Acta Sanctorum. This is the work of the Bollandists, who were a band of Jesuits devoting themselves to historical record between 1643 and 1883. The volumes in which they recorded various ritual murders by Jews are mainly those written in the seventeenth century.
Histoire Universelle de l'Englise Catholique, by Abbe Rohrbacher (Gaume et Freres, 1845).

Lives of the Saints, by Alban Butler.

Dizionario Ecclesiastico, Vol. 64-66 (Semenario Peo-scire, Venice, 1853-4).

Annales Ecclesiastici, ab 1198, p. 568, by O. Raynaldus, 1753. These two deal with the case of St. Simon of Trent.

Catholic Bulletin, August, 1916 (published at Dublin, M. H. Gill & Sons).

Cahiers Romains, Catholic publication in Rome, 29th November, 1913.

Acts and Monuments of the Church, by John Foxe, 1563.

A Short Demurrer to the Jewes long discontinued Remitter into England, by William Prynne, 1656.

Les Juifs devant l'Eglise et l' Histoire, by Rev. Father Constant.

Meine Antworten an die Rabbiner: Funf Briefe uber den Talmudismus und das Blut-Ritual der Juden, by August Rohling (1883), Canon of Prague Cathedral.

La France Juive, by Edouard Drumont. Obtainable from M. Petit, 12 rue Laugier, Paris 17. 70 francs.

Le Juif, le Judaisme et la Judaisation des Peuples Chretiens, by Gougenot des Mousseaux, Chevalier, 1886. The whole of Chapter VI is devoted to Ritual Murders.

Le Mystere du Sang chez les Juifs de tous les Temps, by Henri Desportes, 1889 (Savine).

Le Crime Rituel chez les Juifs, by A. Monniot, 1914. Obtainable from M. Petit) 12 rue Laugier, Paris 17. 10 francs. An excellent general guide to the whole subject, with preface by Edouard Drumont. It was Drumont who exposed the Jewish Panama scandals.

Der Ritual Mord bei den Juden, by Eugen Brandt.

Ritual Morde, by Ottokar Stauf von der March (Hammer Verlag).

Judische Moral und Blut Mysterium, by A. Fern, 1927.

Der Ritual Mord, by G. Utikal. This book is recommended by the Reich Office for the Promotion of German Literature as "a truly national representation of Jewish Ritual Murder."

Das Blut in Judischen Schriftum, by Dr. Bischoff, 1929.

Der Sturmer, Special Ritual Murder Issue, dated May, 1934, Nuremburg. The reader should not be prejudiced by the Jewish campaign of hate against the editor of Der Sturmer. The Ritual Murder issue is a valuable historical record.

The Jew, the Gypsy, and El Islam, by Sir Richard Burton, edited by W. H. Wilkins (Hutchinson, 1898).

Isabella of Spain, by ECU. T. Walsh, 1931 (Sheed & Ward), pp. 125, 439-468, and 628.

References to other authorities in particular cases of Ritual Murder are made in the text when describing these cases.

To the above list should be added a recent work intended to clear the Jews from the Blood Accusation, but which, at least in my own opinion, appears to support it: -- The Ritual Murder Libel and the Jews, by C. Roth (Woburn Press, 1935) .