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America is Changing The late Dr. William Pierce, founder of the National Alliance, speaks about the problems of America faces today since it has left behind the solidarity, stability and traditions of a homogeneous Aryan culture and replaced it in turn with the cosmopolitan laissez faire values of multiculturalism, jewish "democracy" and the constant fluctuation of party politics and petty business cycles. Not one to merely complain, Dr. Pierce shows the way out through the mess in the form of a reclamation of Western institutions into the hands of Westerners and away from the cultural marxists. Rm
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Ben Klassen on Race & Reason Church of Creativity founder Ben Klassen appears on Terrible Tommy's Race & Reason, explaining the genesis and foundations of the world's only White Racial religion. Rm
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The Call to Aryan Warriors

Bob Mathews Address to the National Alliance.
Aryan warrior Bob Mathews discusses his vision, his goals and his successes in recruitment and other endeavors before a congregation of the National Alliance in 1983, about 1 year before his heroic and fateful shootout with coward ZOG agents in Washington State.
Mp3 version here (10.5 Mb)

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Call to the Immigration Office A White Nationalist phones up the brand-spankin' new Dept. of "Homeland Security" Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement [formerly the Immigration and Naturalization Service] to report a mass convergence of illegal immigrants in various cities throughout the US, with the results being the typical bungling and bureaucratic incompetence you would expect for any modern government office. Rm
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Creativity Meeting #2 Creativity Public Meeting #2. Matoon, IL Rm
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Creativity Meeting #3 Creativity Public Meeting #3. Peoria, IL. Rm
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Creativity Meeting #4 Creativity Public Meeting #4. Bloomington, IL. 10/28/27AC Rm
80.3 Mb
Creativity Meeting #5 Creativity Public Meeting #5. Bloomington, IL. 11/25/27AC Rm
67.3 Mb
Creativity Meeting #6 Creativity Public Meeting #6. Pontiac, IL. 1/4/28AC Rm
89.9 Mb
Creativity Meeting #8 Creativity Public Meeting #8. Decatur, IL. 02/24/28AC Rm
88 Mb
Creativity Meeting #9 Creativity Public Meeting #9. Wallingford, CT. 03/10/28AC Rm
61.3 Mb
Creativity Meeting #10 Creativity Public Meeting #10. Peoria, IL. 03/24/28AC Rm
55.8 Mb
Creativity Meeting #11 Creativity Public Meeting #11. Wallingford, CT. 04/21/28AC at Rm
36.5 Mb
Creativity Meeting #15 Creativity Public Meeting #15. Springfield, IL. 07/14/28AC Rm
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Creativity Meeting #26 Creativity Public Meeting #26. Wakefield, MA. 9/14/29AC Rm
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David Cole visits Auschwitz jew Davey Cole takes takes a trip to Camp Auschwitz and lo and behold! What does he see? No holes, no holy-hoax. The "gas chamber" at the camp was really no death chamber at all (it had indoor plumbing fixtures, stucco walls, and a wooden door that opens into the "gas chamber"). Moreover, the proof is delivered that this entire concentration camp system was originally and intentionally set up for the purpose of labor, first under peacetime and later wartime conditions. wmv
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Don't Talk! The Five Words: "I have nothing to say." Every White Nationalist, or activist of any kind, for that matter, should take these words to heart and learn them well. The pig-lice are not your friends; they are your enemies. Cops exist for only one reason and one reason alone: to nail you to the wall for life. Their job is not to "stop crime", nor to "protect and serve;" it is simply to put as many people behind bars as possible while doing the least amount of work in the process. Don't be a sucker, and don't hand them the rope they will hang you with. You can avoid being their next victim by learning and using the Five Words when necessary, and this may save you an extended stay in the hotel with barred windows.
Thanks to Terrible Tommy of W.A.R. for making this important video.
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Dr. Khalid Muhammed The good doctor of the Black Panthers shares his love and tolerance for Whitey in this famous lecture, imploring negroes to kill White men, women and children without discretion because they will become "future oppressors" of darkie. Mp3
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Dresden Yet another richly-detailed production by National Vanguard, this video shows the plight and horror of the terrible Aryan holocaust that was the firebombing of Dresden by allied bombers, under the direction of the jewish Lindenman Plan. Rm
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The Eternal Jew An absolute classic National Socialist introduction and investigation into the jewish question, examining such diverse topics as how Talmudic lore governs jews in their relations to gentiles, jewish racketeering and organized crime, jew infestation of certain occupations, the horrors of kosher slaughter, and more. Rm
16 Mb
Floyd Nelson Speech A speech by Floyd Nelson, the Imperial Wizard of the SS Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, delivered during the first quarter of the Year 2000 AD. Mp3 version here (9.2 Mb). Rm
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The Frankfurt School That jew nest of of anti-White, anti-Western, anti-Gentile treachery is exposed as yet another reflection of the toxic philosophy that is judiasm/Zionism. wmv
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GLR Part 1
GLR Part 2
George Lincoln Rockwell's Brown University Lecture
The audience started out hating him; they ended up respecting him. G.L. Rockwell's monumental speech was given in 1966 before a packed house at his alma mater of Brown University. He said nothing antagonistic towards the audience, yet he merely pointed out a few unsightly facts about jews and jewish communism and the criminal nature of blacks. The fundamental difference between Rockwell and assorted sell-out conservatives is that while the rest of the world was cowering in fear of commies and not naming the jew, Rockwell actually did something about it.
1.5 Mb
Life is Yidreal For those curious about what life is like in the world's only "democracy" in the Middle East, this video documentary takes you there. Hear interviews from people who live under occupation rule and see izzy's soldiers in action as streets are blocked off, people are arbitrarily arrested, homes are demolished, natives dispossessed of their land, and certain people are denied equal access and privileges. A great counter to neo-Jacobin nonsense about how great, reasonable, moderate, etc., that "shitty little country" is. wmv
67 Mb
Martin Luther King A very well-made documentary on the real life and times of the man held up by the claptrap press and the liberal jerk-offs as "Saint Michael". Reveals his sordid past as a car thief, drug user, communist, and sexual degenerate. Produced by National Vanguard and narrated by Kevin Strom. Rm
8.5 Mb
MLK Riots A short but high-quality video portraying the negro at his usual [criminal] behavior: namely, rioting, looting, pillaging and burning, with a little bit of rape, serious assault and murder thrown in on the side just for fun. St. MLK is rambling on in the background as a nice bit of contrast between the theory and practice of integration and "civil rights." Overall, a fine display of how much American blacks treasure American culture and American freedom. mpg
19.5 Mb
Oldham Riots 1
Oldham Riots 2

A two-part video series depicting some of the worst rioting England has seen in decades, courtesy of the BNP. Part 1 is a 17-minute background and commentary about these riots by BNP party chief Nick Griffin. Part 2 is actual footage of the rioters themselves, complete with unprovoked attacks on innocent bystanders and cars, molotov cocktails tossed at policemen and their vehicles, and what should have been attempted murder charges as buildings with people inside are set on fire. The video quality is poor but viewers can make out what is generally occurring.
Most surprising about these riots is the fact that for once, negros are not the ones rioting, looting and burning. This footage instead proves that Muslim/Asian immigrants are still just as animalistic as their darker brethren when given the chance.
Streaming versions available here:
Part 1
Part 2

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The Other Israel A in-depth video documentary of jewish history as a line of murderers, liars, cheats, cut-throats, and Christ-killers, and showing that their actions today have not changed for the better. Produced from the perspective of a fundamentalist Christian outlook. Rm
9 Mb
Phillip Rushton Speaks on Racial Differences Drawing on research dating back almost 100 years, the good Dr. Rushton points out the results of scientific research proving the average black in America has an IQ of 85, while the blacks of Africa show an IQ of 70, which is borderline retarded. Since IQ tests examine pattern matching, logical deduction skills and mathematical computation, the argument that IQ tests measure nebulous qualities or are culturally biased does not hold water because these skills necessary for any civilization to function. A good listen for both people who respect the realities of race as well as those who are race deniers. Rm
6 Mb
Portrait 1
Portrait 2
Portrait 3
Portrait 4
A Portrait of George Lincoln Rockwell
Listen to GL Rockwell in action as he lashes out against communism, jews, niqqers and other social parasites in four different recorded public lectures. This is the definitive and classic in-your-face style that showed Rockwell at his best.
(Corncob pipe sold separately.)
2.2 Mb
Rockwell Radio Interview George Lincoln Rockwell tells it like it is again, cutting to the core of National Socialist ideology and what he stands for personally as an American Nazi in his famous radio interview uninterrupted by commies and peace creeps (for once). Rm
1.3 Mb
Rockwell TV Interview George Lincoln Rockwell speaks on national TV (smoking his patent corncob pipe) about his views as a National Socialist and Racialist, and even goes so far as to say that Hitler "was the second coming of Christ" and "that he plans to finish what Hitler started." What a goy! Rm
2.4 Mb
The Triumph of the Will The classic propaganda film from pre-WWII Germany, directed by the talented late actress-turned-director Leni Riefenstahl, this movie displays the power, majesty and success of a National Socialist government which successfully converted the German nation into a land of peace and plenty at a time when the "democracies" of the world were suffering under the weight of jewish perfidy and the bitter harvest of corrupt finance capitalism. mpg
85 Mb
Survival of the White Race Originally produced in 1975, this lecture by Ben Klassen is an introduction to the problems of the world from a racial angle and the solution offered in the radical new religion of Creativity. Originally recorded on a vinyl LP, it has been translated to digital audio for your listening pleasure.
Mp3 version here (23.4 Mb).
(Version 2.0, improved audio quality over the original.)
4.9 Mb
Wetback Instead of railing against illegal and mass immigration from the standpoint of the bad things that it does to this (and any other) country, this video exposes immigration from the standpoint of the proponents and enthusiasts who want more immigration no matter what the cost. You will hear the gleaming platitudes of the elitists who want to import poverty, you will witness the gritty up-close pictures of the dusky immigrants themselves, the problems they bring with them and their attitudes towards the nation they plant themselves in, and hear how they feel about the peoples already residing here. WMV
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