THIS may be summed up very briefly. The Protestant Church appears to have allied itself to Jewry, if one may judge from the political views expressed by our Archbishops and most of our bishops. These views are almost invariably similar to those expressed by Masons, and are almost always pernicious.
However, there was a time when Protestants were Protestants, unaffected by Masonry or by the powerful propaganda of which Jewish money is the source.

Martin Luther seems to have had an inkling of the true nature of the Jew when he said: "How the Jews love the Book of Esther, which is so suitable to their bloodthirsty, revengeful, murderous appetite and hopes. The sun has never shone on such a bloodthirsty and revengeful people, who fancy themselves to be the chosen people so that they can murder and strangle the heathen." (From the Erlangen edition of Luther's Table Talks, Vol. XXXII, pp. 120.)

This seems plain speaking enough; but we find the Jew, C. Roth, Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew, citing Martin Luther as having condemned the "libel" of Ritual Murder "in unqualified terms."

However, the Jewish Encyclopedia (1904), Vol. VIII, p. 213, definitely states that Luther charged the Jews with Ritual Murders.

At Magdeburg in 1562, a Protestant History of the Christian Church was compiled, called the Magdeburg Centuries; it was compiled by a number of Lutheran theologians headed by M. Flacius, and was first published at Basle as the Historia Ecclesia Christi. This work records the ritual murders of Blois, Pontoise (Paris), Braisne, Fulda, Berne and Oberwesel.

John Foxe in his Acts and Monuments of the Church (1563) says: "For every year commonly their [the Jews'] custom was to get some Christian man's child from his parents and on Good Friday to crucify him in despite of our religion." He describes the ritual crucifixion of British children by Jews at Norwich and Lincoln, before the expulsion.

The learned and distinguished Puritan, William Prynne, a fearless fighter against evil, in his Short Demurrer to the Jewes long discontinued Remitter into England, 1656, gave details and references of the Ritual Murders at Norwich, Gloucester, and Bury St. Edmunds in England, and those of Blois, Braisne, Richard "of Paris," Fulda, Prague, Werner of Oberwesel, Rudolph of Berne, Simon of Trent and others. In Book I p 67, he says: "The Jews . . . have ofttimes . . . maliciously acted it [crucifixion] over and again in representation; . . . by crucifying sundry Christian children on Good Friday or near Easter, on a Crosse, in a most barbarous manner, in derision of our Saviour's death and passion." On p. 68 he quotes several authorities "that the Jews in Paris did every year steal some Christian child, or another brought up in the King's Court, and carrying him to a secret house or vault, did, on Good Friday or Easter-Day, in contempt and derision of Christ and Christian religion crucify him on a Crosse . . and that they have been frequently apprehended, persevering in this wickednesse; for which, upon Direction, they were usually murdered, stoned, burned, destroyed, hanged, by the furious multitude's violence, or executed, imprisoned, banished by Christian Kings and Magistrates, yet such was their malice to Christ, that they would still persevere therein, and act it over again upon every opportunity."

This book of Prynne's, which ran into two editions, is in the British Museum and Guildhall Libraries, but is unobtainable, though stated by booksellers to be of no great rarity or value; in the London Library there is no copy, but there is a Jewish refutation of it!

Our nation has been so carefully schooled by the Jewish Money Power, which has been able to destroy or rarefy all sources of information on Ritual Murder, that the twentieth century Protestant Church has come to believe that the thing is a mere relic of medieval superstition.