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Program of 7th May, 1994

Letters from Listeners

Today I'd like to share some of the interesting and insightful letters and questions I've received from listeners to American Dissident Voices. We receive a large volume of letters and faxes and messages on our telephone message line every day, and I'm afraid that they're aren't enough hours in the day for me to give each of you a personal answer, though I wish I could and I do try to answer as many as I can. All of your letters are read with interest, and let me take this moment to especially thank those of you who send us news items and research material for possible use on the air. Many an American Dissident Voices program has been based on listener contributions. If you write and we use your letter on the air, we won't announce your name unless you give us permission to do so, and we may edit your letter for length and clarity, though we will never try to change your meaning.

Mr. RT in southern New Hampshire writes:

Dear Mr. Strom,

I have been listening to your broadcasts on WRNO for about the last six months. I am totally in agreement with everything you say. I wish there were more I could do, but my resources are very limited. ...I do see signs that things are beginning to change. There are cracks appearing in the monolithic monopoly of television news. It is happening in the news magazine programs like 60 Minutes. Two years ago they would not have even acknowledged the existence of Ernst Zundel and the Holocaust revisionists, much less give him exposure. It is getting to the point where they can't avoid doing it. Too much is seeping through by other avenues -- including your broadcast -- to be ignored any longer. Keep it up.

Before I outline my idea, let me tell you something about myself. I am a veteran of the Korean war, in fact I was in Japan with the 1st Cavalry Division when the war started, and went right over to Korea. Thus, I am a charter member of the war. Beyond that, I have an IQ in the top 1% of the United States, a degree in history from Columbia University in New York and a diploma in Portuguese Language and Studies from the University of Coimbra in Portugal. I am also an amateur student of psychological warfare and brainwashing, and a student of race and the race issue for over 40 years.

As you well know, the first thing the liberals do when they encounter someone [with my views] is scream: ignorance, bigotry. In my case that is impossible and they know it. Most of my kids' teachers hate me, but none dare challenge me openly. In fact, at the beginning of last month, I blasted off at the school board because a teacher in one of my youngest son's classes ...said: "Anyone who opposes homosexual rights is immature."

I said: "I did not go to Korea to die for homosexual rights. For a teacher to make a statement like that to a captive audience of impressionable kids, in a vacuum, is a no-no...." My statement was made in front of the school board... the principals of the three district schools, [and] teachers and parents, most of them way out liberals. One parent, the local Democratic leader, tried to take me on, but did not dispute what I had said and she fizzled.

It has even gotten to the point where most teachers would not even try to take on my kids. I had primed my kids with so many facts and figures [that] the teachers were afraid of them. And hated me. They knew I would stand behind my kids with even more data.

Several years ago, when my four children were still in high school and elementary school, I started to prepare little fact sheets for them to carry in their notebooks. I am enclosing [several] as... example[s].

Thank you for your letter, Mr. RT. I don't have time here to read it all, but let me say that your fact sheets and essays are excellent, and I intend to discuss them on a future show. I hope that your concern for the education of your children, and your commendable efforts in standing up publicly and speaking out against the lies of the anti-American forces which control our public schools, are an inspiration to other parents.

If your kids are in the public school system, where they are taught that sodomy is good for you, that Black is White and White is evil, and that the essence of virtue is racial and national suicide -- and you're not doing anything about it, then shame on you! If Mr. RT can fight back against the tyranny of political correctness -- and Mr. RT is a semi-invalid with severe foot problems from diabetes and is nearly blind -- then you, too, can certainly do your part. You may not hold an advanced degree like Mr. RT, but armed with the facts that we can provide you, any reasonably intelligent man or woman should be able to make his or her influence felt at the community level, and educate a lot of neighbors at the same time.

Creatures that vain men are pleased to call primitive, even tiny birds, will fiercely defend their babies, even at the risk of the parent's death. Those people who will not protect their offspring from the physical and mental rape that afflict them in the schools, prove by their inaction that they, at least, are not a viable life-form on planet Earth, and their kind will soon pass away. Perhaps we can take some small comfort in this fact; for Mr. RT and patriots like him have a good chance of leaving worthwhile descendants who will carry on the heritage of our civilization into a distant future: a future in which White Liberals will have become quite extinct.

Mr. P.H. in Minneapolis, Minnesota writes to ask us about an idea he has for electronic distribution of our patriotic articles, radio scripts, and pamphlets:

Dear Mr. Strom;

I would like to fax copies of our material to companies with fax machines. Do I need permission to do this? I have a computer with fax/modem. Whatever I fax has to be converted from paper to a computer file. Can you give me any suggestions on what to do? I am enclosing a donation of $60, please send me [Radio Offer Number 1].

Yes, Mr. PH, you certainly have our permission to distribute our articles and research reports electronically or by photocopying for that matter, as long as the text is not altered in any way, and full credit, including our address, is given. There is no need to retype our articles by hand, however. A large collection of American Dissident Voices program scripts, articles from our patriotic magazine National Vanguard, and a number of other articles and research reports, over seventy in all, are now available as text files on IBM-compatible diskettes. These articles can be printed out in any quantity on your home printer for distribution, excerpts from them can be incorporated in your own articles or letters to the editor, and they can be uploaded to computer bulletin boards or faxed across the nation and the world just as you described. This collection of text files is available for $10 postpaid and is our item number 551. These files are only available on IBM-format diskettes, either 1.44 meg 3.5" type, or 1.2 meg 5.25" type. Please specify whether you want 3.5 or 5.25-inch diskettes when you send your $10 for item number 551. Let's bypass the controlled media and spread our patriotic message on the information superhighway!

Mr. DW in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania writes:


Please send me a copy of your address [which I] heard on radio station WWVA - 1170 AM at 9pm [last Sunday.] It was a stirring address about American jobs being relocated to Red China and Mexico. We must defeat Slick Willie Clinton, Bush and their so-called New World Order. Enclosed is $4, please send me [your Radio Offer Number 24] and any other information you can.

Mr. DW, your copy of the latest issue of our patriotic magazine, National Vanguard, including the article by Dr. William Pierce on the New World Order, on which his speech on this program was based, is on its way to you now.

Mr. John Tyndall, the leader of the UK's rising British National Party, writes to us from his home in Sussex, England:

Dear Mr. Strom;

Thank you for sending me the tape featuring an abridged version of my speech in [the US], the occasion of which I remember very well. I think it was there and then that we met. Thank you also for sending me the tape dealing with the BNP. The accolade was much appreciated. It is the first time that I have heard any of the broadcasts of American Dissident Voices. They are done well, and the [theme music] that is played in accompaniment is impressive and moving....

As you read Spearhead magazine you will know of our latest [electoral] target. [In May] the town and city council elections are due to be held. In East London, where we won our victory last September... ...we are putting up three candidates, and if all get elected we will indeed control that committee. This will create a major national (and I believe international) sensation....

My best wishes to the Alliance. Although we are happy at the progress we are making in the electoral field, we will really be achieving something big when can break into radio, as you have done.

Yours sincerely, John Tyndall.

We thank Mr. Tyndall for his letter, and we will be following the progress of his fast-rising patriotic British National Party in the weeks to come. A story that was not reported in the controlled media was that two weeks ago, the forces of Political Correctness, unable to squelch the victory of the BNP by their media lies, resorted to the usual technique used by neo-Communists when they've lost the debate: violence. A letter bomb was sent to BNP headquarters, and the volunteer who opens the mail there suffered severe lacerations and was sent to the hospital. Needless to say, when I spoke to BNP headquarters on the telephone the next morning, there was not a sign of discouragement and the injured man and his comrades were all vowing to fight on even stronger than before. Our thoughts are with the brave men of the British National Party, as they face lies in the press, intimidation and violence by Red mobs and minority street gangs, and a traitorous government, not too different from the one we have here in the US, desperate to suppress any patriotic awakening of the British people. And may I also say at this point that our thoughts are also with the British and Afrikaner people of South Africa, who as I speak are fighting for their independence and freedom against a Communist tyranny. This tyranny was imposed upon South Africa with the connivance of the US government and media, who are joyously celebrating this Communist takeover as a great victory for "democracy" and "equality."

Mr. RH in western Illinois writes:

Dear Sir;

I have been listening to your radio programs over KAAY -1090 and KXEL -1540 for some time now. Please accept this donation and send me your book and tape list and the three research reports you mentioned on your program. America is in a very serious state of affairs -- please pray for our country.

Mr. AG in Indianapolis, Indiana writes as follows:

Dear Friends;

First, I enjoy your program on shortwave station WRNO... often, however, your broadcast is almost jammed with interference. It comes on when you start and ends approximately when your broadcast does.

It's a shame that the truth is so very out of fashion, but please don't let that stop you!

I'm enclosing a shamefully small [$30] contribution, the economy has not recovered and things are very tight. Please send me Radio Offer Number 3, the book "America's Decline" and the speech "What We Owe Our Parasites" by Dr. Revilo Oliver, and the book "Iron Curtain Over America" by John Beaty. ...I will send more as things get better for me, hopefully soon.

Keep up the good work, though I may not agree with everything you say, [I agree with about 98%+] the future of this country really does belong to those of us who care enough to at least try and save America.

On the subject of jamming, Mr. AG, we have received other reports like yours. WRNO not only carries our program, but several other patriotic and anti-Communist programs, some of them directed at Cuba in the Spanish language, and there does appear to be a whining type of jamming on 7355 shortwave whenever anti-Communist programs are being broadcast. If the jamming is annoying at your location, you might try our WRNO broadcast at 11:30am Central Time Saturdays on WRNO's 15420 kHz frequency which always seems clear of jamming. And we have added another shortwave station to our lineup, WINB, where we can be heard in Europe, the Gulf South, and west of the Mississippi quite well at 15715 kHz Saturday at 4:30 pm Central and Sunday at 2:30 pm Central, as well as three other times. Send us a dollar and we'll send you our complete shortwave and AM/FM schedule. Let me add this comment: our faithful stations often have to stand up to abuse and threats from organized anti-American groups -- write them and let them know that you appreciate their allowing a voice for patriotism and sanity on the airwaves.

JB in central West Virginia writes:

Dear patriots;

I have been listening to you for a while and have been feeling guilty for not helping you. You are brave and courageous and God knows we need more of his people speaking the truth. Here is a small amount. Please send me a list of books and tapes. Kevin, you tell it as it should be told on all the media. We thank you for the truth. God bless you.

Under his name and address, JB adds the following postscript:

I was going to use a pen name, but changed my mind. We have nothing to fear other than not being heard from because of fear.

I agree, JB. It is a sad day in America when we must fear to speak the truth, afraid to utter even the words and principles of our founding fathers for fear of being labeled "racists" or "bigots." But once we overcome that fear, and once we realize that the forces of so-called "diversity" resort to such name-calling because they are afraid of the truth we tell, then a sense of the potential power of the sleeping American majority is kindled within us, and we redouble our efforts to awaken our people and build an America worthy of the name once again.

Mr. JL in Dallas, Texas writes:

I Just received your latest shipment [of books and tapes], and I am as ecstatic as a child at Yuletide. As long as people like you are working to get the message out, I shall never despair. I listen to American Dissident Voices on WRNO and WINB. Enclosed is a donation for $50.

Thank you Mr. JL! Mr. AS in Canton, Ohio writes to us:

Greetings Kevin!

You know, I have no problem sitting at the lunch counter, or riding in the bus up front seated next to a [grandmotherly Black woman like] Rosa Parks. I never did, and I never will.

But the 1960s utopian concepts of seeking "social change" through civil disobedience are simply getting out of control! The urban anarchy, minority gangs terrorizing any white-skinned person because they're White, these "New Jack City" style gangsters, numbering in the tens of millions, that spread deadly addictive drugs, immorality, fear and intimidation, and diseases of body and mind -- and we, through our "anti-poverty" programs are paying them to do it! What do the "snoop doggie doggs" of this world have on us? We are expected by them -- while they mock and scorn us hatefully -- to help them destroy America. And we are doing just that. America, wake up!

Thank you, Mr. AS. Well, I've got a lot more letters I'd like to read to you, but I can see by the clock that I'll have to save them for a future program. Please do write us with your reception reports, comments, research materials, and questions. You can reach us by mail at National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA, by fax at 304-653-4690, via Compuserve E-mail at id number 73323,603, and via the Fidonet shortwave echo computer network addressed to me by name, Kevin Strom, my last name is spelled S T R O M.

When we started this radio outreach in 1991, we were on only one station once per week. In just a few years, we have built our network to the point where we are now heard nationwide and worldwide seven times per week on shortwave, and 11 times weekly on the AM and FM dials. Most of our stations are clear-channel AM outlets which cover many states and provinces. We are rapidly approaching the point where nearly every person in North America will be able to hear our voice of truth and patriotism on the radio in their car or by their bedside. Please spread the word about our show in your local community. Please support us financially so that we can continue to buy time on this station. Every person who contributes $50 or more this week to keep this program on the air will receive a personally-inscribed and autographed copy of our best-selling 217-page lavishly-illustrated large-format book containing all the best articles from our patriotic newspaper from over a twelve-year period, as our thanks to you for your help in the struggle to restore America. Send your donation of $50 or more to National Vanguard Books, Department R, PO Box 90, Hillsboro WV 24946 USA, and ask for Radio Offer Number 1. That's Radio Offer Number 1. Don't forget to tell us the call letters of the station where you hear our program.

With thanks for your help and hope for the future of our people, this is Kevin Alfred Strom saying I'll see you next week on American Dissident Voices.

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