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Program of 12th June, 1993


Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom. Those who listen to my program regularly know that I'm usually quite critical of Liberals and leftists. Naturally I am, since it is foolish Liberals and destructive leftists, and most of all the sinister powers behind them, that are doing the most damage to the country I love, America, and to the European civilization of which America is a part.

And the programs pushed by the Liberals and leftists keep winning, no matter what administration or what party is in power. Did "affirmative action" or multiculturalism or Third World immigration slow down during the Reagan-Bush years? Were our streets made safe from minority gangs and drug-runners during those administrations? Are our women safe from rape on our city streets? And do you think that any of these things are going to get any better under a Democratic administration? Of course not. The Liberal-leftist destruction of America and of every value that Americans hold dear continues apace, as it has for decades.

This despite the fact that a majority of Americans describe themselves as "conservatives" - despite the fact that, if it were put to a vote, Americans would put an end to "affirmative action," multiculturalism, and Third World immigration overnight - despite the fact that no presidential candidate since 1968 has been elected that did not style himself as "conservative" to some degree.

Clearly, even at this late date, the Liberal-minority coalition against America is still far from winning the hearts and minds of most of us. So why does the Left keep winning?

Yes, it is true that the mass media are in the hands of an anti-American minority. Yes, it is true that the elite super-rich and their foundations and think tanks are all on the Leftist "one-world" bandwagon. But even they, with all their power and money and influence have signally failed to persuade a majority of traditional White Americans that open homosexuality, convenience abortions, an end to American sovereignty, and racial suicide are good things. If patriotic White Americans were as united and organized as other groups are, we could retake this country in short order. So I think that we traditional Americans need to look beyond the obvious power of our enemies to explain why they are so successful. We need to look at our own deficiencies. We need to understand why we are so fractured and disunited. We need to look at the serious faults that exist in the patriotic resistance to the left, which I will loosely term "the Right" for the purposes of this program.

We need to open our eyes and with cold objectivity see what it is about us which has allowed our enemies to steal America away from us. On today's program we will analyze what I call Delusions on the Right. I expect I'm going to step on some toes today. I urge those patriots whose pet theories I criticize to accept that criticism in the constructive way it is intended, next, on American Dissident Voices.

Before I get into the Delusions of the Right, I'd like to define the problem and the agenda around which patriotic Americans must rally if we are ever to save our people.

The problem is this: Powerful forces, including most of the super-rich, allied with the largely Jewish media establishment and international financial institutions, are working to establish a one-world government. These forces can loosely be described as internationalist and anti-patriotic. To accomplish their goal, obviously, they need to erase national boundaries. Before they can erase national boundaries, they must extinguish to the extent that they can the ethnic, racial, and cultural loyalties and heritage that hold nations together. To that end, these internationalists promote the idea that there is no difference between the races. They encourage the immigration of those with widely differing ethnic and cultural backgrounds. They try to establish multiculturalism as a moral ideal, over the corpse of Americanism. They also seek "free trade," which means a globalization of the economy, so that nations and peoples will no longer be able to control the flow of capital, goods, and labor into or out of their nations. Instead, such flows will be controlled by the internationalists. These internationalist forces created the Communist movement and still use Communism where it useful to them, as in South Africa where Nelson Mandela and other Communists serve as a weapon to destroy the highly nationalistic and patriotic Afrikaners. The internationalists control most of the Left, and use leftist ideologues, many of whom don't know they are being used, as a means of advancing their agenda. The internationalists also control much of the Right. Most major politicians, both Democrat and Republican, are internationalists.

The opposition to this internationalist agenda can best be described as nationalist and patriotic. A French or German nationalist, for example, might be expected to oppose the current immigration of millions of Africans, Turks, and other non-Europeans into his country that has been promoted by the internationalists. He feels that this immigration damages the integrity and quality of his nation. An American nationalist would want to preserve the European cultural and racial basis of his country. And of course a Turk or Arab or Japanese or Black nationalist would have a similar opposition to mass foreign immigration into his own country. Although racial nationalists are often portrayed by the controlled media as race haters, nothing could be further from the truth. The independence, freedom, and special qualities of all peoples are preserved best when each has its own government and exclusive living space. Hatred, envy, conflict, and violence between races and ethnic groups are usually the consequences of the internationalist program to force us all together unnaturally.

The main point I'm trying to make at the outset here is that any opposition to the internationalists which is not based on a thorough recognition of the identity of the enemy, or which does not have at its basis the fight for the survival of our people as a race and nation, is bound to fail as it attacks only symptoms and not their root causes. An old rightist delusion, not so common anymore, was that the real enemies were the Communists. What the anticommunists failed to realize was that Communism was just one of the masks assumed by America's enemies. When that mask became discredited, they assumed another. But their goal of diluting our national and racial identity, and ultimately turning America into a Third World province of a one-world government has never changed. We must purge ourselves of all such limiting and self-defeating illusions.

DELUSION NUMBER ONE: "All we need is a good conservative Republican in office, someone who would push the same agenda that Rush Limbaugh promotes on his radio show."

I'm sorry, but that's been tried. The controlled media, who are very happy to bring you Rush Limbaugh six days a week, and the internationalists who dominate the Republican party, are delighted to provide us with so-called "conservatives" like Ronald Reagan, who will talk a good line about standing up for good old America, but who never dare to speak about, much less do anything about, the real enemies of America. These so-called "conservatives" rattled their sabres against Moscow and Baghdad, while the real enemies of America in Hollywood, New York, and Tel Aviv went on sucking the life out of this country as usual. The puffed-up windbags presented to us as the "responsible right" are just marionettes controlled by the same puppeteers who pull the strings on Dan Rather and Bill Clinton. Did twelve years of Republican rule make our streets safe from minority crime or slow the wave of Third World immigration even a tiny bit? Wake up, Americans!

DELUSION NUMBER TWO: "We can save this country through a revival of true Christianity."

What we need is a coalition of all decent, patriotic Americans to fight the tyranny that is now being imposed upon us. We need to see with unclouded eyes that the enemy means to make us extinct racially, nationally, and culturally. All those who would fight the enemy must put aside personal considerations and join together in our Cause despite disagreements on other issues. I am sorry if it hurts your feelings, but religion must in this emergency situation for our nation be classed as one of these "other issues."

There are many American patriots who consider themselves Christians. I count many of my friends among these. But to get even those with whom I am personally acquainted to agree on just what constitutes "true Christianity" would, I am afraid, be impossible. How can one reconcile the religious claims of the Catholic with those of the Identity believer? The Lutheran with the Mormon? Or the Unitarian with the Southern Baptist?

Whichever one of these beliefs one might define as "true Christianity," I think we are all sufficiently sane to see that waiting for all patriotic Americans to agree on the precise meanings of the ancient Christian writings, would mean waiting until long after all of us are dead. We cannot afford to wait - and we cannot afford to waste our time trying to convince our fellow patriots about the relevance or lack thereof of certain Bible verses.

What we must do now is marshall all our forces, all those who believe that America and her founding race must be saved, into a unified force in which each individual contributes the maximum he can of his time and resources. Patriots must join hands under responsible and hard-headed leadership. And we must recognize the simple fact that in order to secure a future for our children, we will be joining hands with those whose personal religious beliefs may not be identical to our own. That fact may be regrettable, but it is not now alterable, so we must therefore live with it.

We must not corrupt the movement for our survival with a narrow religious agenda.

DELUSION NUMBER THREE: "We can save this country by pushing a pro-American agenda but never mentioning Jews or Race."

Sorry, but that's been tried too. Look at the poor pathetic John Birch Society as an example. America's enemies don't even bother to attack the Society anymore, since its publications and pronouncements are so ineffective and removed from the realm of reality.

Reality is what patriots must force themselves to face, if we are to have even the slightest chance of cleansing and restoring our nation. And the plain fact is that the main method by which America is being destroyed is by the destruction of her founding race. To fight an enemy who is trying to destroy you racially, without mentioning race, is a plain absurdity. The mass media have brainwashed us into thinking that it is morally wrong to mention racial differences. It is precisely this brainwashing we must overcome if we are to have any hope at all.

Another fact that many find very uncomfortable, but which must nevertheless be faced, is the overwhelming Jewish control of the mass media, which we have documented in our research report, Who Rules America. Millions of our fellow Americans realize, at least dimly, that the media are biased. But without understanding the precise nature and extent of the alien control of the media, they will never understand why they are biased, and will never progress on to a true understanding of the forces behind America's decline. To give credit where credit is due, one must recognize the great service to Truth performed by certain Jewish writers such as Noam Chomsky, Alfred Lilienthal, and Benjamin Freedman in their exposure of the Jewish power structure and its anti-American agenda. But to refuse to see and proclaim this central truth is to willfully shut one's eyes in face of a powerful and implacable enemy.

DELUSION NUMBER FOUR: "The central issue is economics. Get rid of the Federal Reserve and all our problems will be over."

Really? You mean if we had a more honest and responsible money system, that the millions of illegal aliens would stop swarming across our unguarded borders? Do you really think that with the Fed out of the way, the alien mind-molders of our television industry would hop on the nearest boat for Israel? Would the internationalists who are working to take away our freedom be slowed down very much by getting rid of Alan Greenspan and Company? Would the abolition of the Federal Reserve and the restoration of our money-issuing powers to the present Congress of the United States really constitute a big improvement? Wouldn't it be a bit like trading one set of thieves for another?

While I too think that our nation's money and economic systems could use a lot of improvement, I think it's very foolish to believe that a shuffling of monetary responsibilities from one branch of the Establishment to another would have even one iota of impact on our patriotic struggle. We must instead strive for the day when the traitors and time-servers of the present Establishment can all be replaced by honorable men.

DELUSION NUMBER FIVE: "The central issue is legal. If we expose the illegal acts of our enemies and how they have subverted the U.S. Constitution in court, we not only will cause their New World Order to collapse like a house of cards, but we can escape taxation and regulation, thus regaining our freedom."

I must say that I have some sympathy for this point of view. There is no doubt that our enemies have perverted our Constitution by twisting the clear and unmistakable meanings intended by our founding fathers into a blueprint for tyranny. There is no doubt that many of the most pernicious amendments, such as the Fourteenth and Sixteenth Amendments, were added under circumstances of dubious legality.

I am less sure about some of the wilder "patriot" theories of law; such as the claim that Ohio was never properly admitted as a state, thus making all Presidents and amendments depending upon Ohio statehood illegal and of no effect; or the idea that our courts have been converted from common law to "admiralty jurisdiction;" or the idea that one can avoid taxation and oppression by the New World Order boys if one performs some ritual rescinding one's driver's license or social security number, and abjure the use of zip codes.

What makes all of these theories essentially useless, even the few that are grounded in legal fact rather than wishful fantasies, is the truth that laws are in reality only mental concepts. They have no physical and objective existence. This is what the "legally oriented" patriots fail to see. It doesn't matter how neatly you can prove that the income tax is illegal. The reality is that every federal judge will rule that it is legal. It doesn't matter that you have found an obscure loophole in the government's jurisdiction. If necessary, they will declare that two plus two equals five to convict you if you have violated the law as they see it. We must therefore concentrate on the world of reality, not theoretical never-never land. In the world of reality, what we need to do is take back our country and replace those corrupt judges and politicians with men of our choosing.

What these legal delusions actually do is absorb the energy of patriots, who do obscure legal research and fight irrelevant points in court (often losing and going to jail unnecessarily), when they could be educating their fellow Americans on the nature of their plight and the identity of their enemies.

DELUSION NUMBER SIX: "There's no need to worry. When the saucers finally emerge from the center of the Earth, and the National Debt is extinguished by the secret trillion-dollar Treasury notes, everything will be well in America again."

These are at the same time the funniest and the saddest of right-wing delusions. The funniest, because some "patriots" come up with such unbelievable howlers that even General Jack D. Ripper would have to laugh; and the saddest, because they show how shallow is the understanding and how deep the psychological trouble of some of those nominally on our side.

In just a few short months, I have heard four of these magical right-wing savior stories without even trying to seek them out. I have read about a company supposedly called "Cosmos Seafood, Incorporated" which is going to rescue us all from the big bad conspiracy. You heard right - Cosmos Seafood. According to the story, Cosmos Seafood somehow gained access to the inner workings of a supposed "giant supercomputer" in Brussels, Belgium, through which, we are led to believe, "all international money exchanges" are transacted. The Cosmos boys temporarily eschewed crab cakes and fish sticks and in a short time managed to perfect a method of detecting which transactions were actually the laundering of illegal drug money. They then electronically seized all this illegal money, and since the drug dealers can't complain to the authorities, Cosmos got to keep it all for themselves. Last I heard, Cosmos Seafood was earning something like $2 trillion per day in interest alone. And, get this, not only is Cosmos going to use all their money to save America from the New World Order, but they also are going to expose almost all current Congressmen and government officials as drug dealers and money launderers! So I guess we can all relax now. Cosmos Seafood will take care of everything.

Another story making the rounds is that a certain patriotic individual has gotten ahold of U.S. government treasury notes made out to Saddam Hussein and other Third World panjandrums, signed by the Secretary of the Treasury, in the amount of several trillion dollars. This sterling patriot only wants a few hundred thousand for himself, with the rest to be used to instantly extinguish the national debt and create a huge surplus besides. I guess America's troubles are finally over!

Ten years ago, the right-wing fairy tale was that WWII secret weapons, flying saucers to be exact, were going to appear from the hole in the South Pole and save us all from the Trilateral Commission. And not every lunatic story involves a savior. One still making the rounds is that millions of (fill in the blank, Red Chinese or North Korean) soldiers are massing on the (fill in the blank, Canadian or Mexican) border. And a few of you have no doubt heard of the letters written to us by the benevolent alien commander of the Pleiadian battle fleet, warning us of the dangers of the New World Order, which were recently lavishly published in California and are currently being circulated throughout "right-wing" circles. All of this is believed by thousands without a shred of evidence.

It really doesn't matter if these stories are the result of ADL disinformation designed to confuse us, or wishful thinking, or paranoid fantasies. The fact that so many of us believe them is of gravest import. If a person's grip on reality is so feeble that he is willing to grasp at the chimeras and ghosts of impossible dreams like these, then it is certainly wise to exclude such a person from our organizations and our inner councils. The Right in this country needs to recruit to win, to be sure. But it also desperately needs to do some housecleaning.

The patriotic struggle to reclaim our nation and our heritage will be a hard one. If we do not keep our wits about us we will fail. Our actions must at all times be based on the most unemotional and cold-blooded assessment of the forces at work in the material world around us. We have no time and no energy to waste on dreams or illusions.

Today I want to offer you a book that has been called "a graduate course in political reality." It is entitled The Best of Attack and National Vanguard. It is a collection of all the best articles from our patriotic newspaper over a twelve-year period. There is no better introduction to the truths that Americans must learn in order to save this country from destruction. This book will shock and outrage you. It will inspire you. It will rip the veil from your eyes and show you what is being done to you and your children. This book will change you. The Best of Attack and National Vanguard is a huge, large-format book of 217 pages, with over one hundred beautifully illustrated and incisive articles. This book is yours as our Radio Offer Number 4, to every listener who sends us a donation of $25 or more to keep this program on the air. Ask for Radio Offer Number 4, and write today to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. That's $25 or more to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA. And remember to ask for Radio Offer Number 4.

This is Kevin Alfred Strom saying goodbye for now and I'll be bringing you more of the uncensored truth next week at this time on American Dissident Voices.

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