the work was not that of any maniac, but that the crime was premeditated, and was in fact, "the perfect crime." The verdict at the inquest was an open one.

The affair was reported in The Times, 3rd, 4th and 6th December 1928, and in the early edition only of that of 23rd February, 1929; also in the Manchester Evening papers, 6th to 13th December, 1928.

My only comment is that the murder could not have been done on the spot where the body was found, since the boy's clothes and hands were not stained with blood, indicating that the boy must have been naked when the throat was cut; therefore, some blood was probably poured onto the ground a few yards away to mislead the detectives.

Ritual murders have several times been discovered by the fact that no blood has been found at the place where the corpse, bled white, has been recovered.

2. The Lindbergh Case.
Colonel Lindbergh's son was missed on 1st March, 1932. The Jewish Feast of Purim was on 22nd March. A child's body was found on 12th May, dead at least two months according to the experts, with the skull fractured in two places.

I cannot see that it has ever been proved that the body found was that of Colonel Lindbergh's son. It is true that the child's clothes were identified, but the 'body' was only a skeleton, and the 'identification' by the nursemaid, Betty Gow, was made by means of the clothes and a matter of 'twisted toes.' (We must remember that the Tisza Eszlar case, see p. 30, was conjured with by the finding and false identification of a body dressed in the murdered girl's clothes.)

Chas. Lindbergh, the father, America's air hero, appointed two Jews, Salvatore Spitale and Irving Bitz, as intermediaries between himself and a gang who pretended to know where his son was. The Purple Gang all-Jewish and headed by a Jew called Fleischer, was the object of the police search.

Ultimately, a German called Hauptmann was arrested, and the whole Jewish Press of America condemned him several score of times before his trial; actually he was ultimately found "guilty" on evidence which would not have hanged a dog, and met his death in the electric chair.

The condemned man said that Reilly, his lawyer, had brought about his fate by sabotaging his defence; Reilly went insane and committed suicide.

Hauptmann said that the receiver of the kidnap ransom was Isador Fisch, a Jew; but he had died.

The mob of people outside the death-house at Hauptmann's execution, shouted and joked and laughed in the same obscene fashion as did the female furies over the victims of the guillotine in the French Revolution. It was commonly considered in America that Hitler, not Hauptmann, had been found guilty!

It is possible that Hauptmann was paid to steal the child, without knowing that it was going to be anything but an ordinary kidnapping; and that the boy was intended for Ritual Slaughter for Purim.

It was Chas. Lindbergh's father who had strongly opposed the establishment of the Federal Reserve Banking System sponsored by powerful Jewish interests and had also brought to public notice the wicked circular letter of the American Banking Association which ordered the member banks to deflate "to make a monetary stringency among your Patrons." This, it is thought, might determine the choice of the innocent child of Hon. Chas. Lindbergh's famous son for a victim.

1937. Argentine.
On 28th February the Sunday Pictorial (London) reported that the two-year-old Eugenio Iraola had been kidnapped and killed for ritual purposes; the heading under which this appeared was "Millionaire's Baby as Human Sacrifice." Eight arrests were made, including that of Ganceda Silva. The next (and last) we hear of this case is in the London Evening News of 24th March, which simply reports: "While awaiting trial for kidnapping and murder, Jose Gancedo has hanged himself in his cell at Dolores, Buenos Ayres." That, of course, simplified matters! It will be noticed that the suggestive name of Silva had already been lost by the deceased!