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Program of 7th August, 1993

The Only Way to a Better World

Welcome to American Dissident Voices, a voice of truth and sanity for these perilous times. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom.

At the end of today's program, for those of you who aren't aware of the additional airings of this program I mentioned two weeks ago, I'll have some special announcements to make regarding the American Dissident Voices radio schedule. You might want to get out paper and pencil, or hook up your tape recorders now, because you'll want to get all of the information down accurately. Once again, that announcement will be at the end of today's broadcast.

The Problem of a Declining Civilization

Our civilization is in obvious decline. The educational system is falling apart, and standardized test scores have been falling for almost three decades, despite record spending. Crime is becoming pervasive, and citizens in our major metropolitan areas have become inured to the multiple daily murders, assaults, robberies, and rapes, and regard them with little surprise. Corruption is rampant in our government and in business. It is commonplace wisdom that the banks and Wall Street are full of crooks, and the theft of the depositors' funds in the S & Ls, by far the largest financial scandal in American history, hardly made a ripple on the public consciousness. Few would disagree with the statement that our Congressmen and Senators would steal anything, except a red hot stove. Social problems get worse and worse, regardless of what administration is in power. Our cities are literally crumbling before our eyes.

Now I've pointed out many times on these airwaves the treasonous and destructive activities of the alien subverters and their Liberal dupes, which play such a large part in the decline of our nation. And to be sure, the anti-American forces that control our mass media and dominate our government are doing their very best to destroy or corrupt what is left of this country. But there are deep-rooted reasons for the decline of our nation and civilization, reasons which would be operative even if we had not been subverted from within, biological reasons which have caused the decline and eventual death of many civilizations before ours.

Let me read to you from an ancient Egyptian document. Perhaps the observations of Ipuwer, a government official during the decline of Egypt's Old Kingdom, will prove instructive to us late 20th-Century Americans:

"Forsooth, the land is full of foes. A man goeth to plow carrying his shield. [Perhaps this will remind you of our burglar alarms, mace, multiple locks, and flight from the cities that characterize our age.]

"Forsooth, plunderers are everywhere.... The women are barren and there is no conception.... Plague stalketh through the land and blood is everywhere. [Think about childless "career women," abortion on demand, and the rise of homosexuality and AIDS.]

"Forsooth, squalor is throughout the land. There is none whose clothes are white in these times. [Think of the burgeoning homeless and their shantytowns in our cities, and the poverty and devastation following in the wake of the purposeful deindustrialization of America.]

"Forsooth, men are few. He that layeth his brother in the ground is everywhere....

"Forsooth, great and small say: 'I wish I were dead.' Little children say: 'He ought never to have caused me to live.' [Think about the high rates of suicide among our TV-hypnotized and purposeless teenagers.]

"Forsooth, men sit in the bushes until the benighted cometh, in order to take from him his load. What is upon him is stolen. He getteth blows of the stick ... and is slain wrongfully. [Bring to your mind the drive-by shootings, muggings, and carjackings of our age.]

"Behold, he that had no yoke of oxen, now possesseth droves. He that could not procure himself oxen for ploughing now possesseth herds. Behold, they that possessed beds now lie upon the ground. Behold, they that possessed clothes are now in rags. He that wove nothing for himself now possesseth fine linen." [This passage reminds me of the billions in unearned wealth looted from American workers and old-line American firms by alien manipulators like Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky and their less-famous kin; who get (I can't say earn) more money in five seconds than the honest working man earns in decades.]

What happened to Egypt's Old Kingdom is now happening here. And it has happened again and again throughout history. A strong and creative people come into the land, build a magnificent civilization, which blooms brilliantly for a time, like the flowers of May, but then, inevitably, comes October, and the winter, dissolution, and death of that civilization.

Scores of books have been written in an attempt to understand this cycle of birth, growth, decline, and death, which all civilizations seem heir to.

The Police State Solution

One of the least tolerable by-products of our decline is the great increase in crime. Police departments that once had six squad cars now have sixty, yet crime is literally out of control and the decent citizen is not safe on the streets. Probably six hundred squad cars in such communities might suffice to return crime levels to their 1960 levels, but who would want to live in an armed camp with policemen literally on every corner?

Our law enforcement spending is at an all-time high, and the building of prisons is virtually the only growth industry in our depressed economy, yet crime is worse than ever, a thousand times worse than it was even in the memory of your still-under-40 correspondent. We imprison more criminals as a percentage of the population than even the old Soviet Union or South Africa, yet are we now safe on our streets?

And we've created a monster with government law enforcers sometimes out of control, as when the BATF and the FBI killed over a hundred innocent people at Mount Carmel in Waco, Texas and on a smaller scale during the siege of Randy Weaver's home. Do we really want to continue in this direction? Do we really want to live in a country with the citizens disarmed, secret police everywhere, total government surveillance of our lives, and liberty a thing of the past? Where is this path taking us, anyway?

The Eugenic Solution

Other nations have followed that path, the path of increasing force and multiplying laws and public expenditures, and it has never stopped the decline and fall of any nation.

But the civilizations of the past did not have the scientific knowledge of ourselves, of our biological nature, which we now have. Since the discoveries of Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel, who showed us the processes by which we, along with all other life forms on this planet have evolved our special characteristics and how we pass them on to our descendants; we now have a key which can break the cycle of decline and death which now has us in its grips.

This key is called eugenics. Put in its very simplest form, the concept is this: Civilizations decline and fall largely because civilization itself, through its shielding of the less fit, puts an end to the natural selection which caused us to evolve in the first place. The less intelligent and the less fit half of any population nearly always have more offspring than the other half. Shielded from the harsh forces of nature by civilization, these offspring nearly all survive. The process continues for generations, and with each one the less intelligent, less creative, and less capable become a larger percentage of the population. After a time, the quality of the people themselves declines to the point where they can no longer maintain the civilization their ancestors founded. Then comes the end, either by invasion and conquest by a healthier race, or by the inability of the dumbed-down descendants to plan for the future or deal with a crisis.

In every once-great nation that is now dust and bones, this process took place. It is obviously happening to us right now.

Eugenics, or racial hygiene, says that we can so arrange our society so as to reverse this degenerative process, so that the best elements of our population will have the most children; and so that each succeeding generation will be stronger, healthier, more intelligent, more creative, and better able to solve problems than the one before. A great man once said that there is no substitute for honorable men. Another way of saying that is that there is no substitute for good qualities in our people. If our people lack the necessary qualities, we will not survive, and by the just laws of nature we should not survive. Eugenics allows us to choose what qualities and characteristics should be passed on to future generations, and which should not be passed on. We desperately to solve our social problems. More laws and more prisons aren't going to solve them. And "restoring the Constitution" isn't going to solve them, either. Only better people can. Only through eugenics can we solve these seemingly intractable problems. Only through eugenics can we achieve the world of beauty, order, knowledge and freedom that we long for. Eugenics is, quite literally, the only answer. But the "Liberal" power structure will do everything possible to hide this truth, because it would mean the end of the Lie of Equality on which that power structure is based.

Evolution Made Man Great, Brought Civilization and Altruism

Nature herself practices eugenics. Everyone who is listening to this program, and indeed every living being upon the Earth, is the descendant of a long line of successes. All of your ancestors, even going back to the most dim recesses of time, managed to survive long enough to leave offspring. But those that didn't have what it takes to survive and engender a next generation, left no descendants, and their genes did not contribute to your - or anyone else's - ancestry.

Conditions for our human ancestors before the dawn of civilization were very harsh. We of European descent are literally the children of the ice. It is virtually certain that a great many prehistoric men and women were unable to survive the endless winters of Ice Age Europe. The slothful and the lazy could not survive. The stupid and the thoughtless could not survive. Those unable to master such cerebral functions as planning for the coming winter could not survive. The seriously deformed and the insane surely could not survive. A great winnowing took place, with only those with the very best characteristics for survival able to pass on their genes to the next generation.

Now it is a truism that individuals are unequal. In any population, there will be a certain range of ability and intelligence. Nature adds to this inequality in genetic endowment by occasional mutations, or random changes in the genetic patterns of some individuals. It is also a fact, observable in every human society past and present, that the least able and intelligent half of the population have more children than the more intelligent half. This is true for a number of reasons, among them the fact that the more intelligent a person is, the more likely he is to have many interests and occupations for his time, which take away from his ability and desire to raise a large family. A person of higher intelligence is also less likely to be ruled by his passions, and is more apt to consider carefully the consequences his sexual impulses. The intelligent are more sensitive to quality of life, and hence are often loathe to bring more children into the world thoughtlessly. Having a higher standard for sexual partners can lead to having fewer of them. And knowledge of and willingness to use contraceptive measures is notably lacking in the less intelligent today; and I think we can assume that similar factors have operated for many millennia. The less intelligent simply have more babies.

Now, before the advent of civilization, this did not cause a problem, since the less fit were killed off by the ravages of nature at a greater rate than the fit, and slowly the quality of the population increased since a greater number of those who survived and successfully reproduced came from the "top half" of the population.

One characteristic that was necessary for the survival of our prehistoric ancestors was altruism, or the willingness to sacrifice our individual desires for the good of the group. Without such social cooperation, our ancestors would have easily succumbed to competing tribes, predators, and severe weather conditions. Our ancestors were selectively bred for many generations for this quality of altruism, which manifests itself as our love for our family, our tribe, our nation; and as our desire to protect these, our loved ones, from all harm.

Eventually, human beings of a higher type emerged, and they began to develop civilizations.

Civilization Plus Altruism Brings Devolution

As the increasing scale and organization of human activity, along with the division of labor, made human action more efficient and effective, man was able to protect himself to a much greater extent from starvation, severe weather, marauding tribes, etc. His inbred spirit of altruism, often elaborated into a religious and moral system, made him extend this protection to nearly all members of society.

But, just as before, and just as now, the less intelligent and the less fit 50% of the population continued to have more than 50% of the babies. Only under civilized conditions, nearly all the babies survived to adulthood, protected by society's loving and compassionate arms. The stupidest and least responsible elements of the population, those least able to pull their own weight and least able to bring effective solutions to problems, began to contribute a growing percentage to the gene pool of that civilization. The process of devolution, the dumbing-down of the population, had begun.

This process can proceed quite far before it is generally noticed, if it ever is. For even as the general intelligence begins to decline, there are still enough superior people to keep society productive and even creative for a time, and the accumulation of knowledge continues long after the intelligence curve has fallen, and this adds to society's ability to carry the unproductive along for the ride. By the time the society has obviously begun to decline, the stage at which we find ourselves, the dumbing-down process is far advanced.

In our case, we have exacerbated the problem; by positively rewarding the reproduction of the unfit, through our social welfare system; by penalizing the productive and intelligent for their success, and devoting a greater and greater percentage of our precious labor and resources to a futile attempt to make the inferior "equal." We are accelerating the process of genetic decline also by the importation and acceptance of inferior stocks into our gene pool. Many of these things are done in the name of "justice" and "compassion." But those who promote the pernicious doctrine of "equality" are doing incalculable harm to future generations as they attempt to alleviate the temporary pains of the present.

The Cycle Can Be Broken

How can this cycle be broken? It can only be broken so by so arranging our society so that the normal, and the best and the brightest among us have the most children, and those unfortunates who cannot or will not pull their own weight, the habitual criminals and the mentally defective, have the least. This would be the essence of true compassion for future generations of our people. This would be the opening of a doorway down an entirely new pathway of progress, beauty, scientific discovery, technological achievement, prosperity, and peace such as has never been seen before on this planet. This would be the greatest gift that we could ever give our children and grandchildren. The gift of a better world. That's not an empty phrase to us - we really mean it. A world of excellence, a world made better by the better men and women who will inhabit it. Because we now have the knowledge to create that world, it is our responsibility to bring it into being.

I want every listener who hears me today to get a copy of a book which will explain these ideas clearly and in greater detail. The title of this 197-page book is Why Civilizations Self-Destruct by Dr. Elmer Pendell. Dr. Pendell, one of the leading experts on population issues, has not only gathered the facts of anthropology and history to illustrate his thesis, but he has provided us with a workable plan to reverse our civilization's precipitous decline. Every thinking person should read Why Civilizations Self-Destruct. I am offering it today as our Radio Offer #15, to all of those who contribute $14 or more to keep American Dissident Voices on the air. Just send $14 or more to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro, WV 24946 USA, and remember to ask for Radio Offer Number 15.

We've received word of an important new radio program produced by patriot and fighter for free speech Ernst Zundel of Canada. Ernst Zundel has been covered on American Dissident Voices in the past, but for those of you who don't know him, Ernst Zundel, a German-born Canadian artist, writer, and publisher, has for almost a decade been fighting for his rights to free speech and thought in Canada. After being convicted of "thought crimes" for doubting the official version of the history of World War II, he waged a valiant struggle for freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and historical truth. His supposed "crime" was distributing the very book we offered a couple of weeks ago as our Radio Offer Number 14 - Did 6 Million Really Die. At great personal cost, he has finally emerged victorious and the shameful "gag order" that had been imposed upon him by the courts in Canada has now been lifted. He's taken to the worldwide airwaves and can now be heard with his English-language "Voice of Freedom" program over WRNO from 5 to 5:30 p.m. Eastern US Time every Sunday afternoon on 15420 kHz. Mr. Zundel also has a German-language version of his show on WINB every Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time on 15145 kHz, and on WWCR every Sunday at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time on 15685 kHz. Congratulations Ernst Zundel!

I also want to let all of the listeners to our worldwide shortwave broadcasts know that American Dissident Voices can now be heard at an additional time on an additional frequency. In addition to our regular time of 9 p.m. Eastern Time Saturday on 7355 kHz, we'll also be heard four hours later at 1 a.m. Eastern Time on 7395 kHz. This additional airing will continue at least through the end of December. WRNO is airing us at this additional time because they'll be carrying some live sports broadcasts which may occasionally pre-empt our regular 9 p.m. Eastern Time airing. If we're not on at our regular time, please tune in later the same evening at 1 a.m. Eastern Time, 10 p.m. Pacific Time, on 7395, that's 7-3-9-5 kHz.

We'd also like to let you know that all across a vast area of western North America, we can now be heard every Friday evening at 10:30 p.m. Central Time at 880 on your AM dial, via 50,000-Watt KRVN in Lexington, Nebraska. KRVN has been operating at reduced power for the last several weeks due to storm damage to their antenna system, but with a week or so they should be back up to their normal powerful signal. Again, we're on every Friday evening at 10:30 p.m. Central Time, 9:30 Mountain Time, at 880 on your AM dial. If you have friends or family who can't pick up our international shortwave broadcasts, because they don't have a shortwave radio, and they live in the western half of the U.S. or Canada, ask them to try and tune us in on KRVN 880 next Friday at 10:30 p.m. Central Time.

We'd definitely be interested in receiving reception reports as to how KRVN and/or our new 7395 shortwave broadcasts are coming in. Write to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro, WV 24946 USA. Enclose one dollar or two International Reply Coupons if you'd like a copy of our big patriotic book catalog and our latest radio schedule. That's National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro, WV 24946 USA. Send a gift of $14 or more and you can receive our eye-opening book Why Civilizations Self-Destruct. Just ask for Radio Offer Number 15.

Thanks to all of you who support this vitally important educational broadcast. Without you, this program would not exist. By helping us, you are playing a part in determining the destiny of our nation, our people, and the future of life in the universe. No cause is more important, no calling is greater, and no reward could be richer. This is Kevin Alfred Strom; I'll see you next week on American Dissident Voices.

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