THE Jews are wont to pretend that the Blood Accusation, as they call it, is the product of medieval superstition and credulity, and anti-Jewish prejudice. They bring forward as examples cases where Jews have been wrongfully charged with Ritual Murder or against whom there was insufficient evidence, the mob taking the initiative and lynching every Jew it could lay hands on.
Such things have occurred, but they are quite useless in support of the Jewish claim of innocence of Ritual Murders.

There is an exact analogy in more modern times in the case of the negroes of the Southern States of the U.S.A. Everyone knows that lynching has been resorted to where negroes have been suspected of certain outrages against white women and children. Everyone knows also that sometimes the mob, in its racial thirst for vengeance, and in its impatience of the slow and corrupt legal procedure, has lynched innocent men. But no one will argue on such grounds that negroes guilty of such offences have not frequently met with the rough justice they deserved at the hands of the mob, or that negroes never attack white women and children! Yet the Jews bring forward this same rotten argument to shield themselves from the charge of Ritual Murder! Because innocent Jews have been lynched, no Jew ever does a Ritual Murder!

We have, fortunately, many cases on record in which constituted authority has duly tried the Jewish murderers and found them guilty, or has, sometimes without finding the culprit, given a verdict concerning the cause of death which leaves no doubt as to its ritual character. Let me enumerate some of these:

1192. Jews convicted after personal investigation by Philip Augustus, a sagacious man of good judgment.

1255. The case of "Little St. Hugh" at Lincoln, duly tried by proper authority and the judgment approved of by King Henry III.

1288. Jews tried by proper authority for ritual murder at Troyes.

1468. Jews tried by the Bishop of Segovia, himself son of a converted Jew.

1475. Jews tried at Trent by proper authority.

1480. Jews tried at Venice by proper authority.

1485. Jews tried at Padua by proper authority.

1490. Jews tried for the Toiedo ritual murder by the most learned men of the Universities of Salamanca and of Avila, under proper authority.

1494. Jews tried by proper authority for ritual murder at Hungary.

1670. Jew tried by proper authority at Metz. Sentenced by order of Parliament.

1698. Jew tried by the highest tribunal of the land for a ritual murder at Sandomir, Poland.

1748. Jews tried for ritual murder at Duniagrod, Poland, by Episcopal Court.

1753. Jews tried by Episcopal Court at Kiev for a ritual murder at Zhytomir.

1753. Jews tried by Episcopal Court for ritual murder at Pavalochi, Poland.

1831. Jews tried by proper authority at St. Petersburg for ritual murder.

1840. Jews tried by proper authority at Damascus for the ritual murder of Father Thomas and his servant.

1852 and 1853. Jews tried for two ritual murders at Saratov. Actual trial eight years after the murder.

1899. Jew convicted of the Polna murder by proper authority.

1911-13. Verdict of the Court in the Kiev case that the victim had been first bled and then killed; murderer not identified. See p. 32.

Finally we may also mention the case at Breslau in 1888 (see Chapter XVIII) where a rabbinical student was found guilty of extracting blood from a Christian boy without intention to cause fatal injury.

It is interesting to note that when the Jew, Jacob Selig, made his appeal to the Pope in 1758 complaining of "persecution" of Jews in Poland by means of the blood accusation, he admitted that the cases he complained of had been brought before the Courts!

In pre-Hitler Jew-controlled Germany, there were several cases in which the Courts were obviously made use of for the smothering of the Ritual Murder Accusation, just as the Old Bailey was made use of in 1936 in an endeavour to silence me on the same matter.