THIS argument, "It couldn't happen now," seems quite good enough for a lot of people when it is applied to the matter of Jewish Ritual Murder. It is, perhaps, comforting to the democratic mind to think that "Progress" ensures that such an evil practice, even if it occurred in unenlightened days, could not have survived to-day. I wish I could see any comfort in this argument, but I don't. There are no facts to support it.

That the Aryan peoples have progressed I do-not deny; but I do not think there is any evidence to show any like progress among some of the other races.

Compare the following two happenings, noting the dates:

A.D. 117. From the account of Dio Cassius in 78th Book of his history Chapter 32:

"Then the Jews in Cyrene (on the modern Tripoli coast of North Africa) choosing as their leader one Andreas, slew the Romans and Greeks, and devoured their bodies, drank the blood, clothed themselves in the flayed skins, and sawed many in half from the head downwards; some they threw to wild beasts and others were compelled to fight in single combat, so that in all 220,000 were killed. In Egypt they did many similar things, also its Cyprus, led by one of them named Artemion; and there another 40,000 were slain."

A.D. 1936. From Daily Mail, 17th September (describing the horrors of the Red Revolution in Spain):

"Baena (Cordoba Province): Ninety-one assassinations, mostly by shooting, hatchet blows, or strangling. Others were burned alive. Two nuns who had been dragged from the convent of the Mother of God, had their religious medals with the figure of the Virgin, nailed into the sockets of their eyes.

"La Campana (Seville): Reds, led by a woman, Concepcion Velarde Caraballo, who either killed or was responsible for killing 11 persons in prison. The prisoners were fired on until they fell, covered with petrol, and set on fire. Some were still writhing in the flames when the city was entered.

"Lore del Rio (Seville): 138 assassinated. They were dragged to the cemetery, lined up, and shot in the legs, being buried alive as they fell in a trench. When the town was entered hands could still be seen writhing above the ground."

I cannot see much difference in outlook between the Jewish devils responsible for both these massacres, even though there are 15 centuries between them!

In view of that, why boggle at the idea of Jewish Ritual Murder still surviving?

Why make such a fuss when Jews are charged with the practice of Ritual Murder? Other Asiatics are known to have practised it until 1850, and, if left to themselves, would doubtless have maintained the custom.

In India, from 10,000 to 50,000 murders were perpetrated every year by a religious body known as the Thugs. They were mostly people of Mahommedan extraction, but a number of Hindus were also involved. They used to worship Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction. Their custom was to club together, generally as travellers, when they would slowly gain the confidence of some innocent person, and at a given signal, would strangle him in a prescribed manner, which they regarded as a religious duty; then they would rob him if he had anything to be robbed of, and bury the body with such skill as to leave no trace. The Thugs actually received the protection of some of the native princes and chiefs who were thoroughly frightened of their power as a secret religious sect. How this reminds us of the attitude of the influential men in this country who adopt the same view of Masonry and Jewry!

Then the British Government decided the thing must stop. After many years of investigation, Sir W. H. Sleeman stamped out the Thug sect, and no Thuggee murders are on record since 1850. He found that Thuggee was hereditary among male members of a family, and he achieved his object by confining in segregation for life all male members of Thug families.

Now my point is that Thuggee happened; and happened in the 19th century until the British put an end to it under Sleeman. It was a long time before the British administration learned of the existence of Thuggee, so carefully was it concealed; another analogy with Jewish Ritual Murder!

"It couldn't happen now." Why not?

And on 13th September, 1937, a telegram was sent to The Times from Delhi reporting the sacrifice of a 17-year-old youth to propitiate the rain-god, in Sirmoor State. The youth was led through the village of Gunpur by a crowd of people headed by a priest and the village headman, and beheaded on a special altar to the accompaniment of devotional songs. The head was found by the police at the foot of the deity in the village temple.

As Aryan rule over India relaxes, Thuggee and other human sacrifices will re-appear.

"It couldn't happen now." Why not, again?

Here is an extract from Magick by the "Master Therion", published in 1929 by the Lecram Press, 26 Rue d'Hautpool, Paris, pp. 94-5:

". . . it was the theory of the ancient magicians that any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to the size and health of the animal, and in quality according to its mental and moral character. At the death of the animal this energy is liberated suddenly. The animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, or Triangle, as the case may be, so that its energy cannot escape.... For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable

A footnote on p. 95 says "(4) It appears from the Magical Records of Frater Perdurabo that he made this particular sacrifice on an average about 150 times every year between 1912 e.v. and 1928 e.v."

This footnote refers to the last sentence in the paragraph quoted above.

"It couldn't happen now." Why not, in the Devil's name?

Sir Richard Burton show us that the disappearance of children at Passover was talked of in Rome and in the other towns of Italy throughout the early part of the 19th century when efficient policing was unknown, as also throughout the century at Smyrna and other places in the Levant and in Turkey.

It couldn't happen now? But the Jewish method of cattle slaughter happens now and is specially exempted from the objects of the Slaughter of Animals Act, 1933, which Act orders that all cattle for Gentile food must be stunned with a mechanically-operated instrument before the throat is cut. The Jewish method is cutting the throat from ear to ear without any previous stunning. It has been condemned by a Government Commission held in 1904 as failing in rapidity, freedom from unnecessary pain and instantaneous loss of sensibility. Yet it "happens now" and is protected in this our England, by an English Law, and remains unattacked by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Why couldn't it happen now?

To this day, we learn from Jewish sources (B'nai B'rith Messenger, California, 3rd April, 1936) that the Samaritans, an unorthodox Jewish sect who keep Passover by solar computation, indulge in bloody sacrifices of animals on that feast-day; an account is given of a visit to the scene of sacrifice on Mount Gerizim in the 20th century, and these word, are used:

"I have heard the wild, primitive scream of triumph as the knife is withdrawn from the neck of the lamb of sacrifice."

Here is a paragraph from a periodical which shall be unnamed, of 1936, showing that the urge to the "Mysteries" is not dead:

"The sophisticated Pharisee of the 20th century unceasingly gives thanks that he has outgrown the fables and rituals of the Ancients. The worldly-wise man loves the evident and is exasperated by that which is not evident. Plutocrat and proletarian alike regard themselves as victimised by that person whose words or actions they do not understand. We love the obvious because it flatters us, and hate the mysterious because it damns our intelligence with faint praise. Riddles are irksome. The modern cry is for facts. Yet, with facts for his fetish, the modernist is more foolish than his forebears. Decrying superstition, he is most superstitious; rejecting fancies, he is the fanciful product of a fictitious age. The modern world is bored with its own importance; life itself has become a botheration. Suffering from chronic ennui, how can a world ever become interested in anything but itself? Smothered in their self-complacency, these all-sufficient ones ask for facts. But what facts are there that fools can understand? How can the helpless superficial grasp the hopelessly profound, for are not realities reserved for the wise?"

Alongside this clotted nonsense was a picture of a ritual murder, with the victim crucified, below it, a portrait of the author, an obvious Jew.

I take it that- "it would happen now" if this Jew had his way!