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The Call to Aryan Warriors

Bob Mathews Address to the National Alliance.
Aryan warrior Bob Mathews discusses his vision, his goals and his successes in recruitment and other endeavors before a congregation of the National Alliance in 1983, about 1 year before his heroic and fateful shootout with coward ZOG agents in Washington State.
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Call to the Immigration Office A White Nationalist phones up the brand-spankin' new Dept. of "Homeland Security" Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement [formerly the Immigration and Naturalization Service] to report a mass convergence of illegal immigrants in various cities throughout the US, with the results being the typical bungling and bureaucratic incompetence you would expect for any modern government office.
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1.7 Mb
Dr. Khalid Muhammed The good doctor of the Black Panthers shares his love and tolerance for Whitey in this famous lecture, imploring negroes to kill White men, women and children without discretion because they will become "future oppressors" of darkie. Mp3
821 kb
Floyd Nelson Speech A speech by Floyd Nelson, the Imperial Wizard of the SS Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, delivered during the first quarter of the Year 2000 AD.
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Glayde Whitney An audio lecture given at the 13th International IHR Conference by Florida State University genetics professor who wrote the introduction to David Duke's My Awakening, discussing the facts of geneitc differences between races and how the spirit of international socialism that is destroying the nation ignores this.
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5.2 Mb
GLR Part 1
GLR Part 2
George Lincoln Rockwell's Brown University Lecture
The audience started out hating him; they ended up respecting him. G.L. Rockwell's monumental speech was given in 1966 before a packed house at his alma mater of Brown University. He said nothing antagonistic towards the audience, yet he merely pointed out a few unsightly facts about jews and jewish communism and the criminal nature of blacks. The fundamental difference between Rockwell and assorted sell-out conservatives is that while the rest of the world was cowering in fear of commies and not naming the jew, Rockwell actually did something about it.
Streaming versions available here:
Part 1.
Part 2.
1.5 Mb
Phillip Rushton on Racial Differences Drawing on research dating back almost 100 years, the good Dr. Rushton points out the results of scientific research proving the average black in America has an IQ of 85, while the blacks of Africa show an IQ of 70, which is borderline retarded. Since IQ tests examine pattern matching, logical deduction skills and mathematical computation, the argument that IQ tests measure nebulous qualities or are culturally biased does not hold water because these skills necessary for any civilization to function. A good listen for both people who respect the realities of race as well as those who are race deniers.
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Portrait 1
Portrait 2
Portrait 3
Portrait 4

A Portrait of George Lincoln Rockwell
Listen to GL Rockwell in action as he lashes out against communism, jews, niqqers and other social parasites in four different recorded public lectures. This is the definitive and classic in-your-face style that showed Rockwell at his best.
(Corncob pipe sold separately.)
Streaming versions available here:
Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
Part 4.

2.2 Mb
Rockwell Radio Interview George Lincoln Rockwell tells it like it is again, cutting to the core of National Socialist ideology and what he stands for personally as an American Nazi in his famous radio interview uninterrupted by commies and peace creeps (for once).
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Secrets and Lies of the Federal Reserve G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature From Jekyll Island, discusses the rotten businessmen, the corrupt lickspittle slavey politicians (and by extension, their arch-Zionist masters) who brought about the Federal Reserve system, to the long-range detriment and eventual destruction of the American and world economies. Also examined is the long-term devistation wrought by unending inflation (as the hidden taxation) upon the working classes and others least able to afford such taxation.
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10.6 Mb
Survival of the White Race Originally produced in 1975, this lecture by Ben Klassen is an introduction to the problems of the world from a racial angle and the solution offered in the radical new religion of Creativity. Originally recorded on a vinyl LP, it has been translated to digital audio for your listening pleasure.
(Version 2.0, improved audio quality over the original.)
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The Turner Diaries
Part 02 / Part 03
Part 04 / Part 05
Part 06 / Part 07
Part 08 / Part 09
Part 10 / Part 11
The (in)famous book by the late Dr. William Pierce is now available in an audio format read by Dr. Pierce himself. Follow the exploits of Earl Turner as he battles the evil minions of ZoG and makes the ultimate sacrifice sothat future generations of Whites may live in relative peace and self-determination, free from the horrors and abuses of multi-culti corruption. Not to be missed!!

Mp3 - 9Mb

Jeff's Archive Audio

10-05-92 Toward the Stars

1.3 Mb
05-29-93 The ADL America's Greatest Enemy 1
06-05-93 The ADL America's Greatest Enemy 2
1.4 Mb
1.7 Mb
10-14-95 Dear Mom 1.4 Mb
05-04-96 Questionable Advice, Slavery in Israel 1.4 Mb
05-25-96 America’s Retreating Borders 1.3 Mb
06-24-96 The Suppressors 1.4 Mb
07-14-96 Media Control Close-up 1.3 Mb
07-27-96 Betting on Both Horses 1.5 Mb
08-10-96 Interview, Dr. William L. Pierce 1.7 Mb
09-21-96 The Internet: A Valuable Tool For Our Survival 1.7 Mb
05-26-97 Focusing Our Anger 1.4 Mb
09-06-97 Time of the Bonfire 1.4 Mb
09-24-97 The New World Order 1.4 Mb
10-04-97 Slavery and Race 1.4 Mb
10-07-97 The Giant Gold Robbery 1.4 Mb
10-18-97 In Your Ear Mr. Clinton 1.5 Mb
10-21-97 The Jewish Problem 1.4 Mb
11-01-97 The Wrecking of Our Schools 1.4 Mb
11-08-97 The Lesson of Haiti 1.4 Mb
11-15-97 The Tragedy of Chautauqua County 1.4 Mb
12-13-97 Brainwashing Our Children 1.3 Mb
01-03-98 Thoughts on Free Trade 1.5 Mb
01-10-98 A Question of Sanity 1.4 Mb
01-17-98 Why Society is Nuts 1.4 Mb
01-24-98 Jews and the White Slave Trade 1.5 Mb
01-31-98 Responding to Evil 1.3 Mb
03-07-98 Check Your Blankets and Candles 1.4 Mb
03-21-98 The Theft of Our Freedom 1.5 Mb
03-28-98 Replacing Shakespeare with Malcolm X 1.5 Mb
04-04-98 Judicial Insanity and Schoolyard Massacres 1.4 Mb
04-18-98 The Mestizo Menace 1.4 Mb
04-24-98 The Katyn Massacre 1.4 Mb
05-23-98 Nationalism vs. the New World Order 576 kb
05-30-98 How to Improve Our Souls 1.4 Mb
06-13-98 The Genocide at Vinnitsa 1.5 Mb
07-04-98 More on Reparations 1.4 Mb
07-11-98 Thinking About a White Future 1.4 Mb
07-25-98 Superman, Volkswagen & Lazar Kaganovich 1.4 Mb
08-01-98 The Romanovs, Child Porn, and Hate Laws 1.4 Mb
08-15-98 Media Myths 1.5 Mb
08-22-98 David Geffen, Steven Spielberg, and Bill Clinton 1.6 Mb
09-12-98 The Coming of the New Elites 1.5 Mb
10-10-98 The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith 1.6 Mb
10-24-98 The Corruption of America's Police by the ADL 1.6 Mb
02-27-99 Odysseus' Way 1.5 Mb
03-13-99 Special Treatment 1.5 Mb
10-02-99 Hard-Headed Altruism 1.5 Mb
12-18-99 Deliberate Deception 1.5 Mb
03-04-00 Fear of the Smear 1.5 Mb
03-11-00 The Killing of Kayla 1.5 Mb
All Americans Must Know The Terror 1993 13.5 Mb
America Awake - 1994 10.7 Mb
America's Future 1993 13.9 Mb
The Beast as Saint 1.8 Mb
Bob Grant Interviews Dr. Pierce 2.0 Mb
Can Liberals Be Educated? Part 1 1966
Can Liberals Be Educated? Part 2
21.2 Mb
13.2 Mb
Standing up for Our Heritage - David Duke 500 kb
The Immigration Disaster - David Duke 1.1 Mb
Dresden: A Real Holocaust 1993 13.6 Mb
Fooling the People 1.5 Mb
For the Birds - 1994 1.0 Mb
Homosexuality The Fatal Plague: Part 1
Homosexuality The Fatal Plague: Part 2
1.7 Mb
1.3 Mb
The Importance of Courage 1.8 Mb
Knowledge and Discipline 1.5 Mb
The Long March 1.8 Mb
Men of Valor 1.4 Mb
New Doubts About the Holocaust 1.5 Mb
Playing Cards on a Sinking Ship 1.3 Mb
Quotes Without Comment - 1994; Kevin A. Strom 13.5 Mb
Race And Survival Part 1 1968
Race And Survival Part 2
21.2 Mb
13.5 Mb
The Rubes and the Canaries 1.5 Mb
The Slippery Minority 1.4 Mb
Treason Never Prospers - 1993 13.6 Mb
The Truth About South Africa Part 1 1992
The Truth About South Africa Part 2
13.7 Mb
The Turner Diaries Video Game 6.0 Mb
What Is Racism? 1.8 Mb
What We Owe Our Parasites Part 1 1967
What We Owe Our Parasites Part 2
21.2 Mb
17.5 Mb
While We Slept - 1995 1.8 Mb
White Voodoo 1.7 Mb

(All AVD episodes as mp3's; requires Nero Burning ROM)

American Dissident Voices - CD # 1 607 Mb
American Dissident Voices - CD # 2 495 Mb
American Dissident Voices - CD # 3 487 Mb


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