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Program of 6th November, 1993

Ideas Have Consequences

Thank you, Richard Cotten. Today's program contains information which is powerful, shocking, and horrifying. Parents may wish to have their children leave the room before we continue. I include such material not in an effort to pander to the degraded tastes of the mob, but rather because we must face unpleasant and shocking facts if we are to save our nation. If you are tied to the railroad tracks as a powerful locomotive approaches at one hundred miles per hour, it will not help you a bit to pretend that you are sipping tea at a garden party. That is an accurate analogy to the situation we face today as a people.

If it weren't for the unselfish support of our listeners, this program would not exist. And I mean not only the monetary support you provide us, but the many news articles and inside information that you send to us. They have proven to be invaluable in our research and writing for our broadcasts and publications. If you'd like to contribute an article, an experience you've had, or inside information as to what is going on in your profession or area as America is pushed into the New World Order, please feel free to write me, Kevin Alfred Strom, that's S-T-R-O-M, at National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA, or call our answering machine at 304-653-4600, or send us a fax at 304-653-4690.&127;

Today's program is an result of three such contributions. It is an exploration of the frightening way our nation is changing as a result of the acceptance by most of our people of certain media- promoted ideas. Today's program contains three examples of my thesis for today, which we all know but don't think about very often: it is that "Ideas Have Consequences."

Ideas Have Consequences. A listener who is a college instructor writes us as follows:

"I have a friend who was, while in the US Army, a member of the Multinational Forces and Observers [also known as the MFO for short]. The [members of] the MFO are the peacekeepers in Israel and Egypt. While in the West Bank area, he saw an Israeli Army officer questioning a young Palestinian woman. When she didn't provide the correct answers, he repeatedly rammed her face into the bumper guard of his truck. This broke her nose and knocked out some of her teeth. She was screaming and some of her blood splattered on his uniform. The Israeli pulled a pistol from his holster and shot her in the head. The back of her head flew off in little pieces. My friend returned to headquarters and began to fill out an eyewitness report, but his superior officer in the MFO told him "not to cause trouble." He reluctantly followed orders.

"Later, he saw an Israeli military patrol chase a rock-throwing Palestinian boy of about ten years of age. The youth ran into his house, which the Israelis [then] blew up, with the boy and his family inside. Again my friend followed orders.

"I asked my friend if he would consider going to the newspapers and TV stations and report the atrocities. He said he had signed a secret security statement and would go to federal prison if he went on record with these facts. He is a truthful and reliable person and I believe his accounts of events in Israel.

"The American people directly pay one third of the expenses for the MFO. Israel and Egypt pay the rest. Our billions of dollars sent to these countries annually actually pays all of the MFO funding. Yet we are not allowed to know what goes on there.

"This situation is bad enough. But what I find really disturbing is this - what if someone in the MFO refused the order "not to cause trouble"? What if they said that when they returned home, they were going to inform the American public? What if they said that the American taxpayers would be told of these travesties? What would the Israeli Mossad be willing to do to protect billions of dollars in American aid each year? Would the Israelis be willing to silence our US soldiers permanently? Do you remember the Pan Am 747 blown up over Scotland? How about the Gander Charter Flight [of returning American soldiers] which crashed [mysteriously] in Nova Scotia? Would the Mossad kill all those people for a few billion dollars? Are they Jewish?"

Ideas Have Consequences. The dead ten-year-old Palestinian boy and his family reduced to ashes, and the young Palestinian woman with her head summarily blown off for talking back to an Israeli are the consequences of the media-induced idea that Israel is our noble friend and bastion of "democracy" in the Middle East. And not only the Liberal media are at fault in propagating these ideas. When Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell (who, by the way, flies in a private plane provided for him by the Israeli government) crow about the supposed "fulfillment of prophecy" by the Israeli state; or when Rush Limbaugh (who was recently lavishly hosted by the Israeli government on a "fact-finding" tour) informs his "dittoheads" that aid to Israel somehow is good for America; the consequences are not only dead Palestinians but dead American soldiers in the sand, killed in wars that have no conceivable connection to defending America. Ideas Have Consequences.

Another American Dissident Voices listener sent us the following shocking article from the Detroit Free Press of October 1st, 1993, entitled "Sex Assault Stuns Authorities":

"Gregory puffed out his cheeks and pulled up the loose, blue Wayne County Youth Home trousers so he wouldn't trip as he walked out of court.

"He seemed oblivious to the damage and troubling questions he left behind.

"At age 10, Gregory was convicted in the shocking, sadistic rapes of two young [boys,] - assaults so damaging to the victims that their family moved out of Michigan for the sake of their recovery.

"How could a child do such horrible, cruel things to other children? What kind of punishment could fit the crime? What kind of treatment could help a 10-year-old who forces other boys to strip, fetch like a dog and perform sex acts on each other?

"At a hearing Monday, Wayne County Juvenile Judge Patricia Campbell admitted she had no answers....

"Earlier, Campbell had found Gregory and a 14-year old companion guilty of three counts of first- degree criminal sexual misconduct, two counts of felonious assault, and one count of burglary. Because of his age, sentencing the 14-year-old was easy: Campbell committed him to the Michigan Department of Social Services and recommended a specialized treatment program near Grand Rapids for sex offenders. [But] Gregory is too young for that. Under Michigan law, DSS cannot accept children under 12 as delinquent wards....

"'This is the worst case I've seen in my four years with the prosecutor's office,' said [Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Jerry] Dorsey.... "These were clearly terrorist behaviors...beyond a mere sex thing or a fighting thing that boys get into. This was clearly designed to humiliate and terrorize and inflict fear and pain on these boys, both physical and psychological.'

[The attack] went on for nearly an hour May 30 behind Redford High School on Detroit's northwest side....

"[The two victims were] brothers, ages 9 and 11. They did not know their attackers when they encountered them while riding bikes in the middle of the afternoon. [They] saw the 14-year-old, Gregory, and Gregory's 8-year-old brother carrying books, locks, and other supplies from the high school, which they had just burglarized. The boys talked together for a while before on of the [victims] got nervous and tried to run away. One of the young burglars chased him down and brought him back behind the school, where the two older burglars began the assaults.

"The brothers were forced to take off their clothing and perform a sex act upon their attackers, forced to fondle and sodomize each other, crawl to fetch a tennis ball, and were beaten with sticks and fists. One of the brothers was hit in the head with a board and nearly knocked unconscious.

"According to statements and testimony, the attackers, who are African-American, told the victims, who are white, at one point in the ordeal that they were treating them like slaves, 'because you're white and we hate whites....'

"They were treated at a hospital for various injuries. Dorsey said at first he didn't believe the boys, thinking they had made up a horrible story to cover their role in the burglary. But he said that the 8-year-old in the burglary trio, who did not participate in the assaults, told his mother what happened and verified the details."

Let me also quote from a letter sent to the judge by the mother of the two young boys....

"I am hurt by the crime that was committed against my boys. I am angry that two loving, trusting boys had to fall prey to such a hateful and heinous crime.

"I am frightened about the future of our society when children commit crimes of hate, and then because of their age and society's hope of reform, they go without the consequences that match the severity of their crimes.

"No one will ever know the depth of pain that I experienced when I saw the bruised welts and flesh wounds covering my son's buttocks, thighs, and arms and felt the egg-shaped knot on my son's head and heard how his body went stiff after the blow and he could not move. No one can know the ripping of my heart when I saw the pain on my eldest son's face and heard his voice crumble as he relived in his mind the sexual assault and rape...

"I have never been one to run from a problem, but as a parent, when I saw a way out of the city and the crimes it harbors against children, I did not hesitate to take it. I must feel safe in my home. ...My children must be able to play and romp and ride their bikes without fear of losing their lives or their innocence.

&127; "I know that had this crime been perpetrated by adults, they would have been sentenced up to a life's imprisonment. ...I do not see a bright future for our city, for our country, or our lives."

Since the assault and molestation of her boys, the mother and her children have moved to another state.

Ideas Have Consequences. The idea that forcing incompatible peoples with differing values and standards to live together in the same society and the same schools and neighborhoods, under the Orwellian term "integration" has had tragic consequences equal to the tragedy of this family multiplied by a million times. The difference in most cases is that you never hear of these tragedies in the news media, so I doff my hat to Jack Kresnak of the Detroit Free Press for letting a bit of the truth get out. We live in a society where the most vicious and violent anti-White hatred imaginable blares forth daily from the speakers of innumerable radios in the form of so- called "rap music." Rap "songs" have repeatedly called for the murder of police officers and the sodomy and rape of young White girls and a thousand other outrages. This "music" is broadcast from 50,000-Watt 24-hour-per-day radio and cable television stations in any city you might care to name, with full government approval and permission. As the saying goes, it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that these ideas promoted by the mass media have consequences - horrible, tragic consequences. And lest I be misunderstood, let me reiterate that the masters of the media, who are ultimately responsible for these crimes, are not Black people. If you want us to name names and tell you who they are, we will: send us a dollar and we'll send you our documented research report on media ownership and control entitled Who Rules America?

Ideas Have Consequences. In April 1993 a terrible massacre occurred in Waco, Texas. Although the controlled media and the government did their best to convince us that the Branch Davidians committed suicide, and that they were dangerous gun-toting fanatics who had to be stopped, the truth is finally starting to leak out. The Branch Davidians, though they may have had some unusual religious ideas, were well-regarded in their community where they had lived peacefully with their neighbors for over 60 years, where many of them held responsible jobs. They did believe in self-sufficiency and they did believe in the right of self-defense, for which purpose they had purchased guns, all of them perfectly legal. The attack on the Branch Davidian church was really a case of a power-mad bureaucracy, in cahoots with the media, trying to justify more so- called "gun control" laws by staging a media event where they raid yet another supposedly dangerous group with guns. When the raid didn't go as planned, Attorney General Janet Reno dug up some old and long-ago disproved claims of child abuse, a crime that is not even remotely under the jurisdiction of the FBI or the BATF, to provide a cover for the tank attack on the church that resulted in the fiery deaths of nearly one hundred people including 17 little children and two unborn babies. Recently released videotape footage shows that the fire was a direct result of the actions of the M60 tanks as they crushed the church's stairwells in and as they admittedly pumped flammable gas into the church. The footage also shows government agents on the roof of the church already wearing what look like fire suits and fire hoods at the very moment the fire begins. Even if the government did not intentionally burn these people alive, it is clear that they knew that fire was a possible outcome of the pumping of flammable gas into a wooden building where kerosene lanterns substituted for the cut-off electricity. A listener to our program, Carl Klang, who is a very talented and sensitive artist, has sent us a song which he wrote and performed memorializing those 17 little children, and as you listen to it, I want you to reflect on the consequences of the illiberal idea pushed by Liberals that only the government's police agencies should have guns, that we should give up our hard-won right to personally defend ourselves and our families, and instead turn over more and more power to the multiplying secret police agencies of a federal government gone mad - a government which, it is becoming clearer day by day - is increasingly under the control of America's enemies.


If you'd like a copy of that song, along with a short commentary on the Waco tragedy, send a donation of any size to the artist, Mr. Carl Klang K L A N G, PO Box 217, Colton C O L T O N Oregon, 97017 USA. I suggest $5 at the very least to compensate him for his expenses.

&127; Ladies and gentlemen, the concept that ideas have consequences is not original with me, but it is a concept that Americans need to understand. When we accept the idea that homosexuality should be tolerated, we condemn our children to recruitment into that sick so-called "lifestyle" and likely condemn some of them to death via AIDS. When we accept the idea of "gun control," we throw away our freedom and create a police state where government massacres of innocent people like the Waco tragedy become possible. When we accept the media-promoted idea of "equality" we condemn ourselves to a living hell as our country is converted into a Third World slum, and we play into the hands of those who plot to impose a One World government upon all races and nations. Ideas Have Consequences.

Every decent American who wants to return our nation to sanity and freedom needs to join us in our effort to awaken the American people. One of the best ways you can do that is by contributing to the continued broadcasting of this program. To encourage you to do just that, and to encourage you to continue your patriotic education, I am today offering you one of the greatest patriotic books ever written: Which Way Western Man by the profound thinker, scholar, and man of action, the late William Gayley Simpson. Which Way Western Man is a brilliant, thoughtful, moving, and fully documented book which will fill in all the gaps in your knowledge of how our nation and people have fallen so low, and which explain to you the only hope possible for our renewal. Which Way Western Man is a huge, 758-page book and represents a lifetime of research and study. It will provide you with a lifetime of inspiration and a storehouse of knowledge - knowledge that America's enemies are desperate to keep from you. Which Way Western Man is a life-changing book. If read by enough patriotic Americans, I assure you that its ideas will have consequences. It will be sent to every listener who sends us a donation of $20 or more to keep this program on the air as our Radio Offer Number 18. Just send your gift of $20 or more to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA, and remember to ask for Radio Offer Number 18.

Until next week at this time this is Kevin Alfred Strom saying Do Right and Fear No One.

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